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This blog describes my thoughts and experiences in visiting Auschwitz in September 2014, and Belzec, Majdanek and Sobibor in January 2016

I blogged my preparations for my visit, I posted daily during my visit to Poland...there are also my ongoing thoughts posted here; in the aftermath of my visit...
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HolocaustPosted by P.A. Draigh Tue, June 13, 2017 21:24:59

"..Under these skies ..I can actually touch and feel their presence that no longer exists." Halina Birenbaum.

By definition alone, the term for The Death Camps cannot sustain alone the Camps which administered Death to those sent toward them. The Death Camps were a series of establishments where the systematic nature of the destructive capacity was driven by Hitler’s sheer demand for a Final Solution of The Jewish Question. On an industrial scale, these x6 Death Camps Hitler had established in Poland, for specific reasons and these dealt with the mechanised nature of the Slaughter. Untold numbers of Jews, and others, were dispatched from this life within their confines, or more than 3,600,000 Jews of The Holocaust.

I have now walked under those same skies Halina mentions and I too have felt the presence of all that 'no longer exists'. So wherever I go in terms of my own references with regard to The Holocaust, there are those who have given their lives so that we can learn. That learning should choose to ignore the terms of intolerance which were allowed to consume 'their presence'. I am constantly reminded by so many, who experienced these inhuman and atrocious events, and even by those who did not Survive, what humanity has lost. There is with a certainty from those Survivors, all of whom we seek out to this day for an understanding of what is our demand on them.

However, in all of History there is no choice I would sooner make than to reference from those Jews whose message compels us to learn. As we attempt to understand and seek out the comprehension of such events which always continue to escape us, we ask so much of those who seek to leave the awful nature of their tribulations behind. I am here to commend Halina Birenbaum, and I am indebted to her for her dedication to those messages I have been in search of for the past 20 years. Her clear acknowledgement that 'Hope is the Last to Die' has driven an element of my appreciation of that very need to comprehend. Halina Birenbaum knows all too well what she, along with all those Jews who managed to Survive all that Hitler threw at them, KNOW!

But there are 6,000,000 of Halina’s fellow Jews whose message has been somewhat blunted by events and are lost in the confines of those spaces assigned to their destruction. Those, whose terse reply to the atrocity inflicted upon them, and whose annihilation has not been allowed any form of justice, which we should demand on their behalf, seek a space in our History which many would deny them. I cannot share other than these Jews’ own 'personal evidence' as the reflections of their direst situation. And it is that systematic assault which swallowed 6,000,000 of these Jews whole. But, with those who Survived to add to the testimony of mounting evidence, we have a factual truth which measures the distance from the loss we should now feel belongs to all of humanity.

"..number tatooed on my left arm ..personal evidence from Auschwitz ..attracts ..attention of many people. incomprehensible ..strange mark ....a painful souvenir of ..cruel times of Nazism ..for me ..a kind of certificate of maturity." Halina Birenbaum.

But I sincerely wish to tackle what it is I feel I have clearly stated, but that some feel I have become entrenched in. For me, there is a distinction between Concentration Camp's, Labour Camp’s, POW Camp’s and Death Camp's. While all of these Camps dealt in the Death and even Destruction of those Jews, or others, sent or detained there, it is these x6 Death Camps alone which were clearly elected as other than a containment facility. Now while the vast majority of those Jews who were Killed or were Murdered within the Camp system, where they were expelled from life, it is the Death Camp that was designed solely for the mechanised and industrialised scale of mass murder they can attest to. This fully brings me to a conundrum which Maly-Trostinets presents.

"..carried out ..execution ..70 ..80 people ..executed in ..Minsk ..trench ..dug ..persons die ..placed in front of it ..shot with carbines. ..10 people ..shot an execution force of 30 ..40 men. SS Standartenfuhrer Walter Blume.

Maly-Trostinets was at once a Russian POW Camp some 8 miles from Minsk, and it was clearly established as such and a Labour Camp for the procurement of personnel for military demands. But here, and I have no authority either way to decide or even declare the appropriate status of a Death Camp, though I recognise their form, and this is where I suggest Maly-Trostinets does not conform to the recognised nature of those x6 Death Camps Hitler had established in Poland. I postulate an opinion merely as a choice made to differentiate between the x6 of these Death Camps that are in Poland, and the Concentration Camp's, of which there were many 1,000's, that were spread far and wide and wherever Hitler's forces reigned, including Maly-Trostinets. Over the duration, two Einsatzgruppe's, both B, under SS Brigadefuhrer Erich Naumann and Einsatzgruppe C under SS Brigadefuhrer Otto Rasch were located at varying times in and around Minsk.

"..Einsatzgruppe B reported regularly ..Reich Main Security Office. Written reports ..every three weeks ..small matters radio. ..reports ..submitted to me." SS Brigadefuhrer Erich Naumann.

With units of SK1b, EK 7a, EK 7b, EK7e (Vorkommando Moscau) and EK8 heavily involved in and around Minsk and its environs, it was these detachments which singled out the Jews foir Slaughter at Maly-Trostinets. By Sunday 13th. July 1941 Einsatzgruppe B had established a camp in Minsk at the civilian prison, and Jews are murdered in those first days of German occupation. Here is where SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler came to witness for himself what Hitler had ordained as he was present at a Minsk ‘Aktionen’ in August 1941.

Monday September 29th. 1941 "..large scale anti Jewish action ..carried out in ..Lachoisk .. Minsk ..920 Jews ..executed 'entsprechend behandelt' ..with ..a kommando of ..SS Division Das 'Reich'. ..village may now be described as 'free of Jews'." OSR 92.

The arrival of the first Jews from Hamburg signalled an altering in the status of Minsk as merely a local Ghetto and this, on November 10th. 1941, was but part of the Reich transports toward Minsk. As we approach May 8th. 1942, the use of the Gassing Vans were put into temporary service at the Killing Site that is Maly-Trostinets. As has been witnessed along the full axis of Einsatz efforts, when the bullet and the shooter became too close for their own comfort, it was decided that the killing apparatus should be removed from the immediacy of the sensitivity of the personnel. Let us not forget it was this exact same personnel which shot 1,250,000 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children.

"..received ..Fuhrer Order concerning ..killing ..Jews ..Gypsies ..Soviets." SS Brigadefuhrer Erich Naumann.

What I have always sought to suggest, as in those x6 particular Death Camps, which I have seen defined as such, was their capacity to destroy all those Jews, and others, detailed to them for Destruction. This does not diminish in any way the capacity for Murder seen at Dachau, Gross-Rosen, or in fact Maly-Trostinets. At Auschwitz/Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor and Treblinka, the mechanised manner and industrialised scale of the Slaughter has been clearly recognised. Their Gassing capabilities have become witness to a mass Slaughter beyond our comprehension and their status, with a Murderous consequence for all those Jews sent toward them, was immense. The Catastrophic effects were felt by more than half of the 6,000,000 People of the Jewish who have become recognised as the Jews of The Holocaust.

"..I am in Warsaw ..I am here. ..hard to grasp who I actually am. But it is actually here that I understand and know everything most precisely." Halina Birenbaum.

With Hitler's Final Solution gaining momentum, Belzec nor any of the Aktion Reinhard Death Camps was capable of an influx of any of Minsk's Jews. der Einsatzgruppe 'B', operational throughout Byelorussia was systematically slaughtering the Jewish population there. At will, and with the containment in any of the East's holding pens, which were being cleared of those POW's now dead from Disease or mistreatment and even Murder, all was being prepared for a newer Jewish intake. But these Labour Camps and the POW Camps all now made way for the further containment of those Jews who are being steadily forced East. Of those Jews now detained in and around Minsk, Minsk's Jews too were shot or otherwise Murdered as soon as appropriate measures could be exacted. Killing operations against the Jews in the wider Byelorussian, Russian and Ukrainian arena's continued with Einsatz aktionen and at a pace unprecedented in all of History.

"..Nebe ..turned ..Werner ..ordered him to have Minsk. ..blow up a bunker ..mentally ill patients inside Mogilev. ..Nebe had ..window bricked in ..gas hose. ..fixed ..exhaust ..touring car. ..five minutes ..nothing ..happened. ..eight minutes ..unable to detect any result. ..second hose fitted onto a transport vehicle belonging to ..regular police. ..another few minutes ..people ..unconscious. ..vehicles ..running ..ten minutes." SS Sturmbannfuhrer Dr. Albert Widmann.

So what do we do about the status of Maly-Trostinets, as a Russian POW Camp and as a formative Labour Camp under Einsatzgruppe 'B's jurisdiction. I guess we have to draw a line in spaces where The Holocaust connects with each of us. We surely must decide on when The Holocaust commenced and when Hitler’s Final Solution was ground to a halt. Otherwise we might be forced to accept the detail of Kielce with 42 Surviving Jews who were Murdered in 1946 by Polish bigots. This, even after so much had become known of what 3,000,000 Polish Jews had been forced to endure and had succumbed to Hitler’s designs for them. More than 1,000 Jewish Survivors were Murdered in Poland, immediately after liberation had freed them from Hitler's hold.

Or do we include the Jews murdered in the pogroms prior to World War I, in a period between 1903 and 1906 when more than 700 Jews were Murdered for being Jews? At Odessa in 1905 over 400 Jews were killed, at Bialystok in 1906 where as many as 200 Jews were killed, at Kalarash in 1905 where 60 Jews were killed, at Kishinev in 1903 where 49 Jews were killed or at Siedlce in 1906 where 39 Jews were killed, and all of these were prior to Hitler's rise to power. Of course, these pogroms and anti-Jewish hatreds cannot be allowed to cloud the certainty of what happened to 6,000,000 Jews of Europe. Given Hitler's rampant hatred for the Jews and the repugnance of an antisemitism which proliferated these areas of the East, we recognise and identify with the labels we have attached to the places of execution, death and destruction. There should be not confusion, no ambiguity over this certainty with what we wish to add to History. Which is where I arrive now to add to an impression which a POW Camp and Labour Camp’s status also wishes to add to our knowledge and appreciation as to why intolerance must never win again.

The villages of Maly-Trostinets and Bolshoi-Trostinets, situated some 8 miles from Minsk were the centre of Einsatzgruppe operations against the Jews of Minsk. The Killing Site at the Blagoveshchena Forest, which was itself about 3 miles from Maly-Trostinets, took those killed in Gassing vans and those Murdered at the edges of the pits dug there. There was a direct and continuing line of transports from Theresienstadt to Maly-Trostinets and while we Remember the 140,000 Jews sent to Theresienstadt, 33,000 of whom Died there, more than 86,000 of these Jews found their way to Auschwitz, Riga and then Minsk. Of those who entrained for Minsk, many died in the Ghetto there, or were Murdered by Einsatz aktionen in and around Maly-Trostinets or in the Blagoveshchena Forest. This was accomplished in both shooting operations and Gassing Vans, not as a systematic operation as we might witness in a Death Camp. Even though the Einsatz aktionen was a systematic sweep of local areas, this cannot constitute the significant differences affords to the x6 Death Camps.

