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This Holocaust Author's Auschwitz Blog

This blog describes my thoughts and experiences in visiting Auschwitz, Belzec, Majdanek and Sobibor and Anne Frank's House from 2014 to 2018

I blogged my preparations for my visit, I posted daily during my visit to Poland...there are also my ongoing thoughts posted here; in the aftermath of my visit...
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We Confront Denial.

TestimonyPosted by P.A. Draigh Mon, July 23, 2018 20:39:22
"..with regard to ..Jews ..I've found myself remaining inactive. There's no sense in adding uselessly to ..difficulties of ..moment. One acts more shrewdly when one bides one's time." Adolf Hitler.

There is a terrible hatred paroling this World from only a temporary reprieve, any of which is leasing back a Humanity stolen from it. The fact of the inhumanity that is to be discussed, which will never return us to where civilisation had brought us toward, is the most horrendous crime in all of history. This, the most vitriolic hatred ever envisaged and conceived of was conducted during these times by a Hitler regime designed for the purpose to destroy, annihilate and obliterate every conceivable trace of any Jewish presence in our midst. That Hitler practicably achieved much of this resolve, die Endlosung der Judenfrage, is tantamount to the most accursed accusation that has ever been aimed at us in all of history. From Hitler’s spoken word, which always sought to articulate the literal threat to the Jews of Germany, spreading widely over all of Europe and then finally the conflagration to then be carried to the World of Jewry, and in a punitive way, is documented so well proven.

"..Poles. ..pliant ..servile to their masters ..joyously ..fervently anti-Semitic just short of advocating pogroms in ..camps ..incredibly ignorant and chauvinistic." David Rousset.

If there was any eloquence from Hitler as to what the world heard, it was largely ignored as the expiation of 6,000,000 Jews commenced. Immediately upon Hitler's ascendency to the power brokerage he was fixed upon, and on a World stage, with the murder’s of Jewish Citizen’s running concurrently alongside his expressions of all hatred for all Jews, the political and religious World receded from its moral and ethical substance. While many commentator’s, historians and writer’s so often refer to the hate and bile of Hitler's words as mere word play, we simply cannot ignore the fact that his words re-framed his intentions. Not only can Hitler’s words not be seen as just the merest of his hate filled rhetoric, but when all about him the Jewish People were being subjected to ridicule, abuse, assault and murder, it is preposterous notion. We can clearly identify that under Hitler’s steely gaze and command, his wishes were carried out and to the wider German public, enacted upon.

" Jewish population of was estimated at 17,000,000 in 1937. ..over 10,000,000 were in Europe." Dr. Richard Korherr.

Here every edict of what Hitler clearly determined appropriate for a quickly marginalised Jewish People was enacted upon by the widest structure of German society, business and institution. Other nations too took heed of what Hitler was being enabled to achieve and those like Poland, who as a sovereign state was the first to feel the full weight of Hitler’s intentions toward the Jews of Europe, acted similarly. Poland was to be no hiding space for their Jews, 3,000,000 of whom would prove the tenacity of Hitler’s hatred. As Hitler had clearly expressed, and for more than seven years since gaining power, Jewry would be confronted totally and annihilated mercilessly. For me still, the correct response to what is The Holocaust has yet to be made judicious or commendable. As the World of brutal conflict rages on and its torn people are continually tortured by strife, Jewish existence is continually under threat. What this ensures is that not only have the lessons of The Holocaust not been clearly identified, they are as far reaching in their forming of some acceptance of its gravest wrong. But no response should EVER seek to deny the place of 6,000,000 Murdered Jews in the space of European History, which some who seek to redefine their loss to us would suggest we should do.

"..Once I really am in power first ..foremost task will be ..annihilation of ..Jews. As soon as I have ..power to do so ..I will have gallows built in rows ..Marienplatz in Munich many as traffic allows. ..Jews will be hanged indiscriminately ..they will remain hanging until they stink ..they will hang there as long as ..principles of hygiene permit. As soon as they have been untied batch will be strung up ..and so on down ..line ..until ..last Jew in Munich has been exterminated. Other cities will follow suit ..precisely in this fashion ..until all Germany has been ..cleansed of Jews." Adolf Hitler.

The European Continent, that has been so liberally littered with the ashes of the Jewish People and has been literally marked so indelibly with such brutal inhumanity, all of this must be clearly acknowledged as such. Along with the blood soaked soil of every nation within Europe, and with that the desecration of our clutch on humanity, we clearly must attribute all of this catastrophe to Hitler’s urging. What proved such an unprecedented and unparalleled massacre, so much so that comparison of any sort will only trivialise our loss, is to be recognised in every facet of the move toward the Jews final cataclysm and affront to what we see as our civilising principles. Here, part of the denial aimed at these 6,000,000 Murdered Jews is the inability by the hate filled denial lobby to process that fact. Clearly the intention is what Hitler had dedicated statisticians pointing him toward, and this was the very presence of more than 17,000,000 Jews in the World.

"..We shall regain our health only by eliminating ..Jews." Adolf Hitler.

Dr. Richard Korherr would come along and draw up the statistical analysis for which The Wannsee Conference would then draught its own compliance to. That The Wannsee Conference recognised that 11,293,300 Jews could be Murdered, is essential in determining what we know are the accounting for which Hitler made full use of. With that in mind, any response to any form of denial of The Holocaust must Always be unequivocal and responded to with the completed facts that are its integral truth. The narrative of The Holocaust must never moderate its stance on the truthful conveyance of each and every pertinent identification of the final course with the clearest and relevant facts pointing toward it. What cannot be denied in all that Hitler spouted, with his defining threat to annihilate the Jews would be met precisely with their extermination.

Tuesday August 22nd. 1939. "..destruction of Poland is in ..foreground. ..aim is ..elimination of living forces ..not ..arrival at a certain line. I shall give a propagandist cause for starting ..war ..never mind if it is plausible or not. ..victor will not be asked later on whether he told ..truth or not." Adolf Hitler.

Bearing all this in mind, we must never enter into any discourse which is other than the historical truth and everything which has been gained with such historical accuracy. Its the entirety of The Holocaust, from the research of those facts which delivers to posterity its posthumous legacy that history remains truthful. The entirety of history has gained the essential proof that historically cannot be compromised, especially in the case of more than the abundantly surveyed nature of The Holocaust. Fundamentally, all of humanity must be regrouped and even reborn from the ashes of the Death Camps, from the Ghetto’s and from the Killing Sites and for the World to recognise the very flawed nature of the human fall from grace. What has been proven by Survivor’s from their witness testimony, so replete with the horror’s they too endured, has been fully corroborated by the evidence to be sought.

"..Today we must conduct ..same struggle that Pasteur and Koch had to fight. ..cause of countless ills is a bacillus ..Jew. ..We will become healthy if we eliminate ..Jew." Adolf Hitler.

Along with the first hand knowledge of what emanated from practically day one, and with the somewhat depleted evidences of those who completed their murderous duty with relish, we have gained more than that copious awareness of the increasing move toward The Final Solution. Throughout what I will present here, facts that are emitted by all those whose knowledge of the truth of The Holocaust has been stated, Hitler’s call for the enactment of a eugenics programme was seen to be the preliminary toward marking the Jewish People more significantly for slaughter. What may be argued over, and has now been denounced has been the conflated terms then denied by lesser beings than humanity requires. But the truth holds sway over all of the inconsistency of hatred, which sweeps through community’s at the behest of those who seek to divide us along racist lines. Those who seek to diffuse the truth, to suit their own racist agenda, cannot bend the truth to those of a recognisably ignoble diminishing of the truth.

"..essential ..we do not proclaim our views ..before need for that ..main thing ..we ourselves know what we want. .. Nobody must be able to recognise that it initiates a final settlement. This need not prevent our taking all necessary measures ..shooting ..resettling ..we shall take them." Adolf Hitler.

One of the constituent preambles of the denial lobby too is the confusing issuance of the place of The State of Israel in their narrative. Israel, which truly began its existence as a regard to such Jewish losses as remain unimaginable, cannot be a bargaining chip over 6,000,000 Jewish losses. Also, Israel was delivered by the World as a purge of conscience over what led to our own human failings. Truly, as indifference to the Jewish struggles in their moments of most urgent need, raged about us, we did not stand firmly enough for what should of commanded us, our humanity. As The Holocaust emerged, and for the duplicitous and complicit nature that reigned while 6,000,000 Jewish People were being Murdered, we stand before the alter of History, fully accused. We cannot allow this factual criticism of our behaviour to escape when the incrimination of humanity for what we as human beings achieved is clearly evident. What was finally allowed to happen to 6,000,000 of our own, simply because they believed differently to us or were born with an immeasurably remarkable gene pool, is a scandal we must bear as the controversy of The Holocaust is the slaughter of 6,000,000 Human Beings who happened to be Jews.

"..Where ..Jews were left to themselves Poland ..most terrible misery and decay prevailed. ..In Poland this state of affairs has been fundamentally cleared up. If ..Jews there did not want to work ..they were shot. If they could not work ..they had to succumb. ..This was not cruel ..even innocent creatures ..have to be killed that no harm is caused by them. Why should ..beasts who wanted to bring us Bolshevism be spared more." Adolf Hitler.

None of this sorry saga of indifference and slaughter does credit to what civilisation has posed for itself, let alone a supposed enlightenment that was meant to shine for other’s. For me, all of this carnage makes the deaths of anyone, even other than these Jews who are the subject of my own committed remit during the World War II, inexcusable nor can we process them as any the less significant. Nor does the lessons we should have supposedly gained explain why The Balkans exploded, the Rwanda tragedy erupted or that the My-Lai massacre did in fact occur. Nor indeed can The Holocaust explain why humanity has yet to step up to the plate to stem the flow of innocent lives still being lost and entire continents remaining awash with innocent blood. My study of such human loss is not unique in the terms of reference laid before you, and while it has been engrossed in the many facets of The Holocaust horror, there is the very detailed terror to expand upon.

"..Russian campaign decimate ..Slav population by 30,000,000 ..troop of low characters would have to be formed." SS Obergruppenfuhrer Erich von dem Bach-Zalewski.

The devastation, which struck at the heart of 11,293,300 Jews of Europe and consigned far more than 50% of these to annihilation, troubles my senses as I still seek out the detailed horror in order to add clarity to what is so clearly lucid. For any being to interpret the humanity of another with clearly such distorted a view as can deliver such purging of humanity, my own mind is then steeped in their vacant call for a vengeance, a retribution or even a response they cannot make. There has been this vastly misunderstood claim, that revenge has ever been the call of Israel. Also, such retribution as would be entirely appropriate has not emanated those Survivor’s who are burdened by the sheer loss all too many of these Survivor's have also endured. However, the Survivor's call for Justice echoes humanity's own much anticipated demand and as yet this has been largely ignored. As the fate of 6,000,000 Murdered Jews has been sought out by all too many to be left to the past, we urge the memory of their presence to continue to the future.

"..Our strength is our quickness and our brutality. Jenghis Khan had millions of women and children hunted down and killed ..deliberately and with a gay heart. History sees in him only ..great founder of States. What ..weak Western European civilisation alleges about me ..does not matter. I have given ..order ..and will have everyone shot who utters but one word of criticism ..that ..aim of this war does not consist in reaching certain geographical lines ..but in ..enemies' physical elimination. Thus ..for ..time being only in ..East ..I put ready my Death's Head units ..with ..order to kill without pity or mercy all men ..women ..children. ..Only thus will we gain space that we need." Adolf Hitler.

Here though, and there are those who see within the vagaries of such a hatred for the Jewish People, which seeks to secure some need to retard The Holocaust memorial, we ensure that no such validation for their hatred can be gained. For some seeking to even reinterpret The Holocaust on some narrative level, this is grossly distorting of a loss we should feel more deeply. This sought after re-emphasis of the very stringent terms which The Holocaust occupies is wrong on a number of levels. The onerous fact of the slaughter, which is both factual and the realising truth which sees the memory of 6,000,000 Murdered Jews holding the integrity of history, emits its own accusation. There is no debate on The Holocaust which is clearly seeking to obscure. There is though, on a matter of fact level, that which exists as it evolved from what was expressed, then intended and finally carried out for Hitler and toward The Final Solution. The continuous arguments over the when, why and what constitutes The Holocaust narrative does not detract from the single fact that it exists in our history.

Friday December 12th. 1941 "..In respect of ..Jewish question ..make a clean sweep. war is here ..annihilation of ..Jews must be ..necessary result. This question is to be regarded without sentimentalism. We are not here to have sympathy with ..Jews ..but ..with our German people. If ..German people have sacrificed 160,000 dead in ..eastern campaign ..authors of this bloody conflict will have to pay for it with their lives." Adolf Hitler.

The Holocaust itself governs its own space in the unprecedented and unparalleled nature of its predominance over all of our own humanity. Perhaps we can recognise its lack of merciful incline and therein lies a fact which subscribes for us and toward seeking the very nature of a comprehension which will never arrive. In all of this there is no doubt as to the veracity of the very existing detail of the crimes committed, perpetrated, witnessed, established, ignored, accepted or with a complete ambivalence toward what was and did happen to these Jews of Europe. All of this is the known truth that remains The Holocaust. This certainty in no way allows for denial to enter the arena that is the proper discourse we deliver on the subject of Hitler’s intention for the Jews of Europe and to understanding what remains incomprehensible to all of humanity. That 6,000,000 Men, Women and Their Children of either the Jewish Faith or Jewish antecedence were killed in cold blood, were clearly sought out and systematically slaughtered, is not a bargaining framework in which denial will persist.

"..At ..beginning of May 1942 SS Oberfuhrer Brack from ..Fuhrer's chancellery suddenly came to Lublin. With Globocnik he discussed resuming ..extermination of ..Jews. Globocnik said he had too few people to carry out this programme. Brack stated that ..euthanasia programme had stopped and that ..people from T4 would from now on be detailed to him on a regular basis so that ..decisions taken at ..Wannsee conference could be implemented. As it appeared that it would not be possible for ..Einsatzgruppe to clear individual areas of Jews and ..people in ..large Ghettos of Warsaw and Lemberg by shooting them ..decision had been taken to set up 2 further extermination camps which would be ready by August 1st. 1942 ..Treblinka and Sobibor. ..large scale 'Vernichtungsaktion' extermination programme ..due to start on August 1st. 1942." SS Untersturmfuhrer Josef Oberhauser.

I use so often what I consider my motto over a widely entered into arena in the hope that it implants upon those reading their words, the moral intention that is both ethically sought and is furnished with truth. The integrity of what this truth as it pertains to these Jews of Europe must mean that it has to be borne factually so as not to distort nor corrupt all of human history. That essential is relevant as it gives rise to a required remembrance for the 6,000,000 Slaughtered Jews who remain as a reminder as to why hatred must never be acceptable. So with my use of these words, Always to Remember, Never to Forget, they again resonate for me as a clarion call to those who would seek to further diminish the intensity of the assault on our memory for these Jews of Europe. For this mediocre minority, whose denial seeks to deflect our attention away from those who were and are still responsible for The Holocaust enactment, their vain effort will not vandalise the truth nor betray our search and reliance upon it.

"..I saw them myself ..Chelmno ..Treblinka ..Sobibor ..Belzec." SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Rudolf Hoess.

Mankind displays its inhumanity before the doors of the Gas Chambers and toward other's of all humanity so as to reign above those they might perceive or consider unequal to them. Whether that is termed racially or religiously, the Jews of Europe were packed tightly into these Death Camps and so brutally driven toward annihilation. I had learned fully of these spaces and when I wrote my first book on the subject of The Holocaust, it was clearly drawn from the Testimony of all those who had been involved in even this obscene spectre of the catastrophe. It was essential at the time to make a statement, and be they the Survivor, the Witness, the Perpetrator, the Bystander or even those we consider the Participator, their evidence all added to a more complete jurisdiction over the crimes we have come to learn of. At pains to bring about an objective view of the words I used I wanted the reader to emerge at the end of the work with all evidences intertwined and without the crucial identification of that evidence not appearing in any way subjective. But also in that title was the acknowledgement that we were losing the ability to learn from those very People immediately knowledgeable of what it is we seek to know of, as it is the Survivor who knows the truth we have so far discerned and corroborated through them.

"..Wirth conducted ..Aktionen in Bernburg. Subordinate to him were ..burners ..disinfectors and drivers. He also supervised ..transportation of ..mentally ill and ..corpses. One day in ..winter of 1941 Wirth arranged a transport of euthanasia personnel Poland. I was picked together with about 8 ..10 other men and transferred to Belzec. ..I don't remember ..names of ..others. Upon our arrival in Belzec ..we met Friedel Schwarz and ..other SS men. ..They supervised of barracks that would serve as a gas chamber. Wirth told us that in Belzec all ..Jews will be struck down. For this purpose barracks were built as gas chambers. I installed shower heads in ..gas chambers. ..nozzles were not connected to any water pipes ..they would serve as camouflage for ..gas chamber. For ..Jews who were gassed it would seem as if they were being taken to baths and for disinfection." SS Unterscharfuhrer Erich Fuchs.

That said, the title of my very first book emerged as Testimony and Fading Memory in The Holocaust which does not alter the wrenching detail nor the essential need to connect with the testimony. We take that marker from all of those evidence deliverer’s and we see them all as essential to us knowing ever more detail of their truth, no matter if that detail is the act itself from the Perpetrators themselves. It is essential, and no matter how reprehensible some of these perpetrator, participator or even these witness evidence’s continually deliver, it is more than evident that we look objectively upon each to develop the whole. Hitler knew, in the very detail of the atrocity his daily reports referred to, that there was a human failing to acknowledge fully what mankind was capable of so readily achieving. But in coming to terms with the incomprehensible nature that is The Holocaust, we clearly demand the horror that the Survivor endured. It is essentially revisited and even relived for the benefit of world history but also for some who will never accede to the truth that humanity is prone to this gravest atrocity.

"..midsummer ..early autumn 1942 ..arrived at Treblinka from Belzec. ..Malkinia station ..already dark by ..time I reached Treblinka. In there were bodies lying everywhere. ..they were all swollen. ..dragged through to ..upper section by Jews. ..working Jews were forced to keep moving by ..Ukrainian guards ..also ..Germans. ..saw them being beaten. ..tremendous confusion and a horrible din. ..went walking around ..established ..some ..guard squads were with girls and ..put down their rifles. ..I established order. I reported to Wirth in ..dining room Wirth ..Stangl ..Oberhauser were there. day longer ..bodies lying around. ..about 9:00 am ..transport arrived. ..already standing naked in .. reception yard." SS Untersturmfuhrer Kurt Franz.

That we continually demand of the Survivor their return to these barren shadow lands is both a cruel and necessary concern for us that their story is still to be learned. I have looked into the eye of the Survivor and I have seen their pain. In acknowledging that this pain is both for what they witnessed and then endured, we must come to terms with that it is also for what we allowed to happen to them. We had become the bystanders to a cataclysmic catastrophe as we either looked the other way or shuffled aside to allow the fuller progress toward The Holocaust happen. The role of History therefore, is not to refute those who seek to deny the truth but to place the integrity of what we know as factually correct. We then place all we have learned to know and before the alter to posterity, we ensure that which judges our own inappropriate response is recognised. Denial is not just the threat that its illiterate and inarticulate refutation of the truth, which cannot be bargained with, seeks to suggest. We have the truth. Their argument is weakened by our relevance and the truth it contains stands before all time to accuse the inability of the world of the time to stem the flow of so much Jewish blood.

"..Between 1937 and ..beginning of 1943 ..Jewish population of Europe should have decreased by an estimated 4,000,000 ..partly due to excess mortality of ..Jews in Middle and Western Europe and partly due to ..evacuations ..mainly in ..Eastern territories." Dr. Richard Korherr.

We have the exacting and even audited accounts of the cruellest detail and I have written the books to show my own acceptance of this very detail which 6,000,000 Jews of Europe underwent. My accusation therefore, of the guilt of the many in all of this, is also what drives the denial lobby forward. It appears a nonsense as to how these racist deniers can still adhere to any form of reverence for a criminal past so as to legitimise an illegitimate political cause. We have our own Allied fighters who fought the good fight and died as a consequence of Hitler’s rabid ambition, are they too to be denied their place in the integrity of our history. How can it be even acceptable to advocate for a distorted view of our own past that will desecrate our present and obscure our future from that past. In this political revisionist nonsense, I guess in essence they seek to alter the truth for which constituted nations and churches would not want to have itself named as either complicit in such inhumanity or have duplicity levelled at it! Which of any of these nations of Europe, responsible in part for what Hitler managed to achieve would seeks to accept it was both complicit and even active in the scale of the atrocity!

"..I ..never knew number ..I have nothing to help me make an estimate. ..I ..remember ..figure in ..larger actions ..repeated to me by Eichmann or his deputies. ..I longer remember ..figures for ..smaller actions ..insignificant in comparison with ..numbers given. I regard of 2,500,000 ..far too high. ..Auschwitz had limits to its destructive possibilities ..Upper Silesia ..Polish territory under German rule 250,000 Germany ..Theresienstadt 100,000 Holland 95,000 Belgium 20,000 France 110,000 Greece 65,000 Hungary 400,000 Slovakia 90,000 ." SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Rudolf Hoess.

I look to Poland, and what it is trying to achieve in refashioning its past in order to shift the emphasis of The Holocaust, and am aghast that Polish historians can allow for such a Polish distortion. Poland’s attempt to move The Holocaust geographically away from their Polish lands, where The Holocaust was largely conducted, or where it became the conduit for all that Hitler wished for Poland is not to be connived over in any single way. I am constantly asked why Poland does this sought after shift from responsibility, or even its non-Jewish peoples complicity in some of what is The Holocaust, and it appears as simple. Poland is the gravest yard in all of History where some Polish collusion, certain Polish collaboration and even Polish effort all enters a minefield of Polish complicity. While there remains a dearth of duplicitous behaviours, which have scored an indelible wound on all of Polish history, and that too must be confronted, we owe it to those Jews, Polish Jews especially who were Murdered on Polish soil, to acknowledge that fact. We do not sit here to defend against denial nor promote accusation for its own sake nor can we alter the geographical spectrum to obfuscate the reality we know is the truth.

"..Lublin [read Majdanek] 24,733 ..Belzec 434,508 ..Sobibor ..101,370 ..Treblinka ..713,555." SS Sturmbannfuhrer Hermann Hoefle.

For world history, denial is too weak and tawdry a hatred to be concerned with and any rewriting of our history cannot alter the facts as we surely know them. What we have in the infinitesimal integrity of The Holocaust is its factual truth, all of which adds to bolster our clearer and totally objective narrative. We uphold here the traditions of History with the factual truth and its integrity assigned to it. We tell it as it is! There is no debate. The puerile essential necessary for those in this denial hatred is that the Jewish People, and while their Jewish Faith has held stronger than their wanton lack of tolerance for their being, we guard against the intrusion of illegitimacy. For the Jewish People, who had felt the sting of hatred, and endured this progress toward their almost complete annihilation for more than 2,000 years, 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of Europe, these Men, Women and Their Children stand in accusation against us for the near accomplishment of such an offensive tragedy.

"..SS expert on burning bodies ..ordered us to put women ..particularly fat women ..on ..first layer of ..grill ..face down. ..second layer could consist of whatever was brought ..women ..children ..and so on ..layer on top of layer. then ordered us to lay dry branches under ..grill and to light them. Within a few minutes would take so it was difficult to approach ..pyre from ..50 meters away. was extremely difficult. ..stench was awful. Liquid excretions from ..corpses squirted all over ..prisoner ..workers. ..SS man operating ..excavator often dumped ..corpses directly onto ..prisoners working nearby ..wounding them seriously." Yechiel Reichman.

Here at Treblinka the offence of annihilation and its attempt to obliterate all traces of its undertaken has been considered and will be face a forensic investigation till time ends. What is to be recognised in the unbridled, unprecedented and unparalleled accumulation of all these factors though, will never be reconciled while deceit and the attempt to hide from the truth cements such hatred. The sheer detail in hostility, bigotry and denial is the subjective tenet of a hatred still to climb out of the inhuman abyss. So while we search to deliver the most comprehensive study of each facet of The Holocaust, we must explore every factor of this atrocity to not only secure the memory of the Jewish losses, but to ensure we are aware of all that was done to the Jews of Europe and by those leading the charge. In achieving The Holocaust, and the atrocity itself is what for Hitler remains a posthumous endeavour of sheer brutal atrocity and the inhuman accomplishment above all others which Hitler sought out in his putrid life.

"..Then began ..general exhumation and burning of corpses may have taken from November 1942 to March 1943. ..incineration’s went on day and night ..without interruption ..initially at one ..then at two sites. At one of ..sites it was possible to incinerate about 2,000 corpses within 24 hours. Approximately four weeks after ..start of ..incineration operation ..second site was set up. ..on an average ..a total of 300,000 corpses were burnt at one site within about five months ..and 240,000 at ..second one during a 4 month period. These are obviously estimates of averages. It would probably be correct to put ..sum total at 500,000 corpses." SS-Scharfuhrer Heinrich Gley.

This effort to conceal too, and it was the case for Belzec and every one of the x6 Death Camps on Polish soil which I have stood upon and recognised the hollowed out essence of a disappeared Jewish People. But such is the certainty that it is an unanswerable question as to whether we will ever know the very detail that remained unexpressed outside the gates of Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, Treblinka or Auschwitz and Birkenau. It is a further tragedy though that we expect many of those who managed to escape the confines of these spaces, these Death Camps of Hitler’s, his Vernichtunglager, to revisit their horror so that we can come up with the impossible comprehension to this incomprehensible atrocity against these Jewish People. The very detail of The Holocaust will not be denied by the admittance that some Poles, acted better than too many Poles. In that descriptive, by the way, no accusation is aimed at All Poles, just merely at some Poles who acted in unison with Hitler's intention to Murder those Polish Neighbours who were Jews.

"..SS Scharfuhrer Herbert Floss arrived at this time who must previously have been in another camp. He then had ..installation built for burning ..corpses. ..incineration was carried out by placing railroad rails on blocks of concrete. ..corpses were then piled up on these rails. Brush wood was placed under ..rails. ..wood was drenched with gasoline. Not only ..newly obtained corpses were burnt in this way ..but also those exhumed from ..ditches. ..burning of corpses proceeded day and night. When had died down ..whole skeletons or single bones remained behind on ..grating. Mounds of ash had accumulated underneath it. A different prisoner commando ..der Asche Bande ..Ash Gang ..had to sweep up ..ashes ..remaining bones on thin metal sheets ..pound them with round wooden dowels ..and then shake them through a narrow mesh metal sieve ..whatever remained in ..sieve was crushed once more. Bones not burnt and which could not easily be split were again thrown into leadership was faced with ..problem of how to get rid of ..huge heaps of ash and bone fragments. Experiments at mixing ..ashes with dust and sand an effort to conceal them ..proved unsuccessful. Finally it was decided to pour ..ash and bone fragments back into ..empty ditches and to cover them with a thick layer of sand and garbage. Alternate layers of ash and sand were poured into ..ditches. layer consisted of 2 metres of earth." SS Oberscharfuhrer Heinrich Matthes.

Let the facts speak for themselves so that the truth is evident and it will confront denial as the truth constitutes the answer to all the lies the deniers wish to spread. Truth openly expressed further dilutes the deniers ability to fashion any argument which is not immediately rounded upon by even those unlearned in the ways of rebuttal. Floss’s arrival at Treblinka from Sobibor linked the entire operation to Blobel’s SK 1005 which was ultimately under Eichmann’s jurisdiction and we have another element of the truth. Even this Eichmann connection did not avail the operatives of SK 1005 access to any of SS Gruppenfuhrer Odilo Globocnik’s Aktion Reinhard Death Camps, a secure position he held onto tightly. Typical in this denial forgery is that The Auschwitz Museum is often accused in statements suggesting it looks purely to the mass Murder of the Jews. The Auschwitz Museum itself pays close attention to these other's murdered within its own confines and particularly for those Poles who died within Poland and indeed within the entire Death Camp system established by Hitler within Poland.

"..of ..1,300,000 deported to ..Camp, they were from amongst 20 nationalities, and these nations gave up their Jews also. Of that total, some 400,000 were registered and kept as Slave Labour and 900,000 were immediately Gassed. While Jews constituted 85% of all those deported here, they represented more than 90% of all those who were murdered. The 400,000 Slave Labourers were gradually degraded till they could persist no longer and added finally to the total number of those Jews and others Gassed or otherwise Murdered. That stated, we assess that of the 1,100,000 who were Murdered from all 1,300,000 deported to the Camp, some 900,000 Jews were Gassed immediately or otherwise murdered in the camp. Of the 400,000 of those registered for Slave Labour, 200,000 died or were otherwise Murdered. These included some 100,000 Jews, 64,000 Poles, 21,000 Gypsies, 14,000 Russian POW's and a further 10,000 other nationals." The Auschwitz State Museum.

While there are those who truly knew the full detail of what they administered, there are those who from outside the confines of these detaining spaces, pieced together the sense of what was being achieved outside their own front doors. Many, who give as precise an account as can be established for history, do not rely wholly upon the evidence those like Hoess can deliver. So I shared with you the uncompromising approach history takes as it settles before you what the Museum of Auschwitz affirms to be the Truth. Clearing this out of the debit door, I have been confronting a certain narrative recently which stems from a voided argument that the Polish people are not all innocent. Realistically, they are accused of some charges levelled against them for crimes against their fellow Poles, Jews who were Murdered during the period of The Holocaust, and on their soil. All of a sudden though the questions are being shared with Poland's Ministry of Culture, so I can only assume that the narrative is being directed along the lines of Poland's recent desire to alter and redirect The Holocaust historical account. These questions appear to present themselves to us with a less than moderate concern for the actual truth.

"..highest number of gassings in one day was 10,000. ..most that could be carried out in a day with ..available facilities." SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Rudolf Hoess.

But then, what equates the lies that can be attributed to all out denial of the factual truth that is The Holocaust, when 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of Europe, all ramifications are clearly a concern when the truth is being confronted. Obfuscation must not be the premise of any state, nor the deliberate obstruction by any nation to gather and harness the whole truth. All elements of Polish present day intention, which must deal with Hitler’s attention to 3,000,000 of Poland’s Jews, cannot be sequestered arbitrarily. In my 20 years of effort on the subject of The Holocaust I have never budged from that direct and unambiguous response to anyone who cites other than 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, be they Men, Women or Their Children cannot be abandoned again. It even seems that there are those who seek to promote an improper discourse in their own Country’s, and Survivor’s and Jews are being faced by the forms of abuse that denial issues forth. It is important too, that while we Remember the loss to the Jewish People, we do not allow for those other's, to be forgotten.

"..transports to Belzec ..gassing operations ..stopped ..suddenly. ..staff members of ..Belzec camp ..informed would be rebuilt completely. of Jews charge of ..demolition work. ..March ..April 1943 ..cremation of ..corpses ..terminated and ..graves ..levelled. ..emptied entirely and levelled. ..some planting ..done there. ..Jewish work commando Sobibor. I remained in Belzec for two more days ..clearing ..loading. ..I was in Sobibor ..heard during ..transport of ..Jewish work commando ..Belzec to Sobibor ..mutiny ..shooting took place which led to some deaths." SS Oberscharfuhrer Werner Dubois.

Though not as systematically chosen for slaughter as were the Jewish People, those who died as a result of Hitler’s Worldview are remembered, Lest We Forget. But the component parts of this Weltanschauung view of Hitler’s recognises that there are some 50 to 70 million people felled World War II who remain to reside alongside the Jews as victims of Hitler's hatred. Hitler and his Nazi's were unrestrained in their abuse of the power they fully exercised against the Jews of Europe. As has been recognised, and against any other’s of those who stood before Hitlerite intention in this World. Those who seek to deny the Jewish People their space also deny the efforts of so many Allied forces set to confront Hitler. For the denial arguments too, the capacity to slaughter is also to be their misguided dispute and is totally undermined by the factual truth. I am here to prove that the sheer capacity to murder all of the Jews of Europe though was not fully engaged as Hitler demanded. Hitler was clearly short of murdering these 11,293,300 Jews of Europe, as were identified in The Wannsee Conference, by sheer lack of time and not by any other factor that was his own indisputable intention for the Jewish People.

"..As soon as ..ramp had been erected in ..castle ..people started arriving in Kulmhof (Chelmno) from Litzmannstadt in lorries. ..people were told that they had to take a bath ..that their clothes had to be disinfected and ..could hand in any valuable items beforehand to be registered. When they had undressed they were sent to ..cellar of ..castle and then along a passageway on to ..ramp and from there into ..gas-van. In ..castle there were signs marked "to ..baths". ..gas vans were large ..about 4-5 meters long ..2.2 meter wide ..2 meter high. ..interior walls ..lined with sheet metal. On ..floor ..a wooden grille. ..floor of ..van had an opening which could be connected to ..exhaust by means of a removable metal pipe. When ..lorries were full of people ..double doors at ..back were closed and ..exhaust connected to ..interior of ..van." SS Scharfuhrer Walter Burmeister.

What we are certain of, if the application of the very detail of die Endlosung der Judenfrage had to be accommodated in any one of the x6 Death Camps, it could have been wholly achieved. While we firstly register what Hoess must have known in terms of the capacity to murder within Auschwitz and Birkenau, we acknowledge that range to do so would have achieved 3,650,000 Murdered Jews. This would have been achieved in the space of a single year on estimates liberally applied. The capacity issue therefore has been fully resolved by the lead industrial killer himself, Hoess himself. Belzec too, which murdered 884,700 of its Jews in a 10 month period, could have murdered these 6,000,000 Jews of Europe within a 6 year time frame. So while Auschwitz was in operation, and Slaughtering Jews on a mechanised and industrial scale for more than 3 years, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor and Treblinka were not in the least bit idle, combining totally a final resolve for Hitler’s solution.

"..You must ..guarantee that ..bodies of these ..Jews will either be burned or buried in every location ..that nowhere can anything else of any kind happen with these bodies." Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler.

While the killing had been continuous however for more than 5 years in Auschwitz, and prior to Birkenau, another eye became focused on the traces of the atrocity, once the end for Nazi Germany was encroaching upon the killing space. Also, as is the case for the 21 Gassing Vans which were in operation during the period of World War II, their entire capacity was aligned to what the Death Camps and Killing Sites achieved and what the Ghetto and other Camps also functioned to achieve. All the while Hitler is seeking to ensure that the truth would not be told or written as Himmler was directed to ensure. East, as each of these Gassing Vans, many with the capability to Murder 1,500 Jews in a matter of 15 hours sees the detailed atrocity for 31,500 Murdered Jews managed on any given day, let alone working on a 24 hour basis could accommodate a capacity in excess of Wannsee’s 11,293,300 target. So in under a year, the target that Hitler had fully set for The Wannsee Conference would have been completed, without the added volume of der Einsatzgruppe shootings, or the fullest emergence of all x6 of the Death Camps.

"..inside ..each member of ..permanent staff had a specific function ..commander of ..Ukrainian auxiliaries ..leader of a working group ..excavation of pits ..erection of barbed wire fences. ..when a transport with Jews arrived there was so much 'work' ..regular activity was interrupted ..everyone on ..permanent staff had to participate somehow in ..routine extermination process. Primarily each member ..of ..permanent staff took place in ..unloading of ..transports." SS Oberscharfuhrer Hermann Erich Bauer.

Also, and along with the starvation which the ravaged Ghetto's with the additionally compounded neglect of those interned within the Concentration Camps, capacity is far from being either negligible nor was it unachievable. Nor have we ventured or forgotten the impoverishment of every single Jew that was still remaining alive in Europe, so that all excess and destruction was practicably achievable by whatever means Hitler engaged his intention. I clearly do not point to the Facts here, merely to the supposition of the possibility given over to Hitler's effort. With that annihilatory task comes the assured suppression of those denials which would suggest the capacity, nor the will to achieve all that Hitler sought from the Jew of Europe was not there. Please, and though this will wound the hearts and souls of those of You who are sickened by what the Jewish People were put through, it is essential for those who do not know yet these truths, to face this confrontation with the true reality of the hatred so audibly expressed.

"..When we were in ..Kiev district CO of signals ..came back quite horrified. engineer Battalion commander ..and this engineer Battalion had ..task of blowing up site which were those 32,000 Jews including women and children." Lieutenant General Otto Elfeldt.

