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I blogged my preparations for my visit, I posted daily during my visit to Poland...there are also my ongoing thoughts posted here; in the aftermath of my visit...
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A Five Year wait for Freedom!

The Weeks Before...Posted by Patrick Dempsey Fri, September 05, 2014 07:24:15

Day 27: A Five Year wait for Freedom!

1939 September 5th. 24 of Ozorkow’s Jews are murdered and the Wehrmacht enters Pietrkow Trybunalski.

The screw is tightening on the Jews of Poland and the early experience does not bode well for those Jews who will face a further 5 years of German occupation. Whatever the contention is History might be, as to who conducted and Perpetrated the crimes of The Holocaust, it has to be acknowledged that if the Wehrmacht didn’t participate in certain areas of the killing, they were widely aware of what all the gun shots meant, as the sounds of the Slaughter echoed around their Command positions!

1940 September 5th. Germans bring their version of the Nuremberg Laws to Luxembourg and Bishop Theophil Wurm objects once more to 'euthanasia killing.'

All Jewish Business’s are confiscated and handed over to Luxemburger's. The peaceful reign of Jewish pre-eminence is about to be attacked. A reminder too that while Christian Charity should be applied to all of God’s Children, there is a more robust condemnation of what was happening to the sick and the infirm than was ever voiced in relation to what was happening to The Jews of Europe.

1941 September 5th. 4,709 of Ukmerge’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are murdered as Wehrmacht troops occupy Estonia.

The Baltic States undergo a tragic transformation as the Jews of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are singled out by their former neighbours and dealt a killer blow. While der Einsatzgruppe forces range freely and conduct merciless killing sprees, it is with the collaboration of many from these 3 States that the effort is accomplished more readily than might have been contemplated. For the Jews of The Baltic’s, there former existence is to be murderously curtailed!

1942 September 5th. 500 of Zurawno Jews and 500 of Zydaczow’s Jews are murdered.

By now, there is a second sweep, a wave of further killing which will see the last vestiges of Jewish life extracted from the Towns, Villages and Shtetl’s that had been more or less been declared ‘Judenrein’ or Free of Their Jews!

1944 September 5th. Lodz Ghetto is evacuated and Russia declares War on Bulgaria.

As Russian Forces come ever closer to liberating what remains of the Jews of Lodz, it is clear that Hitler cannot allow evidence of the truth to emerge. The remnants of those who hold the evidence of what happened to them are forced to march out of the Ghetto toward a brutal struggle. The sounds of a communing Justice emanates from Sweden, as it denies any sanctuary to War Criminals. What is obvious now is that the World has woken to the Fact, that had been in place since 1941, that there were War Criminals, in Fact they were Criminals Against Humanity of much of that Crime was perpetrated against The Jews of Europe.

1945 September 5th. Robert Jackson meets with President Truman.

As Truman proposes naming former attorney general Francis Biddle as the American judge at Nuremberg, the World will become a further bystander to what has happened to The Jews of Europe. Jackson, who does not think highly of Biddle, suggests alternatives, but Biddle gets the appointment.

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

30. Vrba, Rudolf I Escaped from Auschwitz.

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