"..SS Brigadefuhrer Zenner and ..SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr ..Strauch ..we ..liquidated ..55,000 Jews ..White Ruthenia. ..Minsk ..Jewry ..completely exterminated." Generalkommisar Wilhelm Kube.

As transports were directed toward Minsk and Maly-Trostinets, these resettlement efforts were interrupted at varying stages. Gassing Vans of der Einsatzgruppe took away 1,000's from these transports as did EinsatzKommando and SonderKommando units. These aktion groups, who shot many more 1,000's as part of their overall remit for Hitler's Final Solution, were a subsidiary force to The Death Camps detail and order. Maly-Trostinets, as a designated destination for Minsk's Jews, and Jews from the Reich, was both interrupted and inconsistent in that specific detail which designated all Death Camps. The fact that none of the x6 Death Camps came under Einsatzgruppe jurisdiction, whereas Maly-Trostinets did, is another pointer to the obvious difference. Maly-Trostinets similarity's with any of those Camp's designated as Death Camp's were either vague or too dissimilar as to present a non-coherent position of design.

If we look at Lodz Jews who were taken to Chelmno and systematically destroyed in Gassing vans, no whole scale shooting operations were employed. Many Jews of Minsk did make their way to Maly-Trostinets and were killed either en-route, by use of Gassing Vans or more likely shooting operations at Blagoveshchena Forest conducted by Einsatz kommandos. I have no wish to redraw the parameters of what has clearly designated all routes toward eradicating and annihilating the Jews of Europe. However, Maly-Trostinets had more in common with the operations at BabiYar, a Killing Site, than with Auschwitz/Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor or Treblinka, all x6 of Hitler's Death Camps he had established within Poland.

" Treblinka. ..How many answers will I find there. ..I will not run away from ..memories ..from ..stories ..from reading them ..writing about them. I will not flee to god who in this inferno revealed once and for all his nonexistence in such a decisive and unequivocal way." Halina Birenbaum.

So with a little overview of Maly-Trostinets, I hope I have expressed a valid purpose in that, while All Jews were the Victims, all Jewish Victims were not all Victims in Death Camps or at the hands of der Einsatzgruppe. As of Tuesday May 12th. 1942 and on consecutive Friday's and Tuesday's till August, a transport from the Reich made its way toward Minsk. There were some 14 transports of 19,000 Jews from Theresienstadt alone. Many of these were subsequently shot or Gassed into pits in the Blagoveshchena Forest and interred by a special kommando formed there. Some of these burial kommandos where formed to replenish that exhausted kommando or even selected for labour at Maly-Trostinets. On August 4th. 1942 1,000 Jews from Theresienstadt were transported to the Minsk Ghetto and on August 10th. 1942 960 of those Jews were detrained at the Blagoveshchena Forest, Gassed in Gas Vans while been driven to a clearing and interred in the already prepared pits.

On August 25th. 1942 1,000 more of Theresienstadt's Jews were directed toward the Minsk Ghetto and on August 31st. 1942 978 of those Jews met with the same fate as those Jews who had been Gassed at the Blagoveshchena Forest days before. On September 23rd. 1942 more than 2,000 Jews were transported toward Minsk and murdered at Maly-Trostinets and again on September 26th. 1942 more than 2,000 Jews were transported toward Minsk and murdered at Maly-Trostinets. All told, from September 19th. to September 29th. 1942 more than 11,000 Jews were transported toward Minsk and were murdered en-route to Maly-Trostinets. On October 21st. 1943 2,000 Jews of Minsk and some from Maly-Trostinets were Murdered in reprisal for the Sobibor Rising, which had had a large contingent of Jews from Minsk.

On June 30th. 1944 Hitler's acolytes had been removed from Maly-Trostinets and an SS contingent set about destroying the remaining detainees. Russian POW's, Minsk Civilians, Jews and those Jews of the Reich still alive, were grouped together into the wooden structures and burned to death or shot as they attempted to flee the flames. As they torched the whole fabric of the Camp, in line with Blobel's SK1005, no trace was to remain of this particular Camp. More than 86,000 Jews of Minsk had already been Murdered, but at Maly-Trostinets with 35,000 Jews who had been murdered under Einsatzgruppe 'B's authority, Minsk Jewry’s last days were not confined within Maly-Trostinets. But here the similarity begins and ends in the Destruction of the Jewish People. The Death Camps could not be considered other than Death Camps whereas Maly-Trostinets constituted both a POW Camp and a Labour Camp.

Maly-Trostinets was a place of Murder for Jew and non-Jew alike but was not specifically designed to cater for the Jews only, as the initial scale of Operation Barbarossa’s lightening speed of victory would prove for all captured Russian POW’s. Within the x6 Death Camps, others too of course were Murdered, as defined by Hitler's want or local peculiarity's, but their design and construct was for a Jewish resolve to the Final Solution. Also, Einsatzgruppe aktionen against Minsk's Jews was separated out from the Death Camps specific detail, so as to lessen the demands placed upon Einsatz killing operations. This did not become a part of Maly-Trostinets account for more than 35,000 Jews and as many as 65,000 Jews. Not for one moment do I suggest that Jews, and or others, were not Killed, Murdered Gassed, Shot or Exterminated to Death at May-Trostinets. Either on route to Maly-Trostinets or somewhere between Maly-Trostinets and Minsk. the evidence is unequivocal that the Jews were Murdered

"..Only now do I understand how much a person is attached to those places where there is a trace of ..past ..some remnant ..ashes of ..relatives ..echoes of their footsteps ..their customs ..their now silent voices." Halina Birenbaum.

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The Jews are The Holocaust

HolocaustPosted by P.A. Draigh Wed, March 29, 2017 21:35:28

There are some very strong reasons, morally, ethically and even philosophically why The Holocaust term belongs exclusively to the Jewish People. Specifically, there are 6,000,000 reasons. But this is not an accounting as Adolf Eichmann might have suggested but as Simon Wiesenthal would have us ensure that these 6,000,000 Jews were as us, Human Beings who were systematically sought out to be destroyed by Adolf Hitler. I am well aware that many Jews, particularly some Survivors, who do not wish an almost religious significance attributed or given to their definite catastrophe, but in assigning such a term, the Jewish People, Humanity, the World and History have a reference point in time. I understand that a seeming Biblical phenomena is not what Hitler sought for those Jews he urged those who followed him to bring to bear on innocent human beings, simply because they were Jews!

But, there are so many Jews who do not have that reference point which might even suggest where their loved ones are interred. Some might think it is Belzec! Some might consider it to be Babi Yar! But what is clear is that while the World looked the other way, The Holocaust term must focus all attention on what happened to 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, why it happened and even more accusingly, why it was allowed to happen. There has been this constant drip feeding of irreverence for this solid case to ensure 6,000,000 Jews are The Holocaust. So if the dilution of the term itself is allowed to continue, will the ‘Shoah’ become as equally diluted by a Worlds intention to deny further the Jews departed space which overcame the Jewish living space!

So if we commence with the inconceivable premise that nothing happened without Hitler's expressed or insinuated approval and we end with The Holocaust, it is totally conceivable the intervening period was constructed so as to consign even more Jews to its confining space. It is also reasonable to assess that all these matters centred around the progression of the Jewish People toward their eventual annihilation. There is no ambiguity in that assessment as History can clearly testify to its far reaching consequences. What some see as omitted, either in crossed t's or dotted i's is visually present in intention, demand and the expressed certainty of a rhetoric which never diminished. In this regard, a concealed page that was never to be written had been intimated.

"..first and foremost perpetrator was Adolf Hitler. ..without him it would have been inconceivable." Raul Hilberg.

We have gone further back in History to lend the term, which Raphael Lemkin titled as Genocide, to what was happening to the Jews of Europe under Hitler. Lemkin, a Polish Jew, who had arrived in the United States in April 1941, was already well versed in the types and scale of mass Murder which Hitler was waging against the Jewish People, and other peoples. Lemkin, clearly engrossed in what was happening to his own People, which Hitler had always so clearly verbalised and would not remain purely as a rhetorical process, became wholly the Destruction of the Jewish People. There were more than 3,000,000 reasons why Poland had been scoured so as to set as an example of what was to occur.

Half of all Jews who were Murdered in The Holocaust would be Polish Jews and this was not lost on Hitler. At the conception of, or even the inauguration of his planned Final Solution became focused and fixed, Lebensraum ensured many would make way for the few. We can go all the way back to Hitler's rise to power to see Jewish Destruction emerge as a inestimable target. We can see with the Book Burning of May 10th. 1933, when ten's of thousands of Books are burned on the Unter den Linden, Berlin and across much of Germany, a confronting with Jewish Culture and Civilising ways was being stressed. This, the conflagration of the written word allowed for The Holocaust term to enter into the vernacular of Nazi aims. The book burning was aimed against Jewish Writers amongst many, and we are now mindful of what Heinrich Heine had already stated:

"..Those who begin by burning Books end by burning People." Heinrich Heine.

On March 13th. 1938 with Austria absorbed into the Reich, by means of the 'Anschluss', the Jewish People face a more real threat. Along with the systematic larceny of Jewish assets, all is set in motion within Austria for Jewish removal elsewhere. The presence of Adolf Eichmann, who was here and on hand to ensure that the Jewish People would be singled out from the rest of their Community, has become a defining marker in the progress of Hitler’s Final resolve for the Jews of Europe was largely coincidental. What followed under Eichmann’s direct administering, would reverberate through the last 80 years to damn all who perpetrated, participated in or stood idly by and watched the atrocity unfold.

" ..reunion ..Austria with ..German Reich ..Heydrich gave ..order ..set ..Jewish emigration in motion from Vienna." Adolf Eichmann.

History now speaks of the destruction of more than 40,000 of Austria’s Jewish People, and amidst the terms of reference, which qualify the Jewish People as particular to The Holocaust itself, Abraham Brill saw its effects from afar. Brill’s observation was clearly in relation to those Jews of Europe now caught up in Hitler’s demands for Vienna, and those of all Austria. But he saw this terrible news in relation to Sigmund Freud and his Family in particular:

"..we have been startled by ..terrible news that ..Nazi Holocaust has suddenly encircled Vienna and in ..hands of civilisation’s greatest scourge." Abraham Arden Brill.