The deliberate confrontation with our senses is NEVER my entire intention, though the capacity to achieve this is paramount in what Hitler sought to finally resolve. While you are saddened by what we, an ostensibly 'christian' communion of nations allowed the Jewish People to endure, my sadness is engraved upon my inner being, and though perhaps not as indelibly as yours, it sears my conscious being. My words so often emanate from a space no longer occupied by 6,000,000 Jews and I use their intention to mark my own intention for them. For those of you who are left reeling by those vagrants who seek to deny any or all of this, I stand between you and them to ensure the truth is known. Clearly, Hitler could have all too easily accomplished the wilful Slaughter of as many Jews as he so wished, and with impunity too. Certainly, Hitler acted without any restraint, and given the World's abandonment of the Jewish People, Hitler recognised the vacuum he would operate in. For those of you touched in any way by this awful Catastrophe for the Jews of Europe, your tragedy is our loss.

"..We shot women as if they had been cattle. ..a large quarry where 10,000 men ..women ..children were shot. They were still lying in ..quarry. We drove out on purpose to see it. It was ..most bestial thing I ever saw." Lieutenant General Fritz von Broich.

I know the many millions of other's whose lives were also forfeit and while I have clipped some of these passages from my own study of the Einsatzgruppen, not to simply show what was managed, but that they seek to confirm what could be more speedily accomplished. If these are then added to the overall resolve for Hitler's Final Solution, and while Hitler sought to extinguish the very existence of 11,293,300 Jews from within Europe, it was achievable and without equivocation. There are attempts to this day, even from within the passages of an enlightened history that is fully seeking to allow for the further diminishing of the space remaining to 6,000,000 Annihilated Jews. It is a matter for me, of the honest integrity for history in general that such a term as The Holocaust can only belong to the Jewish People. No other People were so confronted and so systematically sought out for their Slaughter, than these 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of Europe.

"..things I've experienced. In Latvia ..near Dvinsk ..there were mass executions of Jews carried out by ..SS. ..about 15 SS men ..perhaps 60 Latvians ..known to be ..most brutal people in Sunday morning ..kept hearing ..salvos followed by small arms fire. ..Men ..Women Children ..counted off ..stripped naked. ..executioners first laid all ..clothes in one pile. Then 20 women had to take up their position ..naked ..on ..edge of ..trench. ..shot ..fell ..into it." Lieutenant General Heinrich Kittel.

That even the denial of their final resting place is to be further exacerbated by any refusal to identify their uniqueness, in the terms The Holocaust provides, must not be given any space to postulate. Clearly, that even Wehrmacht General’s were both complicit and accepting of such murderous scenes and terms as they came to recognise, must not deliver to history other than the whole truth as to why we place an emphasis on the Jewish presence in The Holocaust. The assertion that many others of the 50 or even 70 million souls lost during World War II require that same space, both to be remembered as a eulogised space for them also, is a fallacy. What is fundamentally wrong in all this sought after space alongside the Jews, who are The Holocaust, is a further leaning toward excluding the Jewish People from the single most atrocious crime ever perpetrated by a human species upon Human Beings. That must not be allowed, as we recall how readily we allowed for the atrocity to occur in the first place

"..from June 1941 to January 1942 ..I was ..Commander of Sonderkommando 4 A. ..June 1942 ..entrusted by Gruppenfuhrer Mueller with ..task ..obliterating ..traces ..executions carried out by ..Einsatzgruppe ..East. ..orders in person to ..commanders of ..Security Police ..SD ..pass on Mueller's orders verbally ..supervise ..implementation. ..order secret ..there was to be no correspondence in connection with ..task. ..September 1942 ..reported to Dr. Thomas ..Kiev ..passed ..order him. ..May ..June 1943 ..made additional trips to Kiev ..after conversations with Dr. Thomas and ..SS Police Leader Hennecke ..order was carried out. During ..visit ..August ..observed ..burning of bodies in ..mass grave near Kiev. ..grave was about 55 meters long ..3 meters wide and 2.5 meters deep. ..removed ..bodies ..covered with inflammable material ..ignited. ..about two days until ..grave burned ..bottom. ..grave was filled in ..traces ..practically obliterated. Owing to ..moving up of ..front ..not possible to destroy ..mass graves further south and east which had resulted from executions by ..Einsatzgruppe. orders ..should have extended ..duties over ..entire area occupied by ..Einsatzgruppe ..owing to ..retreat from Russia ..could not carry out my orders completely." SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel.

Though Hitler fully sought to wage War, this feint of War was all done to ensure the space required would exist to shield from view of the supposed German sensitivity to atrocity. Within that task, the Wehrmacht became the prime source of concealment and even participation. Those General’s, with their measured aristocracy of elite fighting precedence expose the entire rotten core of a German military echelon hell bent upon military achievement at the cost to their own humanity. The Final Solution of The Jewish Question, die Endlosung der Judenfrage crossed all boundaries. That specialist camps were designated for the purpose of this, die Endlosung der Judenfrage, which Hitler had established in Poland, we have to recognise the shedding of so much blood was to saturate the soil of Poland and not be traced back to a Germany to be unspoiled by such savagery.

"..After I had looked at everything ..I returned to Lublin ..following day. On Florstedt's orders ..I and ..unit assigned to me began to cremate ..bodies that had been buried in ..Krepiecki forest towards Lwow. At first I excavated a pit ..but because cremation did not proceed quickly enough in this pit I devised ..following set up for cremation ..I spread old truck tarps over rocks piled to a considerable height ..ordered ..bodies placed on these ..and poured methanol over them. I had wood stacked beneath ..tarps and set on fire. In this way about 100 bodies could be burned at one time. Some of them had been dug up ..some were fresh ..just brought in from After such a load had been reduced to ashes ..these were pounded to powder and dumped into ..pit whence we had removed ..bodies in ..first place. To pound ..ashes we used iron sheets and pounders. These tools were supplied by an SD functionary from Kommando 1005 who supervised my work. In this way I managed by ..end of October to cremate all ..bodies buried in ..forest and in ..region behind Compound V Majdanek. According to ..pertinent calculations I cremated approximately 6,000 bodies in ..forest and approximately 3,000 behind Compound V. These figures also include .. fresh corpses of inmates who died in during this time." SS Unterscharfuhrer Erich Muhsfeldt.

Clearly then, the destruction of all of European Jewry, so roundly targeted, definitely identifies with the Jewish People as the systematic target solely sought. Why is it now that there is an effort seeking to diminish what was Hitler’s fullest remit for the entire Jewish race of People. With all due respect to these vast numbers of people either killed or even murdered during the period, Family member's included, this was a War in which loss was an inevitable cost. None were so systematically sought out, legislated against, corralled and marched to their own destruction with such mechanised and industrialised precision. Also, and what was legislated for, which decries the very supposed ideological nature of these crimes, all future method was to be occupied to disguise, conceal and then obliterate these racist hate crimes. That was Hitler's bequest to humanity, its perfected destruction in the detail of 6,000,000 Jewish lives and the exploitation of any and all material wealth to be pilfered. Hitler's legacy lives on in the denial of a measly term which encapsulates all that he sought for the Jews, and as the greatest butcher in all of History whose edict was The Final Solution.

June 18th. 1947. "..During my visit in August 1943 I myself witnessed ..burning of corpses in a mass grave near Kiev. This grave was approximately 55 metres long ..3 metres wide ..2.5 metres deep. After ..cover had been removed ..corpses were covered with inflammable materials and set on fire. About 2 days passed before had burned down to ..bottom of ..trench. Afterwards ..grave was filled in and all traces thereby virtually obliterated. Because of ..advance of ..front it was not possible to destroy ..mass graves located in ..South and East which had resulted from execution by ..task groups." SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel.

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June 10th.

TestimonyPosted by P.A. Draigh Sun, June 10, 2018 22:53:11

Today is a celebration of the day of my Birth, but it has become more than that ever since Tovah ‘Tokele’ Olshak became a part of my commitment to that life, its values and The Holocaust. It is safe to assume I have stumbled upon a path which has led me relentlessly on, meeting trauma, horror, catastrophe and the intentional hatred which drove one man to assure History of an atrocity Humanity will never recover from. For me! It is a matter of conscience to state that when so many lives were taken and so many other's could not muster the compelling demand to lift themselves from such apathetic indifference, I assured myself and other's, I would not let go of this journey until I had to. It is a remarkable truth too that while we recognise the darkness in people, we can begin to see the light pouring from many who judge the wrong that is not belonging to all people, when it is rightly attributed and owned by just some.

"..would never have thought that ..given very inadequate nourishment ..insufficiently clothed ..slept little ..lived in ..worst possible hygienic circumstances to all conditions of ..would have thought it impossible ..he would go on living. ..powers of adaptation ..endurance great ..body is capable of efforts ..held to be impossible in normal life. ..many broke down ..perished ..but ..miracle is ..there are still Survivors." Elie A. Cohen.

It is in that degree of certainty that I always search fully knowing I will find, along the way, more answers that need those questions as yet to be asked. When I come across a figure, an assessment of the very detail of the atrocity, it is marked by a grave atrocity History has become aware of and it is recognised. That atrocity is then governed by the degree to which 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of Jewish Men, Women and Their Children were deliberately delivered to some killing space, be it a Death Camp or Killing Site and intentionally murdered. These 6,000,000 Jews of Europe too are the cause of my accusing words and the effort afforded a brutalised People so cruelly abandoned by us. So when it comes to researching the very degree and detail of a particular atrocity, it is important to know that within that degree of atrocity, we are discussing the mass Slaughter of Human Beings, simply because they were Jews.

"..When I stand before you lead ..Prosecution of Adolf Eichmann ..I am not standing alone. With me are 6,000,000 accusers. ..they cannot rise ..and point an accusing finger. ..For their ashes are piled up on ..hills of Auschwitz and ..fields of Treblinka ..and are strewn in ..forests of Poland. Their graves are scattered throughout ..length and breadth of Europe. Their blood cries out ..but their voice is not heard. ..I will be their spokesman and in their name I will unfold ..awesome indictment." Gideon Hausner.

With the assessment then made, it can often be brought to my attention that I have under estimated, though never under valued my effort, and recognise there is a figure far greater than the one I arrived at. When that occurs, I go in search of the higher number to ensure to posterity, we have not failed in combining those who rightly are attributable to the most unprecedented and unparalleled atrocity in all History. Personally, I do not believe that we have come to a conclusive assessment of the full assessment to be attributable to The Holocaust. I do not accept that while 6,000,000 Murdered Jews, who are The Holocaust, has been settled upon, it is not correct that this will be any final assessment. While The Wannsee Conference sought out 11,293,300 Jews of Europe for Annihilation, the Survival of 5,000,000 European Jews would suggest that we are still in a search while looking for those 6,293,300 Murdered Jews.

"..Despite ..recent outpouring of popular and scholarly books on Hitler work has yet been produced that satisfactorily explains Hitler's obsessive ideas about ..Jews ..readiness of ..German people to accept these ideas ..and Hitler's ability to harness an enormous apparatus of men ..institutions ..facilities just in order to murder ..Jews. Hitler has proved to be an elusive and unrewarding subject for conventional biography because ..explanations for ..baffling mystique he exercised ..for ..power he came to wield ..and for his unspeakable accomplishments are not to be found in ..facts of a banal life ..but in ..ideas and feelings that created ..symbiosis between him and ..German people. Their mutuality and interdependence thrived Hitler first expressed and later gratified ..Germans' most arrogant and abominable ambitions. He relieved their deepest fears and anxieties and ..near ..end ..disburdened them both of guilt and responsibility for ..wickedness they had given him warrant to commit." Lucy Schildkret Dawidowicz.

For these past few weeks my search has been in the very detail of those French Convoi transporting French and other Nation’s Jews to the Death Camps. These French transports alone have thrown up such anomalies as would depress the search for the fullness of that truth we search for. Clearly, we must persevere with the search in the hope that more of the numbers we wish to avail of, will release more names of those Jews still missing from this catalogue of shame. Figures are all too often transcribed wrongly and can hide the full value of loss we seek to Remember. Parents have been known to shield their youngest about their person so as not to attract the attention of those seeking to isolate the numbers into impersonal statistical analysis. So even given the meticulous nature of the German adherence to exacting numbers, and here they are presented with what French officialdom complied to provide, we can be missing some of those included in a transport from the distorted matriculation that has been entered into by competing bureaucracies.

"..I have struggled hard to overcome ..hatred of those who cruelly destroyed my early life family and almost succeeded in exterminating my people. ..I have come to realise ..there are no basically evil nations or racial groups. ..There are only evil people ..seekers after wealth or power." Maja Abramowitch.

So on each and every occasion where there is a celebration of my own birth, there is also corresponding with that date an atrocity that will fundamentally fix us to that point in History we assign our research and responsibility toward. For me, this look back into History will forever belong to 6,000,000 Jewish People of Europe, be they Man, Woman or Their Child. It is important to always remember that alongside the fact that they were Human Beings, they were chosen because the were Jewish Human Beings who were murdered because they were Jews. For me, the accusation of many has often been made and it has been all too often centred on my choice to write. I have refuted so many times as to why I have chosen this well worn path from accusation of bias and even prejudice. I simply have no bias other than to ensure the truth delivers posthumously to 6,000,000 People what would not be given to them in life, and simply because they were Jews.

"..Nuremberg taught me that creating a world of tolerance and compassion would be a long and arduous task. And I also learned that if we did not devote ourselves to developing effective world law ..same cruel mentality that made ..Holocaust possible might one day destroy ..entire human race." Benjamin B. Ferencz.

That is also true of any attempt to confuse objectivity with a prejudice toward 6,000,000 Jews which is both ludicrous and wrong. Agreed, I have set out to write about 6,000,000 Murdered Jews, simply because of the enormous wrong this signifies for us all. My appreciation of the inherent and factual truth of all that happened is part of an integrity History must not be denied. Where truth resides, it becomes a distortion if we do not adopt its fullest detail as accurately as possible. So of course there is a slight connection to my past upbringing as a catholic, which ensured a moral and ethical grounding that would see purely the inherent wrong in the murder of a People based on anything, let alone Race of Creed. I have pursued this Holocaust course now for more than x20 years and I hope I have never deviated from that fundamental principle which defines what was wrong and what is wrong from any speculation over what is both eroding of that truth, if not strictly adhered to and illegitimate if not correct.

Wednesday June 10th. 1936 " generation will not belong to ..Party ..but I shall no longer be here to see ..reversal." Victor Klemperer.

I have heard it said of Victor that he somehow emerged from the endless darkness of Hitlerite slavery into a post apocalyptic Germany fearing that outlook. Here, upon resurrecting some correlation between past and present, and where he managed to survive with his Wife Eva, we read that attempt to make sense in his Survival in diary form. He trained his sights not into some fashioned resemblance to mythic lands of fairies and ghosts, but at a landscape that was devoid of such reasoning as had devoured 6,000,000’s of his People. The truth was so much more tragic and bleaker than that sought after escape, as his soul fought to redefine what remained of his own humanity. Here, recovering into the vista of a bombed out, levelled and destroyed Dresden, which marginally saved him from his own destruction, he sought to live his life renewed. While his own nearness to death, both at Allied hands which could rein down upon him and more tangibly at Hitler's behest, Victor still delivers for us a bibliographic landscape of words.

"..Government and with it ..great majority of ..German people ..are very conscious of ..appalling suffering brought to ..Jews in Germany and ..occupied territories. ..German people in their overwhelming majority ..disgusted by ..crimes perpetrated against ..Jews. of ..German people appalling crimes were committed ..that demand from us moral and material reparation ..not only as far as damages to ..individual ..but ..with regard to Jewish property." Konrad Adenauer.

In a diary form, which was punishable by death for a Jew under Hitler's yoke, Victor bears witness to the bitter end. We who share a gratitude in the words we select to ensure that his gift is forwarded on, do so with appreciation. At this time, and while Hitler is still in the ascendency, it is people like Victor Klemperer who view the pervasive scene of growing and mounting fear amongst the Germans and the German Jewish People in particular. While it is true at this time that the Germans have embraced fully the promises Hitler is keen to make, not everyone sees this in technicolour. Victor, though he converted to the Christian faith, was always considered as a Jew and thus, un-German. However, Victor’s own antecedent descent had ensured he fitted the Hitler agenda, which saw him in Germany not as a German but should be treated accordingly as a Jew. Victor witnessed first hand what for Jewry in the Reich amounted to, and the troubling status they were being denied, deprived of and then destroyed by. Germany would eventually grow afterwards to endorse that their own wrongs were done and make restitution in part for what was staged in its name.

Friday June 10th. 1938 "..Zurich ..Switzerland ..sanity ..civilisation." William L. Shirer.

Another diarist, William L. Shirer, gifts to the world his first hand evidence, in his Berlin Diary, of a journey through the rise to power of Hitler. We observe the growth of Nazi Germany and the infinite threat Hitler brings to the World stage. As War again certainly looms, Hitler is the orchestrater of all that is being proposed to the World. There is one telling point in Shirer’s assessment alone, which deals a withering blow to Polish morals of the time. All told, and while there is a burgeoning apathy that is spreading throughout Europe, Poland is prepared to deal in the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. While this precipitates a failing moral correctness, Poland has not even begun to recognise that Poland itself is in Hitler’s direct line of fire. As a correspondent for CBS, Shirer opens a door to an edifice which sees German's in Germany slipping from the civilised mantle it had once occupied. Ahead of them they plunge into an abyss of atrocity and hate with the annihilation of 6,000,000 of the Jewish People, who are the very reason we have The Holocaust term.

"..Auschwitz may be 100's of kilometres from Hungary but it is part of Hungarian history. ..This Death Camp was ..scene of ..inhumane suffering ..humiliation and death of nearly 500,000 of our compatriots." Janos Ader.

Amongst the many assessments to emerge from the period is also the catalogue of grief and suffering that has become witness to the 50/70 million dead of World War II. From the vantage point of Berlin and Zurich, and though Auschwitz and the assault upon the integrity of Hungarian Jewry is in the future, there is the brutal rise of Hitler's Reich which truly assured us of that premise of the annihilation of the Jewish People would be reached. Where Jewish existence is to be crushed and World indifference toward that growing atrocity is to be exposed, Europe settled into a malaise of appeasing apathy and disregard. While Germany and the Nazi Germans motioned forward exacting what Hitler fully proposed for the Jews of Europe, we see Switzerland begin to renege upon its own duty to offer solace and sufferance, and not just to the Jewish People. All the while the Jews of Austria, Germany and then the wider European Continent were becoming refugees ahead of the destruction which then followed them toward destruction.

Monday June 10th. 1940 "..German Army closes in on Paris. ..dark for ..Allies." William L. Shirer.

The very expression of another World War is an insanity that was so clearly evident and as the supposed German Teuton's brought havoc to bear toward Jews, and all those other’s who opposed the will of der Fuhrer, such mayhem caused would be monumentally deadly. By now Poland had fully succumbed to satellite status, which Hitler had required for it and 3,000,000 Polish Jews were under direct threat of destruction. Almost immediately, and upon the unprovoked Invasion of Poland on September 1st. 1939, Hitler’s formative der Einsatzgruppe began its work dissolving the Jewish hold on existence. That precarious life status too was to be true of some 3 million non-Jewish Poles who would perish in work details so severe, replenishment from human stock was a relentless abuse. While it was recognised that Poland had consoled itself in abusing Czech lands, its own government resigned to exile what authority it had laced together.

Monday June 10th. 1940 "..Italy is in ..War. ..stabbed France in ..back at ..moment ..Germans are at ..gates of Paris ..and France appears ..down." William L. Shirer.

In abandoning the Polish people to a device which Hitler fully exploited, any moral probity by a fleeing Polish administration was shelved upon the destruction, both intended and otherwise, of some 6 million Poles, 3,000,000 of those for being Poland’s Jews. Also, and as we are made fully aware of the very progress Hitler makes in his aggressor form, here from Shirer’s own entry as he has penned it into his Diary, we become aware that France is doomed. That very Monday June 10th. 1940, and by this time this has also now meant that both Denmark and Norway had been formerly defeated in another unprovoked aggression. As Hitler’s erstwhile ally, Mussolini’s Italy had declared war on both Britain and France, the stage was being set for a calamitous War that would become the vehicle by which the annihilation of the Jewish People would be sought. Impulsively, Mussolini was so quick so as to take full advantage of the swiftness of Hitler’s ‘blitzkrieg’ operations.

Tuesday June 10th. 1941 "..famous ..Igo Sym ..collaborated ..with ..Nazis ..executed recently. ..Nazis posted ..placards promising ..reward of 10,000 zlotys for of ..traitors." Mary Berg.

Europe was being trodden underfoot by jackboot and Italian loafer. That such alliances would devour the weak and the strong in equal measure, would judge unfavourably the route taken by those who strode the same path Hitler had urged them to take. This was to be a coldly calculated assessment written in terms so bloody, a word such as Genocide needed to be invented to harness its fullest implications. Then, from a diary of a different persuasion, we learn that Polish collaboration or collusion is equally met with a deadly response. Karol Juliusz 'Igo' Sym was a Polish actor who had collaborated with Hitler's Nazi's. After having served his Country in the Polish Army for 3 years after World War I, it is not easily explained why an obvious patriot might abandon his Nation to collude with an aggressor country?

"..Auschwitz’s largest cemetery ..without a single grave. I held tight to 3 dreams. ..first living through ..nightmare ..surviving ..second was to tell ..even though it ..cannot be explained. There was no reason whatsoever for what was done. ..I knew I had to tell as many people as possible. ..third was that ..if I managed to accomplish ..first two ..I would do anything and everything to bring about ..establishment of State of Israel. ..I realised all three dreams." Noah Klieger.

Sym was assassinated for assisting Hitler’s effort on March 7th. 1941 and this was right outside Mary Berg's back door of Warsaw. What perhaps is unusual in the aspect of this diarist's life, Miriam Wattenberg, better known as Mary Berg emerges from War torn Poland, a Survivor. She was a Polish Jew of Lodz who lived and then Survived in the Warsaw Ghetto. Clearly though, her status as the Child of Lena, an American Mother, is what afforded Mary what many will wrongly endorse as a privileged status. True, she was held aside from what she evidenced was the relentless tide of her fellow Jews being transported to Treblinka and destruction there, she was one lucky enough to have gained a chance against all the odds Hitler had placed before her. For 6 months in Pawiak jail this could not have been an easy comfort zone for anyone, let alone a 17 year old Jewish Child. With all that amounted to uncertainty for Polish Jewry, and while awaiting what might be the same fate of all of her fellow Jews, Mary marks her time with recalling words we still observe.

Wednesday June 10th. 1942 "..Kropotkin. ..reread his first reaction to ..prison cell in which he was to spend several years. ..that account can still teach us how to cope with ..measures by which our own freedom of movement is ..being restricted. to take what little space we are left with fathom its possibilities and ..use them to ..full." Etty Hillesum.

For more than 3 years also, Mary had witnessed what she would describe as a 'Warsaw drowning in blood’ before being sent to a detention centre in France. I am not too sure if Etty was planning to utilise the anarchic lessons which Prince Peter Alexeievich Kropotkin enhanced in his workings though it is intriguing for me to be allowed to assess her words with hints of other’s influence. But while it is with an almost revealing sense of foreboding that she sought out such social philosophies, Etty harbours her own warmth and security in life and gifts us with certainty. However, Etty was always concerned with the inequality that life threw up for people and sought to equate those concerns in the words she used and I am keen to reread and relearn them. Meanwhile further East, Hitler’s Wehrmacht has commenced its hopeful offensive along the Don River Front as 13 Polish prisoners are shot while attempting to escape from Auschwitz.

Wednesday June 10th. 1942 "..Prague immediately after ..assassination attempt ..Heydrich ..always taken ..well known route. ..newspaper ..published ..names of ..many who had been put in front of ..firing squad with their families ..intellectuals ..professors ..doctors." Victor Klemperer.

Also, and while a further 9 prisoner’s remain at large, we cannot begin to imagine what faces those escapees who are then caught and brought back for execution. In France the Seine Prefecture issues regulations for all Jews to be assigned to only the last carriages of the Paris Metro system. Though the tide was relentlessly moving toward a more totalitarian Europe with Hitler as its charge, and a subjugated Continent all too willing to give up its Jewish Citizens, assaults upon Hitler’s designs were being made. While Jewish existence was under duress immediately and then threatened with extinction as time went by, the open secret of what was being executed was being concealed. Though with many reservations and non-compliance's from individuals and even Country’s, it is clear that with 1,000 Prague Jews who can be too readily murdered in the East, not enough was being done to prevent Hitler achieving his final resolve for the Jews of Europe.

"..I have mixed emotions because although ..Germans took everything from me family and my home ..on ..other side of things they allowed me to survive ..war." Marie Supikova.

There was no concerted effort or a will by any of the League of Nations to stem the growing awareness of what Hitler was achieving against the Jewish People. Elsewhere the Germans destroyed the Town of Lidice and this complete and utter destruction of Lidice was in retaliation for the assassination of SS Oberguppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich in Prague six days earlier. Accomplished by member’s of the Czech resistance, retaliation was swift and brutal. Hitler had previously ordered the deaths of some 30,000 Czech’s, and while the German’s rampaged through some 5,000 Villages and Towns, the number of arrests and Murder’s did not finally tally with Hitler’s expectation’s. The previous day, on June 9th. a large contingent of Heydrich’s SD personnel arrived in Lidice and by noon on June 10th., some 173 of the Men of the Town had been murdered and 200 Women were shipped to the Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp.

"..That there has been and is being considered in Hitler’s headquarters a plan to exterminate all Jews from Germany and German controlled areas in Europe after they have been concentrated in ..East. ..numbers involved is said to be between 3,500,000 and 4,000,000 and ..object to permanently settle ..Jewish Question in Europe." Dr. Gerhart Riegner.

As more murder’s of those Jews who were saved the initial onslaught would follow in the coming days, Jewish sought to settle into some semblance of normality. Here though, with the Lidice Children removed to Lodz, their temporary reprieve was merely a delay and for their execution to take place in Chelmno along with those remaining Jews who had seen the steady progress toward destruction completely consume their entire World. For Lidice itself, which was effectively removed from the map, it is a monument now to a darker time in our human history. For some however, survival was still possible and those like Marie Supikova, puts much of this down to luck and her looks as a Blond haired Blue eyed Child. For many Children who could be stolen to order and made aryan and even German, many never regained their former identity. Meanwhile, the clean up operation was accomplished by a 30 strong contingent of Jewish forced labourer’s from Theresienstadt who had dug the graves to bury the Murdered.

Wednesday June 10th. 1942 "..noon ..circulars ..posted ..a special food allocation for working people. ..a positive effect on ..populace. ..all other topics ..cares receded. ..universal joy. ..supplemental ration ..2 kilograms ..potatoes ..50 grams ..margarine ..100 grams ..white sugar ..100 grams ..rye flakes ..100 grams ..100 grams ..marmalade. ..ration costs 2 marks." S. Cygielman.

As a Lodz council member, Cygielman adds a dimension to the food rationing concern that takes place in a community being starved toward extinction, and this is the Ghetto of Lodz. As it all becomes clear that the gradual erosion of Jewish existence is taking place, life makes challenges events and events become reason to cheer or at least gain a positive few moments relief from the deeply impacting despair. With the arrival of those Children from Lidice, though well treated and cared for by the Jewish community and its leadership, the food rationing would not have stretched far enough to overcome or even sustain them from the obvious starvation of the Lodz Children. For the Lodz Jews as a whole, even when it was fully certain that these Czech Children would be removed further toward liquidation, words were present which might just ameliorate the immediate anxieties they must have felt. Removed from Family, removed from Community and removed from everything recognisable, we clearly hope they were removed from the knowledge of their final journey.

Thursday June 10th. 1943 "..Have ..last Jews not in mixed marriages been deported. What will happen to us. If I go to ..night shift ..will I ever come back." Victor Klemperer.

The whole of Europe resonated at times with the faintest echo which must surely have presented itself to all those in the darkest days as hope was held to tightly. On Thursday June 10th. 1943 20 prisoners are shot at Auschwitz and tragically this almost seems too routine when dealing with the spectre of the enormous catastrophe to confront us. As 1,000’s of Murdered Jews turned into 1,000,000’s of Murdered Jews, and as other’s faced the rigours of survival, how does one look at the figures of 20 prisoners being shot. It has always been written into the psyche of the overall atrophy of the Jewish People marching toward destruction, that what Eichmann asserts in that known fact which could present 1,000,000’s to become all too easily a statistical analysis, this must be guarded against. These 20 prisoner’s are people, as are the 6,000,000 Murdered Jewish People who are The Holocaust of individually presented Men, Women and Their Children. We must Remember them for they are Jewish People.

Saturday June 10th. 1944 "..advances in Normandy. Goebbels wrote ..he had greater fear of ..invasion not taking place than of its occurrence. ..Hitler before landing ..most crushing defeat would be inflicted on it at ..decisive point. ..I am certain of German defeat ..certain ..since 1st. ..September 1939 ..but when." Victor Klemperer.

Seemingly, even as the tide is increasingly turning against Hitler’s Reich, on Saturday June 10th. 1944 642 inhabitants of Oradour-sur-Glane, Men, Women and Children, were Murdered by a Waffen SS der Fuhrer regiment from 2nd. SS Panzer Division (Das Reich). This is merely 4 days after it must have occurred to many in the Reich that the writing was on the wall, that defeat was coming and that Hitler’s judgement would be closely scrutinised and condemned. At Oradour though, the Community was forced into the local Catholic Church and incendiary devices were placed around the building! This had nothing to do with Hitler’s Final Solution, but clearly, the SS had become immune to the humanity they had dispensed with for more than 5 years and more of War and for 10 year prior to this. The Church itself was set alight and those who sought to escape were machine gunned. In total, 190 Men, 247 Women and 205 of Their Children, all Innocent Civilians, were murdered.

"..Hungary has been occupied by German troops. ..still a million Jews living there ..they too are doomed." Anne Frank.

Almost a universe away Hitler’s resolve to conclusively have his final solution was being met that same Saturday June 10th. 1944. In Hungary however, a deal which could not be done, was somehow concocted with Adolf Eichmann. This to release just 200 Jews from the Hungarian Ghetto of Kolozsvar (Cluj) as part of a blood for goods deal. Rapidly, as the haemorrhage of Hungarian Jewry was bleeding out in Auschwitz and Birkenau, huge numbers of Hungarian Jews were being continuously transported away from Hungary and were totally decimated in Birkenau in quick order. Having commenced the Hungarian detail of The Final Solution the previous month, the pace was extraordinarily swift. Deep within this massive rage against what was left of the remaining large pocket of European Jewry, a method of relief was approached. For to gain any sort of alleviation from the crescendo of these transports, one man, Rudolf (Reszo) Kasztner forged the Kasztner Transport. This accumulation of 1,300 Jews was to be headed eventually toward the Yishuv, Palestine through Switzerland.

"..Let me explain that even though I had been in Auschwitz I did not know about ..gas chambers. Can you imagine that. We thought ..when we were there ..that our parents and ..children were taken to camps which were much better. We assumed that they couldn't live through we were in. It was not until a large contingent from Auschwitz came to Belsen that I had to give up that idea that they were safe. I met 2 women in their 30's who spoke Hungarian and they asked if it was true that ..Hungarian transports were so severely selected people to ..camps and ..others to be gassed. I said ..What are you saying. ..And they looked at me as if I were foolish ..but they didn't want to destroy my hope and so didn't try to explain. I ran back to ..tent and collapsed. I think I cried for weeks. I finally realized that everybody was killed." Maria Frank Abrams.

After much manipulation, 388 of these Cluj Ghetto Jews were brought toward Budapest and a much hoped for reprieve from immediate destruction. Eventually, this was to be gained for them. Meanwhile, the detail for some 16,000 Jews in the Kolozsvar Ghetto, as the gates of Birkenau awaited them, was certainly a bleak one. Destructively so as it emerged, as they were to be part of the over 425,000 Jews from Hungary Murdered in such a short space of time. The emphasis on speed and efficiency in this final round of mass murder could be highlighted by the re-emergence of Rudolf Hoess onto the Auschwitz stage. Separately, the remainder of the Kolozsvar Ghetto had been liquidated over the course of a x2 week period. From May 25th. the entire Ghetto Jewish Population had been removed to Birkenau on x6 transports averaging 2,600 Jews in each of the x20 carriage transports. This final Eichmann effort was an accomplishment of all that Hitler demanded and Hoess assisted in achieving. With these 388 Cluj Jews spared this horror, and this was such a small prize, it is a significant deal to have been done with Eichmann, known for exacting every detail of Hitler’s command, to the very letter, that 1,300 more Hungarian Jews were saved.

"..I revisited Auschwitz. ..Our transport was among ..last ones ..from Hungary July 8th. 1944 ..and due to ..unusual number of arrivals ..SS were forced to change their customary procedures. ..gas chambers ..crematoria could not accommodate everyone judged unfit for work 100's were piled along ..railroad tracks to be immolated. ..due to ..heartless haste ..clothed in rags ..marked with ..painted red cross ..hardly any food or water ..also due to this haste ..escaped tattooing." Judith Magyar Isaacson.

As we leave the complete, utter and devastating destruction of these 6,000,000 Jewish People, who are The Holocaust in the immediate past, with the commencing on November 20th. 1945 of The Nuremberg War Crimes of The Major German War Criminals, there is a significant hope that Justice will deliver for these failed Jews of Europe. On Monday June 10th. 1946 Arthur Seyss-Inquart testifies at his Nuremberg Trial. It might have escaped many peoples attention but Seyss-Inquart had many titles, chief of which was head of Southern Poland's Civil Administration, Deputy to the Governor General of Occupied Poland and Holland's Reich Commissioner. He was indicted for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity. Clearly, the defence of following order’s, which permeates the awful tragedy that is to deny 6,000,000 Murdered Jews any form of Justice, is reprehensible, tawdry a lie. But in the stakes in which so many Jewish lives were taken from us, another lie to conceal the emerging truth is a further nail in the coffin of humanity and its ineffective response to the Catastrophe for 6,000,000 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children.

"..of ..1,300,000 deported to ..Camp ..from amongst 20 nationalities ..these nations gave up their Jews also. Of that total ..some 400,000 were registered and kept as Slave Labour and 900,000 were immediately Gassed. While Jews constituted 85% of all those deported here ..they represented more than 90% of all those who were murdered. ..400,000 Slave Labourers were gradually degraded till they could persist no longer and added finally to number of those Jews and others Gassed or otherwise Murdered. That stated ..we assess that of ..1,100,000 who were Murdered from all 1,300,000 deported to ..Camp ..some 900,000 Jews were Gassed immediately or otherwise murdered in Of ..400,000 of those registered for Slave Labour ..200,000 died or were otherwise Murdered. These included some 100,000 Jews ..64,000 Poles ..21,000 Gypsies ..14,000 Russian POW's and a further 10,000 other nationals." Auschwitz State Museum.

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Collaborating with Hitler’s Efforts in The Final Analysis.

TestimonyPosted by P.A. Draigh Tue, September 19, 2017 13:12:17

"..Some people say it is too dangerous for me to go back there now. That I'll never be able to return. ..from time to time ..I go there in my mind. ..another family lives in that home ..another my bedroom ..while I am 1,000's of miles away. ..reminders of I loved ..girl I was." Malala Yousafzai.
Reading these words I was transported back nearly 80 years to when Jews were forced to give up their homes and their previous lives. I realise how fortunate it became for any Jew to be able to write the words which spelt loss. But also, in recognising their loss can be spelled out 6,000,000 tangible ways, and while each discourse will be different, it will be similarly unique. History has been assured we must learn, but continually we have learned that intolerance profits sooner than respect for our fellow human being. Had Gabby Sprenger, Halina Birenbaum, Inge Auerbacher, Natalie Mehlman Scharf or any Jewish Survivor penned these words, we would recognise the enormity of their loss and the magnitude of their grief.

Can it be acceptable that Jews who managed to Survive the most apocalyptic assault on Humanity, where 6,000,000 People were routinely, systematically and brutally Murdered in the most unprecedented and unparalleled assault upon the integrity of any human being, can they be allowed to fear returning to their former lives or homes. Can this be acceptable simply because of the collaborative efforts of those communities which dispelled them. Of course Hitler's demands were met by resistance, but in many cases collaboration paid rich dividends as is clearly evidenced to this day. Jews were made very aware that it was too dangerous for them to return, in places like Biala-Podlaska, Boleslawiec, Diosgyor, Kielce, Kunmadaras, Lublin, Mordy, Parczew, Piaski, Polaniec, Sokoly, Skarzysko-Kamienna and Turek.