Then we can evidence Kristallnacht as what was coming as November 9th. 1938 was orchestrated throughout Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland. Here, where some 267 synagogues are ransacked and destroyed, with 7,500 Jewish Shops looted and over 50,000 Jews who are removed to Concentration Camps at Dachau, Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen, there is an apparent escalation toward Jewish maltreatment. Also, and with over 240 Jews who are killed, this is more commensurate with what is set to become The Holocaust for all 6,000,000 of The Jews of Europe.

"..we know what happened yesterday. We do not know what tomorrow holds. However ..we have experienced what happened today. Outside ..synagogue burns. That is also a house of God." Father Bernhard Lichtenberg.

As the ink was clearly settling upon grandiose schemes for settlements East and with Hitler's endorsement of the so called Madagaskar Plan given a feasibility study, soon annihilation would emerge as the opportune goal. Once T4's Euthanasia programme was circulated on August 18th. 1939 with the Reich Interior Ministry 'Euthanasia' paper, a rubicon had been crossed. The T4 expertise would later re-emerge in the Death Camps, once Hitler had become the witness to what could be achieved. We then see, on the day after Hitler sought to wage War in Poland, 30 Jews of Piotrkow were Murdered, September 2nd. 1939. What would eventually emerge is The Holocaust of the Jewish People as Hitler now convinced would be achievable.

What we know as far back as August 1941, when Winston Churchill was merely alluding to, and Churchill was not only hinting at the emerging destruction within what became known as The Holocaust. He knew of its exact progression. Churchill knew the emergence of the mass murder and its very exacting detail from the offset. Both British and US 'intelligence' sources had clearly gained the information from the official communications relayed from der Einsatzgruppe to Hitler’s door. Clearly, what that acknowledged what was a marked destiny for the Jews of Europe and it was fully exterminatory.

Sunday August 24th. 1941. "..aggressor retaliates by ..most frightful cruelties. As his Armies advance ..whole districts are being exterminated. Scores of 1,000's ..literally scores of 1,000's ..executions in cold blood are being perpetrated by ..German Police Troops upon ..Russian patriots who defend their native soil. Since ..Mongol invasions of Europe in ..16th. Century ..there has never been methodical ..merciless butchery on such a scale ..or approaching such a scale. And this is but ..beginning. Famine and pestilence have yet to follow in ..bloody ruts of Hitler's tanks. We are in ..presence of a crime without a name. " Winston Churchill.

A little over 6 weeks prior to this statement, British cryptographers had deciphered the 'enigma code', which der Einsatzgruppe thought would deliver their Operational Situation Reports directly to Hitler, and in secret. However, what Winston Churchill called the German Police Troops were in fact the 3,000 members of those mobile killing units, der Einsatzgruppe. Here, barely 3 weeks after the commencement of Barbarossa, we knew Hitler's unfolding account of 'The Final Solution of The Jewish Question', and it was a clearly Jewish resolve Hitler had engendered and engineered. The very detail and exacting accounting of the Slaughter would be laid out before Churchill for him to peruse and withhold from the public domain.

In cold relief, these wires were to be seen as to the systematic nature of the Slaughter of ALL Jews. I will borrow here from Elie Wiesel when I state that while Hitler's aktionen was personally directed, and while not all victims were Jews, the Slaughter was waged against ALL the Jewish People. Here, the unmasking of Hitler as a cold and calculating Mass Murderer was already withheld from the public domain, and though somewhat intelligently contained or detained, whichever allows for a morally accepting view, History knows the deeds of those who allowed for perpetration to prosper. But then, after the knowledge fully emerged of what had happened to the 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, it seemed appropriate that Raphael Lemkin had come up with the right name, that of Genocide.

For Lemkin to express his clear view and horror at what had happened and what was still happening to his own People, the incredulity of the World is a marked accusation. From that point in was borne the reference point in History we have ever since called The Holocaust Slaughter of The Jews of Europe.

Saturday December 5th. 1942. "..Holocaust ..Nothing else in Hitler's record is comparable to his treatment of ..Jews. ..word has gone forth that ..Jewish peoples are to be exterminated. ..conscience of humanity stands aghast." British News Chronicle.

Terms like The Holocaust can have no meaning if we are prepared to lose sight of the detailed tragedy contained within its grasp. If we then allow for this assessment, that has been made in order that 6,000,000 Jews of Europe who perished are given newer meaning to its reach, the Jewish People confined within its terminology must never become a secondary consideration. Lately too, the dilution of the term must be seen as a dishonourable way to remove the Jewish presence from the catastrophe. For these 6,000,000 Jewish People, we owe them the right to belong to a term we have given over to them. But if the term is anything less than the expression of the unparalleled and unprecedented assault upon the Jewish People, its misuse becomes a further slur even on all of Humanity.

Sunday December 27th. 1942 " ..where comfort lures people into of ..mighty is of no interest to history. ..Holocaust will steal its way into world history." Zelig Kalmanovich.

Zelig Kalmanovich writes from the depths of the Vilna Ghetto, which is still struggling to remain viable. In the midst of this particular maelstrom, the Germans are determined to ensure that the Jews from here are totally obliterated and their presence is no longer to be felt in the World. But history has been told of these events and The Holocaust has presented to the World the worst of what Man can do to his fellow Jew. To this day the Jews prevail and we make strenuous efforts to Remember them and stand stoically to accuse those who perpetrated these crimes against them.

Sunday December 27th. 1942 "..History will cherish your memory ..people of ..ghetto. Your last expression will be studied ..your struggle for human dignity will inspire." Zelig Kalmanovich.

Of course we know that there are those like Zelig Kalmanovich who adopted such a term to ensure we were Always to Remember and Never to Forget, and not just these Jews of Vilna, but all 6,000,000 Jews of Europe. So while Raphael Lemkin lent the word 'Genocide' to the Destruction of any Peoples, and while he was enabling us to appreciate what was happening to 3,000,000 Polish Jews and the subsequent Slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, can the Jewish Murdered be denied their space in a term after being denied their space in Life? In Lemkin's Book on Axis Rule in Europe, Raphael Lemkin did far more in stating the intention of what Churchill obviously knew, but only alluded to, when he prefaced the term on November 15th. 1943.

However, Raphael Lemkin had now introduced his new word after what Churchill had merely suggested that:

"..We are in ..presence of a crime without a name."

and while Lemkin himself was adamant that Hitler was systematically Slaughtering his people en-masse, Raphael gave that certainty to a name, 'Genocide' which gave rise to The Holocaust term for the Destruction of His Jewish People. Unmistakably, we cannot then reduce the term to invalidate its clear emergence as Lemkin sought to signify what Hitler was doing, achieving and establishing against the Jewish People. To simply dilute the term, to add reference to former 'Genocide’s, present 'Genocide’s or future 'Genocide’s is to seek to lessen the impact the atrocity against 6,000,000 Jewish People should bear down upon Civilisation, Humanity and even History!

Perhaps that is the intention of History then, to deny the Jewish 6,000,000 their rightful place, as the pointer to what extreme intolerance’s means for People when confronted by abject duplicity or indifference to their struggle. So while we are all too well aware that 6,000,000 Jewish People are no more, and maybe this is such a conservative estimate, Humanity is still reeling from its ramifications and realisation. Should we then lessen its impact by not allowing for its exclusively Jewish identity! I think not! I have 6,000,000 reasons to state this case and no other good reason to avoid stating it. Are we in need of the expressions of Wannsee to secure that Fact that The Holocaust belongs to the Jewish People. The Jews were not randomly sampled for death. The Jewish People were systematically chosen before, prior and immediately upon sight for their total elimination.

That x6 Death Camps were established by Hitler within Poland speaks for the very specific detail to be brought to bear on those Jews there and those Jews yet to be transported there. Treblinka, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor or even Auschwitz and Birkenau all resonate with a Jewish presence which is no more. We already have the hidden evidence of der Einsatzgruppe activities to explain The Holocaust as a Jewish Detail. The Death Camps too were detailed for the Slaughter of The Jewish People on a previously incomprehensibly mechanised and industrial scale. That does not dismiss the fact that many other peoples of various nations or creeds were done to death, even in these Death Camps.

But the non-Jews were always subsequent to the specific detail which had already identified 11,293,300 Jews for Destruction. The genesis of The Holocaust is neither in the function which Hitler's desire to annihilate the Jewish People fully delivered and nor is it in that intention which delivered 6,000,000 Jews to the Slaughter. But with a combined effort of all that Hitler imagined could be achieved and which would be finalised within The Holocaust term, the World knows the truth of what Hitler stage managed and achieved.

"..If of 10,300,000 we had killed 10,300,000 I would be satisfied and say ..Good. We have exterminated an enemy." SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Adolf Eichmann.

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HolocaustPosted by P.A. Draigh Tue, February 07, 2017 16:54:52

On this day in the History of The Holocaust, February 4th. 1907 Otto Ohlendorf, who will grow up to be Professor und SS Gruppenfuhrer Commander of EGB, is born. On February 24th. 1920 the Nazi Party is born from the 'Nationalsozialistischen Deutsche Arbeiter Party' and on February 26th. 1924 Hitler's trial begins for his failed Munich Bierkeller Putsch! On February 25th. 1932 Hitler is granted German Citizenship and as the Jews of Germany and Austria will be faced with threats, both metaphorically, rhetorically and deadly real, the World takes a breath. On February 2nd. 1933, all Political demonstrations in Germany are banned and the following day, February 3rd. 1933 Hitler's clear view, his Lebensraum expansion plan is revealed. Der Sturmer is now an official organ of the Nazi party. February 12th sees Berlin’s 'Bloody Sunday' riots which lead to the death of a Communist Party Member and injuries to 100's of others. The Jews are systematically targeted.

On February 20th. Hitler wins over a group of leading German industrialists at a meeting designed for that purpose. On February 22nd. 40,000 SA and SS are sworn in as auxiliary Police and on February 27th. the German Reichstag building is set on fire and the blame falls upon the Communists. The following day, February 28th. under edict of the Weimar Constitution, President Hindenburg gives plenary powers to Hitler and the Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the Nation and State the 'Reichstagsbrandverordnung,' the Reichstag Fire Decree makes the Weimar Constitution all but annulled and leaves all 100 Communist deputies arrested. During February 1934 the 3 year old Anneliese (Anne) Frank joins Her family, from her native Germany to join them in Amsterdam.