With more than 1,000 Jewish Survivors being Murdered after Hitler’s defeat and with some 100,000 Jews forced to flee Poland, the landscape of collaboration takes on a differing complexion. The emphasis then became an effort for local communities to hold onto what had not been theirs in the first place. Here, and where such fear persisted for the Jewish Survivor, a gain was made by community's too busy confiscating what did not belong to them. In place of any Christian duty to their Jewish neighbours, greed overtook various communities. In each and every case that community knew what had happened to the Jews of Europe. Even if they did not know the detailed actions which had been led against 6,000,000 Jews in Death Camps, Ghetto’s and the Killing Sites throughout Hitler’s expanse into their Country’s, they knew the scale of the atrocity as it amplified itself in the failure on 6,000,000 Jews to return to their former homes, lives and freedoms.

So from 1,000's of miles away from their former homes, from their previous existence and without the lives the Jewish Survivor assumed remained theirs, they too can revisit in their minds ALL that has been taken from them. Surely such is the collaboration with Hitler's efforts that still today Jews are dispossessed and fearful of reclaiming ALL that is rightfully theirs. It would appear that any collaboration in the catastrophe that engulfed 6,000,000 Jews ensures a further Hitlerite demand is posthumously gained. Fear for the Jews has denied them their former lives and possessions. Clearly, and by definition, collaboration comes in many guises and there is a definite synergy between what is a hostile and aggressive effort and what remains the more muted response that is all too often recognised as resignation.

But, and this is the crucial element in all collaborating efforts, and in overseeing what is to be regarded as colluding with Hitler, his Nazi’s or especially in terms of The Final Solution of The Jewish Question especially, what we generally recognise as consorting, conspiring, co-operating, even fraternising or simply sympathising with those we should be working against, must be recognised as collaboration in its specific detail. So when it comes to the collaboration with Hitler’s efforts to destroy the Jews of Europe, and these efforts existed on the entire Continent of Europe and with every Country involved to some degree or another, we cannot disregard what some people or states might perceive and consider was their inability to act.

There are many occasions in which collaboration was quite fundamentally turned around and in the case of say an Oskar Schindler, he fully managed to recover from this collaborative effort to redeem his humanity and save more than 1,000 Jews. In contact with Polish students it has been pointed out to me that I am at odds with Polish Political efforts to sanitise Polish collaboration? The premise of my work is not simply Always to Remember, Never to Forget the 6,000,000 Jews, who are The Holocaust, but as an accusation which accounts for their loss. Without reservation I make the accusation, for all those who assisted in the Catastrophe, and this becomes a definitive assessment. My words should not offend any Jew. My statements must not cause derision to a Jew who Survived all attempts to destroy any x1 of the 6,000,000 of them.

What the Survivor must insist upon is nothing but the Truth, the entire veracity of that whole Truth and its factual status in the Fidelity of its telling. This means an acknowledgement must be given to the Survivor, by all those who assisted, by those of nations who either obliged or participated in the Catastrophe for 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, to come to terms with their co-operative stance.

1) Belgium had its own ss legions, with more than 3,500 including a Waffen SS unit and various paramilitary groups.

2) Byelorussia participation with Hitler’s efforts are to be recognised, and in Minsk, a specific charge is made of their terrifying efforts to murder Minsk Jewry.

3) Denmark, lauded as a nation of Righteous, did serve the Hitler cause too with various Nazi idealised groups and a Waffen ss contingent.

4) Estonia marshalled many of its most ardent antisemitic legions to man the Death Camps and explore the deep recesses of the Killing Sites to deliver toward Hitler’s final aim.

5) France had the Milice and other organisations ranking among the 10’s of 1,000’s, all submitting to Hitlerite rule and the collaborative effort in removing Jews toward annihilation.

6) Holland serviced the Waffen SS need and many established Nazi affiliated groups existed to round up and disgorge Jews toward the Death Camps.

7) Hungary is synonymous with the Arrow Crosses endeavours on Hitler’s behalf and the near precision exercise to abandon the last remaining Jewish Community of substance toward Auschwitz, during the last stages of Hitler’s failed thousand year Reich.

8) Latvia’s Arajs kommando swept through this Baltic State doing Hitler’s bidding. If we are to accept that Araj kept his own particular collaboration localised, the tentacles of Latvian Collaboration spread far and wide. They manned the Gates at Treblinka, Maly-Trostenets. They were occupied in the Killing Sites along with der Einsatzgruppe and rampaged throughout Byelorussia, Russia and the Ukraine. Their status amongst the Waffen SS also show’s their collaborative nature! Latvian auxiliaries were on hand to crush the Jewish Rebellion in Warsaw.

9) Lithuania was instrumental in targeting their own Jewish communities at the behest of Hitler’s protagonist agenda. They also assisted alongside German forces against the Russians.

10) Norway formed a Waffen SS Division and nazi sympathisers abetted the efforts of the Quislings to control the power brokerage in their own Country.

11) Poland’s 'blue police' not only assisted the Nazi effort to consume 3,000,000 Jews but wilfully participated and perpetrated Crimes against Humanity. Their presence against the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was a clear collaboration against the Jewish People and Poland’s sovereignty.

12) Russia had its own anti-Russian allegiances and this, when coupled with Nazi sympathies, enlarged Hitler’s efforts into the wider Russian field. Entire Armies of dissident Russian forces colluded with Hitler’s efforts while Russian guards patrolled the Death Camps, guarded the Killing Sites and operated the Gas Chambers.

13) Slovakian collaboration and the Hlinka Guard oversaw the disintegration of the Czechoslovakian republic and were entirely active in the deportation of their Jewish People toward the Death Camps.

14) Ukrainian Collaboration took upon itself many distinctions and a Waffen SS unit was instrumental in every anti-Jewish action throughout Eastern Europe. The Ukraine supplied a militia which could field in excess of 18 divisional strength units of some 180,000 members.

15) Yugoslavia had the Croatian Ustasia to act for the Hitlerite influence in the region and they were systematically brutal against Jews, Serbs and Gypsies alike.

So the complexion of cooperation might be varied, wherever it was met, but it held a single accord when it was dealing with The Jewish Question. It is too simplistic to recognise in the actions of the Balts or the Ukrainian’s something which did not exist in Holland or Poland. But the simple fact of the matter is, collaboration which assisted Hitler in his efforts to devour as many Jews as was conceivably possible, was articulated in each and every one of these Country’s here mentioned.

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TestimonyPosted by P.A. Draigh Fri, July 28, 2017 17:28:49

On this day in the History of The Holocaust July 31st. 1919 sees Germany adopt the Weimar constitution. On July 29th. 1921 Hitler becomes Chairman NSDAP, enroute toward becoming der Fuhrer. On July 14th. 1925 the Allies commence withdrawal from the Ruhr and on July 18th. Hitler's 1st. Volume of 'Mein Kampf', My Struggle, is published. On July 31st. 1932 the Nazi's secure 37.3% of the Election votes cast, winning 230 of the 608 seats in the Reichstag. They are now the Largest single Party in German Government. On July 1st. 1933 the German government reiterates that Hitler still belongs to the Catholic Church and has no intention of leaving it. On July 14th. The Nazi Party becomes Germany's only legally recognised political party. The Law Regarding Revocation of Naturalisation and the Annulment of German Citizenship removes German citizenship from Eastern European Jews and Gypsies resident in Germany.

The Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases is decreed and euthanasia, for those declared 'lebensunwertes Leben,' of a 'life unworthy of life', will be murdered. The law is endorsed by the American Eugenics Society and meanwhile, Jews will be refused entry into Law Schools under Hitler's personal wishes. On July 20th. Reich Concordat with Pope Pius XI and the Vatican, a treaty protecting Catholic rights in Germany for the church while this gives Hitler 'Political recognition'. On July 31st. approximately 30,000 people are by now interned in Hitler’s Nazi Concentration Camps. On July 4th. 1934 Theodor Eicke establishes the Inspectorate of Concentration Camps at Dachau. On July 10th. the Polish anti-Semitic organisation 'Oboz Narodowo-Radykalny' is banned by Polish leader Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, three months after its formation.

On July 20th. the SS is strengthened and becomes autonomous of the much weakened SA and the SS now overhauls the Camp system. On July 25th. a Nazi Putsch in Austria fails and the Austrian Prime Minister, Engelbert Dollfuss is murdered. On July 26th. Franz von Papen becomes special envoy to Austria. On July 1st. 1935 The Society for Research into the Teaching of Ancestral Heritage, 'Ahnenerbe Forschungs und Lehrgemeinschaft' founded. This will become an anti-Semitic undertaking, studying the racial history of the German people. On July 3rd. 1936 in the assembly room of the League of Nations in Geneva, Stefan Lux, a German Jew, kills himself in protest at Hitler’s, and Germany's ill treatment of the Jews. On July 11th. Hitler agrees Austrian Sovereignty and the following day, on July 12th. Prisoners and civilian workers begin to construct Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, at Oranienburg, 32 Kilometres from Berlin.

On July 1st. 1937 Pastor Martin Niemoeller is arrested over his opposition to Hitler and on July 8th. Werner Otto von Hentig of the German Foreign Office issues a memorandum to his superior, Ernst von Weizsaker, suggesting that poorer Jews should be expelled ahead of richer Jews in order to extort a greater levy from Germany's more prosperous Jews! On July 16th. Buchenwald Concentration Camp opens near Weimar and the first 300 prisoners arrive. On July 27th. the Trial of 5 Jews opens in Bamberg, Germany over alleged 'ritual murder'. On July 2nd. 1938 40,000 Austrian Jews are taken into 'protective custody'. On July 6th. Anti-Jewish limitations on their economic life are promulgated as a Refugee Conference is convened at Evian-les-Bains, France. The Evian Conference, of which 29 of the 33 Nations invited who turn up to meet and discuss the growing crisis for Jews under Hitler's yoke, sort out nothing for the Jewish People! As if the Jews don’t feel isolated enough, or abandoned completely,

Evian hands Hitler the confirmation that he has captured the mood of indifference that the World holds for the Jewish predicament and this is reflected in a News Paper article the day before the Evian Conference ends on July 15th.. On July 14th. Pope Pius XI is 'politically' displeased and shares a hope that the Italian leader Benito Mussolini would not be inadvertently influenced by Hitler. However, an Italian Manifesto of the Racial Scientists is issued which suggests otherwise and this is barely 5 months after Mussolini declared he did not envisage a Jewish Problem.

Thursday July 14th. 1938 "..Jews for Sale at a Bargain price. Who Wants Them? No One!" German Newspaper Reichswart.

On July 15th. The Evian Conference ends with none of those present unwilling or unable to resolve the major issue, and that is to admit large numbers of Jewish refugees who are facing an increasing weight of abuse and isolation. After 10 days of deliberation, the Jews under direct threat from Hitler must certainly feel abandoned. On July 21st. Jews in Germany are made to apply for identity cards and on July 25th. The Medical Certification of Jewish physicians is cancelled. On July 30th. Henry Ford receives the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from the Third Reich. On July 4th. 1939 Jews cannot be employed in Government positions and German Jewry is to be placed under the Reich Association of Jews, 'Reichsvereingung der Juden im Deutschland', authority. On July 26th. Adolf Eichmann takes charge of Prague Emigration Office.

Sunday July 30th. 1939 "..No doubt Jews are not ..loveable people not care about them myself. ..not sufficient to explain ..pogrom." Neville Chamberlain.

On July 1st. in 1940’s Poland the Bedzin Ghetto is established and 30,000 Jews will be Enclosed. On July 2nd. Martin Franz Julius Luther of the German Foreign Ministry circulates a proposal on The Madagascar Plan. In theory, it was proposed to remove all of Europe’s Jews to this Island off the South East coast of Africa. It should also be noted here, that Mieczyslaw Lepecki headed a Polish Governmental Commission tasked, 3 years previously, in 1937, to investigate the likelihood of deporting their own Polish Jews to Madagaskar. On July 4th. the Ion Gigurtu Government takes over in Romania. On July 6th. Tadeusz Wiejowski, is the first successful escapee from Auschwitz.

"..local population is fanatically Polish and is ready to do anything against ..hated camp SS garrison. Every prisoner who manages to escape can count on all possible help as soon as he reaches ..first Polish homestead." SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Rudolf Hoess.

While this position is strictly true as it pertained to the position of the Poles detained in Labour Camp Auschwitz back in 1940, it would not hold out the same prospect for any of those escaping Jews when Hoess was given the directive to turn Auschwitz into a Death Camp with the structure of Birkenau ensuring the complete destruction of the Jews sent there. There was a two fold reason for this, as Poles would be automatically Murdered for their assistance of Jews, but it did not prevent some Poles from enriching themselves collaborating with Hitler’s attempts to destroy all of Polish Jewry. On July 10th. Collaborationist French Government is formed at Vichy as the Battle of Britain begin. On July 12th. Hans Frank declares that he has convinced Hitler to cease his deportation of Jews to General Government.

Here, with the mere suggestion that Frank spoke to Hitler about the Deportation of the Jews into his Generalgouvernment territory, it ensures our awareness of Hitler's resolve for his Final Solution. On July 16th. the expulsion of Alsace’s Jews begins and on July 18th. Warsaw Jews are barred from Public Parks and their Benches. On July 19th. the Zychlin Ghetto in Poland is established and 3,200 Jews will be Enclosed as German Jews have their phones confiscated and Britain rejects Hitler's peace overture in Reichstag speech. On July 21st. Hitler prepares for his attack on Russia, Operation Barbarossa. On July 23rd. Hitler visits Paris as the first Jewish mentally ill are murdered at the Brandenburg Institute and as Bishop Theophil Wurm objects to the 'euthanasia' project that is being conducted at Grafaneck also. On July 28th. Hitler meets the Slovakian leadership in Salzburg and urges a more radical solution to their own Jewish Question.

On July 1st. 1941 100's of Plunge’s Jews are murdered and 100 Lyakhovichi Jews are murdered and the Wehrmacht now enters Riga. On July 2nd. Heydrich gives carte blanche to his Higher SS and Police Fuhrer's, the HSSPF, to deal exclusively and systemically with the Jewish People. Meanwhile 800 of Novo-Selista’s Jews are Murdered as are 100's of Kamenka's Jews and 100's of Stryj’s Jews, also Murdered. In earnest SS Standartenfuhrer Alfred Filbert's Einsatzkommando '9' sets about the murders of Vilna's Jews as SS Standartenfuhrer Karl Jaeger's Einsatzkommando '3' has overall responsibility for murder duties in Lithuania. On July 3rd. 4,000 of Lvov’s Jews are murdered as are 3,500 of Zloczew’s Jews 100's of Drohobycz’s Jews 100 of Bialystok’s Jews and 100 of Novogroduk’s Jews, also murdered. Meanwhile, Josef Stalin issues a scorched Earth policy.

Friday July 4th. 1941 "..we are not ashamed of our badges. Let those be ashamed who have hung them on us." Yitzhak Rudashevski.

On July 4th. 5,000 of Tarnopol’s Jews are murdered and over 2,000 of Lutsk’s Jews are murdered at Lubard Fortress. 463 of Kovno’s Jewish Men and Women murdered at Fort VII and 100's of Riga's Jews are murdered, forced into the Great Choral Synagogue, Gogol Street, set alight with those rounded up still inside.5 of the 6 other Riga Synagogues are set alight with their congregations locked inside. Nly Peitavas Street Synagogue survives. The Jews of Schodnica are Murdered as the Jewish Badge decree was issued to the Jews of Vilna, who were ordered to wear it. This identifying process, a symbol meant to serve as a subjugating badge of dishonour, was a stage on the road to Ponary Woods and was a progressive approach which so confused and then engulfed the Jewish People. Led into believing that the Germans were actually an acculturated and enlightened people, these Jews of Riga, and wherever Hitler held sway, were soon convinced otherwise.

On July 5th. Rudolf Schmundt, Hitler's adjutant, reports to his Fuhrer that thousands of Russian Jews have already been murdered as Zalman Tannenberg, the Piotrkow-Trybunalski Ghetto Judenrate Chairman is arrested and sent to Auschwitz. Along with 10 other Judenrate members, all are to be Murdered there. The Einsatzkommando are in Lvov and SS Hauptscharfuhrer Felix Landau affords the World a Testimony.

Saturday July 5th. 1941. "..There were 100's of Jews walking along ..street with blood pouring down their faces ..holes in their heads ..hands broken ..eyes hanging out of their sockets. ..covered in blood. Some ..carrying others who had collapsed. We went to ..saw things that few people have ever seen. At ..entrance ..were soldiers standing guard. .. holding clubs ..thick as a man's wrist ..lashing out and hitting anyone who crossed their path. ..Jews were pouring out of ..entrance. ..rows of Jews lying one on top of ..other ..whimpering horribly. ..Jews kept streaming out ..completely covered in blood. ..just being hit out of rage and hatred." SS Hauptscharfuhrer Felix Landau.

O July 6th. 3,000 of Chernovtsy’s Jews are murdered and 2,514 of Kovno’s Jews are murdered at the VII Fort. 600 of Skalat’s Jews are murdered and the Germans enter Czortkow where there are 8,000 Czortkow Jews to be resettled. The Lvov Jews are now ordered to wear the Yellow Star.

"..For ..past several months has been reported that ..on instructions from Berlin ..patients who have been suffering for a long time from apparently incurable diseases have been forcibly removed from homes and clinics. Their relatives are later informed that ..patient has died ..that ..body has been cremated and that ..ashes may be claimed. There is little doubt that these numerous cases of unexpected death of ..insane are not natural but often deliberately caused ..and result from ..belief that it is right to take away life that is unworthy of being lived. This ghastly doctrine tries to justify ..murder of blameless men and would seek to give legal sanction to ..forcible killing of invalids ..cripples ..incurable and ..incapacitated. I have discovered that ..practice here in Westphalia is to compile lists of such patients who are to be removed elsewhere as unproductive citizens and ..after a period of time ..put to death. This very week ..first group of these patients has been taken from of Marienthal near Munster." Bishop Clement August von Galen.

The Bishop of Munster, Clement August von Galen stated in his missal, which was protesting the actions of the T4 Euthanasia Programme. This was fully in line with the Fulda Pastoral letter and meanwhile, the Church is still silent over what is happening to the Jewish People. Remember also that the Euthanasia Programme, T4, was in operation ever since Hitler's Invasion of Poland. On July 7th. 2,000 of Khotin’s Jews are murdered, 32 of Marijampole’s Jews are also murdered with more than 8,794 of Marijampole’s Jews who will be eventually murdered. The Germans have entered Buczacz. On July 8th. 40 of Przemysl’s Jews are murdered, burned to Death in their Synagogue. 14 of Marijampole’s Jews are murdered as the Mass Murder of Jews begins in Ponary Woods while the German forces enter Lipkany and many Jews are immediately Murdered.

All Baltic Jews are forced to wear 'Star of David,' the Jewish Badge of Honour and Hitler declared that Goering's Luftwaffe would reduce Moscow and Leningrad to rubble. This added to Hitler's euphoria of the day, when he would be spared the necessary feeding of populations within 2 cities, so reduced to rubble, the Russian people would supposedly cease to exist. Elsewhere, Mihai Antonescu the Romanian President of the Council of Ministers makes plans for "ethnic purification' as the Jews of Bessarabia and Bucovina are ejected from Romania. On July 9th. 34 of Wendziogala’s Jewish Men and Women murdered and 24 Kovno Jewish Men and Women are murdered at the VII Fort. Meanwhile, British intelligence has broken the 'enigma' code. Now, before the Allied Nations lay the strategic values Hitler placed upon the advance 'East' and the 'resettlement' programme for the Jewish People he will have encountered there.

The Operational Situation Reports of der Einsatzgruppe in the East, these OSR's, are a clear indictment of the facts. However, as we read them today, they are cold and calculating and specify the relevance to Hitler of the Murder of every last Man, Woman and Child of the Jewish Faith. Also, and in depicting the Slaughter of the mainly Jewish People der Einsatzgruppe trawled the East for, all of what became known through the ‘intelligence’ led community, should have better prepared the West for all and any action to limit, decrease or even prevent the future terms of what The Holocaust would amount to. It is conceivably culpable, that given the knowledge which the Enigma cipher had presented, it is remarkable that any of the 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, Men, Women and Their Children still managed to be Murdered?

On July 10th. 1,600 of Jedwabne’s Jews, the entire Jewish Population are burned to death by local Poles. 200 Jews of Czortkow are Murdered and over 123 of Vilna’s Jews are also murdered. Hitler's forces race toward Kiev, whose Jews are to receive, 'the worst blow.' HSSPF Obergruppenfuhrer Erich von dem Bach-Zalewski issues an order that all Male Jews, 17 - 45 years of age, should be shot on the grounds of 'looting.'

Friday July 11th. 1941 "..all Male Jews between 17 and 45 convicted as plunderer’s are to be shot. ..shootings to take place away from Cities ..Villages ..thoroughfares. ..graves ..levelled in such a way pilgrimage site can arise. ..I forbid photographing and ..spectators at ..executions. Executions and sites are not to be made know. Colonel Max Montua.

The order from Bach-Zalewski is reissued for the benefit of Montua’s his own killing force, and as if Hitler needed some arbitrary excuse to Murder all the Jews he so wished, looting and plundering are given as some form of reasoning. It is clear however, that Colonel Montua has been given a directive which will allow for no future presence of the Jews to remain. Murdered and concealed, it will be the forensic status of Historical Archaeology which will deliver forward any Jewish Presence from the Killing Sites. As to the photographing of any of these atrocity’s, though limited, History is fully able to observe what Montua sought to forbid. On July 11th. 7,800 of Kovno’s Jews are murdered. 5,000 of Ternopol’s Jews are murdered in a 7 day action. 100's of Vilna's Jews are murdered in Ponary Woods and the Vitebsk Ghetto in Byelorussia is established and 16,000 Jews will be Enclosed.

Friday July 11th. 1941 "..already know what was going on. ..3 pm ..large group of Jews ..taken ..300 people. ..hour later ..volleys began. Ten ..shot at a time." Kazimierz Sakowicz.

What the witness Kazimierz Sakowicz notes in his Diary is the procession of Vilna's Jews toward Ponary Woods and their destruction at the hands of the Einsatz, Lithuanian and Ukrainian Kommando's lined up to resolve the particular aspect of Vilna’s Jewish Question.

Saturday July 12th. 1941 "..At 6:00 in ..morning ..awoken from a deep sleep. Report for an execution. Fine I'll just play executioner and then gravedigger ..why not? 23 had to be shot ..amongst them 2 women. ..We had to find a suitable spot to shoot and bury them. After a few minutes we found a place. ..death candidates assembled with shovels to dig their own graves. Two of them were weeping. ..others certainly have incredible courage. ..Strange ..I am completely unmoved. No pity ..nothing. That's ..way it is and then it's all over. ..Valuables ..put into a pile. ..2 women are lined up at one end of ..grave ready to be shot first. ..As ..women walked to ..grave they were completely composed. They turned around. Six of us had to shoot them. ..job ..assigned thus ..three at ..heart ..three at ..head. I took ..heart. ..shots were fired and ..brains whizzed through ..air. Two in ..head is too much. They almost tear it off. ..a few bodies ..rearranged with a pickaxe. ..I came back dog tired." SS Hauptscharfuhrer Felix Landau.

On July 12th., the British Russian Mutual Aid Pact is signed in Moscow as the Einsatzkommando are in Drohobycz and Felix Landau affords the World a Testimony. On July 14th. 21 of Marijampole’s Jews are murdered as Adolf Hitler issues his War Directive, No. 32a, for the continuing conduct of operations in Russia. On July 16th. Hitler is now seen here, at the genesis of what must have been the early stages of what would intentionally become die Endlosung der Judenfrage, The Final Solution of the Jewish Question.

Wednesday July 16th. 1941 "..essential ..we do not proclaim our views ..before need for that ..main thing ..we ourselves know what we want. ..all necessary measures ..shooting ..resettlement ..we shall take them." Adolf Hitler.

Such was the disguise given over to Hitler's more fundamentally murderous solution that in this, Hitler was fully prepared to immerse all arms of the Reich in the very detail of the atrocity and that immersion then fully arose at forthcoming Wannsee Conference. It must be recognised also, that while Hitler pronounced a death sentence upon ALL the Jews of Europe, his functionaries where consolidating this total view. While der Einsatzgruppe were rampaging through Russia at this time, the Ghetto’s of Europe were adding to this collective assault, with thousand's upon thousand's of Jews left to starve to death throughout Poland and further beyond. Here, according to SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Hoeppner, the Jews of the Warthegau were being forced toward an eventual resolve with the full implications of the disguised tenets of The Final Solution. Hoeppner directed his own comments to none other than Eichmann, with a charge that suggested:-

Thursday July 17th. 1941 "..There is a danger this winter that it will not be possible to feed all ..Jews. It should be seriously considered whether ..most humane solution would not be to do away with ..Jews ..unless they are capable of working means of some quick method. In any case ..this would be more convenient than letting them starve to death." Rolf Heinz Hoeppner.

While the contention of history remains that few knew fully what Hitler demanded, the world woke to a devastation unparalleled in all history, and the destruction of 6,000,000 Jewish People. A rubicon had been crossed and the civilising warrant towards humanity was tossed aside. Hitler fully articulated these ambiguous terms, and he himself set before time the methodology to disguise what hen himself intended for the Jews. For today’s understanding of what resettlement surely meant, and in these unambiguous terms, shooting, death and destruction for all of his enemies would follow. We know too that the Jews figured crucially in those terms of reference, where hatred was clearly uttered and countenanced and the intention can only ever have been that Hitler was intent upon the devastation and total destruction of the Jewish People. Hitler developed such a strategy along a line toward a final and destructive assault upon the integrity of the Jews, wherever Hitler found them.

While only Hitler knew all and every detail of a world view that encapsulated a discourse signalling the destruction of the Jews, few could then and now deny the truth of all that Hitler professed. On July 17th. 1,200 of Slonim’s Jews are Murdered and 6 Jews of Babtei are also murdered. Reinhard Heydrich once more escalates the search for Hitler’s final solution with an order to murder all captured Jewish Prisoner's of War and Alfred Rosenberg is now appointed Reich Minister for the Eastern Occupied Territories. On July 18th 4,000 of Lipkany’s Survivors are further expelled toward Transnistria and many were Murdered en-route, few ever returned. Elsewhere, 53 of Marijampole’s Jewish Men and Women murdered. On July 19th. 19 of Kovno’s Jewish Men and Women are murdered at the VII Fort. Hitler now issues War Directive No. 33 for the further conduct of operations in Russia and while Hitler's emphasis switches away from Moscow, after Army Group South takes Smolensk, there is the seeming certainty of victory in Southern Sector.

Sunday July 20th. 1941 "..we heard that for ..remaining Jews living in town ..a ghetto is being prepared on ..side of ..Grive." Paula Frankel-Zaltzman

On July 20th. the Minsk Ghetto is established and there will be over 60,000 Jews Enclosed. Minsk is one of the Nine Major Ghetto’s Established. The Daugavpils Ghetto was hereby established with 23,048 Jews contained. On July 21st. 70 of Panevezys’ Jewish Men and Women are murdered while 30 Russians and 45 Jews of Minsk are also murdered. It should be remembered that these Russians had refused to murder the Jews and paid the ultimate price for their humanitarian bravery. Heinrich Himmler now orders for the Majdanek Death Camp plans to be altered as Majdanek is operational as a Concentration Camp. Romania recovers Besserabia.

Tuesday July 22nd. 1941 "..About 8,000 Jewish people with ..present ..SS personnel would take about 1 year ..which is untenable for pacification of ..Liepaja." Naval Kommandant Hans Kawelmacher.

On July 22nd. 1 of Panevezys’ Jews is murdered and Vichy begins expropriation of Jewish businesses and property’s. Hitler proclaims to the Croatian leader, Marshal Sladko Kvaternik, that victory in Russia would be accomplished by September. Hitler also suggests to the Croatian leader for the need to exterminate its own internal enemies and also demands that rear-Army areas are suppressed ruthlessly and with the harshest methods. On July 23rd. 95 of Kedainiai’s Jewish Men and Women are murdered and Hitler issues his War Directive No. 33a for the further conduct of operations in Russia. On July 24th. 3,300 of Liepaja’s Jews are murdered at Skeden, over a three day period. Elsewhere the Kishinev Ghetto is established and Brest-Litovsk surrenders. On July 25th. 3,800 of Kovno’s Jews are murdered and with SS Brigadefuhrer Erwin Schukltz and his EK 5 here at Zhitomir, 2,500 of Zhitomir’s Jews are killed in those initial days.

An operation, the Petliura Days commences as 2,000 of Lvov's Jews are murdered and 2,000 are arrested on this 'Black Friday'. These Lvov Jews were taken to the Jewish Cemetery and to the Lunecki Prison and were systematically shot them. Many more 1,000’s were injured.

103 of Mariampole’s Jewish Men and Women are murdered. On July 26th. the Germans enter Stanislawow and a Jewish Council is immediately demanded in place as the Ghetto Judenrate Chairman is established to conduct matters ordered by the occupying forces. Israel Seibald has that dubious distinction.

Sunday July 27th. 1941 "..Jewish problem Liepaja largely solved by execution of about 1,100 male Jews by Riga SS commando on 24th., 25th., ..27th ..July 1941." Naval Kommandant Hans Kawelmacher.

July 27th. 'Action Petliura' ends with 2,000 of Lvov’s Jews murdered mainly in the Janow Forest and elsewhere over 100 of Belgrade’s Jews are murdered at the Tasmajdan Camp by Wehrmacht troops. Heinrich Lorenz Lohse, the Baltic Commissioner issues guidelines on the treatment of Jews under his jurisdiction in Ostland. On July 28th. 900 of Vilkavisks’ Jews are murdered and 350 Jews of Buczacz are Murdered on Fedor Hill. Mendel Reich now heads the Buczacz Ghetto Judenrate. 249 of Panevezys’ Jewish Men and Women are murdered as are 100's of Drogobych’s Jews, also Murdered. Meanwhile Jews of Kovno are excluded from Parks and Public conveyances, Jews of Kovno are not allowed to sit on benches and the Jews of Kovno are not allowed to walk on the pavements. The Murder of Russian POW's at Smolensk commences. On July 29th. 4,000 of Iasi’s Jews are murdered. 254 of Rasainiai’s Jews are murdered and 40 Lodz Jewish mental patients are murdered in a nearby forest. Wehrmacht troops are busy murdering Jews in Belgrade.

On July 30th. 1,000 of Daugavpils’ Jews, mostly Eldrly and over 60 years old, were Murdered in the Mezciems and Pogulanka Forests. 27 of Agriogala’s Jews are murdered as Hitler issues his War Directive No. 34 for the conduct of operations in Russia. On July 31st. 10,000 of Kovno’s Jews are murdered as are 10,000 Kishinev Jews, also murdered. Over 2,500 of Zhitomir’s Jews are murdered as are 251 of Utena’s Jewish Men and Women, all murdered and 13 of Wendziogala’s Jews are also murdered. Elsewhere the Dvinsk Ghetto is established as Reichsmarshal Hermann Goering instructs Reinhard Heydrich to 'resettle' all of European Jewry. This is to come about in a final resolve that is now meant to employ the physical destruction of all of the Jews of Europe, All Men, All Women and every single Jewish Child included. Meanwhile, Rudolf Hoess is duly informed by Heinrich Himmler that this ultimate programme that Hitler has ordered is in its eventual phase 'The Final Solution of the Jewish Question.'

Thursday July 31st. 1941 "..complete solution of ..Jewish question in ..German sphere of influence in Europe." Hermann Goering.

On July 2nd. 1942 Reinhard Heydrich expands upon the Einsatzgruppe role to his HigherSSPolizeiFuhrer’s. The New York Times reports upon the Killing operations at Chelmno with radical elements and Jewish Officials to be dealt a deadly blow. The entire Jewish Community of Ropczyce are murdered at Belzec as Berlin Jews are being deported to Theresienstadt.

"..I decided to visit ..Belzec ..where ..I assumed sisters had been killed together with all ..girls of ..Ropczyce. I reached Belzec. was on a hill ..bordered a forest ..and ..railroad tracks which ..Germans had built for transporting their victims. ..Poles had ..turned into a museum ..without any mention of ..fact that all ..victims were Jews. ..In ..basement there were many human bones. I took one bone with me back to Israel is buried beneath for our shtetl ..erected in ..cemetery in Holon." Yehoshua Gold.

On July 3rd. Sevastopol fell to the advancing Wehrmacht and the following day, July 4th. the Wehrmacht are at the Don. On July 7th. 14,000 of Rzeszow’s Jews are murdered at Belzec while 1,000 of Rzeszow’s Jews are murdered in the Rudna Forest. Dr. Irmfried Eberl, Treblinka's Commandant, notifies Dr. Heinz Auerswald, the Commissioner of the Warsaw Ghetto, of his readiness to receive the Jews of Warsaw as Himmler conducts a meeting on the forced Sterilisation of Women inmates at Auschwitz. On July 8th. 7,000 of Lvov’s Jews are murdered at the Janowska Camp. On July 10th. 100 Jewish Women are experimented upon at Auschwitz while 50 inmates escape from Birkenau. The Times of London reports about the liquidation of Polish citizens and the deplorable situation for the Jewish People. It is clearly addressed that the Jews of Poland are being systematically murdered, transported to unknown destinations, which History acknowledges is toward their Destruction.

This information is contained within the report received by the Polish Vice President Stanislaw Mikolajczyk from the Armeia Krakowa, the Polish Home Army. On July 11th. the Extermination Camp at Treblinka is ready for operations. 9,000 of Salonika’s Jews are detained with 2,000 of them forced to labour for Wehrmacht as nearly 44,000 of Salonika’s Jews are expelled to Auschwitz. On July 13th. the action against Rzeszow’s Jews is now complete with 22,000 of the Jewish Community from the Town and its environs, all murdered Belzec. The Action against Rowne’s Jews begins and on July 14th. Dutch Jews are deported to Westerbork. Westerbork becomes the gateway to Auschwitz for the Dutch Jews. The Przemysl Ghetto is now sealed. On July 15th. 5,000 of Rowne’s Jews are murdered in 2 day action and are murdered at Janowa Dolina and over 25,000 of Rowne’s Jews will be eventually murdered.

1,000 of Sasow’s Jews are murdered as the first deportation’s from the Westerbork Transit Camp to Auschwitz takes place. On July 16th. 13,000 German and Austrian Jews in Paris are rounded up and sent to the Drancy detention Camp. On July 17th. Himmler tours Auschwitz and he witnesses his first 'Gassings' as Heydrich escalates the role foreseen for his Einsatz Kommandos to include ALL Jews. On July 18th. the Entire Jewish Community of Szarkowszczyna is murdered as Himmler departs Auschwitz.

Sunday July 19th. 1942 "..elimination of all Jews in Generalgouvernment by end of 1942." Heinrich Himmler.

On July 19th. the Drancy detention Camp is expelling its Jews toward Auschwitz and Himmler issues orders for the final clearance of the Jews from the Generalgouvernment. On July 20th. 1,000 of Kleck’s Jews are murdered and Dr. Karl Gebhardt begins Sulfanilamide experiments at the Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp for Women. On July 21st. Nieswiez Jews resist, with 600 of their number being killed. Elsewhere the entire Kleck Jewish Community is murdered.

Wednesday July 22nd. 1942 "..eve of Tisha be-Av ..Day of Mourning ..liquidation of ..Warsaw ghetto was begun. ..Public Committee was immediately summoned to find out what ..situation was and to take measures. Those attending ..meeting included:

Dr. Adolf Berman

Lipc Eliezer Bloch

Shmuer Bresler

Yitzhak Cukierman

Zisha Friedman

Josef Finkelstein-Lewartowski

Daniel Guzik

Yitzhak Giterman

Josef Kaplan

Menachem Kirszenbaum

Alexander Landau

Maurycy Orzech

Dr. Emmanuel Ringelblum

Josef Sack

Szachna Sagan

Dr. Yitzhak Schiper.