The first group of Jewish refugees from Germany arrive at Kibbutz Ein Harod in Israel and on February 17th. Great Britain, France and Italy move to secure Austrian independence. On February 10th. 1935 there is a prohibition of gatherings which are urging Jews to remain in Germany. On February 4th. 1936 Wilhelm Gustloff, the Swiss Nazi Party Leader, is assassinated by David Frankfurter, a Jewish Student and this proves an expedient for Hitler. At this time Hitler decides not to react and not to show the indignation as will be witnessed with the aftermath of the Grynzspan affair in 1938. Meanwhile, February 10th. 1936 sees the Gestapo placed above the law. On February 29th. Cardinal August Hlond, head of the Catholic Church in Poland issues his 'pastoral letter', discriminating against the Jewish People. His statement, leading to anti-Jewish pogroms occurring in Poland on the back of what Cardinal Hlond calls the ‘usury, fraud and white slavery' of the Jewish People.

On February 16th. 1937 German and Polish relations strengthened by Goering visit and on February 4th. 1938 Hitler becomes Chief of Germany's armed forces, appoints Joachim von Ribbentrop as his Foreign Minister as the Nazis in Austria are set to take over all Jewish business. On February 3rd. 1939 the Budapest Synagogue is fire bombed and on February 7th. Alfred Rosenberg, of the Foreign Political Office, proposes a Jewish reserve for World Jewry.

Tuesday February 7th. 1939 "..What territories are ..democracies willing to provide for ..settling some 15,000,000 Jews." Alfred Rosenberg.

Two days later on February 9th. there are more anti Jewish legislation passed in Italy and on February 10th. Pope Pius XI dies. On February 21st. Jews are required to hand over gold and silver. On February 7th. 1940 the Jews of Warsaw are prevented from attending public libraries while the following day, February 8th. the Lodz Ghetto is established and more than 202,000 Jews are to be Enclosed. Lodz is One of the Nine Major Ghettos Hitler has established and more than 8,200 of Lodz’s Jews will die from Starvation in this 1st. Year. On February 12th. the first deportations of Jews from Germany, from Pomerania to Polish Lublin as Goering moves to stem the flow of Jewish expulsions to Eastern Poland, except those from Lodz. On February 18th. two Jewish Warsaw teenage girls are raped in the Jewish cemetery by two Wehrmacht so-called 'officers'. The following day, February 19th. Waffen SS training moves out of Dachau.

On February 4th. 1941 Cardinal Theodor Innitzer, Archbishop of Vienna, repeats his concerns to Pope Pius XII concerning 60,000 of Vienna's Jews who are still under threat and are facing ‘resettlement’ deportation. The following day on February 5th. Romania issues its own Law for Protection of the State. On February 12th. Reich Protectorate decree demands that all capital be declared by its Jews. The following day February 13th. First Amsterdam Jewish Council, the 'Joodse Raad,' meets and on February 15th. the Kielce Ghetto is taking in nearly 1,000 Viennese Jews per week, some Jews from Pinczow forced in Labour unit. On February 17th. Romania joins Hitler's War effort and on February 18th. the Warsaw Ghetto Jewish Council seeks a loan from German Banks. February 22nd. sees the beginning of action against the Jews of Plock.

On February 23rd. 400 of Amsterdam’s Jews are sent to the Concentration Camps at Buchenwald and Mauthausen and two days later on February 25th. there is a Dutch General Strike over these deportations of their Jewish Citizens. On February 28th. the entire Jewish population of Plock are removed to the Dzialdowo Camp and are murdered there. On February 1st. 1942 the SS Economic Administrative Main Office, 'Wirtschafts Verwaltungshauptamt' WVHA is established under SS Gruppenfuhrer Oswald Pohl, for the controlling of the Concentration Camps. On February 8th. the first major deportations to the Death Camps commence as the Belzec Death Camp’s Construction is fully completed. On February 12th. Oswald Pohl issues instructions to Concentration Camps on maximum usage of inmates for 'work' and are restricted to 10% of the Camp population. On February 13th. Hamburg Jewish leaders murdered in Minsk Ghetto.

Saturday February 14th. 1942 "..Jews have deserved ..catastrophe that has now overtaken them. Their destruction will go hand in hand with ..destruction of our enemies. We must hasten this process with cold ruthlessness." Josef Goebbels.

On February 15th. The first massed Jewish gassing at Auschwitz have begun with the realm of Auschwitz/Birkenau set to incorporate 5 purpose-built Krematorium all with their own gas chambers.

"..I have created a world power out of ..German Reich. I am boundlessly proud that I was blessed by Providence lead this battle." Adolf Hitler.

On February 16th. the German Foreign Office notifies the Slovakian Government of the move toward The Final Solution of The Jewish Question in Europe. On February 24th. there are over 30,000 of Lodz’s Jews deported to Chelmno. On February 28th. Archbishop of Lvov, the recognised head of Polish Catholics, in Cardinal August Hlond's absence, Adam Stefan Sapieha, wrote to Pius XII on the persecution of Polish Catholics. He made no mention of Polish Jewry while Italian Priests, who had accompanied Italian troops into Russia, were passing back the information on the Murders of the Jews. Sapieha would have been one of the recipients of such information as would the Vatican. There was no moratorium on the movement of Italians through Poland from Russia back to Italy. On February 1st. 1943 more than 2,000 of Buczacz’s Jews are murdered at Fedor Hill as the Town of Oswiecim is being emptied of those Jews soon to enslaved and then murdered at Auschwitz.

The following day, February 2nd. with the defeat of Field Marshal Friedrich von Paulus and his German 6th. Army, sees his surrender at Stalingrad and the loss of 300,000 German and Axis forces who are dead or captured. With this defeat of Hitler's Armies here at Stalingrad, the need to destroy the very evidence of The Holocaust was conceived of and 'Sonderkommando 1005', which is to be directed by Blobel's punctilious effort, came into being. On February 3rd 1943 Dino Alfieri, the former Ambassador to the Vatican alerts Count Ciano, the Italian Foreign Minister as to the fate of the Jewish People.

Wednesday February 3rd. 1943 "..fate of ..Polish ..Russian ..Dutch ..French Jews ..SS talk about mass executions. ..executions by machine guns ..nude women ..children lined up at ..mouth of ..ditch. SS official ..confided ..he had hurled babies ..against a wall ..shattering them example to his men." Dino Alfieri.

On February 5th. with Jewish Resistance in Bialystok crushed, 2,000 Jews are killed resisting. On February 7th. the first Armed Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto begins. On February 12th. the Week-long resettlement at Bialystok ends and 10,000 of Bialystok’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. Elsewhere, Himmler and his entourage of 20 High Ranking Personnel in a fleet of 7 Cars, arrives at Sobibor to oversee the destructive capacity of the facility. Over 200 Female Jews from Lipowa, including 70 of Wlodawa's prettiest Jewish Females are murdered for Himmler's benefit! Later that day, Himmler and his party visited Treblinka.

"..Seven cars ..Himmler. ..entourage ..twenty people. ..went to ..extermination area ..stayed half an hour." Tanhum Greenberg.

On February 16th. Himmler orders the Warsaw Ghetto is to be 'reduced' to rubble.

Tuesday February 16th. 1943 "..In this way ..Warsaw ..will be reduced." SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler.

On February 23rd. the Stanislawow Ghetto is Liquidated with 1,000 of Stanislawow's Jews shot and 2,000 sent to the Janowska Camp. On February 25th. the first transports from Salonika to Auschwitz begins as Hitler’s Final Solution extends its reach. On February 26th. the first major Gypsy transport also arrives at Auschwitz. This is followed the following day, February 27th. with the deportation of those previously exempted Jewish armament workers from Berlin to Auschwitz. On February 28th. 2,000 of Stryj’s Jews are murdered at Sobibor while Aktion ‘1005’ begins at Treblinka to disguise Hitler’s crimes against The Jewish People of our Humanity. On February 1st. 1944 in Ledziny, the Town sees IG Farben establish the Auschwitz III Monowitz sub-Camp Gunthergrube, for Coal extraction. This sub-camp and around 300 prisoners are sent for forced labour there.

On February 3rd. there are over 980 Parisian Jews from the Drancy Camp resettled to Auschwitz. This is followed a week later, on February 10th. with a further 1,200 Parisian Jews from the Drancy Camp resettled to Auschwitz as are over 800 Dutch Jews from Westerbork to be resettled at Auschwitz. On February 14th. Himmler reduces the size of the Lodz Ghetto and on February 22nd. over 460 of Fossoli’s Jews are deported toward Auschwitz as are over 80 of Narva’s Jews. On February 25th. over 30 more of Vienna’s Jews are deported to Auschwitz and the following day, February 26th. more than 50 of Sosnowiec’s Jews to Auschwitz. During February 1945 both Anne and Margot Frank died from the effects of Typhus. Though we cannot be certain of the exact dates of their demise, we are certain that Hitler's Final Solution had imposed itself upon them both. On February 1st. the Gross-Rosen Death March of 40,000 inmates begins its harrowing progress.

On February 2nd. the Red Cross discusses with the SS for the relief of all the Camps and on February 4th. The Yalta Conference convenes and this meeting at Yalta between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin agree that a prosecution of all Axis leaders should follow the expected conclusion of World War II. On February 14th. as Russian forces liberate Buda, part of the City of Budapest, the City is surrendered with more than 90,000 Hungarian Jews reprieved by Russian forces. On February 17th. of the all too few Jews who have managed to Survive, 7 returning Sokoly Jewish Survivors are murdered by locals amongst these are 4 year old, Tovah ‘Tokele’ Olshak. All of these Jewish Survivors, who have suffered so much, endured even more are included in these shameful murders.

1) Tovah, (Tokele), (Tolkele), (Tulkale), (Tulka) was 4 years of age. I am now reliably informed by a Survivor, Yaffa Litwak, who knew Tokele, that she is Tovah Olshak, the Sister of Shaine. Both of Tokele's Parents were previously shot in the nearby Lupochowo Forest and Tokele had been cared for and Loved by a Christian woman. Sadly, and though with difficulty, Tokele was given back to her Cousin by marriage Shaine.

2) Shaine (Shaina) (Sheine) Olshak was a Cousin by marriage of Tokele, she was 22 years of age. She was the Wife of Zeev Velvel Olshak of Zeremow.

3) David Zholti (Zholty) was born in 1939 and was 35 years of age,

4) Shaikele (Sheike) (Yehoshua) (Shaikeleh) Litwak was 13 years of age and was the Brother of Yankele, Shammai and Yaffa and was the Son of Chaim,

5) Chaim 'Tuvia' Litwak was the blacksmith from Siemietitz and was the Father of Yankele, Shaikele, Shammai and Yaffa,

6) Shammai Litwak was 19 years of age the Elder Brother of Yankele, Shaikele,

7) Batya Weinstein was 20 years old who had Survived Auschwitz and had been born in Swiecinin, and though David Kostshevski (Koschevsky) (Koschavsky) who had Survived both Auschwitz and Majdanek was shot here in Sokoly, he died in a hospital in Bialystok.

On February 18th. 1946 the Russian prosecutors offer into evidence German film footage, and this is a 45 minute film of the very evidence of Hitler’s Final Solution. The atrocities captured will need to teach us what we need to learn. On February 9th. 1948 the Final Judgement in der Einsatzgruppe Case is delivered and 3 days later on February 12th. the Defence’s closing statement in der Einsatzgruppe Case is completed. The following day February 13th. the Prosecution closing statement in der Einsatzgruppe Case is delivered. On February 17th. the RuSHA Case at Nuremberg concludes and 2 days later on February 19th. The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 7, ends. Eight defendants are found guilty of their crimes and are sentenced to varying periods of imprisonment. Two defendants are acquitted. Two other defendants committed suicide before the verdict was reached.

1) Field Marshal Siegmund Wilhelm von List, lifetime imprisonment and was released in December 1952.

2) Field Marshal Baron Maximilian von Weichs, Removed from the trial due to illness.

3) Colonel General Dr. Lothar Rendulic, 20 years' imprisonment reduced to 10 years. Released 1951.

4) General Walter Kuntze, Life in prison. Released 1953.

5) Major General Hermann Foertsch, Acquitted.

6) Lieutenant General Franz Bohme, committed suicide, May 30th. 1947 before his arraignment.

7) Lieutenant General Hellmuth Felmy, 15 years' imprisonment; reduced to 10 years in 1951.

8) General Hubert Lanz, 12 years' imprisonment; released 1951.

9) Major General Ernst Dehner, 7 years' imprisonment; released 1951.

10) Lieutenant General Ernst von Leyser, 10 years' imprisonment; released 1951.

11) Major General Wilhelm Speidel, 20 years' imprisonment; released 1951.

12) Kurt Ritter von Geitner, Acquitted.

The release, on February 15th. 1979, of Aerial photographs of the operation at Birkenau capture the procession toward Destruction of those Jews disembarking from a ‘resettlement’ Transport. Here, as a Death Camp swallows up a further convoy, the release of these photographs provides shameful evidence of what we allowed to happen. These photographs were taken back in 1944 and they are present at the height of the operation against Hungarian Jewry. Add to this, that US Bombers were fully capable of over flying the Auschwitz/Birkenau Death Camp, the continuing argument as to why the Allies did not intervene, did not Bomb the Death Camps and did not Save more Jews, will wind on relentlessly.

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HolocaustPosted by P.A. Draigh Thu, January 19, 2017 09:06:36

On January 12th. 1893 Hermann Goering is born and Hitler’s proxy peddler in The Final Solution will attempt to conceal Hitler’s role. On January 11th. 1923 French and Belgian troops occupy Ruhr and this is a precursor to what Hitler will frame his belligerence. On January 6th. 1929 Himmler is appointed 'Reichsfuhrer SS' and a key role in the burgeoning effort to destroy the Jewish People has been set in motion. During the January period of 1933 a pastoral letter from Austrian Bishop Gfollner of Linz states that it is the duty of all Catholics to adopt a ‘moral form of anti-Semitism.’ What this means in the moral ethics of Christianity is bearing no relation to what Christ insists upon. On January 4th. that year in a Secret meeting between Hitler and Franz von Papen to establish a governmental role for Hitler, Hitler moves a step closer to ultimate power and as German Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher resigns on January 28th., that step is closer still. On January 30th. Adolf Hitler is appointed, 'Reichskanzler' with Franz von Papen as his vice-Chancellor. The Nazi's are in power.

On January 1st. 1934 the SS is fully in control of the Concentration Camp system and Hitler orders a military building program of 4,000 new aircraft to be completed within 20 Months. Remember here too, that while all credit is afforded Hitler for the expansionism of the Reich, the accreditation for the mounting assault upon the Jewish People, Gypsies, the Slavic nations and any one else Hitler’s hatred consumes, is to be ignored by those in favour of Hitler as some form of ‘messiah’? All Jewish holidays are now removed from German calendar and during the early part of the year Nazi Youth members are targeting Catholic youth groups throughout Germany, and intimidating and beating them. German laws are now being passed allowing for the sterilisation of the 'unfit,' laws which were passed in July of the previous year. On January 24th. The Jewish People are banned from the German Labour Front and two days later on January 26th. Germany and Poland sign a 10 year non-Aggression Pact. On January 30th. Hitler now declares he will not be deterred from rearming.

On January 26th. 1937 Jews are prohibited from working in German offices and the following year, on January 21st. 1938 Jews have their citizenship revoked by the Goga-Cuza Fascists in Romania.

Friday January 21st. 1938 "..Jews must leave Romania is for to find a residence for's Jews 'Madagascar seems a suitable spot'." Alexander Cuza.

On January 1st. 1939 all Jewish Capital is expropriated and the Israel or Sarah 'name' decree comes into force. This identifies all passports as Jewish with the identifying Jewish names penned on them.

Sunday January 15th. 1939 "..Church ..always regarded living side by side with Jews long as they remain Jews ..dangerous to ..tranquility of Christian people. ..for this reason ..intended to brake ..limit ..action ..influence of ..Jews ..isolating Jews." Bishop Giovanni Cazzani.

Two days later on January 17th. Jewish dentists, pharmacists and vets lose their license to work. On January 24th. Goering gives Heydrich power to establish a 'Reichszentale fur Judische Auswanderung', a Reich Bureau Central Office for Jewish Emigration from Germany and this is based upon the Eichmann Vienna model. There are 80,000 Jews left in Germany as Heydrich then appoints Heinrich Mueller, the Gestapo Chief, to lead the Jewish emigration push. The following day, January 25th. the German Foreign Office circulates the deportation essential of Polish Jews from Germany.

Monday January 30th. 1939 "..shameful spectacle to see how ..whole democratic world is oozing sympathy for ..poor ..tormented Jewish people ..but remains hard hearted and obdurate when it comes to helping them." Adolf Hitler.

Here, as Hitler feels for the mood of the Western nations, he senses the enmity that should be expected for the way he has treated the Jewish People is missing. This clearly gives Hitler carte blanche with what he will now pursue as a final resolve for all the Jews of Europe. The following year, on January 2nd. 1940 there will be No Jewish obituaries allowed in the de facto Generalgouvernment within Poland. Meanwhile, on January 6th. the Jews in Warsaw are denied heating fuels. On January 12th. 300 Hordyszcze asylum inmates murdered while on January 14th., of the 880 Jewish Prisoners of war who are force marched across Poland, more that 600 of them are shot.

On January 15th. 1940 Gorlice Judenrat created and 3 days later on January 18th. 255 Warsaw Jews were shot in Palmiry Forest. A week later on January 22nd. the Vatican attacks the German conduct in Poland. On January 24th. Hans Frank adds a newer decree in order that all Jewish property in Generalgouvernment be registered. The following day, January 25th. Though in containment operation since 1939, Oswiecim, Auschwitz, is chosen as the site of a new Concentration Camp. On January 26th. the Warsaw Judenrate are fined after an ethnic German is beaten. Four days later on January 30th. Heydrich holds conference on resettlement of Jews and Volkdeutche and Heydrich establishes Office IVD4 for the purpose of 'resettling' all Jews from the Reich.

On January 1st. 1941 439 Jews gassed at Kalisz with the use of Mobile Gassing Vans used by der Einsatzgruppe in the field of operations. On January 10th. the Jews in Holland are forced to register and the following day, January 11th. Hans Frank gains a stay of Himmler's deportation plans. On January 20th. Cardinal Theodor Innitzer, Archbishop of Vienna, informed Pope Pius XII of the looming threat to 60,000 of Vienna Jews now facing deportation. On January 21st. in Bucharest 130 of its Jews are Murdered while 25 Synagogues are desecrated or set on fire, 616 Jewish shops are Destroyed, 547 Jewish Homes are looted as the Romanian Army quells the unrest. The following day, January 22nd. Bulgaria dislodges its Jews from all professional positions, as Public Sector workers and as Doctor's and Lawyer's and a punitive tax is also imposed on Jewish Homes and Businesses. On January 26th. 120 of Bucharest’s Jews are murdered as 1,000's of Bucharest's Jews are brutalised in anti-Jewish riots. By January 28th. There is a new Romanian Government formed by General Antonescu and the racial persecutions against its Jewish Citizens continues. There a newer anti-Jewish laws promulgated as January 30th. sees Hitler repeat his threat to destroy all of European Jewry. Rhetoric has surely given way to a power surge of hatred that has clearly delineated all aspects of The Final Solution being resolved into the mass Murder of the Jewish People which is already being realised.

Thursday January 30th. 1941. "..Today I will once more be a prophet. If Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging nations once more into a world war then ..result will not be .. bolshevisation of and ..victory of Jewry ..but ..annihilation of ..Jewish race in Europe." Adolf Hitler.

On January 31st. 3,000 of Pruszkow's Jews are deported to the Warsaw Ghetto along with some 70,000 other Jews from outlying areas set to soon follow. Meanwhile there are German attempts to establish a Polish styled imposed Judenrat in Frankfurt and even in France. On January 1st. 1942 the United Nations declaration is ratified by 26 Allied Nations and a UN War Crimes Commission is established. SS Sturmbannfuhrer Christian Wirth was appointed the first Commandant of the Belzec Death Camp. On January 3rd. 27 of Gorlice’s Jews were shot in the streets of their Town.

Saturday January 3rd. 1942 "..rumour is abroad ..execution was filmed." SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Fritz Dietrich.

This is a serious breach of discipline, when we consider the supposedly ultra secretive nature of the mass murder undertakings against the Jewish People. Severest retribution was proposed for any individual who photographed the murder operations, let alone filmed them. We are, however, indebted to the many who, through curiosity or callous intent, have brought the brutal truth of The Holocaust to life, and while it is conveyed in exacting detail, it is limited to a few minutes of Film, The Liepaja Massacred at Skeden and a series of photographs. On January 4th. Chaim Rumkowski makes the boast that Jews can be saved, 'Through Work.' The following day January 5th. the Kharkov Ghetto is finally liquidated. On January 6th. the Russian Foreign Minister, Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Molotov hands over information on the Babi-Yar massacre. As well as this, there are other mass murder actions disclosed and their locations of graves are exposed before a British and US Government intelligence service which already knows much of the detail contained.