..Opinions were divided. Representatives of ..left-wing Zionist parties and of He-Halutz ..and also some of in public life called for active intervention in some way or other. ..majority wanted to wait. How long. Until ..situation became clearer. ..rumours ..circulating that no more than 50,000 to 70,000 Jews would be deported from Warsaw ..old people ..sick ..prisoners ..beggars ..after that ..Aktion would be finished." Adam Czerniakow.

July 22nd. SS Sturmbannfuhrer Hermann ‘Hans’ Hoefle informs Adam Czerniakow of the Warsaw Jewish deportation. This is the First deportation of Warsaw's Jews toward Treblinka and begins with the Large Resettlement. On July 23rd. Adam Czerniakow commits suicide as the first arrival of Warsaw's Jews at Treblinka and the Mass gassing destruction of these Jews begins at Treblinka. The

Wehrmacht takes Rostov. On July 24th. the entire Dereczyn Jewish Community of 3,000 Jews is murdered while 120 escaped to help form a Partisan group under Dr. Jechiel Atlas. On July 26th. 24 Jews from Luxemburg are sent to Theresienstadt.

Tuesday July 28th. 1942 ..meeting was held of He-Halutz and its youth movement branches



Ha-Shomer Ha-Za'ir

..It was decided to set up ..Jewish Fighting Organization YKA (Yidishe Kamf Organizatsie). ..organization signed proclamations which it issued in ..Polish language with ..initials ZOB ..Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa ..Jewish Fighting Organization. ..members of ..Command were..

Shmuer Bresler

Yitzhak Cukierman

Josef Kaplan

Zivia Lubetkin

Mordecai Tenenbaum.

..delegation was sent to ..Aryan side ..Poles..

Tosia Altman

Frumka Plotnicka

Leah Perlstein

Arie-Jurek Wilner order to make contact with ..Polish Underground and to obtain weapons for ..ghetto." Jewish Fighting Organisation.

Elsewhere the French conclave of Cardinals and Archbishops protest the cruel treatment of the Jews to Marshal Petain. On July 28th. 156 Jews from Luxembourg are sent to Theresienstadt. The Jewish Fighting Organization, 'Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa,' ZOB is founded in Warsaw.

Tuesday July 28th. 1942. "..Since July 22nd. ..train carrying 5,000 Jews ..daily from Warsaw to Treblinka. ..In addition ..a bi-weekly train carrying 5,000 Jews from Przemysl to Belzec." Dr. Theodor Ganzenmueller.

In communicating the details of the resettlement operation to SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wolf, we have an acknowledgement, which Wolff was not too keen to admit to, that he was fully appraised of the killing operations conducted against the Jews. On July 29th. An extra food ration is offered as incentive for Warsaw Jewish 'resettlement' and starvation brings its dubious reward in Treblinka.

Wednesday July 29th. 1942 "..Nazi's will not succeed in exterminating their victims." Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

July 30th. Information is garnered by four German Business men,

1) Ernst Lemmer, a journalist, who spoke of the presence of mobile gassing vans and the establishment of static gassing chambers,

2) Edgar Salin, a professor at the University of Basel was privy to what Sommer had verified,

3) Eduard Schulte businessman reported what he had been informed of to where Gerhard Riegner ensured the World got to know of Hitler’s Final Solution and

4) Artur Sommer, was an economist and he stated that death camps were being prepared in the East for gassing of all sent there and this clearly added to a body of Evidence confirming Hitler’s clear cut intentions and his resolve was to Murder all of European Jewry.

All of this information converged upon Geneva and for Gerhart Riegner to wire Rabbi Wise of these facts. Rabbi Dr. Stephen Wise of The World Jewish Congress received Riegner’s message, as did the British MP Sidney Silverman. What was certain, and History has validated this truth was an apparent awareness already of Hitler's Final Solution as it was related to the Jewish People. This Hitler resolve would commence with the Deportation East, and as confirmed by The Wannsee Conference, the aggregate killing of 11,293,300 Jews would be involved. All of these Jews would be subsequently sought out for extermination and in a concerted effort realise the annihilation of 6,000,000 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children. However, what Riegner had reported would remain conspicuous by its omission from World awareness till the coming November.

Friday July 31st. 1942 "..At present ..both of us ..ready to meet ..death. I wish my little daughter to be remembered. Margalit ..20 months ..I don't lament my own life nor that of my wife. I pity only little ..nice ..talented girl. She deserves to be remembered." Israel Lichtenstein.

On July 31st. More than 65,000 of Warsaw’s Ghetto Jews are murdered in Treblinka in 9 day period of destruction and elsewhere, 30,000 of Minsk Jews are murdered in 4 day action. Meanwhile, Lodz Ghetto Jewish Deaths are escalating at an alarming Daily Rate. Israel Lichtenstein leaves to posterity his Last Will and Testament and as part of Emmanuel Ringelblum's Oneg Shabbat, the Joy of the Sabbath, he secures the Planned accumulation of all records to be secretly hidden. These records, Diaries and fragments of information will add to the memory of a vanquished Jewish People. The endeavour to remember and recall what happened to much of Warsaw Jewry will be retrieved but the body of Warsaw's Jewish existence will be devoured in Treblinka, and amongst the other Death Camps Hitler established in Poland.

On July 1st. 1943 all remaining German Jews are placed under Police jurisdiction and on July 4th. the Battle for Kursk begins. On July 5th. Himmler orders Sobibor, the Extermination Camp is be made into a Concentration Camp. On July 6th. over 2,400 more Dutch Jews are sent to Auschwitz and on July 8th. the Vilna Resistance Fighters blow up a Military Train. On July 10th. 5,000 Jews at Kamionka-Strumilowa are murdered and the Allies land in Sicily. On July 13th. over 1,900 Dutch Jews are sent to Auschwitz. On July 15th. The Wehrmacht offensive fails at the Kursk salient. On July 16th. the Gestapo take Yitzhak Wittenberg from the Vilna Ghetto Office as Wittenberg is credited with an assault upon a Nazi Train, 8 days before. However, Wittenberg was freed by his own men but was forced to hand himself over, or look on as the Nazi’s threatened to make Vilna’s Ghetto Jews collectively responsible. On July 18th. 1,000 of Paris’ Jews are deported from Drancy to Auschwitz.

Sunday, 18th. July 1943 "..How can I escape ..troubles of my people ..How can I avoid their anguish that is also mine." Moshe Flinker.

On July 19th. the Allies bomb Rome and on July 20th. over 2,200 more Dutch Jews are sent to Auschwitz. Elsewhere 500 of Czestochowa’s Jews are murdered. Meanwhile the Waldkommando at Sobibor Death Camp, composed of 20 Polish Jews and 20 Dutch Jews, established as a special work unit which supplied wood for the crematorium by cutting down trees and digging out the stumps. At various times there were between 200 and 400 Jews who were kept alive for the purpose of this slave labour at the Death Camp. On July 20, 1943, after two Jews from the Walkommando, namely Shlomo Podchlebnik and Josef Kopf attacked a Ukrainian who was guarding them. The knife, which Podchlebnik had in his boot allowed them to flee and they even encouraged others Jews in the Waldkommando to make their escape.

According to Stanislaw Szmajzner, the other group of Polish Jews decided to flee on foot while eight guards were eating lunch on this same day. Several of them Shlomo Podchlebnik and Josef Kopf included, Josef Freitag, Zindel Honigman, Chaim Korenfeld, Aaron Licht and Abraham Wang escaped though both Josef Kopf was Murdered in August 1944 by his Polish ‘friends’ and Aron Licht was murdered by Polish anti-Semites, though in separate incidents after their escapes. These others survived the duration of the war. On July 21st. the order to liquidate all Jewish Ghetto’s given and on July 22nd. the Americans take Palermo. On July 25th. Benito Mussolini is deposed as Duce, The Italian Leader. On July 31st. 1,000 of Paris’ Jews are deported from Drancy to Auschwitz as the Russians breach a gap, 500 miles into the Wehrmacht’s rear.

On July 1st. 1944 8,000 of Kovno’s Jews are murdered and on July 2nd. 3,000 Jews are murdered in Ponary Woods. More than 70,000 Jews will be murdered here in the pits at Ponary Woods. The Vilna Census showed 54,600 Jews living within its confines 1931 but few of Vilna's Jews will have Survived what awaits them at Ponary Woods, that is more than 60,000 of Lithuanian Jewry murdered there. As

Bishop Antonio Santin writes to SS Gruppenfuhrer Odilo Litario Globocnik, who is already wielding his authority removing Trieste's Jews toward destruction, Santin intervened for the release of a Jewish Woman, Mrs. Pia Rimini Rivalta. Franz Stangl and Artur Liebenschel, Christian Wirth, Dieter Allers and Georg Michalezyk were assembled as part of this Trieste team. On July 3rd. Minsk liberated but not before more than 62,000 of Minsk’s Jews had been murdered. Few survived. The French take Siena.

On July 4th. 2,800 of Papa’s Jews are sent to Auschwitz. On July 5th. over 1,200 of Sopron’s Jews are sent to Auschwitz. Meanwhile, there is an appeal by the International Red Cross President, Professor Karl Burckhardt, for Admiral Horthy to cease Jewish deportations as the German Foreign Ministry intercepts a British Embassy Telegram on the essential for Bombing Auschwitz.

Wednesday July 5th. 1944 "..Bomb ..railway lines from Hungary to Birkenau. Zero in on ..facilities of ..death camp." British Embassy Telegram Bern.

On July 6th. both Moshe Shertok and Chaim Weizmann, President of World Zionist Organisation meet with Anthony Eden, the British Foreign Minister to escalate the Allied response to the Jewish plight. On July 7th. the Hungarian government halts deportations with the reality that 438,000 Hungarian Jews have already been murdered at Birkenau. However, on July 8th. 50,000 more Hungarian Jews are transported to Auschwitz in week long action with more than 488,000 Hungarian Jews having already reached Auschwitz. 13,000 of Debrecen’s Jews are transported to Auschwitz in 5 day action and the Kovno ghetto is liquidated. Vilna is now approached by Russian forces as Russian Forces destroy German Army Group Centre.

"..Our transport was among ..last ones ..from Hungary July 8th. 1944 ..and due to ..unusual number of arrivals ..SS were forced to change their customary procedures. ..gas chambers ..crematoria could not accommodate everyone judged unfit for work 100's were piled along ..railroad tracks to be immolated. ..due to ..heartless haste ..clothed in rags ..marked with ..painted red cross ..hardly any food or water ..also due to this haste ..escaped tattooing." Judith Magyar Isaacson.

On July 9th. Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish Diplomat and emissary of King Gustav V, arrives in Budapest where some 300,000 Hungarian Jews still remain alive. 170,000 of these Jews still survive in Budapest alone. The Allies now take Caen. On July 10th. the Russians are within 90 kilometres of Hitler's Rastenberg, Wolf's Lair Headquarters. On July 11th. Russians cross the Lithuanian border where more than 135,000 Lithuanian Jews have been murdered. The Russians also cross the Latvian border where more than 85,000 Latvian Jews have been murdered. Barely 1% of Latvian Jews Survived. On July 13th. Jewish partisans help liberate Vilna where more than 55,000 of Vilna’s Jews were Murdered. Some 2,500 of Vilna’s Jews Survive.

Saturday July 15th. 1944 "..In spite of everything I still believe ..people are really good at heart." Anne Frank.

On July 18th. The Americans are at St. Lo and on July 19th. Joel Brand's mission, Goods for Blood, is announced to the British Press. On July 20th. Reuters reports upon the murders of 500,000 Jews at Auschwitz and 400,000 of these are Hungarian Jews! The attempt to assassinate Hitler fails.

Thursday July 20th. 1944 "..German authorities would intensify all their efforts to blackmail deceive ..split ..Allies." The Times.

On July 21st. over 560 Belgian Jews are transported to Auschwitz as the Russians recapture Buczacz while 400 Jewish Survivors of Buczacz have been Murdered by these defeated German Forces. On July 22nd. Lvov is liberated where more than 123,000 of Lvov’s Jews have been Murdered. On the eve of Liberation, 1,000 Jews of Majdanek are force marched out of the Camp. 800 of these reached Auschwitz. 435 of Corfu’s Jews are resettled in Birkenau after they refused to work on the Sonderkommando. On July 23rd. 1,700 of Rhodes’ Jews are sent to Auschwitz as the Russians now liberate Majdanek Death Camp. Meanwhile the Red Cross visit Theresienstadt. On July 24th. the Warsaw Jewish Camp in the Ghetto is evacuated. On July 25th. The remaining Jews of the Kovno Ghetto are evacuated where more than 34,700 Jews of Kovno were eventually murdered.

On July 26th. 3,000 of Radom’s Jews are sent to Auschwitz and on July 28th. On a march from Warsaw to Kutno is the First Major Death March. On July 29th. 1,300 Jews from Paris are sent to Auschwitz. On July 30th. over 160 Jews from Toulouse are sent to Auschwitz. Hitler has not given up his stranglehold over Jewish existence and persists while all around him crumbles, to deliver his only achievement in History, the Destruction of The Jewish People. On July 7th. 1945 Robert Jackson visits Nuremberg, a City that was 91% destroyed by Allied bombs. He inspects the Palace of Justice and decides to recommend it as a site for the upcoming War Crimes trials. The Soviets prefer that the trials take place in Berlin however, within their zone of occupation.

"..major operation of unit '1005' is to destroy ..traces of mass murder that it would not be possible afterwards to determine ..overall number of murdered people." Nuremberg Trials Document.

On July 16th. The Potsdam Conference is held and on July 21st. Robert Jackson returns to Nuremberg with British and French representatives as they inspect the possible housing accommodations for the gathering legal teams. On July 31st. half of Belgium's Jewish Population had been murdered at Birkenau and this represents 24,387 Belgian Jews murdered. Russian forces are now at Warsaw. On July 4th. 1946 42 Kielce Jews are murdered by local Poles, post Holocaust to add to the more than 18,042 Jews of Kielce who were murdered in total. Elsewhere, Defence summations begin in the Major War Criminals Trial at Nuremberg and on July 26th. the prosecution begins its own summation in these Trials. On July 30th. the defence of the seven indicted Nazi organizations begins. On July 3rd. 1947 the indictment is filed in der Einsatzgruppe Case. On July 11th. the ship Exodus is forced to return 4,550 Jewish refugees from Palestine to the detention Camps.

On July 15th. Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 7, The Hostage Case, begins. Twelve defendants, officers in the German Armed Forces are charged with the murders of 1,000's of Albanian, Greek and Yugoslavian civilians. They are equally charged with the committal of acts of devastation in Norway and other countries. They are likewise charged with the drafting of orders which seek to deny POW's their human rights and for the ordering of the slaughter of surrendered troops. Franz Boehme had committed suicide between the indictment and the arraignment, and the case of Maximilian von Weichs was dismissed due to ill health.

1) Lt. General Franz Boehme, Commander XVIII Mountain Army Corps. Before his arraignment, Committed suicide. May 30th. 1947.

2) Major General Ernst Dehner, Korps Commander. Sentenced to 7 years in prison. Released 1951.

3) General Hellmuth Felmy, Commander of Army Group Southern Greece. Sentenced to 15 years in prison, Reduced to 10 years in 1951.

4) Major General Hermann Foertsch, Chief of Staff of the 12th Army. Acquitted.

5) General Kurt Ritter von Geitner, Chief of Staff Military Commanders, Serbia and Greece. Acquitted.

6) General of Engineers Walter Kuntze, Commander 12th Army. Sentenced to Life in prison. Released 1953.

7) Major General Hubert Lanz, Commander XXII Mountain Army Corps. Sentenced to 12 years in prison. Released 1951.

8) Lt. General Ernst von Leyser, Korps Commander. Sentenced to 10 years in prison. Released 1951.

9) Field Marshal Wilhelm List , Commander in Chief South-East. Sentenced to Life in prison. Released December 1952.

10) Colonel General Dr. Lothar Rendulic, Commander 2nd Panzer Army, Yugoslavia. Sentenced to 20 years in prison. Reduced to 10 years. Released 1951.

11) Major General Wilhelm Speidel, Military Commander Greece. Sentenced to 20 years in prison. Released 1951, and

12) Field Marshal Maximilian von Weichs, Commander of the German 2nd Army, Balkans Campaign. Released on grounds of ill health.

July 30th. 1948 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 6 ends with 13 defendants being found guilty. On July 31st. Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 10, The Krupp Trial with 11 defendants found guilty and 1 defendant acquitted. On July 2nd. 1952 SS Obergruppenfuhrer Jurgen Stroop is hanged for his Crimes Against Humanity.

Thursday July 13th. 1961. "..Your Honour give a clear answer here ..I must state that I regard this murder ..this extermination of ..Jews be one of ..most heinous worst crimes in ..history of humankind." SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Adolf Eichmann.

July 23rd. 1965 The Chelmno Trial takes place of former Camp personnel in Bonn, West Germany.

1) SS Hauptscharfuhrer Gustav Laabs, Sentenced to 15 years in prison,

2) SS Scharfuhrer Heinrich Bock, Acquitted,

3) Ernst Burmeister. Sentenced to 40 months in prison,

4) SS Unterscharfuhrer Walter Burmeister, 2 Sentenced to 13 years in prison,

5) SS Oberscharfuhrer Gustaw Fiedler, Sentenced to 1 year in prison,

6) SS Untersturmfuhrer SS Alois Haefele, Sentenced to 15 years in prison,

7) SS Unterscharfuhrer Karl Heinl, Sentenced to 7 years in prison,

8) SS Oberscharfuhrer Wilhelm Heukelbach, Acquitted,

9) SS Hauptscharfuhrer Friedrich Maderholz, Acquitted,

10) SS Unterscharfuhrer Anton Mehring, Acquitted,

11) SS Scharfuhrer Kurt Moebius, Sentenced to 8 years in prison,

12) SS Hauptscharfuhrer Wilhelm Schulte, Acquitted, and

13) Polizei Oberwachmeister Aleksander Steinke, Acquitted.

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TestimonyPosted by P.A. Draigh Wed, June 28, 2017 20:30:30

On this day in the History of The Holocaust June 28th. 1919 Germany signs Treaty of Versailles. Only truth has immortality, while distortion is as mortal as the lie it attempts to promote! Ever since Anne Frank wrote her diary, the denial of all that affected her People during the period of The Holocaust has been scurrilously treated. That 6,000,000 Jews of Europe were Murdered has not prevented the rancid nature of a hate filled antisemitism to seek to alter the truth, diffuse the integrity of History and blur the Facts of what happened to Anne and 6,000,000 Jewish People. Many in History will see in Germany’s defeat in WWI the beginnings of Hitler’s use of anger and hatred to destabilise civilising humanity. On June 12th. 1929 Anne Frank is Born in Frankfurt, Germany. On June 6th. 1933 and in conference with senior officials, Hitler declares his ambitions and aims to rearm.

On June 11th. Conference of Silesian Jewish organizations discusses safeguarding rights of German Jews. On June 26th. The Academy for German Law, 'Akademie fur Deutsches Recht' is founded with it's task is to rewrite German Law, in its entirety, in accordance with the specifications of the NSDAP. On June 27th. Jews in London hold an anti-Nazi rally and the following day on June 28th. in a speech to German newspaper publishers, Hitler describes the government's new journalistic regulations. On June 9th. 1934 Security and Intelligence Service 'Sicherheitsdienst' or SD of the SS is the sole arbiter of intelligence in service for the SS and Nazi Party. That sole responsibility for NSDAP Political and Counter Intelligence will emulate all wrongs History could ever estimate. Poland, Romania and Russia agree to the integrity of their mutual borders.

On June 30th. a supposed coup by the SA Leader Ernst Roehm is purged on the 'Night of the Long Knives.' Hundreds of SA are murdered and other's of Hitler's opponents are eliminated. Victims include Ernst Roehm chief of the SA, and Gregor Strasser, former Reich organisation leader of the Nazi Party.

The SS is now established as the hierarchical policing power as Nazi persecution of homosexuals begins in earnest. On June 9th. 1935 anti-Jewish riots occur in Grodno, Poland and on June 11th. 'Jews not welcome' signs are removed, though temporarily. On June 18th. Anglo-German Naval Agreement allows for the expansion of the German Navy so that expansion only allows a German Navy up to 35% of British strength. On June 26th. the Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases is amended to provide for compulsory abortion of 'unfit' foetuses of 6 month gestation. On June 17th. 1936 Himmler is appointed Chief of the German Police.

On June 26th. Reinhard Heydrich is appointed to head SS Security Service branch, 'Sicherhietsdienst,' SD. On June 30th. Polish Jews strike in protest against anti-Semitism and on June 12th. 1937 Heydrich issues detention order for Race Violators, after due process. On June 9th. 1938 the Munich Synagogue is burnt down. On June 14th. Registration and Identification of Jewish industrial enterprises, their 'aryanisation' expropriation is decreed. Marked down, all enterprises are stolen, and any financial transactions placed into blocked accounts. The wealth list of Jews to be officially held and on June 15th. In an Asocial Action, 1,500 Jews are re-arrested and confined to Camps.

Monday June 20th. 1938 "..Twenty years ago we tried to save look at it. If we tried to save again would be just as bad. ..we have nothing to gain by entering a European conflict ..and ..everything to lose." Hugh R Wilson.

On June 22nd. Pope Pius XI’s Encyclical on 'The Unity of the Human Race' which clearly denounced racism and antisemitism was not published. On June 25th. Jewish Doctors are only allowed to treat Jews. On June 2nd. 1939 St. Louis reaches Cuba with 937 passengers, mostly Jews, had departed from Hamburg are fleeing Hitler’s persecution. On June 17th. the St. Louis docks in Antwerp with its human cargo after Cuba refused to take them. Britain takes 287 Jewish passengers, France takes 224 Jewish passengers, Belgium takes 214 Jewish passengers, Holland takes 181 Jewish passengers with only 6 managed to disembark in Cuba. On June 1st. 1940 the Tomaszow-Mazowiecki Ghetto in Poland is established and 14,100 Jews will be Enclosed.

On June 4th. with the Completion of the Dunkirk evacuation sees more than 338,000 BEF troops rescued over a 11 day period as the Germans now fully occupy the Town. This is perceived as both a disaster for the British Expeditionary Force, which was forced to retreat but also as a Military blunder by Hitler’s intervention. As Hitler sought to ameliorate British sensibilities, so that any future approach might be more positive for German demands, a halt order was issued to German Forces on the outskirts of the Town as the complete destruction of this mainly British contingent was beaten. The stark reality of Hitler’s interference is judged by Halder, Chief of the Army High Command at the time, OberKommando der Heeres, OKH.

"..Brauchitsch is angry. ..pocket would have been closed at ..coast if ..armour had not been held back. ..bad weather has grounded ..Luftwaffe and ..must now stand and watch countless 1,000's of ..enemy get away to England ..under our noses." General Franz Halder.

On June 5th. Battle for France begins and on June 6th. SS Sturmbannfuhrer Herbert Lange completes his action at Soldau with over 1,550 mental patients from the asylum 'specially treated', murdered in a euthanasia exercise. Lange would complete his murderous training at Chelmno and Sobibor. On June 8th. the Allied Evacuation of Dunkirk is completed. On June 10th. both Denmark and Norway are defeated by Hitler’s forces as Italy declares war on Britain and France. On June 11th. the Bolimow Ghetto in Poland is established and 4,000 Jews will be Enclosed. On June 14th. as Paris falls the first transports arrive at Auschwitz from Tarnow. On June 15th. the Russians occupy Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

On June 16th. the Kutno Ghetto in Poland is established and 7,500 Jews will be Enclosed. France now seeks terms of surrender with Germany and Marshal Henri Philippe Petain becomes French Premier. On June 17th. Marshal Petain, as France's Head of State seeks peace and on June 18th. Hitler discusses the 'Madagascar Plan' with Mussolini. On June 22nd. the French Army surrenders as Petain signs the armistice at Compiegne. On June 26th. the American Secretary of State seeks to prevent Jewish refugees entering the US.

Wednesday June 26th. 1940 "..delay ..effectively stop. ..put every obstacle in ..way ..postpone ..postpone ..postpone ..granting of visas." Breckinridge Long.

On June 28th. Romania cedes Besserabia and Bukovina to Russia and on June 30th. Wehrmacht troops occupy the Channel Islands.

"..from June 1941 till January 1942 I was commander of SK4a." Paul Blobel.

On June 2nd. 1941 the Second 'Statut des Juifs' is passed in France and on June 6th. The notorious Kommissar Order, 'Kommissarbefehl,' is issued by Hitler’s Wehrmacht. On June 11th. Hitler issues War Directive No. 32 for the conduct of operations in Russia. On June 12th. Anne Frank is 12 years old. On June 14th. the Hay Action, 'Heu Aktion' decree is issued by Alfred Rosenberg, demanding 40,000 to 50,000 Ten to Fourteen year olds for Forced Labour be brought to Germany from the Eastern Territories.

"..each execution. ..mainly directed against ..Jewish Race ..called 'Sonderbehandlung.' ..order ..issued by ..RSHA ..had been verbally transmitted to us members of ..Political Department." SS Untersturmfuhrer Hans Stark.

Much has been made about the many suggested solutions to the Jewish Question, but ultimately, Hitler’s demand for their destruction was delivered. Those, like Rolf Hoeppner would ruminate while observing what would be appropriate for the Jews of Europe. Clearly, as he reflects with Eichmann what has already been well established, as The Final Solution will be delivered across the length and breadth of Europe.

Monday June 16th. 1941 "..It must be seriously considered whether ..most humane solution is not to finish off ..Jews who are unable to work by means of a quickly working agent. In any event ..this would be more appropriate than to let them starve." SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Rolf Heinz Hoeppner.

On June 17th. Heydrich briefs his Einsatzgruppe Commanders in Berlin, on The Final Solution of the Jewish Question, 'die Endlosung der Judenfrage,' and clearly this brief is what British and US 'intelligence’ identified as the massed killing operations der Einsatzgruppe became engaged in. Then, with the Jews to be trodden under foot, and with a skilled and exercised murderous squad unleashed, the disguise and the weight of a World War provided ample cover for Hitler's expressed wish. Also, the

Slovakian Governments offers all its Jews over for Deportation.

Tuesday June 17th. 1941 "..To take of emigration ..and with ..prior approval of ..Fuhrer ..evacuation of ..Jews to ..East has become another possible solution. Although both courses of action ..must considered as nothing more than ..temporary expedients ..they do help to provide practical experience which should be of great importance in view of coming Endlosung ..of ..Jewish question." SS Oberstgruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich.

On June 18th. Germany signs a friendship treaty with Turkey and the hope to spread his influence into more of Britain’s sphere of influence.

Sunday June 22nd. 1941 "..New Lithuania will not give any Jew civil rights nor possibility of existence." Lithuania Activist Front.

On June 22nd. Germany invades Russia in 'Operation Barbarossa'. With the Invasion of Russia, Hitler had betrayed his word and his Worldview of the World, a World which should have exerted its own will and drove across Europe and attacked Germany from the West, will deplete the World by some 50/70 Million souls, with 6,000,000 Jews of those systematically Destroyed. Leningrad is fundamental to Hitler's aspirations with Moscow and Ukraine remaining secondary targets. The Baltic States annexed to 'Reichkommissariat Ostland.' Romania is also involved as an Axis partner with 20,000 to 30,000 Romanian Jews confined to the Jiu and Craiova Camps. A newer period of Murderous terror against Romanias Jews begins. Immediately, Four 'Einsatzgruppe' battalions begin their mass murder campaign against the Jews, Soviet politicals and others deemed necessary for destruction.

Einsatzgruppen 'A' SS Brigadefuhrer Franz Walter Stahlecker.

SonderKommando 1a SS Standartenfuhrer Martin Sandberger.

SonderKommando 1b SS Brigadefuhrer Franz Ehrlinger.

EinsatzKommandos 1c SS Obersturmbannfuhrere Eduard Strauch.

EinsatzKommandos 2 SS Sturmbannfuhrer Dr. Rudolf Lange.

EinsatzKommandos 3 SS Standartenfuhrer Karl Jaeger.

Personnel was interchangeable and on a regular basis, switched to command differing units and even requested removal from the field of operations. Under orders from Stahlecker, the Tilzsit 'Staatspolizeistelle' commenced the murders of Jews in the border areas.

Einsatzgruppen 'B' Artur Nebe

SonderKommando 7a SS Untersturmfuhrer Albert Rapp.

SonderKommando 7b SS Sturmbannfuhrer Waldemar Klingelhoeffer.

SonderKommando 7c SS Untersturmfuhrer Wilhelm Bock.

Einsatzkommandos 7e SS Sturmbannfuhrer Waldemar Klingelhoeffer.

EinsatzKommandos 8 SS Standartenfuhrer Otto Bradfisch.

EinsatzKommandos 9 SS Standartenfuhrer Alfred Filbert.

Einsatzgruppen 'C' Emil Otto Rasch

SonderKommando 4a SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel.

SonderKommando 4b SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Walter Felix Braune.

EinsatzKommandos 5 SS Brigadefuhrer Erwin Schultz.

EinsatzKommandos 6 SS Obersturmbannfuhrere Ernst Bieberstein.

"..order kill came from ..Hitler ..and not only Aktion Kommandos but Army ..also had to carry it out." Otto Ohlendorf.

Einsatzgruppen 'D' Otto Ohlendorf

SonderKommando 10a SS Sturmbannfuhrer Dr. Kurt Kristmann.

SonderKommando10b SS Standartenfuhrer Alois Persterer.

EinsatzKommandos 11a SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Zapp.

EinsatzKommandos 11b SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Werner Braune.

EinsatzKommandos 12 SS Sturmbannfuhrer Emil Haussmann.

These Einsatz kommandos are assisted by all elements of the Reich, Police, Wehrmacht, Waffen SS and local militias. On June 23rd. Lithuanian convicts are photographed murdering Kovno's Jews while elsewhere, 5 Drushkopol Jews are murdered. der Einsatzgruppe 'aktionen' has begun, with daily operational situation reports. Hitler leaves Berlin for the Wolfsschanze at Rastenburg, East Prussia. On

June 24th. the Wehrmacht occupies Kovno, Marcinkonys with 370 Jews and Vilna with 57,000 Jews. Einsatz begin aktionen in Kovno. On June 25th. the 'steel crow bar' murders of Kovno's Jews are photographed. After murdering his 45 or 50 Jews, the murderer sits atop his victims to play his accordion. All Einsatz units are now fully mobilised.

Thursday June 26th. 1941 "..According to Catholic doctrine ..there are doubtless commandments which are not binding when obedience to them requires too great a sacrifice ..but there are sacred obligations of conscience from which no one can release us and which we must fulfil even at ..price of

death itself. At no time ..and under no circumstances whatsoever ..may a man ..except in war and in legitimate defence ..take of an innocent person." The Fulda Address.

On June 26th. 1,500 of Kovno’s Jews are murdered at Ninth Fort. The Fulda Pastoral letter is prepared by the German Bishops Congress. No word is mentioned of the Jewish People who were increasingly subjected to abuse, attack and the taking of their innocent lives. Hitler was forced by these uttering’s to cease the T4 Euthanasia programme, though he moved them out into the murderous field of der Einsatzgruppe operations. On June 27th. 800 of Szulhof’s Jews are burned to death in their Synagogue by Wehrmacht troops as Wehrmacht troops photograph the 'wooden club' murders of Kovno's Jews.

What Stahlecker knows of these 'aktionen' is more widely dispersed than has ever been acknowledged.

Dieter von Bischoffhausen, Staff Officer of Field Marshal Ritter von Leeb's Army Group North, informs his immediate superiors and both von Leeb and Commanding General of 16th. Army Ernst Busch are well informed of all these Kovno actions. Hungary now enters the war as an Axis partner. On June 28th. 5,000 of Brest-Litovsk’s Jews are murdered as are 1,500's of Iasi’s Jews, also murdered with more than 8,000 Jews of Iasi being eventually murdered in the coming days. The Germans entered Daugavpils (Dvinsk, Dunaburg)

Saturday June 28th. 1941"..10 dead. all Jews." SS Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich.

We know that from here, there is no going back and the Jews would pay the ultimate penalty for their existence. Here, Heydrich demonstrates the intention to deal with the Jews, exclusively, and this must be considered, in light of the escalating destruction that had moved gradually from Jewish Men, Jewish POW's and onto Jewish Women and Children. In the context of what Hitler had clearly intended, the Jews would be met with a destructive force that would not allow any of their number to survive. For those who do Survive, it is an unimaginable pressure which we finally seek for them to recount the horror of Hitler's systematic resolve to destroy all Jews. On June 29th. Einsatzgruppe 'A' acknowledges the murder of 2,300 of Kovno’s Jews by now and a Massacre of Kovno’s Jews is filmed. The Iasi pogrom begins and will leave 8,000 Murdered within a week.

On June 30th. 11,000 of Dvinsk’s Jews are Murdered as are 300 of Lutsk’s Jews, 90 of Dobromil’s Jews as 300 of Amsterdam’s Jews are deported to Mauthausen.

"..June 1942 ..entrusted by Gruppenfuhrer Mueller ..task of obliterating ..traces of executions carried out by ..Einsatzgruppe in the East." Paul Blobel.

On June 1st. 1942 2,000 of Cracow’s Jews are murdered at Belzec and Jews must now wear 'The Jewish Star' in France and Holland. What some might consider a label, many Jews wear their badge with pride and honour.

Monday 1st. June 1942 "..two Jewish women ..mother and ..daughter ..gone ..from Rudki to Bodzentyn. ..Germans ..went into ..woods ..then shot them." David Rubinowicz.

On June 2nd. 3,000 of Kobrin’s Jews are murdered at Bronna Gora as First deportations of German Jews is made toward Theresienstadt while Viennese Jews are deported to the Minsk Ghetto for possible ‘resettlement’ at Maly-Trostinets.

Tuesday June 2nd. 1942 "..700,000 Jews killed in Poland." BBC.

On June 3rd. a transport of 2,000 of Cracow's Jews are murdered at Belzec and elsewhere, Breslau Jews fight back. On June 4th. a transport of 2,000 of Cracow's Jews are murdered at Belzec and Heydrich dies as America declares war on Romania.

Friday June 5th. 1942 Rauff Report. "..normal capacity of ..gassing vans 9 ..10 persons per square metre." SS Oberstrumbannfuhrer Walter Rauff.

On June 5th. 97,000 Jews are murdered in mobile gassing vans, Rauff’s SS report declares. As Breslau Jews end their resistance, 3,000 of their Jews are Murdered. The Wehrmacht besieges Sevastopol. On June 6th. the Cracow Ghetto is liquidated and 6,000 of Cracow’s Jews are murdered at Belzec over these past 3 days. Elsewhere 3,000 of Biala-Podlaska’s Jews are murdered while Eichmann insists residents of a Coblenz mental institution join a deportation to Lublin. On June 7th. All Jews in Occupied France must now wear The Jewish Yellow Star as the Deportation of 4,000 of Cernowitz’s Jews to Transnistria begins.

On June 8th. a further 7,000 of Cracow’s Jews have been 'resettled' Belzec in week as the Pilica Jewish Council urges escape and Pilica Jews resist. However, 3,000 of Pilica’s Jews are murdered at Belzec. On June 9th. the Germans begin the murders at Lidice with some remnants of Lidice’s Jewry ending up at Belzec as a reprisal for Heydrich's assassination. On June 10th. 1,000 of Prague’s Jews are murdered in the East as the Germans completely destroy Lidice. Meanwhile the Wehrmacht commences its Don Front Offensive. On June 11th. Eichmann plans for the deportations of Belgian, French and Dutch Jews. On June 12th. 10,000 of Tarnow’s Ghetto Jews are murdered Belzec in a 2 day period and Anne Frank is 13 years old.

On June 13th. 3,000 of Theresienstadt’s Jews are 'murdered’ and on June 14th. the entire Dzisna Jewish Community is murdered at Piaskowe-Gora. That is 4,000 Jews over a 2 day period. Elsewhere, the deportation of 450 of Dorohoi’s Jews to Transnistria begins and 4,000 Jews from the Old Kingdom and Southern Transylvania are also deported to Transnistria. On June 15th. 1,800 of Borki’s Jews are murdered and Riga requires a 2nd. gassing van while Eichmann is forced to accede to Russian offensive transport demands. Harold Tittmann, America’s chargé d'affaires to the Vatican,, reports back to the US State Department on Pope Pius XII’s seeming willingness not to see Hitler’s mounting atrocity toward the Jews.