On January 7th. Chelmno Death Camp gassing of Jews from surrounding area had already commenced as the expelling of Jews from Lodz to Chelmno begins. 5,000 Gypsies from Lodz are also gassed at Chelmno. On January 8th. 1942 Stutthof becomes a Concentration Camp and the following day, January 9th. 1,000 of Theresienstadt’s Jews are deported to Riga.

"..extermination of whole categories of human beings ..was ..foremost instrument of ..Nazi doctrine." Ben Ferenz.

On January 12th., as a precursor to the Nuremberg Trials, Europe and China resolve to try All Axis Leaders as War Criminals and for all war crimes:

"..whether they have ordered ..perpetrated ..or in any way participated in them."

On January 13th. 10,000 of Lodz’s Ghetto Jews are marked for Forced Labour and the following day, January 14th. Dutch Jewry is being prepared for 'resettlement' which is swiftly followed the following day, January 15th. With an Allied pledge to punish War Criminals.

Thursday 15th. January 1942 "..a Jew. ..tied ..sleigh ..forced to run. ..couldn't run anymore ..they dragged him along ..then shot him." David Rubinowicz.

On January 16th. 10,000 of Lodz’s unproductive Jews are murdered at Chelmno and the Soviet report on the Mass Murder of 52,000 Jews of Kiev is published in The Jewish Chronicle. Two days later, on January 18th. a First Theatre performance is held in the Vilna Ghetto. On January 20th. The Wannsee Conference is convened and Hitler now ensures all arms of the Reich, all Government Agency's and the wider German public are signed up to The Final Solution and Heydrich will outline Plans to Annihilate 11,293,300 Jews! On January 21st. the United Partisan Organisation is established in Vilna and on January 23rd. 1,500 of Novi Sad’s Jews are murdered and thrown into the Danube River. Also, Hitler met with over 50 High Ranking Nazi officials to no doubt approve and commission the 3 Death Camps at Belzec, which commenced its work, March 17th, the Death Camp at Sobibor, where mass murder commenced in May and at the Death Camp Treblinka, where the destruction of the Jews began on July 22nd. This certainly suggests that all of this was a final resolve that had now become Hitler’s Final Solution of the Jewish Question, die Endlosung der Judenfrage.

"..One must act radically. ..Jews must clear out. ..if they refuse to go voluntarily other solution but extermination." Adolf Hitler.

On January 24th. 400 of Kolomyia’s Jews are murdered and the following day, January 25th., Hitler once more states his intention to exterminate the Jews. There should be no confusion over Hitler’s terms of reference. Memo’s from der Einsatzgruppe had been landing on his desk since the launch of Barbarossa, June 22nd. 1941, detailing the wholesale slaughter undertaken by Hitler’s units of Murderer’s. Jus to convince the rabid audience, on January 30th. Hitler reaffirms his aim to completely annihilate the Jews, which by the following day, January 31st. SS Brigadefuhrer Franz Stahlecker's 'Einsatzgruppe A' report has confirmed for Hitler his immediate wish with the liquidation of 229,052 Baltic Jews.

Saturday January 31st. 1942 "..According to ..orders of establishing basic principles to be followed ..systematic purge operations in ..Ostland, including ..elimination completely as possible of Jewry." SS Brigadefuhrer Franz Walter Stahlecker.

On January 4th. 1943 the Czestochowa Ghetto Uprising and the following day, January 5th. the reprisals against the Jews of Czestochowa sees 250 Elderly Jews and Jewish Children shot. On January 6th. 2,000 of Ujazd’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka followed by, on January 7th. 15,000 of Lvov’s Jews are murdered in a 2 day action. Also, 4,000 of Augustow’s Jews are deported to Auschwitz. On January 9th. of 8,000 Warsaw’s Jews are ordered toward a final 'resettlement.' Meanwhile, the 'German People's Winter Aid Campaign' wrote to the German administration of the Lodz Ghetto complaining that a part of the clothing sent from Chelmno was marked with 'The Jewish Badge'. On January 12th. 20,000 of Zambrow’s Jews are deported Auschwitz.

1,000 Berlin Jews deported Auschwitz.

Wednesday January 13th. 1943. "..Day and night ..dragged off. ..deprived ..of ..possessions. Families ..torn apart ..all ..separated. Children coming home ..find ..their parents have disappeared. Women return find ..their families gone." Anne Frank.

On January 14th. 8,000 Lomza Jews deported Auschwitz and on January 18th. 6,000 more of the Warsaw Ghetto Jews are murdered at Treblinka. Meanwhile, Jewish Resistance plans to disrupt 'resettlement' operations as 1,000 Jews are murdered after Resisting. This is the 1st. Jewish Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto a resistance which lasts for 4 days. On January 20th. Jews from Theresienstadt are again expelled toward Auschwitz. On January 21st. the 'January Aktion' of Resistance of the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto ends. On January 25th. 2,120 of Jasionowka’s Jews are deported to Auschwitz. The following day, on January 26th. 1,000 of Stanislawow’s Jews are murdered. Elsewhere a week long Transport of 5,000 Jews from Theresienstadt are ‘resettled’ to Auschwitz. On January 27th. 1,300 of Grodek Jagiellonski’s Jews are murdered and the following day, January 28th., 12,000 of Pruzana’s Jews are deported to Auschwitz. On January 29th. 4,000 Dutch Jews from Westerbork are sent to Auschwitz and 1,000 Berlin Jews too are deported to Auschwitz as an RSHA Directive establishes the Gypsy Camp in Birkenau.

Friday January 29th. 1943 "..completed furnaces have been started up in ..presence of Engineer Prufer ..Topf. ..planks cannot yet be moved from ..ceiling of ..mortuary cellar on account of frost ..but this is not important ..gassing cellar can be used for that purpose. ..ventilation plant has been held up by restrictions on rail transport ..but ..installation should be ready by February 20th." SS Sturmbannfuhrer Karl Bischoff.

On January 6th. 1944 Jewish Partisan activity escalates and on January 12th. 1,000 Jews from the Stutthof Camp are sent to Auschwitz as are 95 of Lodz’s Jews and 23 of Trieste’s Jews. On January 16th. Tuczyn (Tuchin) is Liberated with 20 of the original 3,000 Jews left to Survive. On January 17th. over 400 of Malines’s Jews are ‘resettled’ to Auschwitz and the following day, January 18th. a further 300 of Buczacz’s Jews are murdered. On January 20th. over 1,000 Parisian Jews from Drancy are sent to Auschwitz. Tragically, as January 25th. is reached, we are forced to realise that about 100,000 Jews remain alive in the General Gouvernment. This represents some 3,400,000 of Poland’s Jews of the General Gouvernment having been Murdered within a 3 year period. On January 27th. over 680 Dutch Jews from Westerbork are sent to Auschwitz and on January 30th. 1944 over 560 of Milan’s Jews are ‘resettled’ to Auschwitz.

On January 6th. 1945 Edith Frank died in Birkenau and Roza Robota, Ella Gartner, Regina Safirsztain and Ester Wajcblum all Hanged in Auschwitz. On January 11th. the Russian forces are at Warsaw and on January 16th. Russian forces liberate 800 of Czestochowa’s Jewish Survivors. The following day, January 17th. Russian forces liberate Warsaw where more than 374,000 Jews of Warsaw were murdered. Too few of Warsaw’s Jews have Survived. On January 18th. Auschwitz Camp is being abandoned by the Nazi’s as The Death March begins with some 66,000 of these Auschwitz Survivors being moved toward Wodzislaw. Meanwhile Russian forces take Cracow with more than 7,000 Jews of Cracow who were eventually murdered adding to the 17,000 of Cracow’s Jews who are still missing. On January 19th. Russian forces liberate Lodz where more than 200,000 Lodz Jews were murdered with less than 900 of the Jewish community left to Survive. On January 20th. 4,200 Jews are shot in Birkenau as the SS Dynamite the remaining Krematoria in Birkenau. On January 25th. a Death March for Stutthof Camp Survivors begins. The following day, January 26th. the Budapest Ghetto is Liquidated.

On January 27th. Russian forces liberate the Auschwitz Camp and the Birkenau Death Camp. The remaining Jewish prisoners are liberated, along with many non-Jews all severely debilitated and many will not Survive these first moments of freedom. There are estimates as high as 2,500,000 Jews having been murdered at Auschwitz and Birkenau, though the accepted assessment accounts for more than 1,100,000 Murdered Jews alone, with Poles, Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Citizens of so many nations interred within the Camp confines.

On January 4th. 1946 Colonel Telford Taylor makes the prosecution case for the Nuremberg Trials against the German High Command. His impressive performance will help secure his appointment as lead prosecutor in the subsequent Nuremberg trials. On January 8th. the prosecution at Nuremberg begins its case against the individual defendants. On January 28th. during the French phase of the prosecution, French journalist Marie Claude Vaillant-Courturier provides heart-wrenching eyewitness testimony of the atrocities at Auschwitz.

"..SS men and women who stood guard over us would beat us with cudgels and set their dogs on us. Many of our friends had their legs torn by ..dogs. I even saw a woman torn to pieces and die under my very eyes when Tauber ..a member of ..SS ..encouraged his dog to attack her and grinned at ..sight." Marie Claude Vaillant-Courturier.

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HolocaustPosted by P.A. Draigh Wed, December 21, 2016 20:26:15

December in The Holocaust.

There are 6,000,000 Murdered Jews who have had their raised voices quashed and their call for Justice quelled. They have been Slaughtered and obliterated with little thought to their human integrity. For us in History it becomes a human duty to raise our own voices 6,000,000 times on their behalf so that History hears the plaintive cry of our own shock, horror and despair. I think it is imperative to think too, one of the most important Feasts in the Christian Calender that is Christmas Day, is also a day of the most concern for the Jews during this period. The anti-Jewish rhetoric is ramped up to such a degree, Jews would be fearful of being seen on all and any of the high Christian Holidays or Festivals.

On December 7th. 1924 the Nazi's lose 50% of their votes in Reichstag Elections and almost 2 years later on December 1st. 1926, Josef Goebbels becomes 'Gauleiter' of Berlin. On December 31st. 1930 the 'Rasse und Siedlungshauptamt' or RuSHA is established as the Nazi Racial Research Office. On December 1st. 1933 a legal decree issued by Hitler declares that Germany and the Nazi Party are one. Hermann Goering orders closure of all SA 'wild camps' and the Jewish Social Democratic politician Ernst Heilmann is arrested. Meanwhile the antisemitic Glaubensbewegung deutscher Christen (Movement of German Christian Believers) becomes the semiofficial religious organization of Germany and an antisemitic, anti-Communist organization, the Gesamtverband deutscher anti-kommunistischer Vereinigungen (General Association of German Anti-Communist Societies), is founded.