Wednesday June 17th. 1942 "..German Government has decreed ..within 6 months all ..Jews ..Croatia ..transferred to Germany ..where ..2,000,000 Jews ..killed. ..same fate awaits ..Croatian Jews." Gieuseppe Marcone.

On June 18th. the German offensive in Russia fully impinges upon the ‘resettlement’ transports for Hitler’s Final Solution. Both Jozef Gabcik and Jan Kubis who had earlier assassinated Reinhard Heydrich were discovered in Saints Cyril and Methodius Church Prague and are killed alongside others of the Czechoslovakian’s partisan groups.

Thursday June 18th. 1942 "..Well ..this whole scribbling doesn’t make any sense. It is a fact we are not going to survive. will know about everything without my wise notes." Elsa Binder.

In the midst of the disaster unfolding in the Stanislawow Ghetto, Elsa, who had already lost her Sister Dora, possibly in Belzec, was busy smuggling and scribbling these notes for us. Stanislawow is tragically written into the fabric of Hitler’s Belzec, where the remains of a community adds a testimony to the Jewish struggle to persist.

June 19th. 1942. "..News is filtering through of recent ghastly massacres of Jews in Nazi Europe. Some 85,000 Men, Women, Children are mentioned in reports to hand." The Jewish Chronicle.

June 19th. By now, 11,500 Jews from the Tarnow Ghetto have reached Belzec and are Murdered there while 100's of her Jews are taken to nearby Zbylitowska-Gora and are Murdered there. As Glebokie’s Jews resist, they are crushed and 2,500 of them are murdered in the Borek Forest.

Saturday June 20th. 1942. "..Germany longer persecuting ..Jews. It is systematically exterminating them." OSS Report. (US Intelligence)

June 20th. A Report from Lisbon reaches The United States Office of Strategic Services and it clearly states Hitler’s Final Solution of The Jewish Question is an exterminatory one.

Sunday June 21st. 1942 "..there is only ..small ..rapidly dwindling percentage left of ..24,000 Jews originally living in Kamenets-Podolsky." Fritz Jacob.

As a member of a Police killing squad, Fritz Jacob would be only too aware of the role played by his own Police force in the murder operations against the Jews. Working alongside the Einsatzgruppe, Fritz Jacob, and fellow high ranking Police Fuhrer, Rudolf Querner, built upon their task which was not limited to mere policing operations. On June 22nd. the First transports from Drancy are ‘resettled to Auschwitz and the following day June 23rd. French Jews are selected for gassing at Birkenau. On June 24th. 1,000's of Lvov Jews are murdered at Janowska and Piaski Camps, both of which were feeder camps for Hitler’s Belzec. On June 25th. The London Daily Telegraph reported having received information from the exiled Polish government that the Germans were planning to murder all Polish Jews. The newspaper will carry details of the murders committed in eastern Poland with 50,000 Jews having been slaughtered in Vilnius and as terror ruled the Warsaw Ghetto, the real truth cannot be disguised. Knowledge too of the mobile Gassing Operations that were in use is clearly known. At the same time, the Jewish Chronicle was more forthright about the same information.

Thursday June 25th. 1942 "..hideous details like tales from ..imagination of ..maddened creature seeking to portray a nightmare of hell. ..average mind simply cannot believe ..reality of such sickening revelations ..or that men ..even ..vilest and most bestial ..could be found to perpetrate such disgusting orgies of sadistic mania." The Jewish Chronicle.

On June 26th. the Czech deportation Conference confirms that 52,000 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are to be deported. On June 28th. 5,000 Jews from Przemyzsl are transported toward Belzec and the following day, June 29th. the Jews of Slonim resist and Hitler’s Reich realises it cannot realise the final resolve without a Jewish expression of contempt.

Tuesday June 30th. 1942 "..More than 1,000,000 Jews Killed in Europe." Daily Telegraph.

On June 30th. 15,000 of Slonim’s Jews are killed and a 2nd. gas chamber is now functioning at Birkenau. Elsewhere all Jewish schools in Germany are closed as Emanuel Ringelblum was fully fashioning his Oneg Shabbat! The extent of the Slaughter has been made increasingly obvious to those who wish to observe. Emanuel Ringelblum will rally those who see their demise approach and will record in great detail all that Hitler did not wish to be known.

Tuesday June 30th. 1942 "..Jewish population under ..impact of news from London. has been stirred by ..reports of ..slaughter in Poland ..aroused ..deepest emotions in all of us. For many ..many months ..endured ..most terrible sufferings ..asking ourselves ..Does know about our sufferings ..if it knows ..why is it silent. Why was not outraged 10's of 1,000's of Jews ..shot Ponary. ..10's of 1,000's of Jews poisoned in Chelmno. 100's of 1,000's of Jews ..slaughtered in Galicia (AUSCHWITZ). ..slaughter in Vilna ..180,000 Rostov ..Jews ..murdered Kiev (BABI YAR). ..blood is flowing in rivers. Is ..blood of ..Jews more precious. ..Only now have we come to understand ..cause of this silence. ..Polish government ..its own radio station .knew nothing about it. ..if London knew day 100 people ..shot ..Pawiak prison ..why ..did it take many months before they learned of ..100's of 1,000's murdered Jews. ..a question which cannot be turned away by excuses!" Emanuel Ringelblum.

As 1943 approaches, the month of June will see the escalation of destruction, liquidation and annihilation gather speed with the Berezhany Ghetto Liquidated. The Dabrowa-Gornicza Ghetto Liquidated. The Tarnopol Ghetto Liquidated and with Jewish Armed Resistance begins in the Bedzin Ghetto, continues in the Bialystok Ghetto, the Czestochowa Ghetto, the Lvov Ghetto and again in the Tarnow Ghetto as the Warsaw Ghetto revolt continues.

"..All ..members ..Jewish Fighting Organisation who have survived ..all Jewish youths capable of fighting ..called on to continue ..struggle." Isaac 'Antek' Zuckerman.

On June 1st. 1943 over 3,000 Dutch Jews are murdered at Sobibor as Jewish Resistance mounts to the Lvov Ghetto liquidation, where 3,000 are killed and more than 20,000 of Lvov’s Jews have already been murdered. Here HSSPF Brigadefuhrer Friedrich ‘Fritz’ Katzmann reported on Lvov's Jewish attempt to resist.

"..Jews tried every means to evade evacuation. ..We were compelled act brutally. ..We had to blast and burn many houses." Friedrich Katzmann.

On June 3rd. Himmler issues instructions for schooling of such expertise as might be demanded for the Sonderkommando '1005' action to be taken at Janowska Camp. On June 5th. over 1,200 Dutch Jews are murdered at Sobibor and on June 6th. 1,000 of Tluste’s Jews and 1,000 of Rohatyn’s Jews are murdered. On June 8th. over 5,000 Dutch Jews murdered at Sobibor while over 800 of Salonika’s Jews are transported to Auschwitz. On June 11th. Himmler orders the liquidation of all the Ghetto’s in Poland. On June 12th. Anne Frank is 14 years old and on June 20th. 2,000 of Tarnopol’s Jews are murdered. There will be more than 10,815 of Tarnopol’s Jews eventually murdered. On June 21st. Himmler orders the liquidation of any Ghetto’s in all occupied lands.

Monday June 21st. 1943 "..All ..Jews still .ghetto’s ..Ostland be shut in concentration camps. ..Inmates of ..Jewish ghetto’s ..not required are to be evacuated ..East." Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler.

The euphemism of mass murder permeates the entire verbal construction of terms and means to define the destruction of The Jews of Europe. Himmler of course pronounces such a declaration as a script that will not be written, as a course of events that must not be recorded but with a message which Hitler will receive and approve of. On June 25th. the Czestochowa Ghetto is liquidated with a further 1,000 of her Jews transported to Auschwitz. On June 26th. 2,000 of Dabrowa-Gornicza’s Jews are deported to Auschwitz. On June 27th. 13,000 of Lvov’s Jews are murdered in a week long aktionen. On June 28th. four new crematoria are completed at Auschwitz-Birkenau. On June 30th. Katzmann, the Higher SS and Police Fuhrer for Galicia sought to praise those who had undertaken the slaughter of innocent Jews as a manner of stress alleviation:

"..Despite ..extreme stress ..mood ..morale ..exceptionally good ..praiseworthy. a personal sense of duty ..every officer to overcome this pestilence." Friedrich Katzmann.

On June 1st. 1944 Joel Brand's mission reaches Syria and on June 4th. American troops now occupy Rome. On June 5th. Joel Brand is in Aleppo and on June 6th. With the D-day landings and this Allied invasion of Normandy, Allied troops are waging War against Hitler on three Fronts. Joel Brand is arrested on British authority and on June 7th. Joel Brand meets with Moshe Shertok, head of the Palestine Jewish Agency’s Political Department. These Jewish officials in Palestine are now appraised of the threat toward Hungary's Jews. On June 8th. Joel Brand is moved to Haifa as, on the following day, June 9th. Hannah Szenes is arrested in Hungary. On June 10th. 642 inhabitants of Oradour-sur-Glane, Men, Women and Children, were Murdered by a Waffen SS unit from 2nd. SS Panzer Division (Das Reich).

The Community was forced into the local Church and incendiary devices were placed around the building! The Church was set alight and Those who sought to escape were machine gunned. In total, 190 Men, 247 Women and 205 of Their Children, all Innocent Civilians, were Murdered. On June 12th. Germany launches first V-1 rockets at England and Anne Frank is 15 years old. On June 14th. the Jewish population of Corfu, some 1,800 Jews are transported to Auschwitz. On June 16th. Chelmno resumes its killing operations and a further 3,000 of Lodz’s Jews are 'resettled' to Chelmno. On June 18th. Russians break through Mannerheim Line as the Allies take Assisi. On June 22nd. there are the 1st. gassings at Ravensbrueck where 2,000 will be murdered by 'Zyklon B.' 700 of Boryslaw’s Jews are transported to Auschwitz.

On June 23rd. there are more of Lodz’s Ghetto Jews murdered at Chelmno as a newer Russian Offensive starts. On June 26th. over 480 of Fossoli’s Jews are transported to Auschwitz as US Reconnaissance Aircraft photograph the Auschwitz and Birkenau Murder operation. On June 27th. and with over 380,000 of Hungary's Jews who are already sent to Auschwitz, more than 250,000 of these Hungarian Jews have already been murdered at Auschwitz. Elsewhere the Americans take Cherbourg and on June 29th. some 20,000 Jewish Women are force marched from Auschwitz to the Stutthof Camp. Meanwhile the Koldyczewo Camp is liquidated. As 2,000 of the Jewish Survivors are shot into a pit. Hitler now sacks 2 of his most competent Generals, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt in a fit of pique.

On June 30th. over 1,100 Jews from Paris are transported to Auschwitz as more than 600 Italian Jews are deported toward Fossoli, a transit Camp en-route to Auschwitz. Almost 2,500 Italian Jews reached Auschwitz from Fossoli. An appeal is now made to the British War Cabinet for the release of Joel Brand. On June 5th. 1945 the Allies section Germany and partition Berlin as the Allies now Govern Germany. On June 12th. Anne Frank would have been 16 years old. And on June 14th. Joachim von Ribbentrop, Hitler’s Foreign Minister is captured in Hamburg.

On June 26th. The United Nations Charter is Signed in San Francisco by 50 Nations. Robert Jackson departs Washington to meet with his Allied counterparts in London to discuss legal proceedings against Nazi officials. Numerous disagreements are discussed, including whether to use the adversarial system favoured by the Americans and British, or the inquisitive system favoured by the French and Soviets. For over 800 years, a declaration has been signed by various Countries on the need to punish those who commit atrocities in War as 23 Signatories agree to go forward with an International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. These are:

1) America,

2) Australia,

3) Belgium,

4) Britain,

5) Czechoslovakia,

6) Denmark,

7) Ethiopia,

8) France,

9) Greece,

10) Haiti,

11) Holland,

12) Honduras,

13) India,

14) Luxembourg,

15) New Zealand,

16) Norway,

17) Panama,

18) Paraguay,

19) Poland,

20) Russia,

21) Uruguay,

22) Venezuela,

23) Yugoslavia.

The Allies agree to prohibit the use of the defence of superior orders, although they agree to allow its consideration in mitigation of sentence. Perhaps the underlying concern with Nuremberg will be the comparative relationship some wish to place before the Tribunal, world events with acts committed against Cities and its peoples. Hiroshima, Nagasaki and even Dresden were used as some sort of equation that would somehow tip the scale of justice? In truth, the murders of 6,000,000 Jews is not comparative on any scale, is a separate issue of Crimes Against Humanity, where Laws of Governments and International States are supplanted by immoral codes and acts of murderous contempt for that rule of Law.

On June 3rd. 1946 General Alfred Jodl testifies at his Nuremberg Trial. A week later on June 10th. Arthur Seyss-Inquart testifies at his Nuremberg Trial. On June 12th. Anne Frank would have been 17 years old. On June 14th. Franz von Papen testifies at his Nuremberg Trial and a week later on June 21st. Albert Speer testifies at his Nuremberg Trial. On June 7th. 1951 Paul Blobel, Werner Braune, Erich Naumann, Otto Ohlendorf, Georg Schallermair and Hans Schmidt are all executed. On June 23rd. 1952 SS Sturmbannfuhrer Willi Rudolf Haase Hanged for his Crimes Against the Jews of Poland.

On June 1st. 1962 Adolf Eichmann is Hanged for his Crimes Against the Jews of Humanity, in a Ramla Prison! His ashes are scattered in the Mediterranean.

June 7th. 1979 Pope John Paul II visits Auschwitz and delivers a speech which should have emanated from the Vatican during many a Pontiff’s reign:

"..concentration camp. ..this place ..built for ..negation of faith God and trample radically not only on love but on all signs of human dignity ..of humanity. A place built on hatred and on contempt for man in of a crazed ideology. A place built on cruelty. On ..entrance gate placed ..inscription

'Arbeit macht frei'

..a sardonic sound ..its meaning ..radically contradicted by what took place within. ..In this site of ..terrible slaughter that brought death to 4,000,000 people. ..gas chamber of ..In of terrible devastation of humanity and human dignity there is victory of humanity. ..Can it still be a surprise to anyone that the Pope born and brought up in this land ..Pope who came ..from ..diocese in whose territory is situated ..Auschwitz ..should have begun his first Encyclical with ..words ..should have dedicated it as a whole to ..cause of man ..dignity of man ..threats to him ..and finally to his inalienable rights that can so easily be trampled on and annihilated by his fellowmen. Is it enough to put man in a different uniform ..arm him with ..apparatus of violence. Is it enough to impose on him an ideology in which human rights are subjected to ..demands of ..system ..completely subjected to them as in practice not to exist at all. ..I have gone down to Maximilian Kolbe's death cell and kneeled in front of ..execution wall and passed among ..ruins of ..cremation furnaces of Birkenau. It was impossible for me not to come here as Pope. ..I kneel before all the inscriptions that come one after another bearing ..memory of ..victims of Birkenau in languages ..Polish ..English ..Bulgarian ..Romany ..Czech ..Danish ..French ..Greek ..Hebrew ..Yiddish ..Spanish ..Flemish ..Serbo Croat ..German ..Norwegian ..Russian ..Romanian ..Hungarian ..Italian. In particular I pause with you ..before ..inscription in Hebrew. This inscription awakens ..memory of ..People whose sons and daughters were intended for total extermination. ..I speak not only because of ..4,000,000 victims of this vast field." Pope John Paul II.

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TestimonyPosted by P.A. Draigh Sat, May 20, 2017 11:46:28
On May 4th. 1924 the Nazi's secure 6.4% of the votes in the 'Reichstag' Elections and 4 years later, on May 20th. 1928 Nazi's secure a reduction to 2.5% of the votes in the Reichstag Elections. Hitler has a return of 12 Deputies. On May 6th. 1933 The Institute of Sexual Studies in Berlin is destroyed by pro-Nazi students over academic curiosity in the area of 'homosexual behaviour.' On May 10th. Ten's of thousands of Books are burned on the Unter den Linden, Berlin. More than 20,000 Books are burned opposite the University of Berlin and these are books written by Jews, political dissidents, and others not approved by the state. Meanwhile, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise addressed 100,000 people in Battery Park, Manhattan, New York, to protest Nazi persecution of the Jews as we remind ourselves of what Heinrich Heine had to say:

"..Those who begin by burning Books end by burning People." Heinrich Heine.

On May 15th. The Jews of Paris protest for two days over the campaign of anti-Jewish measures within Germany.

Wednesday May 17th. 1933 "..Our boundless love for and loyalty to our own national traditions make us respect ..national claims of others." Adolf Hitler.

On May 17th. however, when it came to the Jewish People in Hitler’s mindset, no sovereignty would exist for them and no place would be found for them to live their lives. As a petition is handed to the League of Nations by a Jewish Delegation protesting Germany's anti-Jewish legislation, Hitler presses on with his resolve to end all Jewish existence. On May 23rd. the American Consul General, George S. Messerschmith reported back to the Secretary of State that Hitler's antisemitism had permeated German society to such a degree, that it would destroy Jewish private and business life for years to come, even if the persecution ceased immediately! On May 1st. 1934 Der Sturmer becomes one of Germany's most popular periodicals with the virulently antisemitic Julius Streicher as its editor. Streicher regurgitates the 'blood libel' lie on his front cover.

With its charge, The Blood Libel, or Ritual Murder Charge, manages to stir the antisemitic hatred of Der Sturmer's readers, regurgitating the Middle Ages accusation of Jewish guilt in the ritual murder of Christian's, especially their Children. With the absurd claim of Jewish usage of the blood of Christians for Religious ritual purposes, even in 1930’s enlightened times, such ignorance manifestly persisted. This libel all dates back to the Middle Ages, and even with the Catholic Church's later repudiation of the charge, this still had not stemmed the flow of antisemitic hatred. Adding this to Hitler’s growing anti-Jewish rhetoric, the assault upon the body of the Jewish People grew steadily more savage and prolonged. The Jewish People in all antiquity, who have been violated in assaults, pogroms and with the widespread destruction of entire Jewish Communities, it is little wonder that the Blood Libel lie festers and persists!

Also, and when we consider any aspect of this so called Blood Libel, we must regard it in light of Jewish Law, contained in Leviticus, that does not allow the consumption of any blood. This precipitates Der Sturmer becoming one of Hitler's favourite reads. Rudolf Hess now creates the Racial Policy Office of the National Socialist German Workers Party, or 'Rassenpolitisches Amt der NSDAP.' On May 2nd. Congressman Louis T. McFadden delivers an antisemitic speech on the floor of the United States House of Representatives. On May 17th. German Jews are no longer entitled to health insurance and at New York's Madison Square Garden, thousands attend a pro-Nazi rally sponsored by the German-American Bund. On May 3rd. 1935 Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler’s Finance Minister subordinates all other tasks to that of Rearmament:

"..fulfilment of ..programme for rearmament on a mass scale is ..basis of German policy ..everything else must be subordinate to this task." Hjalmar Schacht.

On May 12th. the Polish dictator Jozef Pilsudski dies and anti-Jewish measures now escalate within Poland. The government and most Polish political parties will call for discrimination, economic boycott, expulsion, and physical violence against Jews. The Polish Catholic Church, most priests, the Catholic press, and schools will also sanction discrimination and/or violence against the Jews. On May 14th. German edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion declared a forgery by Swiss Court in Bern and on May 21st. Hitler gives his Reichstag speech on peace. Also, with the Army Defence Law, it sees 'Aryan heritage' as a clear demand for military service as 'Jews Not Wanted' posters and signs spring up on restaurants, shops and at the entry point to villages throughout Germany. Schacht now becomes Plenipotentiary General for a War Economy.

The fullest exploitation of Lands, Goods, Valuables and possessions of all those declared alien to the Reich commences. This will lead to the depreciating wealth of the Jews, a move in direct contrast with the accumulation of further Reich wealth. The policy of persecuting the Jews, and the larceny thus gained was a matter of principle in Economic circles. Plunder of all Jewish assets was a matter of decree. On May 31st. Jews are banned from serving in the German Armed Forces. On May 28th. 1937 Neville Chamberlain becomes Prime Minister in Britain. The following year on May 3rd. 1938 the Flossenburg Concentration Camp is established and on May 20th. Sudeten Germans seek German rule as a partial mobilisation in Czechoslovakia commences along the German border.

On May 28th. there is a boycott of Jewish businesses in Frankfurt and on May 29th. Hungary restricts the rights of its Jewish Citizens. The following day, May 30th. Hitler tells his Generals he is set to invade Czechoslovakia. On May 3rd. 1939 Viacheslav Molotov replaces Maksim Litvinov as Russian Foreign Minister and on May 15th. 900 women prisoners are transferred from Lichtenburg Concentration Camp to the newly established Ravensbrueck Camp. Meanwhile, the St. Louis leaves Hamburg for Cuba, with 734 Jewish refugees on board. On May 17th. in Britain, the MacDonald White Paper sets the seal on Jewish immigration to 50,000 Jews being allowed into Palestine over the coming 5 years. On May 22nd. Germany and Italy sign their 'Pact of Steel' as on May 23rd. Hitler is prepared to attack Poland.

During May 1940 Rudolf Hoess becomes Auschwitz Kommandant and as the Ciezanow Ghetto in Poland becomes established, we are aware that 5,000 Jews are Enclosed. The

Jasinovka Ghetto in Poland is also established and 3,000 Jews here are Enclosed and as the Zamosc Ghetto in Poland is established, 13,000 Jews here too are Enclosed. On May 1st. Norway surrenders. On May 6th. with the Siedlice Ghetto in Poland established a further 15,000 Jews are to be Enclosed. On May 10th. Hitler invades Belgium, France, Holland and Luxembourg with his forces. Martin Luther is appointed to Foreign Office Department, Deutschland and as Neville Chamberlain resigns as Britain's Prime Minister, Winston Churchill takes charge.

Friday May 10th. 1940 "..I felt as if I were walking with destiny ..that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour and for this trial." Winston Churchill.

On May 14th. the Dutch Army surrenders and the following day May 15th. 1,000's of Jewish refugee’s are caught out by the sheer speed of the German assault as Holland is overrun and surrenders. On May 16th. Hitler’s plan to eradicate Polish intellectuals is assessed and following on from that, on May 17th. Germans occupy Brussels and the following day May 18th. they take Antwerp. On May 19th. Arthur Seyss Inquart is appointed Reich Commissioner over Holland. On May 20th. Auschwitz is now functioning as a containment centre and a deportation train with Romany Gypsies from Hamburg was sent straight to Belzec. Meanwhile, on May 21st. SS Sturmbannfuhrer Herbert Lange's Sonderkommando begins its operations in Soldau.

"..special command being under my command for particular tasks was sent to Soldau during ..time from May 21st. to June 8th. 1940 in accord with ..RSHA and has evacuated 1,588 insane persons from ..transition camp during that time." SS Gruppenfuhrer Jakob Sporrenberg.

On May 25th. Hitler receives a memo from Himmler on the Jewish treatment 'East' and the following day May 26th. the commencement of the evacuation of 338,000 British and French troops from Dunkirk begins. On May 27th. 1940. the Le Paradis Massacre against British Prisoner's of War was conducted by 14th Company, 3rd. ss Totenkopf Panzer Division. British Forces were in retreat toward Dunkirk at the time and troops from the 2nd Battalion, of the Royal Norfolk Regiment were defending a farmhouse surrounded by the waffen ss task force. Without ammunition, the British Troops surrendered. Of those 100 British Prisoner's of War, they were Machine Gunned against a wall and Murdered! On May 28th. Belgium capitulates.

The following day May 29th. the Slovak Government agrees to deport 120,000 of its Jewish People to Germany as Slave Labourers. On May 30th. Belzec, approximately 10,000 Jews from Lublin, Radom and the Warsaw district arrived at Belzec village and were distributed on toward several local labour camps. During May 1941 120 of Bucharest’s Jews are murdered and the Lachva Ghetto in Poland is established and 2,000 Jews are Enclosed. The Jewish Homes, Businesses, Cemeteries and Synagogues in Zagreb are destroyed. On May 1st. the Natzweiler Concentration Camp is established as the Gross-Rosen Concentration Camp an independent camp. On May 2nd. at a meeting of Reich Secretaries, it was concluded that any territorial solution 'East' would not be feasible given the requirement for all produce and supplies for German growth.

Thursday May 8th. 1941 "..General Komissar ..Estonia ..Latvia ..Lithuania will take measures to establish ..German Protectorate ..possible in ..future to annex these territories to ..German Reich. ..suitable elements among ..population must be assimilated ..undesirable elements exterminated." Alfred Rosenberg.

On May 10th. Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess lands in Scotland. On May 13th. Hitler issues Barbarossa Jurisdiction Order to all Military Commanders and the following day May 14th. 4,000 Jews from Paris are interned at Pithiviers. Meanwhile Romanian Jews are forced into labour and Martin Bormann succeeds Hess. On May 15th. some 12 or so Jewish Prisoner’s of War at the Biala-Podlaska detention camp are murdered at Konskowola. Meanwhile Marshal Petain pledges French cooperation with Germany. On May 16th. the Danica Concentration Camp is in operation as others in Croatia, Dakovo, Jadovno, Jasenovac where 4,000 Jewish Men are murdered, and Loborgrad where 4,000 Jewish Women are murdered seal the fate of their Jewish Citizens and Petain further approves collaboration with Hitler.

On May 20th. the Jews in France are prohibited from trading, from the ownership of banks, hotels or restaurants. These are all denied them. A regulation, signed by SS Gruppenfuhrer Walther Schellenberg, prevents all future Jewish emigration from Belgium or France in line with Goering's decree to ban all future Jewish emigration. This is of course in line with Hitler’s derailed plan, his final solution, to resolve the presence of the Jewish People on the European Continent. As difficult as it becomes to accept, and we cannot ever know the full extent of the Catastrophe, 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of Europe represents a fraction of Hitler’s intended target as outlines at The Wannsee Conference, 11,293,300 Murdered Jews.

Tuesday May 20th. 1941 "..doubtless and imminent final solution." Hermann Goering.

On May 22nd Croatian Jews are forced to wear yellow badges and on May 29th. Father Maximilian Rajmund Kolbe arrives at Auschwitz and will establish a recognition of what Christian Charity must mean. On May 31st. Heydrich and General Eduard Wagner, the Wehrmacht’s Quartermaster, agrees upon respective roles and logistics for der Einsatzgruppe actions to be articulated and progressed in Russia. During May of 1942 the first mass gassings in Sobibor Death Camp took place. By now, more than 50,000 Jews will have been murdered in Sobibor since initial operations commenced. Sobibor was one of the x3 sister Camps of the Aktion Reinhard Death Camp system, the other’s being Belzec and Treblinka. The designation for the mass murder of those Jews sent to these Aktion Reinhard Death Camps was to memorialise in some way SS Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich role in Hitler’s Final Solution.

There is no ambiguity in this statement as to whose name adorns the most evident device in the slaughter of Jewish existence! As it would appear that some had sought to accredit a member of the finance ministry with the dubious honour of the title, which is now attributed to in excess of 2,000,000 Jews of Europe, Heydrich is not only the instigator of Hitler’s personal resolve to destroy all of European Jewry, his forename is the given in relation to all these x3 Aktion ‘Reinhard’ Death Camps. During the month of May alo, Dereczyn Ghetto in Poland was established and would see to 3,500 Jews being Enclosed. Also, the Kovel Ghetto in the Ukraine was established which would harness the ability to destroy 14,000 Jews soon to be Enclosed. The Gorlice Ghetto in Poland was also established in Dszelnice Dworszeska as the West is being gradually woken to the facts of the Jewish Destruction.

"..From ..Russo German war broke out, ..Germans undertook ..physical extermination of ..Jewish Population on Polish territory." The German Bund.

Active in Poland, the Bund was the first organisation to notify the West, through the Polish Government in Exile of what the Germans were undertaking with regards to the Jewish Population. This was already recognised as the silently declared intention for the physical destruction of all Jews within Poland gathered pace. As accurate an analysis of the account raged against the Jews is made, we have the established details of the mass murder of so many Jews from so many Community’s. For all too many Jews, this is given in cold relief as sums, totals and figures which must never misrepresent the human presence they seek to define. Here we have 30,000 of Lvov's Jews, Murdered and 15,000 of Stanislawow's Jews, also Murdered! There are 5,000 of Tarnopol's Jews, Murdered and 4,000 of Brzezany's Jews, who are also Murdered!

Of Brzezany's Jewish population, which existed prior to Hitler's Invasion, of these 18,000 Jews, 16,300 had already been Murdered. The pace of the Slaughter does not waver as 2,000 of Zloczow's Jews are Murdered. The length and breadth of Poland, Jewish Community’s are removed from the former homes, in full view of those former neighbours who failed to save so many of their Jewish Cousins. In Brody, Drohobycz, Kolomyja, Kuty, Przemysl, Przemslany, Rawa Ruska, Sambor, Sniatyn, Stryj, Zaleszczyki, Zbaraz and Zborow, the fate of their Jewish Population was being sealed, devastated in pogroms which had no measure other than with Hitler’s clear intention to eradicate them fully. The Bund document also included the fate of the Jews of Galicia and alongside those Jews of The Baltic Regions, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

On May 1st. Artur Greiser, the Wartheland Gauleiter, sends a letter to Himmler which recognises the destruction of 100,000 Jews in the Lodz region alone. Meanwhile, 1,000 of Dvinsk’s Jews are murdered, where some 12,200 Jews have already been murdered. There are 245 Jewish Men, 242 Jewish Women and 22 Jewish Children in Daugavpils who were also Murdered. Elsewhere, all Slovak Jews are expelled toward Poland and will see a fee of 500 Reichmarcs being paid to the Reich for them to undertake each resettlement. On May 3rd. more than 20,000 of Prague's Jews have been 'resettled' and on May 4th. The selction for Gassing operations begins at Birkenau and by completion, more than 1,100,000 Jews would be Murdered there. Added to this assessment for the Jewish People, there is an untold ferocity also meted out to Gypsies, Poles, Homosexuals, Jehovahy’s Witnesses and so many others.

Tuesday May 5th. 1942 "..there's a good deal of mopping up taking place ..particularly amongst ..Jews. ..we just get on with it. That way we'll all be home quicker." Fritz Jacob.

Though not explicit, the comments which Jacob here addressed to a close acquaintance, SS Obergruppenfuhrer Rudolf Querner, cannot disguise what both knew was an annihilation of the Jews in Kamenets Podolsky. Secrecy, it seems, did not stretch to the odd hand written communication between consenting officials in the slaughter of the Jews they were both involved in. On May 8th. 5,670 of Lida’s Jews are murdered. On May 9th. Dachau Concentration Camp is to have a Large Crematorium and Gassing chamber and this will be located at Barracks 'X'. Meanwhile the Jews of Markuszow resist their captors and escape to the Wola Forest. On May 10th. 1,000 of Wolozyn’s Jews are murdered.

Tuesday May 12th. 1942. "..struggle against ..Jews ..implacable ..intensifying ..deportations ..mass executions. ..massacres of ..Jews in Ukraine ..nearly complete. In Poland and Germany they want to complete it ..with a system of mass murders." Abbot Pirro Scavizzi.

On May 12th. 1,000's of Gabin’s Jews are murdered at Chelmno while elsewhere, 2,500 of Ivye’s Jews are also murdered. On May 15th. 10,000 of Lodz’s Ghetto Jews are murdered at Chelmno and Hitler’s Belzec reopens for mass murder. More of Izbica Lubelska's Jews expelled to Belzec as Jewish Family Transports to Lublin from Slovakia commence. Meanwhile there is a Russian counter offensive at Kharkov. On May 16th. 4,500 of Pabiance’s Jews are murdered at Chelmno. On May 18th. The New York Times carries the facts of Jewish slaughter so far, 100,000 Jews murdered in The Baltic States, 100,000 Jews murdered in Poland and 200,000 Jews murdered in Russia. This is the bare assessment of an on-going assault against the entire Jewish Population of Europe which was in evidence for almost an entire year now.

On May 21st. 3,000 of Brzeziny’s Jews are murdered in a 3 day operation at Chelmno as the I.G. Farben industrial enterprise establishes a factory at Auschwitz. This is Monowitz, or Auschwitz III and is now in operation. On May 23rd. 4,000 of Chelm’s Jews are murdered at Sobibor in a 3 day operation. Also, 2,000 of Ozorkow Jews are murdered at Chelmno in a 3 day operation. The entire Jewish Community of Dolginovo is murdered in a 2 day operation as 100's of Wlodawa’s Jews are also murdered. On May 26th. both Britain and Russia sign a mutual assistance treaty. On May 27th. 2,000 of Zamosc’s Jews are murdered at Belzec as Heydrich becomes the target of an assassination. Elsewhere Belgian Jews are ordered to wear the Yellow Star as Hitler’s Wehrmacht beat’s back a Russian advance at Kharkov. On May 28th. 6,000 of Cracow’s Jews are murdered at Belzec and on May 29th. 3,000 of Radziwillow’s Jews resist with 1,500 of their community being killed. The Vichy Government of France bans ALL Jews from all Public places.

On May 31st. 1,000 Jews of Tyszowce are deported to Majdanek as an aktion takes place in Stryj and more than 600 of Parafianow’s Jews are also Murdered. All Jewish patients are Murdered in the Jewish hospital at Przemyslany as more than 600 of Luszki’s Jews are also Murdered. During May 1943 the Cluz Ghetto in Hungary established and as 16,000 Jews are Enclosed the approach of Hitler’s Final Solution has settled on Hungartian Jewry. The Drohobych Ghetto is Liquidated as ais the Ghetto of Stryj. On May 1st. 2,500 of Brody’s Jews are Murdered in the Liquidation of the Ghetto there. On May 4th. over 1,100 Dutch Jews are transported to Auschwitz and Sobibor.

Wednesday May 5th. 1943 "..In Poland there were ..about 4,500,000 Jews ..there remain ..only 100,000. ..Warsaw Ghetto containing ..650,000 ..only 20,000 ..25,000 Jews there. ..majority killed. ..Special death camps at Lublin (Majdanek) ..Treblinka near Brst-Litovsk. ..several hundred ..jammed into large rooms ..where they die by gassing." Vatican Memo.

May 5th. The Vatican produces a Memo which clearly acknowledges what it declares it knows of the fate of more than 4,500,000 Jews of Poland. It is a matter of fact that with such knowledge, the Church could not see fit to protest in more vigorous terms. There were Catholics back then who would have obeyed each and every instruction administered by the Church and would no doubt have confronted even Hitler. The legacy however stands to accuse all and everyone who stood aside and witnessed the parade of Jewish People toward certain destruction.

Friday May 7th.1943 "..raiding parties shoot 30 ..50 Jews each night. ..a considerable number of Jews are still underground. and only method for destroying ..Jews ..remains ..setting of fires." SS Obergruppenfuhrer Jurgen Stroop.

On May 7th. 1,000 of Zagreb’s Jews are transported to Auschwitz as elsewhere, the last 370 of Nowogrodek’s Jews are murdered. On On May 8th. and in the Warsaw Ghetto, the Headquarters of Jewish Resistance at 18 Mila Street, is surrounded and liquidated. Along with Mordechai Anielewicz, a further 97 Jewish Resistance Fighters Died that Day. Their refusal to succumb to the Nazi brutality will point the way toward all future Jewish Persistence and Resistance! 2 Jewish Fighters managed to Survive the onslaught while more than 50,000 of Warsaw's Jews have been murdered in recent months. On May 9th. over 600 of Skalat’s Jews as murdered as the German Afrika Korps surrenders in Tunisia.

Tuesday May 11th. 1943 "..responsibility for ..crime of ..murder of ..whole Jewish nationality in Poland rests first of all on those who are carrying it out ..but indirectly it falls also upon ..whole of humanity ..peoples of ..Allied nations and on their governments ..who up to this day have not taken any real steps to halt this crime. By looking on passively upon this murder of defenceless millions tortured children ..women and men they have become partners to ..responsibility...My friends in ..Warsaw ghetto fell. ..I did not succeed in dying ..same way or ..with them. ..I belong to them and ..mass graves there." Shmuel Zygielbojm.