On December 31st. 1935, all remaining Jews employed within Germany's Civil Service are dismissed and the following year, on December 1st. 1936 The Hitler Youth is declared a State Agency. On December 27th. That same year, a non-intervention agreement between Britain and France abandons Spain to the throws of Franco. In a 2 year period up until the end of 1936, over 47,000 Polish Jews have fled their Country on account of some unsavoury anti-Jewish measures and responses with over 35,000 of them reaching Palestine. On December 14th. 1937 the Gypsy is declared an 'inveterate criminals' by Hitlerite decree. Ferenc Szalasi establishes the Fascist antisemitic Arrow Cross in Hungary. The first issue of The Jewish Question 'Die Judenfrage' is published in Germany and is edited by Georg Haller. Meanwhile, Poland investigates the possibility of deporting resident Jews to Madagascar as 'The Madagascar Plan' is first muted.

Later on, on December 28th. The Romanian Government of Goga-Cuza is the first government that introduced antisemitism as state policy. Of the over 8,800 Polish Jews who managed to flee Poland this year alone, over 2,800 of them manage to reach Palestine. The following year, on December 3rd. 1938 all Jews within Germany lose their Driving Licenses as Jewish industrial enterprises and businesses expropriated under compulsory purchase orders seeing Jews being wholly diminished in the German economy. On December 6th. A nonaggression pact between Germany and France is signed. On December 12th. the Neuengamme Concentration Camp opens and there is a

$400,000,000 fine levied against German Jews for the Kristallnacht destruction that had been railed against them.

On December 14th. Hermann Goering is given charge of die Endlosung der Judenfrage, 'The Jewish Question.' On December 24th. Many leading American clergy come together to issue a resolution protesting at the events of 'Kristallnacht'. By the end of the year more than 200,000 of the 500,000 Jews who had been in the German 1933 Census had emigrated with over 9,000 Jews who fled to Poland while over 2,000 of them actually reached Palestine. On December 1st. 1939 1,800 Chelm Jews are expelled toward Luck as 1,400 of these Chelm Jews are murdered by Wehrmacht troops. 200 Hrubieszow Jews are force marched to Sokal and many of them die enroute. On December 2nd. There is the first use of gassing vans for the elimination of mental patients. On December 5th. All Jewish property in Poland is seized.

On December 6th. Britain admonishes the Bulgarian Government over its transit policy for Jews fleeing to Palestine and on December 11th. all Jews in Poland must now seek permission to change their address. On December 12th. all Jewish males aged between 14 and 60 are subject to forced labour and have to do 2 years of service in Eastern Germany. Elsewhere Jews are expelled from Kalisz. On December 15th. it is decreed that Jewish Forced Labour be made 'free' to German interests. On December 18th. all Jewish valuables to be declared in Poland and 2 days later on December 20th. the Radomsko Ghetto in Poland is established with 18,500 Jews being Enclosed. On December 30th. 1,210 refugee Jews aboard the Uranus are prevented from going on to Palestine. Over the past 6 years more than 1,400 individual anti-Jewish measures are enacted in Germany alone. On December 10th. 1940 Himmler convenes a meeting of Higher Nazi officials and Gauleiters in Berlin to discuss the population transfer plan. This was still as yet a territorial consideration for The Jewish People!

"..By resettling ..Jews out of ..European economic area to a yet to be determined territory. In ..framework of this ..5,800,000 Jews will be affected." Adolf Eichmann.

On December 12th. The Salvador sinks killing 200 Jewish refugees and of these 70 of them are children. On December 17th. the Piotrkow Ghetto is struck by a typhus epidemic and on December 29th. the Glowno Ghetto in Poland is established with

3,000 Jews Enclosed. By the end of year 8,200 Jews of Lodz had died of starvation as SS Sturmbannfuhrer Herbert Lange has moved his entire Sonderkommando to Chelmno and with the completion of this Death Camp, Chelmno would be at the centre of the storm for Lodz Jews. This year sees some 27,000 Polish Jews still manage to emigrate to Palestine though illegally!

"..Today I can confirm that our objective solve ..Jewish problem for Lithuania ..has been achieved by EK 3. In Lithuania there are no more Jews ..apart from Jewish workers and their families. ..distance between ..assembly point to ..graves ..on average 4 to 5 klms." SS Standartenfuhrer Karl Jaeger.

On December 1st. 1941 1,200 Stuttgart Jews are removed to Riga and they too will find their way to Rumbuli for annihilation. As the Jaeger Report states that 85% of all Lithuanian Jews have already been murdered, the Jews of Lithuania are under an increased threat. This report amounts to an assessment that some 137,366 individual Lithuanian Jews who are now dead, deceased and are Murdered.

Thursday December 4th. 1941 "..10's of 1,000's of Jews from abroad were brought here. I saw them walking with their suitcases ..many of them well dressed. Young men and women in good spirits ..relaxed. They observe everything around them. They look at our city with curiosity. They were told that they were brought to work and were ordered to bring their best clothing with them. Afterwards they were murdered at ..Ninth Fort. It was said that these young people had no suspicions of anything bad happening to them and they even danced in ..evenings. On ..following day ..they were taken in groups of 50 and shot. Lithuania earned ..label 'cemetery of ..European Jews'." Helena Kutergiene-Buividaite.

On December 4th. 2,500 of Gorodenka’s Jews are murdered and the following day, on

December 5th. the first truck transports of Jews are delivered to the Chelmno Death Camp abd 2 days later on December 7th. the Chelmno Death Camp's Extermination operations begin. 700 of Kolo’s Jews are the first victims at Chelmno as they are gassed and confined to eternity here at Chelmno. Meanwhile the Second 'Aktionen' of the remaining Riga Ghetto Jews takes place and they are all murdered into the prepared pits within the Rumbuli Forest. On December 8th. of 4,000 Novogrudok’s Jews murdered as 2,300 Jews are murdered at Chelmno with the introduction of 'gassing vans' to murder the Jews expelled here. The remaining Jews of Belgrade are ordered to report for 'resettlement' as the final stages of Riga Jewish murders in Rumbuli is reached. On December 9th. 25,000 Latvian Jews were murdered in the Rumbuli Forest in a 3 day operation. More than 38,000 Jews will be murdered here. The Wannsee Conference is postponed.

On December 10th. 1,757 Jews of Turek are Murdered at Chelmno and the following day, on December 11th. Germany and Italy declare war on America with America reciprocating by declaring war on both Germany and Italy. Meanwhile the Lutsk Ghetto is established and 18,000 Jews are to be enclosed. On December 12th. Hitler discusses the complete annihilation of European Jewry with some fifty of the leadership of his Reich. In his private rooms, Hitler spoke in lieu of The Wannsee Conference of what he expected would inmplicate all levels of Reich Admisistration in the completion of The Final Solution we recognise is The Holocaust:

Friday December 12th. 1941 "..In respect of ..Jewish question ..make a clean sweep. war is here ..annihilation of ..Jews must be ..necessary result. This question is to be regarded without sentimentalism. We are not here to have sympathy with ..Jews ..but ..with our German people. If ..German people have sacrificed 160,000 dead in ..eastern campaign ..authors of this bloody conflict will have to pay for it with their lives." Adolf Hitler.

That same day the Baranovichi Ghetto in Poland is established and 10,000 Jews will be enclosed. On December 13th. 14,000 of Simferopol’s Jews are murdered in a 3 day period while the remaining 6 Jews of Warendorf are deported toward Riga and are murdered. Meanwhile, Hitler’s axis partners, Hungary and Bulgaria both declare War on America. On December 14th. the Kharkov Ghetto in the Ukraine is established and 21,000 Jews will be enclosed. The following day on December 15th. It is enshrined that the Jews are to receive no inducement for any extra hours work that is to be demanded of them.

I am trying to resolve an issue in relation to Shkeden. Some say it was an SD Oberscharfuhrer Sobeck who took these pictures and that it was a naval officer Hans Kawelmacher who conducted the operations. The dispute lies in the period of the aktionen though, whether it was in July or the December aktionen. Andrievs Ezergailis is better equipped to have known and detailed both these x2 separate actions! His study on The Holocaust in Latvia is exemplary.

On December 16th. some 3,000 of Liepaja's (Libau) Jews were murdered at the start of 2 day operation on the beaches of Skeden. This 'Dezember-Aktionen' (December Action) is watched by scores of Wehrmacht personnel, Civilians and a motley crew of mawkish observers. These are the remnants of Liepaja’s previous community of over 7,000 Jewish Citizens, Men, Women and Their Children. Of the major actions here in July and December barely 30 Jewish Liepajan’s Survived. There is surviving evidence of an entire action that was conducted here by a German Wehrmacht soldier on July 18th. 1941, that was filmed and photographed surreptitiously.

Elsewhere, some 3,500,000 Jews are now governed by Hans Frank, according to his own diary entry and Frank fully informs his associates of Hitler's intentions for the Jewish People. The Federation of the Union of the Jewish Communities in Romania is dissolved and the Jewish Central Committee for Romania is established. On December 17th. Father Pietro Venturi notified the Papal Secretary of State, Cardinal Luigi Maglione of the huge concerns over the fate of Austrian Jewry.

Wednesday December 17th. 1941 "..on ..point of being sent from Vienna to die in a concentration camp in Poland." Father Pietro Venturi.

On December 21st. And over the coming 4 weeks, the Massacre of the Jews from Bogdanovka Camp begins. The following day December 22nd. over 32,000 of Vilna’s Jews have been murdered and 1,000 of Zablotov’s Jews are murdered. SS Sturmbannfuhrer Christian Wirth arrived in Belzec to inspect the construction of the Death Camp. On December 27th. Knowledge of 'gassing van' operations at Chelmno reaches Izbica Lubelska and 2 days later on December 29th. an initial T4 team arrives for duty at Belzec. On December 30th. over 50,000 Jews at Bogdanovka are murdered over a 10 day period and 10,000 Jews of Simferopol are murdered.

Meanwhile, Eichmann with a team of SS officials Hermann Hofle incuded, inspected the area of Belzec with Christian Wirth. This is significant in that Eichmann is in the midst of the Death Camp system and this is just prior to The Wannsee Conference. On December 31st. Jewish Armed Resistance is being prepared in Vilna and a report is sent to SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Fritz Dietrich, Police commander for the Libau area, that some 2,731 Jews of Libau have been murdered on the beaches of Skeden.

"..Ponar is not a ..Camp. Jews ..shot there. Hitler plans to destroy all ..Jews of Europe ..Jews of Lithuania ..first in line. ..We must not go like sheep to ..slaughter!" Abba Kovner.