On May 11th. as over 1,400 Dutch Jews are transported to Auschwitz and Sobibor,

Shmuel Zygielbojm sees no other way out of his dilemma to at least save some of the Jews of Poland and commits suicide. The legacy of such an act is recognised as a resistance of the Jewish spirit to stand so much taller thyan those who could have helped the Jews of Poland and could have at least assisted the Jews of The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

"..Thus far that forsaken land ..more than 3,000,000 have been killed." Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandel.

Rabbi Weissmandel was acting on behalf of the remnant of All European Jewry when he sought to persuade the West to negotiate through the 'Europa Plan.' With such a plan for the saving of what could amount to a further 1,000,000 Jewish People from destruction, this strong willed Jew went into the lions den. Weissmandel dealt with the Nazi cohorts, with Dieter Wisliceny, Eichmann's Deputy and who was the representative in Slovakia at the time, but could not persuade the West to act in one accord. On May 13th. 1,000 of Zagreb’s Jews are transported to Auschwitz as elsewhere Hitler’s Army and all Axis Forces in North Africa surrender.

Monday May 17th. 1943 "..Warsaw Ghetto is free of Jews." SS Obergruppenfuhrer Jurgen Stroop.

On May 17th. 395 Berlin Jews are transported to Auschwitz as the Ruhr Dams are attacked by the RAF. On May 18th. over 2,500 Dutch Jews are transported to Auschwitz and Sobibor and on May 19th. Berlin is declared 'Judenrein,' Free of Its Jews. On May 21st. 1,000 of Busk’s Jews are murdered and the following day May 22nd. 1,000 of Stryj’s Jews are also murdered.

Monday May 24th. 1943 "..of ..56,065 caught ..7,000 were destroyed in ..former ghetto. ..6,929 were destroyed by transporting them to TII (Treblinka)." SS Obergruppenfuhrer Jurgen Stroop.

On May 24th. there is a further rebellion which strikes at the Bialystok Ghetto, where 15,000 Jews have already been removed to Treblinka. Meanwhile, a protest by Sofia Jews saves over 19,000 of their number as the Bulgarian Government scatters its Jews to avoid German resettlement. Himmler transpers SS Oberfuhrer von Sammern-Frankenegg to Croatia over his inability to crush Jewish Resistance in Warsaw.

Tuesday, 25th. May 1943 "..holiest thing in explains and defines all we ought to be we ought to conduct ourselves and what we ought to believe." Moshe Flinker.

On May 25th. over 2,800 Dutch Jews are transported to Auschwitz and Sobibor and on May 27th. 3,000 of Tluste’s Jews are murdered and 2,500 of Sokal’s Jews are also murdered. During May 1944 the Des Ghetto in Hungary is established and 8,000 Jews will be Enclosed as the Kaposvar Ghetto in Hungary is also established and will have 5,000 Jews Enclosed. Elsewhere, the Lodz and Kosice Ghetto’s are Liquidated. On May 9th. the Russians retake Sevastopol and on May 11th. Allied forces mount a major offensive in central Italy. On May 15th. over 2,500 Jews from Theresienstadt are transported to Auschwitz and more than 870 Jews from Drancy are deported to Kovno and Reval. Meanwhile, Eichmann begins the deportation of Hungary's Jews to Birkenau with the assistance of the Hungarian Gendarmerie.

On May 16th. 2,500 Jews are transported from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz and over 500 of Fossoli’s Jews are also transported to Auschwitz as the full Hungarian action in Birkenau begins. On May 18th. 2,500 Jews are transported from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz as Polish Forces take Monte Cassino. On May 19th. over 680 Dutch Jews are deported to Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. The SK 1005 Exhumation and obliteration of the evidence at the Killing Site at Ponary Woods has ended. On May 22nd. The Auschwitz Protocol, compiled by Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler is given to Giuseppe Burzio, the Vatican's Charge d'affaires to Bratislava, for it to be handed to the Pope. On May 24th. Oswald Pohl's detailed report on the Hungarian 'resettlement' exercise reaches Himmler and on May 27th. two Jews, Arnost Rosin and Czezlaw Mardowicz escape from Auschwitz.

Monday May 29th. 1944 "..Do you know where ..Jews of Austria ..and of Germany ..Holland ..Czechoslovakia and France. Poland ..taken in cattle cars ..70 into each car. What happened to them I do not know ..I can only guess." Eva Heyman.

On May 31st. Hungarian Jews are being Gassed in Birkenau at an ever increasing rate as US Aerial Reconnaissance captures the progress of a 'resettlement' toward Death Camp Birkenau. Are these the Hungarian Jews? Allied insistence that the Death Camp at Auschwitz/Birkenau is out of their reach has been laid to waste here. There has been an historical debate as to the reasoning for the inability to see Auschwitz/Birkenau as a legitimate target and a widespread insistence has been aired that no one requested nor demanded that such an attack should be mounted. Elsewhere, 3,500 of Nyiregyhaza’s Jews are deported to Auschwitz.

Wednesday May 31st. 1944 "..The destruction of all roads leading from Hungary to Poland." Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandel.

On May 1st. Admiral Karl Doenitz now heads the German Government and on May 2nd. The Russians occupy Berlin and is surrendered. President Truman now appoints Robert Jackson as chief U. S. counsel for the prosecution of Nazi war criminals. On May 3rd. 17,247 Theresienstadt Jewish inmates are handed over to the Red Cross. Adolf Eichmann’s commando is last seen at Alt Ausee, Salzkammergut. On May 5th. Mauthausen Concentration Camp is liberatedas the Wehrmacht surrenders in Denmark. Of the 5,600 Danish Jews under German threat, most escaped though 116 Danish Jews were murdered. The Wehrmacht now surrenders in Holland where some 106,000 Dutch Jews were murdered and the Wehrmacht also surrenders North Germany.

Saturday May 5th. 1945. "..word we indulged ourselves with in ..most secret corner of our being and feared to pronounce aloud. That sacred word ..contains so many beautiful ..unbelievable things ..liberty ..freedom...end of tyranny ..misery ..slavery..hunger. has come true. ..Peace." Helga Weiss.

On May 6th. Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering surrenders to the Allies and is at first toasted with champagne, but later is transferred to Bad Mondorf in Luxembourg. On May 7th. Colonel General Alfred Jodl signs Germany's unconditional surrender at Reims and Hitler’s dream of a 1,000 year Reich ends. It barely lasted 12 years as World War II in Europe ends. On May 8th. as the Russians liberate Theresienstadt we come to realise that more than 140,000 Jews have passed through the Camp and 90,000 of these Jews perished during, in and or enroute to The Death Camps. With more than 33,500 Jews from Theresienstadt having also been murdered, the insistence of this as a model Camp is exposed. 30,000 Jews were liberated. It is Victory in Europe, VE Day and meanwhile, there are still some 700,000 inmates, Jews and other's in Concentration Camps at War's end still awaiting repatriation!

The question is being asked by those Jews who managed to Survive, to where should they return. To lands defaced with their previous existence? To lands which do not wish them to return? To Country's which abandoned them to their enormous losses. We are still attempting to get to grips with the full assessment of the Jewish Catastrophe when we realise that more than 3,000,000 Polish Jews have been Murdered and 1,100,000 Russian Jews alone were murdered. On May 9th. Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel signs Unconditional German surrender and reality makes us all too aware that some 171,000 Jews of Germany were murdered. On May 10th. 1945 Peter van Pels, who had shared the Secret Annexe with Anne Frank and her Family died. Peter was forced marched from Auschwitz on January 25th. 1945. These 'death marches' and there were many, this one from Auschwitz to Mauthausen in Austria, all were designed for the eventual destruction of those Jews who had Survived thus far. Peter died at the Mauthausen Concentration Camp, no doubt as a result of the debillitating effects of his abuse.

On May 21st. Odilo Globocnik commits suicide in detention centre, Weissensee, Austria and on May 23rd. Himmler is captured and commits suicide as British tanks enter Flensburg, Germany. In Flensburg, the British Army take several of the highest ranking Nazis into custody. These will be tried in the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial of the Major Nazi’s, including Donitz, Jodl, Keitel, Rosenberg and Speer. On May 3rd. 1946 Walther Funk testifies at his Nuremberg Trial and on May 8th. Grand Admiral Karl Donitz testifies at his Nuremberg Trial. On May 20th. Grand Admiral Erich Raeder testifies at his Nuremberg Trial. On May 23rd. Baldur von Schirach testifies at his Nuremberg Trial and on May 28th. Fritz Sauckel testifies at his Nuremberg Trial.

On May 8th. 1947 the Nuremberg Tribunal on 'IG Farben' commences. On May 14th. 1948 with the establishment of the State of Israel heralds forth a commemorative which seeks to comprehend the loss to the state of Israel that is measured in the 6,000,000 Jews murdered in The Holocaust. On May 18th. 1953 YadVashem, The Holocaust Martyr's and Hero's Remembrance Authority is established.

"..I will give in my house and within my walls a monument and a name better than sons and daughters ..I will give them an everlasting name which shall not be cut off." Isaiah 56:5.

On May 11th. 1960 Adolf Eichmann, the Architect of The Holocaust slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, Men, Women and Their Children, is captured in Buenos Aires and is flown to Israel. On May 29th. 1962, with Eichmann's appeal against his Death sentence rejected, on May 31st. Adolf Eichmann is marched toward his execution. His scheduled Hanging, Midnight is only slightly delayed. On May 10th. 1964 The Treblinka Monument is unveiled.

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TestimonyPosted by P.A. Draigh Mon, April 24, 2017 20:25:35

On April 20th. 1889 Adolf Hitler was born and as such, the genesis of The Holocaust has also been conceived. On April 21st. 1904 Odilo Globocnik is born.

Wednesday April 12th. 1922 "..there can be no compromise ..either victory of the Aryan or annihilation of ..Aryan and ..victory of ..Jew." Adolf Hitler

On April 12th. 1922 we begin to recognise, and if the tenor of the rhetoric does not quite suggest the tenure of his hatred, Hitler used the example of the Jews in this maiden speech to effect. With such vehemence that he spewed forth, there is a divisiveness not only latent, and was not the least bit dormant, what Hitler here urged was hugely employed in assailing, assaulting and then finally destroying the Jewish 6,000,000 Jewish People of Europe, Men, Women and Their Children in The Holocaust. Of course, once actions replaced words to such a catastrophic effect against these Jews of Europe, a term for such actions would need to be born and that became Genocide. On April 1st. 1924 Hitler is sentenced to 5 years in jail for incitement to riot.

On April 4th. 1925 'Schutzstaffel,' Hitler's personal Bodyguard, known to infamy as the SS is borne. On April 14th. 1932 both the SA and the SS are banned and the following year on April 1st. 1933 there is a one Day Boycott of all Jewish shops and businesses within Germany. This has been ordered by Hitler as he acts with foolish abandon. Subsequently, Jewish lawyers, doctor's and Pharmacists are restricted within their practices, under terms of 'Berufbeschrankung', and are senselessly boycotted. Even Jewish merchants are to be boycotted and as World opinion is incensed, and the German public shows little desire to accommodate him, Hitler orders the boycott be restricted to this one day. But, and as if this was not enough for such errant intolerance’s, Hitler also forbade Jewish students to attend their classes in Schools, Colleges and University's.

On April 4th. The Yellow Badge, Wear it with Pride, Tragt ihn mit Stolz, den Gelben Fleck by Robert Weltsch is published. Excerpts of this call to Jewish unity and common good appear in the German Jewish Review. This is meant to affirm Jewish worth amongst all People. On April 7th. Hitler decrees the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service 'Berufsbeamtengesetz' in which All Jews are barred from the practice of law, All Jews are barred from holding civil service jobs, All Jews barred from university positions. All Jews are barred from all other state institutions, All Jews are barred from membership in associations and All Jews are barred from membership of societies. Some exceptions are to be made for Jews who were World War I veterans and those Jews previously classed as German War Heroes.

On April 11th. the German government begins racially based employment and economic sanctions against the Jews. The non-Aryan decree describes those who descend from Jewish Parents or Grandparents as non-Aryan. One Jewish Parent or Grandparent is enough to classify a person as non-Aryan. A descendant of a practising Jew is a non-Aryan and while the Lutheran Church is the only Faith based Church to openly oppose this decree, they do not go far enough to prevent the escalation of such unchristian intolerance’s against People. It is perhaps a matter which I should point you toward the likes of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his stance was to secure all considerations for all Mankind. Today, we look to the example Lutheran retreats that the Lutheran Church makes to Dachau. It is their intention to confront their own past in terms that delivered The Holocaust to posterity.

Sometimes, my responses to what is seemingly a veiled attempt to wash over the huge humanitarian failings of our past can be rather terse affairs. They are however meant not as an overriding principle of everything that was wrong, but a sample of some things that were done right but could have been more elaborately correct! I would also remark that no Country acted like Denmark in saving its Jews from Hitler’s grasp. This does not mean that no other Country acted with similar positive assertiveness. When we consider the lack of any punitive approach we have to recognise that it was only Poland that was under direct threat of execution for assisting its Jews. But all other Country's could be singled out for reprisal it any assistance given to The Jewish People. However, and if I took the time to relate everything that I wished to state on all inroads into The Holocaust, I would barely make time to inform!

On April 14th. The National Political Educational Institute, 'der Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalten' was established as the Nazi Party’s cadet training schools. On April 21st. Jewish ritual slaughter is to be banned as Rudolf Hess is created deputy Fuhrer of the NSDAP. On April 25th. The Law for the Prevention of Overcrowding in German Schools and Schools of Higher Education is established. This law fully restricts the enrolment of Jews into the Educational system. On April 26th. Hermann Goering establishes the Geheime Staatspolizei, or Gestapo as the Secret State Police. Elsewhere, the Vaad,' the National Committee of Palestinian Jews, 'Va'ad Le'umi, establishes a method for the absorption of Jewish immigrants from Germany into their Biblical lands.

As Hitler meets with the Bishop of Osnabruck, Wilhelm Berning and Monsignor Steinmann of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany, Hitler explains that his actions against the Jews was only the continuance of what the Church's own 1,900 year policy toward the Jewish People had been. Hitler also reminds the Church that it was they who regarded the Jews as dangerous and forced them into ghetto’s and away from Christian areas in the first place. The Church, in a somewhat misguided assessment, describes this meeting with Hitler as 'cordial and to the point.' On April 27th. German government finally prohibits the practice of Jewish ritual slaughter of animals for meat. During April 1934 Germany now constitutes the People’s Court, die Volksgericht, and bypasses the Laws intended for judicial jurisprudence any recognises that any such enemy of Hitler will now be tried without the right to appeal before a closed Court and without a jury being present.

April 1st. 1934 Heinrich Himmler is appointed head of the SS and on April 14th. a strong anti-Semitic group is formed in Poland called The Radical Nationalist Organization, the 'Oboze Narodovo Radzykalny,' or ONR. On April 20th. Himmler is now the acting Chief of the Prussian Gestapo. The following year on April 1st. 1935 anti-Jewish legislation in the Saar region is passed and The Jehovah’s Witness organisation is banned because they refuse to swear allegiance to the state. On April 30th. Jews cannot display German flag. During April 1936 French conservatives condemn the French Socialist leader Leon Blum, because of his Jewish ancestry and his strongly anti-Nazi orientation. A popular slogan at the time condemns the future French premier with the slogan 'Better Hitler than Blum.'

On April 15th. x2 Jews are murdered during an Arab general strike. This is supposedly in protest against Jewish immigration to Palestine followed x4 days later on April 19th. Arab murderers kill 9 Jews in Jaffa, Palestine. On April 21st. The unrest in Palestine grows more acute and Arabs in the Palestine cities of Tel Aviv and Jaffa riot. This is to further their protest to any Jewish immigration to Palestine. On April 24th. 1937 Pastor Martin Niemoeller preaches that Jesus being born a Jew was God's mistake and on April 27th. Hitler unleashes his Stukas on Guernica. On April 5th. 1938, in the wake of Poland's threat to revoke Polish Citizens living in Germany of their Citizenship, anti-Jewish riots spread across Poland. Just x10 days later on April 15th., in Dabrowa Tarnowska, Poland, there is a pogrom which sees many Jews killed.

On April 21st. a Hitler decree eliminates Jews from national economy and allows for the seizure of all Jewish assets and x2 days later on April 23rd. Jews in Vienna, rounded up on the Sabbath and some are killed. On April 24th. German autonomy in Sudetenland is called for and registration of all Jewish property is made mandatory within Reich and on April 26th. There is the registration of all Jewish real estate. Other assets exceeding 5,000 marks, owned by Jews in Germany is also to be registered and meanwhile Jewish property is expropriated in Austria. On April 29th. Vilna, Poland a pogrom sees many Jews killed. On April 3rd. 1939 Hitler directive for seizure of Danzig, Poland and the following day April 4th. The Institute for the Study of Jewish Influence on the life of the German Church is founded as der Institut zur Erforschung des jüdischen Einflusses auf das deutsche kirchliche Leben. On April 7th. Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan enter anti-Comintern Pact as Italy occupies Albania and

Britain brings in conscription.

On April 10th. Germany approves the 1938 Anschluss with Austria in a Greater Reich referendum. On April 15th. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt presses Hitler to guarantee integrity of all national borders. On April 18th. Slovakia passes its own anti-Jewish legislation. Jews are to be defined by their Judaism religion. On April 20th. Economy and Administration Main Office, 'Wirtschafts und Verwaltungshauptamt', WVHA is to concern itself in all matters economic, especially financial management of Camp system. On April 27th. the Nonaggression pact with Poland is revoked by Hitler. On April 28th. The Anglo German Naval Agreement of 1935 is withdrawn by Hitler and he ridicules Roosevelt's earlier guarantee demands over National Sovereingty's. On April 30th. Jewish tenancy rights are no longer protected.

During April. 1940, the beginnings of the Deblin-Irena Ghetto in Poland is being established under Lazer Teichman and then Wolf Solomon, as Chairs of the Judenrate. There are to be 3,000 Jews Enclosed. The Institute for German Work in the East, die Institut fur deutsche Ostarbeit, is formed for the study of Polish Jewry. On April 1st. China admits 1,000's of Jewish Refugees to Shanghai.

Thursday April. 4th. Thursday 1940. "..I learned ..Jews from various streets are being deported." David Rubinowicz.

On April 8th. in the Katyn Forest (near Smolensk) the massacre of 26,000 Polish Officers by Russian soldiers begins. This will continue for a x4 day period. On April 9th. the Czestochowa Ghetto in Poland is established and 48,000 Jews will become Enclosed. Hitler orders the invasion of Denmark and Norway. Denmark capitulates after four hours which belies Denmark’s future position with regard to the saving of practically its entire Jewish Community from Hitler. On April 12th. Hans Frank demands Cracow be made Free of its Jews, 'Judenfrei' and by November. On April 20th. Hitler orders Armed Forces High Command, OKW, to discharge Jews of mixed blood and Husbands of Jewish women from their ranks.

SS Sturmbannfuhrer Dr. Herbert Lange became the 1st. Kommandant of the Chelmno Death Camp. Lange had already practised his bloody scourge in Poland and with the Soldau massacre of 1,550 Mental patients, with the use of 'Gassing Vans'. On April 22nd. Odilo Globocnik, the Higher SS Police Fuhrer for Lublin plans to use more Jewish forced labor as he creates more Camps for Jewish Men and Women. On April 23rd. Jews in Stutthof Camp are murdered as they are forced to leap into the pits defining the open latrines they had built and where the weak and the frail are drowned.

Saturday April 27th. 1940 "..Jews are enemies just as ..Germans are ..but in a more insidious way ..and ..are linked together by secret and evil bonds." H. F. Downie.

On April 27th. a Himmler directive initially establishes Auschwitz as a Concentration Camp as a British Foreign Office official, H.F. Downie argues that the Jewish People are to be treated just as the Germans should; as enemies. On April 30th. the Lodz Ghetto is sealed and with over 205,000 Jews who are now trapped inside. The first crematorium at Sachsenhausen is built. During April. 1941 over 72,000 Jews have been deported to the Warsaw Ghetto since February. Meanwhile, an annex for Men of the Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp is established at the Stara Gradiska Camp, in Croatia. More than 6,000 Jewish Children are murdered in the Stara Gradiska Camp. On April 1st. Cracow Jews are barred from Public and Private Busses and Taxi's and the following day, April 2nd. Pal Telecki, Hungary's Premier, commits suicide rather than collaborate with Germany.

On April 6th. the Radom Ghetto is established and will see more than 30,000 Jews Enclosed.

Elsewhere, Germany and her Axis allies invade Greece and Yugoslavia and their Jews are driven from their homes. Yugoslavia as a sovereign nation no longer exists. On April 8th. the Kielce Ghetto established and 27,000 Jews will be Enclosed. On April 9th. Hitler’s forces occupies Salonika and the following day, April 10th. Croatia declares itself an independent State. On April 12th. Hitler’s Wehrmacht Troops enter Belgrade and Jewish shops and homes are looted. On April 14th. Hungarian troops enter Yugoslavia to share in the spoils and Jews are randomly shot. Croatia is now recognised as a Fascist state by Germany and Italy. On April 15th. 15,000 of Lublin's Jews are 'resettled', Murdered in the euphemistic parlance of Hitler’s Reich.

On April 16th. The main Synagogue in Sarajevo destroyed as Himmler, Heydrich, Daluege, Juttner and Wolff meet with General Wagner to lay the foundations for Wehrmacht and SS cooperation in Russia. On April 18th. Yugoslavia surrenders and on April 24th. The Lublin Ghetto is sealed and Bulgaria occupies Thrace. On April 27th. Hitler’s Wehrmacht enters Athens and on April 28th. Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch, German Army Commander in Chief, issues directive for Wehrmacht cooperation with Heydrich's Killing units 'East'. On April 29th. Hans Frank issues a Decree on Jewish Limitations on Residence and on April 30th. Croatia enacts its own anti-Jewish legislation seeing to the removal of all Croatian Jews from public office. Also, the Head of the Polish Government in Exile, General Sikorski issues a stark warning about the treatment of the Jewish population in Polish Ghetto’s.

Wednesday 30th. April 1941 "..Jewish population in ..Ghettos is condemned to death by starvation." General Wladyslaw Sikorski.

During April. 1942 the Chortkov Ghetto in the Ukraine is established and will see 6,000 Jews Enclosed. The Ciezanow Ghetto and the Wloclawek Ghetto are both Liquidated. Himmler stresses to Hans Frank that the Jews of the Generalgouvernment are not being 'resettled' fast enough for Hitler. On April 1st. over 900 Slovakian Jews deported to Auschwitz. On April 2nd. the first deportation of Kolomyja Jews are taken from the Ghetto for Hitler’s Belzec and these 1,000 Kolomyia Jews are murdered immediately upon arrival at Hitler’s Belzec. Fritz Sauckel cuts across Auschwitz Labour Plans for its Jews. On April 3rd. 1,200 of Tlumacz’s Jews are murdered while the last Jews of Augsburg are murdered at Hitler’s Belzec. On April 4th. 1,500 of Gorodenka’s Jews are murdered and in a x2 day period more than 5,000 of Kolomyja’s Jews are Murdered in Hitler’s Belzec.

On April 8th. a sweep of the Crimea ensures it is cleared of all Jews while Izbica-Lubelska, becomes a transit Ghetto as deportation action continues. On April 10th. 950 of Kuty’s Jews are murdered and 1,200 Jews in Mauthausen are Murdered by 'poison gas' and this information is relayed and published in The Jewish Chronicle. On April 11th. 3,000 of Zamosc’s Jews are murdered at Hitler’s Belzec.

Saturday April 11th. 1942 "..rural population must be cut off ..separated from ..Jews ..once and for all ..weaned from ..extremely antisocial habit of assisting ..Jews." Gazeta Lwowska.

SS Gruppenfuhrer Harald Turner, the Military Administrator for Serbia, wrote to his erstwhile colleague, SS Obergruppenfuhrer Karl Wolff, and Himmler's Deputy and liaison officer with Hitler, of the very specific detail of The Final Solution in Serbia. Directing this insightful analysis:

Saturday April 11th. 1942 "..I had all ..available Jews shot and all Jewish Women and Children concentrated in a camp." SS Gruppenfuhrer Harald Turner.

Clearly, and soon after the 'resettlement' of Belgrade's Jews, Wolff would have informed Hitler of how expedient the entire Serbian operation had been? The opportune presence of 'gassing vans' in the locality would impact even more severely upon any Jewish presence that remained in the Balkan Region.

Saturday April 11th. 1942 "..with of ..SD ..procured a 'delousing truck' that will finally clear in some 14 days to 4 weeks." SS Gruppenfuhrer Harald Turner.

In the less than ambiguous terms employed by Nazi official euphemism, The Gassing Van had become the ‘delousing truck’ in order to camouflage the intention to slaughter the Jews of Europe. Here, such a wide ranging euphemism could not and did not fully disguise what was meant for the Jewish People. On Hitler’s say so, the total extinction of any Jewish presence in the Area of Europe had been signalled and was being carried out. What Wolff has now been equipped with, for further gestation by Hitler and Himmler, was the total removal of all those Jewish Women and Jewish Children SS Gruppenfuhrer Harald Turner had had confined to the Semlin/Sajmiste Camp.

"..On April 13th. ..1942 ..our group of 1,000 men was loaded onto railroad cars at ..assembly camp ..Sered." The Auschwitz Protocols.

On April 13th. x2 Slovakia Jews, Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler were en-route toward Auschwitz. Together, they would escape 2 years later on and acknowledge what the World had largely known, of Auschwitz’s x2 year capacity to compete in the mass Murder of the Jewish People. On April 14th. SS and Police Battalions have killed 30,000 Lublin Jews and 15,000 Lvov Jews. On April 16th. and over the past 4 weeks, Lublin Ghetto is cleared toward the Death Camp Hitler’s Belzec with some 40,000 of Lublin’s Jews having been murdered, in situ or in Hitler’s Belzec. A further 8,000 Jews from Lublin’s outlying districts are also murdered at Hitler’s Belzec and overall, some 36,000 Jews from Galicia are being murdered here, at Hitler’s Belzec.

"..pits had overflowed. ..they had too many corpses in it ..putrefaction had progressed too fast ..corpses had rolled down ..hill." SS Obersturmfuhrer Paul Franz Stangl.

What SS Obersturmfuhrer Paul Franz Stangl, a graduate of the 'euthanasia' institutes Hartheim and Bernburg, describes here is what he witnessed at Hitler’s Belzec. Stangl had moved on to learn much about the killing process and that learned experience was taken on and into commanding both Sobibor and Treblinka. On April 18th. 1,000 of Theresienstadt’s Jews are despatched to Sobibor as SS Haupsturmfuhrer Paul Franz Stangl is made Kommandant there. That day saw 52 Warsaw Ghetto Jews murdered and on April 24th. all German Jews are not allowed on Public Transport. On April 26th. the Reichstag grants Hitler dictatorial powers and on April 27th. 1,000 of Theresienstadt’s Jews are deported to Izbica Lubelska. On April 28th. 1,000's of Radom's Jews are murdered in a 10 day Killing operation and the following day, on April 29th. 100's of Lodz’s Jews are murdered at Chelmno and the evidence of this Lodz 'resettlement' at Chelmno gets back to Lodz.

Wednesday April 29th. 1942 "..Short shrift is made of ..Jews in all eastern occupied areas. Tens of thousands of them are liquidated." Joseph Goebbels.

On April 30th. 1,200 of Diatlovo’s Jews are murdered as the Pinsk Ghetto is established with 20,000 Jews to be Enclosed. All regions are required to, and must report the whereabouts of those Killing sites of mass execution and burial under Code '1005'. This is to go straight to the Reich for analysis and future action. By April 1943, more than 340,000 Jews, along with 20,000 Poles, Gypsies and Czechs are murdered at the Chelmno Death Camp with Gas vans used for their destruction. Some estimates, as low as 152,000 Jews were Murdered here. But estimates though, as high as 360,000 Jews having been murdered here have also been made. Estimates however, cannot form the basis of any relevant account and the Humanity of that Jewish presence destroyed here at Chelmno, elsewhere in The Death Camp System or at The Killing Sites, cannot ever give way to what cannot be forgotten.

Any loss which might fail to identify all of those Jews, and other’s, Murdered during Hitler’s rampage through their existence cannot set a further precedent beyond the annihilation process Hitler sought. Hans Frank visits Treblinka. On April 4th. over 4,000 Jews of Mikhailishki, Oszmiany and Soly are murdered in Ponary Woods.

Sunday April 4th. 1943 " less than 4 hours ..2,500 people were murdered ..even more." Kazimierz Sakowicz.

Where Kazimierz Sakowicz observed the murders of the Jews, and other people's in the pits at Ponary Woods, his Diary has provided much of The Holocaust with a rare glimpse of witness testimony that belonged to a non-Jewish observer.

On April 5th. 5,000 of Zloczew’s Jews are murdered and astonishingly, over 10,586 of Zloczew’s Jews will eventually be murdered. There are 4,000 of Swieciany’s Jews murdered in Ponary Woods. On April 6th. over 2,000 Dutch Jews from the Westerbork Detention Camp are murdered in Sobibor and of the more than 34,000 Jews 'resettled' from Westerbork to Sobibor, barely 19 Survived. On April 7th. 700 of Skalat’s Jews are murdered and Chelmno Castle is blown up. Now 'Sonderkommando 1005' has commenced with its onerous duty here at Chelmno, to destroy the evidence of Hitler's very Final Solution of his Jewish Question. SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel's Sonderkommando then moves on to Hitler’s Belzec, and spends three months there. However, it has to be borne in mind that all operations to obliterate all traces of the Crimes committed here, as they are within all 3 of the Aktion Reinhard Death Camps, are conducted in house. Blobel's Sonderkommando are merely an advisory team with the specialised expertise for the task.

On April 9th. 1,700 of Rudki’s Jews are murdered as are 500 of Komarno’s Jews, also murdered. On April 10th. the Plans to resettle the remaining Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto are undertaken. On April 11th. Globocnik writes to Himmler confirming that the Aktion Reinhard detail is being resolved. On April 13th. 2,000 of Buczacz’s Jews are murdered and over 1,200 Dutch Jews expelled from Westerbork Camp and are murdered in Sobibor and the Katyn Massacre is discovered. On April 14th. 1,000 of Sambor’s Jews are murdered and the Siedlice Ghetto is finally Liquidated. On April 16th. Hitler fully briefs the Hungarian Regent, Admiral Miklos von Nagybania Horthy, on the full terms of what The Final Solution means.

"..I myself arrived in Warsaw ..April 17th. 1943 ..and took over command of ..Grossaktion at 8 o'clock." SS Obergruppenfuhrer Jurgen Stroop.

On April 17th. The Jewish Warsaw Ghetto Uprising begins with the remnants of Warsaw's Jews, 70,000 Jews who are still alive. SS Obergruppenfuhrer Jurgen Stroop arrives in the Warsaw Ghetto and the eventual destruction of all Jewish Resistance here is underway! On April 18th. over 3,400 of Jaworow’s Jews are murdered. On April 19th. 1,400 of Brussels Jews are transported to Auschwitz. Over 900 of Berlin’s Jews are murdered at Sobibor and elsewhere, 800 of Borszczow’s Jews are murdered. The Warsaw Ghetto's final liquidation has begun and Stroop, who replaces SS Oberfuhrer Ferdinand von Sammern-Frankenegg as HSSPF representative for the Warsaw District, will see not only the Jews of Warsaw fighting to the death for many, but will see Stroop denying the very tenacious and committed involvement of Jews, and Jews alone in the Resistance here. Odilo Globocnik is on hand to assist in crushing remnants of Jewish Warsaw supplying forces directly from his own Aktion Reinhard experts. Mark Lichtenbaum is the Chair of Warsaw Ghetto Judenrate before Final Liquidation. On April 20th. over 1,100 Dutch Jews from Westerbork are murdered at Sobibor.

Thursday 22nd. April 1943 "..considerable number of Jews emerge ..forced flames and ..smoke. ..Jews try to escape even through burning buildings. ..Innumerable Jews ..perished in ..flames." SS Obergruppenfuhrer Jurgen Stroop.

On April 22nd. Stroop sees the only resolve for the Warsaw Ghetto Resistance would be to burn them out and with that, burn the whole Ghetto down. The first Transport of Dutch Jews arrives at Theresienstadt.

Friday April 23rd. 1943 "..Great things are happening ..this action ..we have dared to take is of enormous value. ..Jewish self defense has become a fact." Mordechai Anielewicz.

On April 23rd. Himmler issues orders for the most severe action to be committed against those Jews still resisting in the Warsaw Ghetto. Marek Lichtenbojm, Judenrat Chairman and his Deputies of the Warsaw Ghetto are executed. On April 27th. over 2,000 Dutch Jews from Westerbork are murdered at Sobibor. Any total solution for Amsterdam's Jews is now abandoned. On April 28th. Izbica-Lubelska is made Free of its Jews, it is 'Judenrein' and on April 29th. The Polish Underground Newspaper ‘Polska’ reports the struggle for the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Thursday April 29th. 1943 "..strength of ..German military and police machine ..being weakened daily. This strength broke near Stalingrad ..had to retreat from Tunis now stands powerless before a group of Jews who defend themselves in ..ghetto." Polska.

On April 30th. 1,200 of Wlodawa’s Jews are murdered at Sobibor while some in the transport attacked the SS upon arrival at Sobibor. Goebbels publishes the details of Katyn Massacre and Martin Luther is dispatched to Sachsenhausen.

Friday April 30th 1943 "..if by free choice he wishes to remain a Jew ..then he is a Jew." Zelig Kalmanovich.

From the midst of the turmoil, in the middle of the Vilna Ghetto, as liquidation faced every Jew within the Ghetto, what Zelig Kalmanovich had decided, which no amount of legislative enactment nor Nuremberg decree could affix to a human being, here was a Jew who had decided his own fate. The designation of who was, and who did not wish to be a Jew was a free and personal choice to be made even while the Jews faced oblivion. During April 1944 the Debrecen Ghetto in Hungary is established and 9,000 Jews will be Enclosed. The Kosice Ghetto in Czechoslovakia is established and 12,000 Jews will be Enclosed. The Jews of Besserabia are now in Russian hands. The Jews of Bukovina are now in Russian hands and the Jews of Transnistria are also in Russian hands.

On April 1st. the Majdanek Death Camp is being evacuated were estimates as high as some 360,000 Jews and other people having been Murdered here. With certainty, most are Jews and the use of Zyklon 'B' and CO Gas are used to resolve Hitler’s Final Solution. There is a contention with the figure for barely 60,000 Jews having been gassed at Majdanek and though the suggestion still remains that ALL Jews Murdered here were done away with in a myriad of ways, we can never know how accurate our assessments might be. On April 2nd. 1,500 of Athens Jews are transported to Auschwitz and meanwhile, the Russians are on the Romanian border. On April 3rd. there is the Krummhuebel Conference of experts on Jewish Question and the following day, April 4th. 103 of the 132 of Triest’s Jews are Gassed in Auschwitz as US Reconnaissance Aircraft photograph the Auschwitz and Birkenau site and are possibly of these Jews of Triest making their way toward their Destruction.

On April 5th. over 650 Dutch Jews are deported to Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Theresienstadt and over 550 of Fossoli’s Jews are transported to Auschwitz. Today,

Siegfried Lederer escapes from Auschwitz/Birkenau and makes it safely to Czechoslovakia where he warns the Judenrate of Theresienstadt what ‘resettlement’ to Auschwitz/Birkenau means for the Jews. Joel Brand, accompanied by Rudolf Kasztner, meet with Eichmann to discuss ways of saving Hungary's Jews and The Blood for Goods deal is sought! It is disturbing to me that any single Jew can be so accused of his part in securing the safety of any Jew, no matter their relationship or credentials, when the World which knew so much stands unaccused. Remember also, that during height of Brand's mission, 84,000 Hungarian Jews are 'resettled' to Auschwitz on a weekly basis.

While there is this wide-scale controversy which surrounds this period, and will dog this particular attempt by some Jews to deal with Eichmann, the effort is cowered in suspicion. Tragically, Kasztner will eventually pay with his life for the accusation of collaborating with 'satan'. Previously, we know that in September 1941, Joel Brands Wife's Family had been deported to Kamanetz Podolsk and would have been murdered there except for Brand's move to bribe a Hungarian official to bring them back. The rescue attempt, from the jaws of death formed the genesis of this newer attempt which wrongly denied Kasztner of a life worthy of having saved nearly 1,700 World entire’s. Also, and in applying the status of Survivor to those Jews who emerged from the midst of The Holocaust, it is essential we appreciate what the term means. It cannot apply to the 4,000 Jews of Ireland, though under threat, they were not forced into hiding, forced in Ghetto's, driven toward The Killing Sites or were otherwise transported to be resettled in The Death Camps or removed to the many Concentration Camps under Hitler's gaze. But what Reszo Kasztner managed to achieve allowed for the figures of those who can be called Survivors, to swell by 1,685 Jewish Persons.

Friday April 7th. 1944 "..Cautious estimate of ..number of ..Jews gassed ..Birkenau ..April 1942 ..April 1944 by Country of origin

..Poland ..transported by truck 300,000 Jews

..transported by train 600,000 Jews

Holland 100,000 Jews

Greece 45,000 Jews

France 150,000 Jews

Belgium 50,000 Jews

Germany 60,000 Jews

Yugoslavia }

Italy }

Norway } 50,000 Jews

Lithuania 50,000 Jews

Bohemia }

Moravia }

Austria } 30,000 Jews

Solvakia 30,000 Jews

Camps for foreign Jews in Poland 300,000 Jews

Total 1,765,000 Jews." The Auschwitz Protocols.

On April 7th. two Czechoslovakian Jews, Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler escaped from Auschwitz and are about to inform the public of nations what governments of those nations already know. These 'The Auschwitz Protocols,' become a detailed overview of operations at Auschwitz, by both Vrba and Wetzler and is delivered to Jewish Leaders and subsequently, to the knowledgeable Allied Powers. What is reprehensible, but I suppose forms a somewhat uninspiring deflective shield of guilt for all those who either knew, participated in and perpetrated these crimes, Rudolf Vrba adjudged the German Army and its General Staff correctly as complicit in all crimes connected to Hitler’s Final Solution. Perhaps he should have gone further and denounced the World’s inability to acknowledge what it too knew and had known for quite some time!

"..attempts by members ..German General Staff to whitewash their complicity in these atrocities ..or by German historians to exculpate ..regular German Army ..should not be allowed to cover up ..fact of ..vital ..significant economic ..strategic advantages ..Nazi establishment together with ..German Army and its General Staff derived from this unprecedented ..unparalleled mass murder and robbery." Rudolf Vrba.

While the figures of those Murdered in The Auschwitz Protocols themselves are somewhat altered by subsequent checks, counter balances and newer research, I fully acknowledge that both Vrba and Wetzler are better placed to state more accurately what the World seems to trip over to this day. With the fact that the annihilation process leaked out to Civilised Humanity way before now, to heap the blame upon anyone Jew is wrongly reprehensible and though History seeks to accept that 1,100,000 Jews were Murdered within the confines of the Auschwitz/Birkenau complex, we cannot ever know. For me personally, it is safer to accept the higher figure so that NO Jew can ever be denied their presence in this Catastrophe for ALL the Jews of Europe.

"..Americans ..British in these regions. ..Why did they not drop ..bombs on ..horrible tomb ..sixty kilometres from their Northern Frontier. They could have wrecked SS barracks ..ramps ..crematoriums ..roads ..rail track. Why didn't they." Alfred Wetzler.

While acknowledging here the events these Jewish Survivors brought to a wider audience, it is unacceptable that little and nothing was done to alleviate what was known, and not just of Auschwitz/Birkenau but of the entire infrastructure of Hitler’s Final Solution. If, and at the time it was not considered a priority how can that assuage such a massive guilt for what had commenced with strongly worded assurances of his intention to Murder the Jews and this resulting catalogue of shameful detail. Let me spell it out this way. While the continuation of the War might ensure the deaths of even more Civilians and troops, what the failure to intervene in the midst of The Holocaust could guarantee, increasing numbers of Jews would be Slaughtered.

Of course, there are those like Hoess who might have sought to exaggerate his accomplishment, or Eichmann who sought to immerse himself most accurately in the assessment, but no one can deny the potential for mass murder that existed here at Auschwitz and Birkenau. On a given average of 10,000 Jews Murdered on a Daily basis, during the period of Vrba and Wetzler’s incarceration alone, 10,000 over a 700 day period could compute to something approaching 7,000,000 of those Jews, to treated to ‘Sonderbehandlung’ with that capacity in mind.

Friday 7th. April 1944 "..millions of Jews ..captured ..who knows where they are. ..We have come ..from place where your brothers are. ..Two thousand years have we brought into this world children ..doomed to suffer." Moshe Flinker.

On April 10th. the Russians retake Besserabia where some 148,000 Jews had been murdered and the Russians retake Bukovina where some 62,000 Jews had been murdered. The Russians also retake Odessa where over 91,678 of Odessa’s Jews had been murdered. On April 11th. some 2,500 Jews from Athens arrive in Auschwitz and 1,067 of these are immediately gassed while 320 men form part of the Sonderkommando and 328 Women are selected for work other details. Both Czeslaw Madrzyk and Grigori Orlov Maro choose today to escape from Birkenau. On April 13th. 1,500 Jews from Paris are transported to Auschwitz and the following day April 14th. the first transport of 5,200 of Athens’ Jews arrives at Auschwitz and Birkenau.

On April 15th. a Jewish revolt hampers action of 'Sonderkommando 1005' in Hitler’s attempt to destroy the evidence in Ponary Woods and 25 Jews are subsequently murdered. The exhumation at Ponary Woods had continued from the November of 1943. On April 16th. the Hungarian Government begins to register its Jews as the Hungarian Government seeks to confiscate all Jewish property.

Tuesday April 18th. 1944 "..heard ..all would die in Poland." Eva Heyman.

On April 20th. the last 70 Jews assigned to the 'Sonderkommando 1005' detail in Ponary Woods are murdered and on April 22nd. The Russians cross the Romanian border. On April 25th. Eichmann would illicit the 'Blood for Trucks' deal with Joel Brand, Reszo Kasztner and the Hungarian Jewish Leadership. On April 29th. 3,000 Jews from Backa-Topola are transported to Auschwitz as over 1,000 Jews from Paris are also dispatched to Auschwitz. During April 1945 stolen Art and other Valuables are discovered by Allied Forces in Salt Mines. On April 1st. the Allied Forces encircle the Ruhr and the following day April 2nd. Hitler announces that the world will be 'eternally grateful' for his eradication of the Jewish People.

"...Centuries will pass ..but from ..rubble of our city ..our hatred of those who are to blame Jewry and its lackeys ..I have made it clear that if they treat ..nations of Europe as tools that may be bought and sold by these international swindlers for money and material support ..then that race ..Jewish race ..which is truly responsible for this murderous struggle ..shall bear ..consequences. ..Above all ..I oblige ..national leadership and its followers to observe ..racial laws scrupulously and subject ..poisoner of all nations Jewry merciless resistance." Adolf Hitler.

On April 6th. the evacuation of Buchenwald begins and on April 9th. Mauthausen is evacuated where over 38,000 Jews were murdered, some 10,000 in 'gassing vans' at the euthanasia Institute Hartheim, some in the Melk sub-Camp and other’s in Mauthausen’s own Gassing Chamber. On April 10th. 15,000 Jews are death marched from Buchenwald as the following day April 11th. the Americans liberate Buchenwald where some 56,500 Jews had been murdered. 15,000 Jews are subsequently freed as the Allies take Essen and American troops reach the Elbe River. On April 12th. the Camp at Belsen is liberated by the British Army and it is essential to be clear, that while all of Hitler’s Camps dealt in the Death’s and Destruction of the Jews he had assigned to them, these were not to be considered Death Camps in the way those like Auschwitz/Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor and Treblinka had been designated.

President Roosevelt dies and Harry S. Truman succeeds and he asks Samuel Rosenman to approach Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson and inquire about his willingness to serve as chief US prosecutor in the forthcoming War Crimes Trials. The following day April 13th. Russian forces enter Vienna and on April 15th. British estimates of the liberated Belsen shows 13,000 are dead lie as they fell amongst whom are Anne and Margot Frank. It is now believed that Anne succumbed to the appalling conditions sometime prior to the end of March alongside some 50,000 other Jews who are Murdered or left to die here. While 40,000 are freed, Jews were still dying at the rate of 4,500 per week and the toll for all who died here, is incalculable!

On April 16th. Russian forces move on Berlin and on April 20th. American troops enter Nuremberg. On April 21st. Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp is evacuated of its 15,000 inmates and on April 23rd. 33,000 Sachsenhausen inmates begin their Death March leaving more than 35,000 Jews who had been murdered there. There 3,000 Survivors after a final SS massacre. Russian forces now stand before Berlin and some Ravensbrueck inmates are force marched to Schleswig while 7,000 Ravensbrueck Women inmates are handed over to the Swedish Red Cross and Mauthausen Concentration Camp is opened to Red Cross. On April 24th. Himmler hands peace proposal to Count Folke Bernadotte, the Nephew of the King of Sweden and Vice-President Swedish Red Cross.

On April 25th. Himmler's offer of surrender is declined as American and Russian Troops meet at Torgau on the Elbe while the United Nations hold talks in San Francisco. On April 28th. Dachau is liberated we recognise that some 35,000 Jews have been murdered here. Elsewhere, the Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini is killed and on April 29th. the Wehrmacht surrenders in Italy at Caserta as the Allies enter Milan. On April 30th. Ravensbrueck CC is liberated with 3,000 inmates still dying there. More than 132,000 Women had been interned. Hitler, rather than stand for his convictions, and his Wife, Eva Braun, commit suicide as does Goebbels and his Wife Magda, but not before they poison their own 6 Children.

"..hold a solemn requiem mass in memory of der Fuhrer." Cardinal Adolf Bertram.

Between April 1st. and April 2nd. 1946 Joachim von Ribbentrop, the former Foreign Reich’s Minister, testifies before The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial of The Major Nazi Criminals. On April 11th. SS Gruppenfuhrer Ernst Kaltenbrunner, the former Head of Hitler’s SD, testifies before The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial of The Major Nazi Criminals. On April 5th. SS Standartenfuhrer Rudolf Hoess, the former Kommandant at the Auschwitz/Birkenau Death Camp, provides graphic testimony of mass executions at his camp as he testifies before The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial of The Major Nazi Criminals. On April 18th. Hans Frank, the former Governor General of the Generalgouvernment in Poland, testifies before The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial of The Major Nazi Criminals. On April 26th. Julius Streicher, the former Gauleiter of Franconia and former editor of the virulently antisemitic der Sturmer, testifies before The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial of The Major Nazi Criminals. On April 30th. Hjalmar Schact former President of The Reichsbank, testifies before The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial of The Major Nazi Criminals.

On April 8th. 1947 The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 4, The Oswald Pohl or Economic and Administrative Office, the WVHA Case begins. SS Gruppenfuhrer Oswald Ludwig Pohl and seventeen other members of WVHA are charged with war crimes against POWs in concentration camps which WVHA controlled after spring of 1942.

1) SS Gruppenfuhrer Oswald Ludwig Pohl. Sentenced to Death. Hanged June 7th. 1951.

2) SS Oberfuhrer Johann Hans Baier. Sentenced to 10 years.

3) SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Hanns Bobermin. Sentenced to 20 years. Reduced to 15 years.

4) SS Standartenfuhrer Franz Eirenschmalz. Sentenced to Death. Commuted to 9 years.

5) SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Karl Enthey. Sentenced to Life in prison. Commuted to 20 years.

6) SS Brigadefuhrer Heinz Karl Fanslau. Sentenced to 20 years. Commuted to 15 years.

7) SS Gruppenfuhrer August Frank. Sentenced to life in prison. Commuted to 15 years.

8) Dr. Hans Hohberg. Sentenced to 10 years.

9) SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Max Kiefer. Sentenced to life in prison. Commuted to 20 years.

10) SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Horst Klein. Acquitted.

11) SS Gruppenfuhrer Georg Loerner. Sentenced to Death. Commuted to life, then 15 years.

12) SS Oberfurer Hans Loerner. Sentenced to 10 years.

13) SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Hermann Pook. Sentenced to 10 years.

14) SS Standartenfuhrer Rudolf Scheide. Acquitted.

15) SS Sturmbannfuhrer Karl Sommer. Sentenced to Death. Commuted to life then 20 years.

16) SS Standartenfuhrer Erwin Tschentscher. Sentenced to 10 years.

17) SS Standartenfuhrer Josef Vogt. Acquitted.

18) SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Leo Volk. Sentenced to 10 years, then 8 years.

On April 10th. Military Tribunal II-A sentences 20 convicted defendants in the Einsatzgruppen Trial. 14 of the defendants, members of the German mobile killing units, der Einsatzgruppe are sentenced to death. On April 15th. 31 Defendants of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp were arraigned before the Courts.

1) Josias Erbprinz zu Sentenced to Life. Commuted to 20 Years. Waldeck und Pyrmont.

2) Otto Barnewald. Sentenced to Death. Commuted to Life.

3) August Bender. Sentenced to 10 Years then 3 Years.

4) Anton Bergmeier. Sentenced to Death. Commuted to Life.

5) Dr Arthur Dietzsch. Sentenced to 15 Years.

6) Dr. Hans Eisele. Sentenced to Death. Pardoned 1952.

7) Werner Greunuss. Sentenced to Life. Commuted to 20 Years.

8) Phillip Grimm. Sentenced to Death. Commuted to Life.

9) Hermann Grossmann. Sentenced to Death. Hanged November 19th. 1948.

10) Hermann Hackmann. Sentenced to Death. Commuted to Life.

11) Gustav Heigel. Sentenced to Death. Commuted to Life.

12) Hermann Helbig. Sentenced to Death. Hanged November 19th. 1948

13) Dr Edwin KatzenEllenbogen. Sentenced to Life. Commuted to 12 Years.

14) Josef Kestel. Sentenced to Death. Hanged November 19th. 1948.

15) Ilse Koch. Sentenced to Life. Commuted to 4 Years.

16) Richard Kohler. Sentenced to Death. Hanged November 26th. 1948.

17) Hubart Krautwurst. Sentenced to Death. Hanged November 26th. 1948.

18) Hans Merbach. Sentenced to Death. Hanged January 14th. 1949.

19) Peter Merker. Sentenced to Death. Commuted to 20 Years.

20) Wolfgang Otto. Sentenced to 15 Years.

21) Hermann Pister. Sentenced to Death. Died September 28th. 1948.

22) Emil Pleissner. Sentenced to Death. Hanged November 26th. 1948.

23) Quido Reimer. Sentenced to Death. Commuted to Life.

24) Helmut Roscher. Sentenced to Death. Commuted to Life.

25) Hans Theodor Schmidt. Sentenced to Death. Hanged June 7th. 1951.

26) Max Schobert. Sentenced to Death. Hanged November19th. 1948.

27) Albert Schwartz. Sentenced to Death. Commuted to Life.

28) Dr. Walter Wendt. Sentenced to 15 Years. Commuted to 5 Years.

29) Friedrich Wilhelm. Sentenced to Death. Hanged November 26th. 1948.

30) Hans Wolf. Sentenced to Death. Hanged November 19th. 1948.

31) Franz Zinecker. Sentenced to Life.

On April 16th. Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hoess Hanged in Auschwitz 1 for his crimes against the Jews of Humanity. The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 2 ends and Erhard Milch is convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for his crimes. On April 19th. The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 5, The Friedrich Flick Case begins. Six members of the Flick Consortium, a group of industrialists whose enterprises included coal and steel are charged collectively with the use of Slave Labour including POWs. They are also charged with the deportation of people for that labour from all of the German occupied territories. They are further charged, on direction, of the plundering of privately owned property and the 'Aryanization' process of Jewish properties.

01) Friedrich Flick. Sentenced to 7 years.

02) Odilo Burkart. Acquitted.

03) Konrad Kaletsch. Acquitted.

04) Otto Steinbrinck. Sentenced to 5 years.

05) Hermann Terberger. Acquitted.

06) Bernhard Weiss. Sentenced to 30 months.

On April 9th. 1948 The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 9, ends. All 24 defendants are found guilty on one or more of the charges. 14 defendants are sentenced to death. 10 defendants have these sentences commuted later to varying terms of imprisonment. On April 10th. Sentence in der Einsatzgruppe Case is presented with the confirmation of the sentences passed in the United States Zone of Occupation by its Military Governor. On April 13th. 1949 The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 11, The Ministries Case ends with 19 defendants found guilty. On April 11th. 1961 The Trial of Adolf Eichmann begins in Jerusalem.

"..This is not a matter of revenge. ..Hebrew poet Bialik says ..Revenge for a small child ..devil has not yet devised." Golda Meir.

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TestimonyPosted by P.A. Draigh Fri, March 17, 2017 19:06:23

On March 7th. 1904 Reinhard Heydrich, the organiser of The Holocaust is born followed 2 years later on March 19th. 1906 when Adolf Eichmann, the Chief Administrator of The Holocaust is born. Also 2 years after that on March 26th. 1908 Paul Franz Stangl, Kommandant of Treblinka is born. On March 10th. 1927 the Speaking ban on Hitler is lifted and on March 13th. 1932 in the German Presidential Election's, Adolf Hitler polled over 30% of the votes cast, with 13,700,000 votes. On March 1st. 1933 Rabbi Stephen Wise of the World Jewish Congress seeks to ensure the American President has Hitler's assault's upon the Jews of Europe as a Centre piece to America's Foreign Policy! On March 4th. United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt makes his inaugural address. Roosevelt will remain President throughout The Holocaust years.

On March 5th. the Nazis secure 44% of the votes cast, with 288 seats in the Reichstag Election and a coalition is formed with the Social Democrats who hold 18% of the vote. Hitler assumes total control in Germany as all Individual German States now have all power divested of them. On March 9th. Himmler becomes the Police President in Munich and on March 13th. Goebbels is appointed Reich Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. On March 17th. Hitler's SS Bodyguard Regiment Adolf Hitler, 'Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler' is formed under Josef 'Sepp' Dietrich. On March 19th. the Jewish War Veterans of America seek to boycott German goods and services. On March 20th. Dachau Concentration Camp is established on the outskirts of the Town and the SA and SS form the first Policing guards of the Camp system.

Here, in partnership with Hartheim, prisoners from Dachau will be gassed. On March 21st. Communist Deputies are banned from taking Reichstag Seats and Special Courts are established to deal with Hitler's political enemies. A threat is issued that any assassination attempt upon Hitler will result in all the Jews of Germany being put up against the wall and then shot. On March 22nd. Dachau Concentration Camp near Munich opens and on March 23rd. The Enabling Act, the Law for Removal of the Distress of People and the Reich, 'Ermaechtigungsgesetz,' is passed. With this, Hitler gains dictatorial powers as Germany's artistic growth will be fuelled by 'blood and race.' On March 27th. an anti-Nazi rally held in New York City, organised by The American Jewish Congress. 55,000 people attend and a boycott is proposed of German goods if Germany insists upon their own but permanent boycott of Jewish owned business.

On March 31st. Oranienburg Concentration Camp is established as all German States are denied individual power. On March 1st 1935 Germany retakes the Saarland and two weeks later on March 16th. Military Conscription in Germany is reconvened and this too is in contravention of the Versailles Treaty. A unilateral decision by America, Britain and France to not confront Hitler is reached which secures in Hitler’s mindset a free hand to do what he wishes and against those he views as his enemies. These are largely Jews, Communists, Poles, and as he sees it, any of those who look sideways at him. On March 3rd. 1936 Jewish doctors are prohibited from practising medicine in all public health institutions throughout Germany.

On March 7th. Hitler denounces The Locarno Pact as German troops re-militarise and occupy the Rhineland and while America, Britain, and France all condemn such an aggressive act, they do not actively respond. On March 9th. 2 Jews and a Pole are killed and more than 20 Jews are injured in Przytyk, a Town in Poland with more than 2,700 Jews, 90% of the Population, Those attacked during anti-Semitic riots saw more than 40 Jewish Homes and Business's ransacked, looted and destroyed. On March 17th. demonstrations are held by Jews and left-wing and liberal Poles protesting against these anti-Jewish riots in Poland. On March 29th. the SS Death's Head Division of Camp Guards is renamed SS Deaths Head Units 'Totenkopfverbande' and they are responsible for guarding The Concentration Camps. The SS is expanded to 3,500 men. In the Reichstag election, this sees Hitler's policies gain 98% approval.

On March 14th. 1937 Pope Pius XI’s encyclical 'With Burning Concern', 'Mit brennender Sorge' declares the Totalitarian State and Hitler’s racial hatred 'twin evils.' A question which persists is concerned with why this Pope remained so quiet on the question of the Jewish situation, as the growing frenzy of assault turned toward a more destructive phase. This Pope, and subsequently Pope Pius XII, were meant to be very vocal in the call of Christ, in the manner of humanity and in respect of all that Christ taught us about tolerance and the perpetuity of all life here on Earth. No one is saying that any Pope could have more readily interpreted Hitler's vile and vocal rants as other than political bluster. But with the accumulation of events, which could not deny the bold facts of a more than brutal response toward the Jewish People, silence was a pernicious and complicit acquiescence.

Surely too, with the scale of atrocity now being observed it could have been figured that there was a less than cursory link between Hitler and the proposed fate for the Jews within Hitler’s own domain. For every action against the Jews, which were growing in such ferocity, and with the apparent and systematic nature of the attacks, which were all being aimed at the eventual eradication of all Jews, all of this seemed in line with Hitler's expressed wish and countenanced demand! When we even consider that whether or not Jewish destruction came from enforced illness, food deprivation or the physical annihilation we were about to be introduced to, Hitler was lining the Jewish People up for a more permanent and calamitous resolve.

What can then be construed, from that same silence from Political and Religious leaders, and as it failed to accumulate any collective response, this can all be seen as duplicitous and fully conducive with Hitler's immediate and awakening conduct. Hitler must have heard heartily, an audible quiet and reflected on the silence as indifference or worse, approval. Hitler took full advantage of the omitted roar of protest to plan for the eventual destruction of 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, All Men, Women and Their Children with no exception.

March 4th. 1938 "..Providence ..charged me with a mission to reunite ..German peoples with a mission to restore my homeland to ..German Reich. ..believed in this mission. ..lived for it ..and fulfilled it." Adolf Hitler.

On March 12th. the German Army enters Vienna and on the following day, March 13th. Austria is fully absorbed into the Reich and by means of this 'Anschluss', Austria ceases to exist and the systematic larceny of Jewish assets is set in motion within Austria.

" ..reunion ..Austria with ..German Reich ..Heydrich gave ..order ..set ..Jewish emigration in motion from Vienna." Adolf Eichmann.

On March 22nd. President Roosevelt issues invitations to 33 Nations to an Evian Congress meant to assist the escalating Jewish Refugee situation and on March 23rd. Jewish community organizations within Hitler’s Reich are no longer recognised. On March 26th. Goering makes 'aryanisation' a clear principle in Vienna and the extortion of anything the Jews own begins with everything possible to be confiscated. On March 28th. Law diminishing legal rights of Jewish cultural organizations is in place as Hitler incites Sudeten Germans to conform to his ultra State. On March 31st. the Polish government passed a law threatening to revoke all Polish citizenship of all Polish Jews residing in Germany and Austria. This would affect 30,000 Polish Jews living in Germany and a further 20,000 Polish Jews living in Austria.

On March 2nd. 1939 Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli becomes Pope Pius XII. On March 11th. Hungarian Labour Service System requires enforced Military construction duties of Jews. On March 14th. Josef Tiso declares Slovakian Independence and the following day, March 15th. Nazi's enter Prague, Czechoslovakia and Hitler Annexes Bohemia-Moravia which become a Reich Protectorate. On March 16th. German Troops enter Prague and as Czechoslovakia ceases to exist, Slovakia becomes a Reich Protectorate. On March 20th. there is the Nazi burning of over 5,000 drawings, paintings and sculptures in Berlin and the following day, March 21st. Jews seek refuge away from Memel, Lithuania, as hostile German troops enter the City. On March 31st. Chamberlain pledges Britain's and France's guarantee of Polish sovereignty.

On March 6th. 1940 Jewish Physicians in Poland barred from treating 'aryans' and on March 12th. all of Schneidemuehl's 160 Jews are deported to Lublin in freight cars. German Gypsies are now being deported from Western and Northern Germany and Russia and Finland sign a mutual nonaggression Pact. On March 22nd Goering halts all deportations of the Jewish People to Lublin. On March 29th. the German Foreign Office denies any move to expel Berlin's Jews. On March 1st. 1941 Himmler visits Auschwitz and Himmler plans ahead for the expansion of the Auschwitz group of Camps. Construction of Birkenau, Auschwitz II, now begins and Bulgaria allied to Germany. On March 2nd. Hitler outlines his plans for Operation Barbarossa, the defeat of Russian and his move toward further ‘Lebensraum’, the living space for the German people.

German troops now occupy Bulgaria and the following day, March 3rd. the Cracow Ghetto established. Cracow was the First Jewish Settlement of Polish soil and believed to have been in existence since the 13th. Century. Dr. Arthur Rosenzweig is the Chairman of the Judenrate and has over 56,000 Jews who are to be enclosed over the period of its existence, for some 2 years. On March 4th. the Bunawerk factory is authorised for the Auschwitz area. On March 7th. 1,000's of Polish and German Jews are forced into labour squads. On March 11th. the Lend Lease is enacted whereby America advances material support to Britain for War against Hitler. On March 13th. Hitler issues addition to War Directive No. 21 for the Barbarossa campaign.

On March 15th. the Planned expulsion of Vienna's Jews is halted although 5,000 Jews had already been displaced. In Bochnia, Poland a Ghetto is established with Symcha Weiss as the Judenrate Chairman and 15,000 Jews from the Town and the surrounding environs are Enclosed. Operation Barbarossa is now beckoning as a newer reckoning with The Jews of Europe was being formulated. On March 17th. Hitler convenes his Military meeting and restates to General Halder that with the Russian campaign, this calls for early successes with 'no reversals'. On March 18th. Witold Pilecki (aka Tomasz Serafinski) reports to Polish Government in Exile, London, on the Auschwitz Camp conditions. Information had previously been dispatched to Zwiazek Organizacji Wojskowej, ZOW and onto Warsaw throughout October 1940. In November 1940, with the first details of Exterminations emanating from within Poland, the West was being given the Evidence that would lead 6,000,000 Jews of Europe toward their eventual Destruction.

Wednesday March 19th. 1941 ".. Lithuania's liberation is close at hand. ..traitors will be pardoned ..if they provide certain proof ..liquidated at least one Jew. ..Jews must be informed ..their fate has been decided upon. ..At ..decisive moment ..seize their property ..nothing will be lost." Lithuania Activist Front.

These were the Lithuanian fascists, the LAF who had escaped to Germany to build a resistance movement against the Russian forces of occupation. The Jewish People of Lithuania, whom they sought to Destroy and purloin their possessions, would be duly destroyed! On March 24th. the Lublin Ghetto, Poland is established with 35,000 Jews who are enclosed. Chief Engineer Henryk Bekker is the Judenrate Chariman of Lublin and Mark Alten, the Zionist Leader, is its spiritual Head. All told there are over 200,000 Jews Enclosed in region called 'Lublinland.' On March 25th. Yugoslavia joins the Axis alliance and the following day March 26th. The German Army High Command, OKH, gives special powers to Heydrich's RSHA, on der Einsatzgruppe method’s of operations to be enacted upon arrival in Russia.

On March 27th. a coup in Yugoslavia alters the balance of power and away from any allegiance with Hitler. On March 30th. Hitler's 'Fuhrer Order' is given as he prepares to move 'East' and states his plans to his Generals and as Hitler declares his intention to murder all Jews as Wehrmacht troops murder 250 of Subotica’s Jewish Youths and are also active in the Murders of 250 Jews in Novi Sad. In France, the Vichy Government appoints a Commissioner for their own Jewish Question. On March 1st. 1942 the first deportation of 5,000 of Stanislawow's Jews are taken from the Ghetto there and 'resettled' at Belzec. This was the largest transport to reach Belzec during its first phase as Sobibor Death Camp comes under Construction.

Dr. Chaim Szoszkies assesses Jewish Ghetto losses at some 10,000 per month and the complete Extinction of Polish Jews within Poland is feared. This is headlined in The New York Times. On March 2nd. 5,000 Minsk Jews are murdered at Koidanovo and the following day March 3rd. 2,300 of Baranowicze’s Jews are murdered as are 1,500 of Dolginovov’s Jews are murdered as Belgian Jews are forced into labour gangs. Elsewhere, Vojtech Tuka declares a Slovak version of The Final Solution of their Jewish Problem is to be accomplished by Nazi Germany. On March 6th. a Nazi Sterilisation Conference convened.

Friday March 6th. 1942 "..greater ..number of Jews liquidated ..more consolidated will ..situation in Europe be after this war." Joseph Goebbels.

On March 7th. 100's of Mielec’s Jews are murdered and two days later, and while Jews are not expressly mentioned by a Vatican official, the identification with German actions against the Jewish People, 80,000 at this time, is being made.

Monday March 9th. 1942 "..deportation of 80,000 people to Poland at ..mercy of ..Germans is ..condemning ..great part of them to ..death." Monsignor Giuseppe Burzio.

On this day, March 9th. as 700 of Cihrin’s Jews are being murdered, Gieuseppe Burzio who is the Vatican’s representative in Slovakia reports the planned expulsion of all of Slovakia’s Jews to the 'East', and so condemning a great part of them to death. The following day Filippo Bernardini, the Swiss Nuncio to the Vatican declared the Churches intention should be to:

Tuesday March 10th. 1942 " many people from atrocious suffering." Monsignor Filippo Bernardini.

On March 11th. 2,000 of Mielec’s Jewish Children and their Elderly are murdered while more than 1,000 Jews from the Theresienstadt Ghetto are transported to Belzec. On March 13th. 6,000 of Mielec's Jews are transported to Belzec and elsewhere 650 of Hulievca’s Jews are murdered. The Jewish Joint Distribution Committee statement issued an eyewitness report stating that:

"..Germans have already killed 240,000 Jews in Ukraine alone."

Archbishop Angelo Riotta, Papal Nuncio in Budapest seeks some form of protest from Pope Pius XII toward the Slovak Government on behalf of those Jews being deported. There was no Vatican intervention. On March 14th. over 900 of Ilja’s Jews are burned alive and Cardinal Luigi Maglione sends his protest to the Slovak Government over its treatment of their Jews which was ignored. On March 15th. Hitler predicts victory over Russia, by the coming Summer. On March 16th. the Lublin Ghetto clearance begins as 9,000 of Lublin’s Ghetto Jews are removed to Belzec. Here, Belzec seeks to adopt a more robust static gassing facility in a wooden hut as the move away from the 'gassing van' was being made. Elsewhere, over 1,800 of Pochep’s Jews are murdered and the murder of 100's more of Mielec's Jews proceeds. On March 17th. The Belzec Death Camp begins its extermination of Jews with the arrival of the 1,400 Jews of Lublin and 1,500 Jews of Lvov.

Wednesday March 18th. 1942 "..That there has been and is being considered in Hitler's headquarters a plan to exterminate all Jews from Germany and German controlled areas in Europe after they have been concentrated in ..East. ..numbers involved is said to be between 3,500,000 and 4,000,000 and ..object to permanently settle ..Jewish Question in Europe." Dr. Gerhart Riegner.

The following day, March 18th. Gerhard Riegner handed his report to Monsignor Filippo Bernardini. On March 19th. 2,000 of Rava Ruska’s Jews are murdered at Belzec while 500 of Belgrade’s Jews are murdered in 'gassing vans'. On March 20th. 2,000 of Rohatyn’s Jews are murdered and Ernst von Weizsacker, as the Nazi State Secretary at the Foreign Office approves removal 6,000 Parisian Jews to Auschwitz. On March 21st. 26,000 of Lublin’s Ghetto Jews are murdered at Belzec. On March 23rd. the Birkenau Women's Camp is established as Jewish and Gypsy Women arrive from Ravensbrueck. The first Slovak Jews also arrive at Birkenau.

On March 24th. the first deportation of Jews from Izbica Lubelska arrive at Belzec and its 2,200 Jews are immediately murdered there and it appears these Izbica Jews are aware of their fate, upon arrival at Belzec. Izbica Lubelska is ethnically cleansed of its Jews to make way for Theresienstadt Jewish transport. Also, the ‘resettlement’ of West European Jews to Belzec begins and the Belgian Government-in-Exile recognises that 10,000 of its Jewish Citizens had already been expelled toward Lodz. On March 25th. 1,000 of Tarnopol’s Jews are murdered as are 100 of Glebokie’s Jews, also murdered. On March 26th. 58,000 of Slovakias Jews are deported to Auschwitz and Majdanek and all Jewish homes within Germany are to have notices displayed, identifying their Jewish occupants.

On March 27th. Himmler formally declares the essential need for Sloavakia to be 'Judenrein', free of Jews! Goebbels notes and acknowledged in his Diary entry that 60% of all World Jews would be liquidated. When we look to what The Wannsee Protocol has targeted, with 11,293,300 Jews sought for annihilation, 60% of that Wannsee assessment clealry leaves us with a figure that represents 6,600,000 Jews murdered within The Holocaust?

Friday March 27th. 1942 "..Begining with Lublin ..Jews are now being deported ..East. ..a fairly barbaric process is being employed not to be described more precisely ..and of ..Jews themselves ..not much is left over. On ..whole can confirm that 60% of them have to be liquidated ..while only 40% are able to be put to work." Joseph Goebbels.

On March 28th. The first French Jews arrive at Auschwitz and Fritz Sauckel, the Gauleiter of Thuringia, becomes the Slave Labour Chief.

Saturday March 28th. 1942 "..If you did not finish your work properly

..And lost precious time

..Then once again take up your task

..And try harder than before.

..If others have reproached you

..For what you have done wrong

..Then be sure to amend your mistake.

That is memory one can make." Signed, in memory Anne Frank.

Innocence is lost to Anne Frank as those who sought her destruction dealt in the terms of reference she could barely conceive of at this time. As we progress through her time, Atrocity upon Atrocity is heaped upon those Jews of Europe she lives beside, those Jews she shares a Nation with, those Jews she hides with within a Continent now seeking her and all those she knows for immediate destruction! This poem by Anne has just become available to the Public in 2016 but will be sold to the highest bidder. What profit the misery of a Young Jewish Girl and 6,000,000 of her People.

On March 1st 1943 the Nazi collaborationist Byelorussian Central Council was established and at Madison Square Garden, New York, a rally saw 20,000 protesters inside urging greater support for the Jews of Europe. A further 50,000 protesters remained outside the building. At Koriukivka, Ukraine the destruction of the entire village by SS troops took place. In much the same way as Lidice, the Town was raised to the ground with 6,700 locals murdered. der Einsatzgruppe forces had visitd the Town in 1942, killed all 300 of its Jews, 131 Villagers and the 12 Gypsies who had lived there.

On March 4th. over 800 Jews from Gurs are deported to Drancy and then onto Auschwitz while the Jews of Thrace are being deported to Treblinka. Also that same day, 1,500 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children were deported from Berlin to Auschwitz where 1,350 of them are Murdered immediately upon arrival. On March 5th. 1,300 of Khmelnik's Jews are murdered.

Saturday March 6th. 1943 "..Auschwitz Krematorien II and III ..service agrees that cellar 1 should be preheated with ..air coming from ..rooms of ..3 forced draught installations. and installation of ..ductwork and blowers necessary to this end are to be effected as soon as possible. As you point out in your above-mentiond letter, execution should commence this week. We would ask you to send in triplicate detailed quote for supply and installation. ..same time ..send an additional quotation for ..modification of ..air-extraction installation in ..undressing room." Sturmbannfuhrer Jahrling.

On March 6th. a further 900 Jews from Gurs are deported to Drancy and then onto their destruction at Auschwitz. The Bishop of Berlin, Bishop Konrad von Preysing sent a message asking Pope Pius XII to intervene with Hitler on behalf of Berlin's Jews now being sent to their deaths.

Sunday March 7th. 1943 "..I wish I could leave all this behind and run away from Janek ..Jumek ..Mietek house and all this grayish rottenness. Spread out wings and fly high and far away ..hear ..wind howling and run wild on my face ..feel its breeze. Fly to places where there are no ghettos ..shops pretending." Rutka Laskier.

On March 7th. the Polish government-in-exile issues it most strident report on the executions of prisoners in a Nazi German 'murder camp'situated at Oswiecim, better known to us as Auschwitz/Birkenau.

March 8th. 1943 "..Because of whom or what am I crying. Because of Janek ..certainly not. Then because of whom. Probably because of freedom. I am sick and tired of these gray houses ..steady fear seen on everybody's faces. This fear clutches onto everyone and doesn't let go." Rutka Laskier.

On March 9th. SS forces returned to what was left of Koriukivka and burned alive those who had returned, mostly the elderly. On March 11th. the entire Jewish population. some 7,240 Jewish Citizens of 3 Yugoslavian Towns, Bitola, Skopje and Stip are transported to The Death Camp Treblinka.

Thursday March 11th. 1943 "..Polish people ..looks with horror ..deep sympathy on ..murder of ..remainder of ..Jewish population in Poland." Rzeczpospolita Polska.

March 12th. Grodno is now declared 'Judenrein' with 40,000 Jews having been resettled to Auschwitz and Treblinka. On March 13th. the Cracow Ghetto is being liquidated with many of the liquidated Jews, some 10,000 of them, shot to death in the Zgoda Square, along with the town of Wadowice's own Rabbi Seltenreich. This is significant in that Karol Wojtyla, the future Pope Paul II was from Wadowice and knew personally Rabbi Seltenreich, but knew nothing of this taking place on his doorstep! Meanwhile, the first of new design of crematoria opens at Auschwitz/Birkenau and the murder process will now be more complete, and the total removal of all evidence of the mass murder will near totality. There will be 5 purpose built Krematorium with their own gas chambers in operation here while 2 other extermination facilities are prepared at Bunker I, the little Red House, and Bunker II, the little White House.

Gassing did also commence from within Block 11. Auschwitz/Birkenau was a colossus in the mechanised and industrial scale of the Destruction of the Jewish People. It exemplified to the World what Hitler had clearly sought to achieve in his final resolve for The Final Solution of The Jewish Question. In total and during a 24 hour period, utilising all 46 ovens, between 12,000 and 15,000 Jewish Victims could be totally destroyed. There were designs also for a 6th. Krematorium, which never got off the drawing board. The ashes of the Victims too was a resource that Hitler's Germany sought to utilise. The ash of 6,000,000 Jewish Victims could be contained within a given space of some 25,470 Cubic Metres.

On March 14th. with the final phase of Cracow's Ghetto Jews' liquidation, 2,000 of Cracow’s Ghetto Jews are removed to Auschwitz and 700 of Cracow’s Ghetto Jews are murdered in situ. On March 15th. Jewish deportations begin from Greece with the deportations from Macedonia, Salonika and from Thrace. These Greek Jewish deportations have the assistance of forces from Bulgaria. On March 17th. 1,500 of Lvov’s Jews are murdered and on March 20th. those first deportations of Salonika’s Jews arrive at Auschwitz. On March 22nd. the new Krematoria in Birkenau is in operation. On March 23rd. over 900 of Marseilles Jews are deported to Auschwitz and on March 25th. 2,000 of Zolkiew’s Jews are murdered in the Borek Forest. Meanwhile, a further 1,000 Jews of Marseille are transported to Auschwitz/Birkeanu for annihilation.

Saturday March 29th. 1943. "..concerning ..gas tight door celler I ..Krematoria III be produced identical ..cellar door Krematoria II which is ..opposite ..with peepholes of double 8mm glass ..rubber sealing strip and frame." SS Sturmbannfuhrer Karl Bischoff.

On March 30th. more than 15,000 Jews of Lvov have been Murdered in Belzec and Himmler visits Treblinka. The following day, March 31st. some 5,000 of Stanislawow’s Jews are also murdered at Belzec. On March 3rd. 1944 over 700 Dutch Jews are sent to Auschwitz. On March 7th. the liquidation of the Family Camp at Auschwitz/Birkenau begins as more than 1,500 French Jews are transported to Auschwitz/Birkenau.

"..Day in out hundreds of cities throughout Poland ..Russia 1,000's upon 1,000's of Jews are ..systematically murdered according to a preconceived plan one .takes our part." Emanuel Ringelblum.

Elsewhere, during March 7th. Emmanuel Ringelblum is murdered with His entire Family but not before His Oneg Shabbat Archives have been secreted within Warsaw for future evidence of what had been endured. This archive will allow Emmanuel Ringelblum’s name to ring throughout Eternity.

"..Comprehensiveness ..chief principle guiding our work ..objectivity was ..second principle." Emmanuel Ringelblum.

On March 9th. 3,796 Jews from the September Theresienstadt transport are liquidated at Auschwitz. 1,140 had already perished. Barely 70 have Survived. On March 11th. 300 of Gospic’s Jews are sent to Jasenovac. On March 15th. The Nazi’s comb through Greece for the future expellation of Jews to Auschwitz where some 69,221 Jews of Greece were murdered.On March 16th. Admiral Horthy accepts Hitler's Policing control as Hungary accedes to Jewish deportation. On March 18th. Hitler orders German troops into Hungary and the following day, March 19th. Germany fully occupies Hungary. On March 22nd. there is a Jewish Uprising at Koldyczewo and on March 23rd. over 1,600 of Yanina’s Jews are sent to Auschwitz as are more than 590 Dutch Jews, adding to a glut of transports in Auschwitz.

Also, as a partisan raid kills 33 German police in Rome, the City is set for a reprisal action. It came the following day on March 24th. when 335 Italians, from every walk of life, including 35 Jews were taken to the Ardeatine Caves and massacred. Roosevelt seizes his chance and warns Hungary to refrain from anti-Jewish measures, long since aware that Hitler had all but destroyed the 6,000,000 Jews of The Holocaust.

Sunday, 26th. March. "..All I think about is Marta. ..just a girl ..Germans killed her. ..I don't want them to kill me." Eva Heyman.

On March 27th. 1,800 of Kovno’s Jewish Women and Their Children are murdered and over 1,000 French Jews are sent to Auschwitz. On March 28th. 600 of Boryslaw’s Jews are sent to Plaszow Camp while the Nazi seizure of Elderly and Ill Jews from the Trieste City hospitals is acknowledged by Bishop Antonio Santini. On March 12th. 1945 SS Obergruppenfuhrer Ernst Kaltenbrunner meets President of International Red Cross, Professor Carl Jacob Burckhardt. On March 20th. Mauthausen sub-Camp Amstetten is Bombed. On March 28th. while Russian forces reach Austria, it is too late for some 65,000 Austrian Jews who have been murdered. On March 6th. 1946 as the Russian prosecutors at Nuremberg War Crimes Trials the finish their presentation and the prosecution rests, the news of Churchill's anti-Russian speech gives the guilty Nazi defendants renewed hope. On March 8th. The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials defense begins its case. Three days later, on March 11th. Rudolf Hoess is arrested in Schleswig-Holstein. On March 13th. 1946 Goering begins his testimony and between March 18th. and March 22nd. Goering is cross examined.

On March 5th. 1947 The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 3, The Judges Justice Case begins. 9 members of the Reich Ministry of Justice and 7 members of the People's and Special Courts are charged with using their power as prosecutors and judges to commit War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. On March 10th. 1948 the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 8, The RuSHA or Main Race and Resettlement Office verdict is delivered. On March 3rd. 1951 Members of The Treblinka Death Camp staff are tried before a Court in Frankfurt. On March 3rd. 1957 Rudolf (Reszo) Kasztner was Murdered in Israel for his part in saving 1,000 Jews from The Holocaust. Depending upon which definition one wishes to aplly to the status of Holocaust Survivor, a ratio of 1 in 25 or 1 in 10 out of the overall 6,000,000 assessment of those who did not Survive might be made. The danger in playing with numbers, the figures of the destructive capacity Hitler applied to his very own Final Solution, de-humanises the Jewish People, both Victim and Survivor.

Wednesday March 27th. 1963 "..whole extent of ..Jewush persecutions ..number of 6,000,000 victims of ..extermination camps ..only ..verified after ..war." Father Robert Leiber.

On March 23rd. 2000 Pope John Paul II visits YadVashem.

Thursday March 23rd. 2000 "..In this place of memories ..mind ..heart ..soul feel an extreme need for silence. Silence in which to remember. Silence in which to try to make some sense of ..memories which come flooding back. Silence because there are no words strong enough to deplore ..terrible tragedy of ..Shoah. ..I remember my Jewish friends ..neighbors ..some of whom perished ..while others survived. I have come to Yad Vashem to pay homage to ..millions of Jewish people ..stripped of everything ..human dignity ..murdered in The Holocaust. ..memories remain. at Auschwitz ..we are overcome by ..echo of ..heart rending laments of so many. Men ..Women ..Their Children ..cry out to us from ..depths of ..horror that they knew. How can we fail to heed their cry. No one can forget or ignore what happened. No one can diminish its scale. We wish to remember. ..we wish to remember for a purpose ensure that never again will evil prevail. I assure ..Jewish People ..Catholic Church deeply saddened by ..hatred ..acts of persecution ..displays of antisemitism directed against ..Jews by Christians at any time and in any place. Church rejects racism in any form as a denial of ..image of ..Creator inherent in every human being. In this place of solemn remembrance ..I fervently pray that our sorrow for ..tragedy which ..Jewish people ..will lead to a new relationship between Christians and Jews. Let us build a new future in which there will be no more anti Jewish feeling among Christians. must heed ..warning that comes to us from ..victims of The Holocaust ..from ..testimony of ..Survivors. Here at YadVashem ..memory lives on ..burns itself onto our souls. It makes us cry out." Pope John Paul II.

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No Denial

TestimonyPosted by P.A. Draigh Sat, March 04, 2017 00:12:10

I have spent much of my time either writing, finishing my Books, responding to those questioing some of my assertions and then, there has been an inordiante amount of time countering the denial lobby on Social Media sites, YouTube amongst them. So here, I want to share a little of that effort in confronting what I consider a latent revisionist and squalid agenda. All efforts at denial, all of which disrespects the memory of those 6,000,000 Jews of The Holocaust, is absurd, irrelevant and lacks any credibility whatsoever. We, who choose Always to Remember, Never to Forget, will not allow for any distortion of the basic Fact that 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of Europe deserve all our respect after we allowed them to be annihilated. I do not counter with anger! I do not respond with threats. The evidence is all that is required to confront what is a hatred of an obscene and malevolent nature.

I do NOT debate The Holocaust, I merely add the Truth to their rhetoric, irrelevance and total lack of credibility. Their denial alters with the seasons whereas the Facts of The Holocaust are integral in the History of our time. The veracity of The Holcaust does not diminish, it does not alter and it does not change. It can still become more informed by the many Survivors who still have much to say and impart. But the Holocaust is a Fact in all our History. It cannot be distorted by those who choose hatred above a reverence for 6,000,000 losses and the application of all responsibility that is squarely Adolf Hitler's. For his followers and the Perpetrators of the most heinous crime in all of History, unparalleled and unprecdented and Wrong, their guilt cannot be measured in any quantifiable previously measured terms!

So the depths to which the deniers plunge should not be considered in anything other than minuscule terms. Deniers are contemptible and their lies need to be replaced by the factual truth which I leave for others to source for themselves! To acknowledge the assertion of denial is to accept an untruth, a lie and a disgraceful judgement of our humanity. That any German can still be tried, and convicted for sedition, lays the denier exposed to their harboured hatred and confirms their fraudulent intent. Do the deniers seriously contend that 82 million Germans have been so seduced they remain ignorant of their States past commissioning of The Holocaust. The denier knows the full extent to which Hiler and his minions descended to record for posterity the slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews. These Jews were murdered in their name and with a German threat to stability and peace.

Hitler led the German peoples toward, a confrontation and with such bigotry that much of civilisation has perished. This is the point! That is why Laws in Germany protect the honour of those Jews massacred in a ritual which degenerated so many of their own so called aryan volk. In such a manner such Laws protect History from the distorted view of those who have no wish to safeguard the memory for 6,000,000 murdered Jews. Bigotry is the profiteer of ignorance and it remains a rather poor excuse for the ill informed or for those with a rudimentary or unbalanced education to exercise. History cannot teach appropriately if its lessons are untrue or if that truth is repressed. My acknowledgement of truth is the veracity of that narrative which I place before you in terms so vicious, it is termed The Holocaust. That idea that truth can be fashioned is erroneous, it is either the truth or it remains untrue.

My delivered truth has been gained from extensive research into Survivoral Evidence, Witness Testimony and the sworn statements of those who Participated and Perpetrated all of these crimes against the Jews of Europe. But this is where I have to leave the historical arena centred around WWII as my work has been an expansive intake of all material which surveys the inner preserve that is The Holocaust. Contained within that Catastrophe is the search for ever more evidence to add to the very accusation of History. All too readily there is a response which seeks to absolve conducts un-befitting a morally ethical or civilised Continent. As it affected the Jewish People and consequentially, all of Humanity, it is for 6,000,000 Jewish Souls to damn us for our inactivity, inability to act or the more sordid suggestion of an illegitimate and retarded response.

As it mattered to those 6,000,000 Jews, and it mattered to many more than just these, it mattered little to so many more. It is a sad fact that hatred can dismantle the very code of human concern. For me then, if any of that truth is denied out of some hatred, bias or a wish to deceive, the distortion will subvert all of history. History cannot inform us of the truth if the distortion is allowed to breed further indifference. For the terrbile struggle which 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, that is Men, Women and Their Children who were failed and forced to endure right up till their last moments on this Earth, we are to be constantly reminded of those terrible deficits in our charcter. So here are excerpts of my confrontation with those who wouldseek to deny the truth and leave 6,000,000 Jews of Europe further into oblivion.

Sich immer, erinnern, nie vergessen.


History has taught us little if we choose not to Remember the Slaughter of 6,000,000 Innocent Jews, Men, Women and Their Children in The Holocaust. We must Always look toward a future that has been garnered from our past with the correct lessons to be learned. Tolerance for one and other is specific to human beings and an Indifference to that Moral grounding has been widespread throughout our History! We choose to Forget at our peril because there is no guarantee that when intolerances surface, they will be directed only toward those Never exempted from Genocide's, Hatred's and for those 6,000,000 of The Holocaust of The Jews of Europe, Memory must serve them Now!

Please, if your search for the Factual Truth in The Holocaust is what you require look at:

The Truth is there, it is Factual, well Documented and has an Integrity borne out of the Remembrance for the 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of Europe. Though we may not find all of the 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust there, we can begin the process of comprehension. This grasp of History will not only lead us toward an understanding of what these Jewish People were forced to endure but it will realign our own Humanity's appreciation of what all Intolerance's bring. There will be questions I can answer. There will be questions I will answer. There are obviously questions I will fail to acknowledge. But the Truth does not require any question which does not expect the Integrity or the Veracity that is drawn from within The Holocaust! The major disconnect between what We know, and what we espouse to come to terms with, has been confined in and amongst the many fine individuals lost to us all within the Catastrophe which is 6,000,000 Murdered Jewish lives.

The responses I give are my own. The answers given belong to others, better qualified, more appreciative of what needs to be said and more able to deliver other than what they saw, what they witnessed and what they too endured. These are the Survivors and without them, The Holocaust would be a Document borne along by perpetrator evidence, witness testimony and the still urgent need to Remember. The 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of Europe might too easily be forgotten if Their Truth had not emerged. Any document requires its own mix of direct Testimony, corroborated evidence and the will of the guilty to admit their wrong doing.

"..I will never cease to rebel against those who committed or permitted Auschwitz ..including God. ..questions I once asked myself about God's silence remain open. If they have an answer ..I do not know it. More than that ..I refuse to know it. ..I maintain that ..death of 6,000,000 human beings poses a question to which no answer will ever be forthcoming." Elie Wiesel.

"..When I stand before you lead ..Prosecution of Adolf Eichmann ..I am not standing alone. With me are 6,000,000 accusers. ..they cannot rise ..and point an accusing finger. ..For their ashes are piled up on ..hills of Auschwitz and ..fields of Treblinka ..and are strewn in ..forests of Poland. Their graves are scattered throughout ..length and breadth of Europe. Their blood cries out ..but their voice is not heard. ..I will be their spokesman and in their name I will unfold ..awesome indictment." Gideon Hausner.

"..No 6,000,000 Jews were murdered ..but only one Jew ..and this happened 6,000,000 times. If you really want to understand ..meaning of ..persecution of ..Jews would have to write 6,000,000 biographies of 6,000,000 individuals." Abel Herzberg.

"..Murder of 6,000,000 Jews must never be reduced to a statistic." Simon Wiesenthal.

I have always made it a point, when I meet with Survivors, to apologise to them on behalf of what an ostensibly 'christian' body of people has done. For the whole of Humanity that Sin of Perpetration, Intolerance or Indifference is a stain upon our own legitimacy as human beings. So just in case I do not get the opportunity to greet you in person, I apologise to You for the inability of those 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust who cannot direct their appreciation and respect for what you have done and what you have achieved. In each of you the World entire has been saved.

During a period in World War II, Adolf Hitler had these Jewish People selected, rounded up, corralled and then removed toward an exterminating certainty he stated was his Final Solution. By word of mouth, as opposed to a penned deed, Hitler stoked the flames of an ancient hatred which finally sealed the fate of those who now lend me their words. I adopt their words so that I can complete these narratives to their memory. On their behalf, I have chosen to use words, and certain deeds, to remark on why intolerance is despicable and why indifference is most certainly culpable and should be despised. So now is not the time to be silent. 6,000,000 stilled Jewish voices provide enough quiet to create an uproar which reverberates with clarity and accusation.

".. A whole generation of Germans ..children and grandchildren of ..perpetrators of ..Nazi genocide ..have heard nothing from their parents and grandparents about what they saw ..and what they did Auschwitz and ..other factories of death. It is time long last stop forgetting and suppressing." Irene Weiss.

I have plagiarised the words of 6,000,000 stilled Jewish voices. I will use 6,000,000 of their own words to ensure that these Jews are not merely defined by The Holocaust term. Though these 6,000,000 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children have been detained within The Holocaust confines, they are to be remembered as the vibrant People they once where. The imperative, that they must never be forgotten is the overriding effort in the words I place before you. These 6,000,000 Jews are The Holocaust.

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Holocaust Remembrance Day

TestimonyPosted by P.A. Draigh Fri, January 27, 2017 00:02:11

Holocaust Memorial Day 2017

"..I was absolutely ..irrevocably sentenced to death ..along with 1,000,000's of my compatriots and ..100's of 1.000's of children who accordance with Hitler's ..New Order were to be ..first to die along with ..sick ..weak ..elderly. I was totally meaningless dust ..a miserable speck among so many excellent ..great ..mighty representatives of my nation ..which they simply decided to exterminate." Halina Birenbaum.

It is my privilege to share here with you all what People like Yehuda Adelman, Erica van Beek, Halina Birenbaum and Ruth Goldschmied Sax know! Their words form the necessary element for any Holocaust Memorial event which is their evidence, their truth and their integrity. As Remembrance is a celebration of what must not be forgotten, so that memory is fully preserved, we enter their world seeking some form of resolution with our past.There are 6,000,000 individual reasons why we choose to Remember and while there are individuals who can be overlooked while we concern ourselves with that fact, we continue our quest. Just as we Remember Auschwitz/Birkenau, Babi Yar, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Rumbuli, Sobibor and Treblinka, let us not Forget there are places like Gorodok, Krasny, Maly Trostinets, Westerbork and Zamosc.

"..period ..1939 ..1945 was ..a time of incomprehensible ..people who survived were injured for of their lives." Erica van Beek.

WE must also Remember those individual Jewish People who will not appear on any analysis of the catastrophe as they have been swallowed up by the very detail which sought to conceal them. As we acknowledge the debt owed to 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, there is no telling how inaccurate that figure truly is and how many more Jewish People have been swept aside, murdered and singularly abandoned in ditches and on the side of a road somewhere. History will never know the full extent of the trauma of the Jews of The Holocaust, so we do what little we can to remind the World of that factual truth. However, such are the numbers of those Jews Murdered that the incalculable suffering becomes too immense to ever account for it all!

"..Recognition of ..truth ..whole truth and opening ones heart and sharing ..experiences is necessary to stop ..evil gel rid of ..aggression ..hate and ..prejudice. To convey ..Auschwitz truth is a great lesson." Halina Birenbaum.

We each take our journey with one step and that step for me has grown by 6,000,000 acknowledgements. My recognition for the suffering of innocent People is my reasoning for beginning this, The Holocaust odyssey. Initially, it all commenced when I received the image of a young Child, the 4 year old Tovah 'Tokele' Olshak who was removed from this life because she was a Jew. Little was known of this Child except that she was Murdered amongst some Surviving Jews in the Polish Town of Sokoly. Even her memory was not fully recorded though thankfully now, YadVashem has her presence recorded now! This is where to find her name: tokele&s_place=sokoly

But my journey was not limited to ensuring Tokele's name was merely one of the Remembered. She was now one of those Jews of Europe who could not be Forgotten. It transpired also that Yaffa Litwak, who knew the Family gathering in Sokoly, before they were Murdered, confirmed for me the Fact that she knew Tokele and that she managed to escape the tragedy of Tokele's Murder. Tokele was amongst 9 other's whose Survival had been so short lived. For me then, the progress through The Holocaust from there at Tokele's Murder has been inspiring, troubling and an sad indictment of man's capacity for great evil. In the vain hope that we will one day learn to respect each other as individual human beings, we search for a fuller meaning and comprehension wherever we look. For me, that on going search is from in amongst 6,000,000 Jews lives who were so cruelly taken and brutally destroyed. So here, as a further page in the litany of crimes expressed is a remembrance that on this specific day of memory, we choose not ever to forget that:

On this day in the History of The Holocaust January 27th. 1943 1,300 of Grodek Jagiellonski's Jews are murdered.

On January 27th. 1944 over 680 Dutch Jews are resettled from Westerbork to Auschwitz and are Murdered there.

On January 27th. 1945 while Russian forces liberate Auschwitz, the remaining Jewish prisoners who are left behind to fend for themselves look on while many other Jews have been force marched away from the scene of the devastation. The liberated Jews, along with many non-Jews are in essence free. However, many will succumb to all that had preceded their grasp at freedom. For what had taken place, there are estimates as high as 2,500,000 Jews having been murdered at Auschwitz and Birkenau, we share a horror only they can know. For the countless others who belong to terms within WWII, which all add to the overall accusation rendered before Adolf Hitler's name, we can ill afford to aqllow memory to then be denied.

"..I know ..that never in ..history of mankind ..never anywhere in ..realm of human relations did anything occur to compare with what was inflicted on ..Jewish population of Poland." Jan Karski.

With that reality for the Jewish Murdered of Auschwitz and Birkenau all being added toward a tally which recognises 6,000,000 Jews of The Holocaust having been Murdered, this Death Camp ranks amongst Hitler's worst. Today, with memory and memorial we recognise that the requirement to Remember all of these Jews are essential for us all. Yom HaShoah, the Holocaust Memorial Day was first observed in the UK in 2001. In the future this date should identify as poignant, remembering that 6,000,000 Jews of Europe were so systematically Slaughtered as a staging post for altering the ways of the World. Subsequently, all future Genocide's will require remembrance as an acceptance of a lesson we have not yet learned.

Halina Birenbaum has lent me so many words, it is hard to thank her enough for all that she has given me! Words which have emerged from the depths of the pain and the suffering have been like a beacon from the dark to brighten the future for those willing to see. Indeed, with a Hope that is indeed the Last to Die, we might achieve a position of humility in respect of those who are no longer with us.

"..I wanted only to tell to get above ..past and ..present bring closer for today's people ..history and characters whose only trace in is my recollection. I want them to live as long as I am alive. Doing it by letting people know about ..tragedy that was done by hate and fascism." Halina Birenbaum.

There is a great deal of certainty over what we have lost and the whole World owes you, the Jew of The Holocaust and the Jewish Survivor. There is a deep debt of gratitude to all of those who have lent their words, and for what we have asked and sometimes demanded of you so as to inform and to relive, we hope you understand that clear demand. The entire World owes you, the Survivor, a huge apology for what has been taken from you, and in all too many cases, that which was taken is everything. With every vestige of what Humanity has long sought to protect, it was abandoned in place of another's demand to destroy you all. The whole World has an enormous liability to ensure therefore, that what was once belonging to the Jews of Europe, 6,000,000 of whom have been so savagely culled from all existence, their property, possessions, goods and what remains of their entire worth must be returned to them. David Ben-Gurion, the then Israeli Prime Minister spoke of this Repatriation of Jewish property in 1952. What he clearly advocated and suggested was that any Reparational demand should be based solely upon the recovery of as much Jewish property that had been taken from the Jews. This wish, which was to be secured as efficiently as administratively possible, was issued with the proviso:

"..that ..murderers do not become ..heirs as well." David Ben-Gurion.

This requirement was an essential need for those Jews still coming out of The Death Camps, The Concentration Camps and the latter day Transit Camps. It was essential for the Survivng Jew to know there was a space waiting for them away from the mounting rhetoric of newer antisemitism and pogrom. The attempt in many country's to murder any of those still facing their Survival, is an affront still further to humanity. In order then to also assist financially with the Survivor's immediate recovery from the effects of what was imposed upon them, which History has now recognised fully as The Holocaust, and to allow for the Survivor's transition into and amongst the Jewish Community of the burgeoning State that was still to be Israel, their further struggle was to be eased, and Germany here acknowledged with their concent, that Jewish Survivoral need.

"..truth about my life and that of my mother is really complicated. I have to rediscover my past and my memories now. That's why I try to write down on that quest ..everything about that trip to ..past." Erica van Beek.

As a consequence of what Hitler has achieved genocidally, that demand for restoration should be bestowed upon those Survivors and Family members whose right is acknowledged under all moral and ethical codes. That ethical code was clearly abandoned, and thank you Erica for stating what was and should have been obvious to the World, as Hitler rose to infamy!

"..Hitler's hell is visible in 1933." Erica van Beek.

The whole World does not yet know nor appreciate what that fact of knowledge of the growing awareness amounts to as Hitler's hell engulfed 6,000,000 Jews of Europe. At least the World does know what emerged but perhaps are not as appreciative of the fact that it was clearly known before we knew,Yet? Truly, there are not enough Jewish Survivors to reclaim their right, nor could they then give us the full detail of the overall atrocity that they have managed to escape. But there is a direct correlation between the Survivor and the terms of The Holocaust and it ramifications. The necessity of individual nations to accept what was done to both the Slaughtered Jewish People and the Jewish Survivor, and in their nations name, either at the behest of Adolf Hitler or of their own volition is be fully acknowledged. The weight of burden of the repatriation of those former ownership's, is not for the Jewish Survivor to continue to claim but must be unconditionally returned to the Jewish People as moral probity would demand.

"..I am happy to die amidst fighting Halutzim. We will take with us into our graves ..awareness that ..Jewish People will endure eternally." Yitzhak Katzenelson.

Toward that Jewish endurance, this acknowledgement of the debt that is owed to the Jewish People, to Judaism, or in abstentia to all of those 6,000,000 Jewish lives, to the Jewish State, such is the recognition that will not only form part of that genesis for my next piece to my Blog, it will be a rehearsal for the acceptance of a prudential recognition that further wrongs add exponentially to what we forced the Jewish People already to endure. I will also post this piece to FaceBook too, as I recognise there are those who have Survived and there are those who are a descendant of those who have Survived. For me, as the evidence of the Survivor is strategic to my own research and effort, it is of the utmost importance, in forming the narrative for 6,000,000 Jews held within The Holocaust term, that we make other's aware of what it must mean to have Survived.

"..Until then I had known Germans only as a steel wall of implacable death. I had come to contend with them as a free person with memories from reality ..created then by their countrymen. To bring right up in front of their eyes ..image of these experiences so that they ..their children ..their grandchildren might taste them for a moment. But I was faced with ordinary people ..shaken ..moved ..terrified ..shamed. Thus was I required. With shared tears." Halina Birenbaum.

My Publisher has been handed many works that have given, delivered with their evidences carefully wrapped up for me, an emphasis to my work I gladly share. I will use these works to further secure the Memory so befitting the gradual loss of the Survivor's and the legacy they have delivered for their Children and us. All of which I am more than willling to do and I am extremely grateful for all manner of testimony which all adds to the evidence we continually add to. Here and now, as I fully see the Survivor's loss as our loss, I will carefully read, and re-Read these words and works to make them resonate so that on January 27th., as we face that day of Holocaust Remembrance, more Memory is restored.

"..After Kristallnacht not only hell breaks loose in Germany ..but ..panic among Jewish citizens in surrounding countries." Erica van Beek.

So, thank You for these evidences and know full well from me that the words they contain will be added to the catalogue of Memory I will always mention in my search for meaning. It is a fact that when panic indeed spread throughout Europe for its Jewish People, its effect spread wide and far. However, meanings in terms of the comprehension necessary to understand what the Survivor lived through, and while 6,000,000 Jewish souls did not survive, it is best described by those who have formed the narrative to which we now wish to add, Always to Remember, Never to Forget.

One such Survivor, a study of great resilience, perseverence and and compassion is Ruth Goldschmied Sax. Growing up in the midst of such beauty, spolied and indeed pampered, Ruth Goldschmied Sax would emerge into an ugly world where she was a vicitm of a collossal hatred designed to eradicate her very being.

"..Life really was beautiful ..growing up ..I was very spolied." Ruth Goldschmied Sax.

Her gripping story, written by her Daughter Sandra Scheller - Try to Remember Never Forget will enlighten, impress and make you convinced your own sadness is but a ripple in an ocean of despair. The book affords us an insight into what it is like for both the Survivor and for those who live with the consequences of that Survival. I have found her story both warm and tragic, gripping and filled with an anxiety of what could and should have been. For those of you who seek to indemnify further the story, Ruthie's is on YouTube and I would urge you to visit her and learn from her of what her struggle entailed, and how she managed her Survival. To this day that Survival has to be managed and as all Survivor's know, living is part of the price they have to pay for what they saw, witnessed and were forcibly made to endure.

"..God created a beautiful world ..only some people made it miserable." Ruth Goldschmied Sax.

In acknowledging anything that those like Ruthie did endure, we look upon a past that was so shattered it is hard to imagine how the pieces were reconstructed and put back together. But that they were, speaks volumes for the integrity, resilience and capacity to endure that is the fundamental mindset of all Survivor's. Another of these evidences has been a wonderful work sent to me by Roma Hoffman, and she too was gracious enough to send me a work, and it is of her Father, Yehuda Adelman's a memoir that is Heroes Without Medals. Such is the content of this work, I will need to trace through the tragedy for the Jews of Gorodek and Krasno. Places and People stake a reneweed emphasis on my search for ever more of those who remain missing from The Holocaust narrative, so I have ever more need to search further.

"..We begin to tell stories about our town. ..Gorodok. ..we lost our parents ..we saw ..deaths of our brothers and sisters. After 2 ..3 years ..injured ..brokenhearted we came to our devastated homes." Yehuda Adelman.

This is the truth for all Suirvivors, bonded together by a common understanding of what they were forced to endure. That they witnessed such savagery is compounded by History's demand upon them to recall, to relive and to remember what it is we need to know. All of this is in order to even approach the outskirts of a comprehension that is far removed from the experience of those who met the full force of Hitler's hatred! This is an obviously weighted burden of 6,000,000 souls detained in their's and our past and it cannot be allowed to remain contained in that past. It is a lesson for the future which pushes the essential need to learn forever forward. I have always made it a point, when I meet with Survivors, to apologise to them on behalf of what an ostensibly 'christian' body of people has done.

"..I was reprimanded because I could not comply with various restrictions. ..Here ..there were enormous crimes committed against humanity and no punishment for it. People being killed ..burned and ..voice of God kept silent. ..I in view of ..atrocities against mass murderers. No illusion was left. Nothing happened that would shudder to ..core." Halina Birenbaum.

Tolerance is so hard won and yet it is all too easily lost and for the whole of Humanity that Sin of Perpetration, Intolerance or Indifference is a stain upon our own legitimacy as human beings. So just in case I do not get the opportunity to greet you in person, I apologise to You for the inability of those 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust, who cannot direct their appreciation and respect for what you the Surviuvor's have done and what you have achieved having Survived. In each of you Survivor's the World entire has been saved. The lost will never be Forgotten as they form a part of the history related to The Holocaust. That those who did not survive will be recalled Forever, and their names persist in perpetuity so that We must learn, Never Again, we have occasion to remembernot to forget!

"..We feel ourselves linked together ..we cannot break free of our past. That we cannot forget." Yehuda Adelman.

Back on October 26th. 1939 it was decreed that all Polish Men and Women, aged 14 to 60 would be enslaved, 'Arbeitspflicht und Zwangsarbeit.' This defined Forced Labour for those Poles who would receive 'equitable' pay, and Jews would have no payment provision was all a part of a debilitating process. At the same time the Red letter 'J' identification Card was issued for Polish Jews, clearly marking their documentation with a visible identifier. I have written a Book, well the Introduction to a Book which contains 6,000,000 Red Letter 'J's as a reminder of how many Jewish lives this represents. I am mindful too, that should such a Book become Published, 6,000,000 copies should be placed in 6,000,000 Schools so that 6,000,000 additional evidences can be delivered to the Memory of The Holocaust and the loss of the 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, Men, Women and Their Children that this entails.

"..Ruth Goldschmiedova Sax is alive and well. ..Although she thinks about her past ..she still has a lotr to look forward to." Sandra Scheller.

And while we are in contemplaitive mood, let it not be said that any Jew could have altered what Hitler had planned. As I feel certain that all and any confrontation with the Germans would have led to the immediate destruction of all Jews, it is essential we respect the meory of the fallen as having been given no choice. Those few Jews that might be saved would not then be saved due to a collective responsibility harshly enforced by Hitler and his Reich minions. Sometimes evil presents itself and this one man Hitler set the seal on that very monstrosity we know is The Holocaust. All of which those like Himmler, Heydrich, Eichmann and the the rest of Hitler's sorry horde had had demanded from Hitler and had ritually obliged.

"..Sincerity wakes up in others good feelings ..which turn to closeness and understanding. I experienced it in all my meetings different countries ..cities ..schools ..synagogues ..churches ..and lately also in Majdanek." Halina Birenbaum.

History is very important for us all. It teaches the lessons of the wrongs and even the mistakes in ancestry in order that we do not compile those same errors in order to compel history not to damn us too. By researching History I came across The Holocaust and it has been like a personal vendetta to express what should be said, to state what has not been told and to ensure an added voice is given to those 6,000,000 Jews of Europe whose voice has been extinguished. The absence of these quashed voices is no more discernible now than a haunting emission! But at least, in my choice of study and commitment, and I am hopeful none are offended by what I hold deeply, that 6,000,000 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children were Annihilated at the behest of Adolf Hitler, and all due respect is owed to the memory of those destroyed Jewish People.

"..I was 15 years old by ..time I was out of 4th. camp in Germany. My diplomas ..scars were equipped only with those experiences and my recollections. I had to start a new life. I had to cover my wounds with a smile well as my orphan hood and poverty." Halina Birenbaum.

The truth of The Holocaust is a pertinent detail in all of our History and if that factual veracity seeks to simply remember those details of the atrocity clearly expressed, none should be offended! It is my intent to inform others of an opinion I strongly hold, that all are made equal and deserve equal respect no matter their race, creed, colour, ethnicity or their political persuasion.

"..November 13th. 1992. ..Today ..papers are ..full of terrible things ..happening in ..former Yugoslavia. Murders ..mutilations ..rapes. ..How will ..survivors continue to live." Erica van Beek.

Even friends who have read my Books wonder why I did not apply myself to something else other than The Holocaust in History. Was there something more relevant? No! They simply wondered why I would accept the level of abuse my written words provoke. But, and If I can provoke Remembrance in all I do? I will have done more than I ever anticipated. If I go back to the beginning, to where I came across Tokele, and that knowledge that she has emerged from the depths of a History chosen to keep her from view, I find 6,000,000 justifications for all I do, and though my Books have yet to express in 6,000,000 words those sentimens, there are enough words within them to commend others Always to Remember, Never to Forget.

"..teachings ..about ..people ..ethics ..I had to learn myself in ..hell of concentration camps ..without my Mother who was put to death in ..Gas Chambers in Majdanek Father ..put to death and burnt in ..crematorium in Treblinka Brother Sister in law young ..but cared for me like my Mother ..tormented and burnt in Auschwitz." Halina Birenbaum.

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