By end of this 1941 year, 16,000 German Jews have been deported to Riga. Over the Winter period, 1,000's of Jews interned in Transnistria are Killed. Starvation, the bitter cold, sickness all add to the Transnistrian devastation for the Jews there. The following year on December 1st. 1942 400 of Karczew’s Jews are murdered as are 1,000 of Plonsk’s Jews who are murdered in Birkenau on December 2nd. On December 3rd. Members of the Birkenau Sonderkommano shot as a reprisal for a planned revolt against their tormentors. On December 4th. the Jewish Aid Council, 'Zegota' is established. On December 8th. 1,250 of Rohatyn’s Jews are murdered. 3 Jews, Herzl Kawa, Hersch Liverant and Moschk Nelkenbaum escape from a Treblinka Transport taking them from Siedlce. They escaped toward Brenner and were caught and interned in Ferramonti Camp, Italy.

Tuesday December 8th. 1942 "..Already almost 2,000,000 Jews ..Men ..Women ..Children ..have been cruelly done to death ..5,000,000 more Jews live under ..threat of a similar doom." Maurice Wertheim, Rabbi Dr. Stephen S. Wise, Henry Monsky, Adolph Held, Israel Goldstein and Rabbi Israel Rosenberg.

On the World stage Rabbi Wise compose a memorandum on the destruction of European Jewry and with a clear indicator that more Jews are under threat. Rabbi wise now meets with President Roosevelt to discuss the plight of European Jewry. On December 10th. 1st. a transport of German Jews arrives at Auschwitz as the Polish Government in Exile asks the Allied nations to retaliate against Hitler and his axis collaborators for the Nazi murders taking place.

Thursday December 10th 1942 "..For those in Germany who let themselves be misused as tools of ..systematic extermination of snother race with full awareness of of what they are doing ..there will be no room in postwar world. For such people there can be nothing but extermination. ..members of ..SS and all others ,,participating in ..planning ..implementation of ..Nazi policy of exterminating ..Jews should take note of this." The BBC.

On December 11th. with the last transport of Jews arriving at Belzec, Globocnik is ready to call time on the killing operations here as the Belzec Death Camp is now officially Closed with estimates as high as 1,250,000 Jews having been murdered here at Belzec, as part of the Aktion Reinhard Death Camp system. On December 12th. 2,000 of Czerwinsk’s Jews are murdered as Jewish Resistance at Lutsk is crushed where more than 15,000 Lutsk Jews will be eventually murdered. On December 17th. the Baranovichi Ghetto is Liquidated and 3,000 of its Jews are murdered. Meanwhile the

Allied nations condemn the extermination of the Jews with a pledge by America, Belgium, Britain, Czechoslovakia, French National Committee, Greece, Holland, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Russia and Yugoslavia that not only do they officially condemn the Nazi's bu they will resort to punish this:

"..bestial policy of cold blooded extermination."

On December 19th. 3,000 of Dworzec’s Jews are murdered after intitial efforts at Resisting are crushed. Over 560 Jews are murdered in the Rakow Forest. On December 23rd. there is an effort of Jewish Resistance in Cracow.

Sunday December 27th. 1942 " ..where comfort lures people into of ..mighty is of no interest to history. ..Holocaust will steal its way into world history." Zelig Kalmanovich.

Zelig Kalmanovich writes from the depths of the Vilna Ghetto, which is still struggling to remain viable. In the midst of this particular maelstrom, the Germans are determined to ensure that the Jews from here are totally obliterated and their presence is no longer to be felt in the World. But history has been told of these events and The Holocaust has presented to the World the worst of what Man can do to his fellow Man. To this day the Jews prevail and we make strenuous efforts to Remember them and stand stoicly to accuse those who perpetrated these crimes! On December 28th. Dr. Carl Clauberg begins his sterilization 'experiments' at Auschwitz and on December 30th. Pope Pius XII remarks upon atrocity's against Jews as 'propaganda exaggerations.' On December 31st. more than 2,000,000 Jews have already been murdered in the Death Camps alone as the Einsatzgruppe and Police Battalions have more thatn added to this figure? The Dachau Concentration Camp have a Gas Chamber and Crematorium installed while a concentration camp is established at Riga and a Labor Camp is attached to the Vilna Ghetto. On December 6th. 1943 over 200 Jews from Milan and Verona were transported to Auschwitz.

Tuesday December 7th. 1943 "..people tell me ..your children are still young ..they’ll cope ..they’ll stand up to it. ..I told them ..They wont stand up to a bullet in ..neck. ..In Kiev they massacred 20,000 Jews. Feodosia ..Crimea ..12,000 in a single night." Helene Berr.

On December 10th. Jews of Lippstadt are ordered out of their homes. On December 11th. the Red Cross visits Romanian Jews who were deported to Transniestria.

Monday December 13th. 1943 "..Objectively seems to me we are ..last shovelful ..we won't slip through ..not many Jews left in Paris ..we don't have much prospect of keeping out of ..way ..we won't be tipped off. Subjectively ..time had finally come for each of us to look for our places of safety. ..I stay on in full awareness of what may happen is a conscious choice. ..why did I make that choice. ..if I ..abandoned my official life would feel like ..defecting. ..I'm well aware that nobody in if left behind ..would have ..resolve in ..face of danger. ..seperation will be atrociously painful for all of us ..above and beyond ..fact of being deported. ..If anyone reads these words after it has happened ..will be struck ..and ..ask ..How could you have done nothing. worries are not about me. ..Should we abandon everything ..when it's quite possible ..nothing will happen at all." Helene Berr.

On December 13th. Jews of Lippstadt are 'resettled' to Riga as Rumbuli awaits them. On December 14th. 200 of Drohobycz’s Jews are murdered and the following day, December 15th. over 2,500 Jews from Theresienstadt are transported to Auschwitz. Meanwhile the first trial of German war criminals takes place in the City of Kharkov. On December 18th. over 2,500 Jews from Theresienstadt are transported to Auschwitz and the following day, December 19th. the first trial of German war criminals in Kharkov ends.

Wednesday 22nd. December 1943 "..Maman told me ..Andre Baur ..his Wife ..deported ..with their four small Children. It haunts me. certain they would not be taken Christmas ..making trees for what is a Children's holiday ..made me grieve so much."" Helene Berr.

On December 23rd. Sess the end to the Red Cross mission to Transniestria.

Wednesday 29th. December 1943. "..I have not enough faith in God. ..only thing to do is to pray that God will some of them." Anne Frank.

Friday December 31st. 1943 "When I write ..word Jew ..I am not saying exactly what I mean ..for me that distinction does not exist ..I do not feel different from other people ..I will never think of myself as a member of a separate human group. ..I suffer from ..sight of evil falling upon humanity." Helene Berr.

On December 6th. 1944 the Kasztner Jews, part of the deal Rudolf ‘Reszo’ Kasztner made with Eichmann, reach Switzerland. This train, with 1,685 Jews who were considered a privileged group of Jews, boarded a train that would take them out of harms way. These 1,685 Jews avoided the tenets of The Holocaust and reached the safety of Switzerland and Survived. Though these Jews were expected to pay a ransom of $1,000 each, totalling more than $1,600,000, for this reason these saved Jews were considered far too privileged by some. Dr. Kasztner, who paid for the drawing up of that list with his lifehadmanaged to deprive Hitler of 1,685 fewer Jews to add to his tally for The Holocaust. On December 13th. 1945 SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Joseph Kramer, Kommandant and Beast of Belsen is Hanged.

" feelings ..carrying out these things ..received an I was trained." SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Josef Kramer.

On December 18th. 1945 the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials prosecution team begins introducing evidence to prove the criminality of seven German organizations, the German High Command, the Gestapo, the leadership of the Nazi Party, the Reich Cabinet, the SA, the SD and the SS.

Monday December 9th. 1946 "..wrong to imagine men of ..regime would have boasted of their crimes . ..nothing would ever be said about any sinister activities we might be up to." Reichsminister Albert Speer.

On December 9th. 1946 the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 1, The Medical Doctors Case begins. Twenty Three Nazi physicians are charged with conducting inhuman experiments on German civilians and nationals of other countries. The experiments ranged from studying the effects of high altitude and malaria to sterilisation.

1) Luftwaffe Captain Hermann Becker-Freyseng, Sentenced to 20 years commuted to 10 years imprisonment.

2) Consulting Physician Wilhelm Beiglboeck to the Luftwaffe, 15 years commuted to 10 years imprisonment.

3) Reichsgesundheitsfuhrer Kurt Blome, Deputy Reich Health Leader, Acquitted.

4) SS Oberfuhrer Viktor Brack Waffen SS and Chief Administrative Officer in the Chancellery of the Fuhrer. Death Sentence.

5) SS Gruppenfuhrer Karl Brandt Waffen SS Personal physician to Adolf Hitler, Death Sentence.

6) SS Standartenfuhrer Rudolf Brandt Personal Administrative Officer to Himmler. Death Sentence.

7) SS Sturmbannfuhrer Fritz Fischer Waffen SS. Assistant Physician to the defendant Karl Gebhardt. Life in prison, commuted to 15 years.

8) SS Gruppenfuhrer Karl Gebhardt Waffen SS. Personal physician to Himmler. Death Sentence.

9) SS Gruppenfuhrer Karl August Genzken Waffen SS. Chief of the Medical Department of the Waffen SS. Life in prison, commuted to 20 years.

10) Generaloberst Siegfried Handloser Medical Inspector of the Army and Chief of the Medical Services of the Armed Forces. Life in prisont, commuted to 20 years.

11) SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Waldemar Hoven Waffen SS. Chief Doctor Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Death Sentence.

12) SS Oberfuhrer Joachim Mrugowsky Waffen SS. Chief Hygienist of the Reich Physician SS and Police. Death Sentence.

13) Physician Herta Oberheuser at Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp. Assistant Physician to Karl Gebhardt. 20 years in prison, commuted to 10 years.

14) Physician Adolf Pokorny Specialist in Skin and Venereal Diseases. Acquitted.

15) SS Oberfuhrer Helmut Poppendick. Chief of the Personal Staff of the Reich Physician SS and Police. 10 years in prison. Served 4 years.

16) Doctor Hans Wolfgang Romberg. Staff of the Department for Aviation Medicine at the German Experimental Institute for Aviation. Acquitted.

17) Luftwaffe General Gerhard Rose. Medical Service of the Air Force. Life in prisont, commuted to 20 years.

18) Chief Surgeon Paul Rostock the Surgical Clinic in Berlin. Acquitted.

19) Luftwaffe First Lieutenant Siegfried Ruff. Director Department for Aviation Medicine at the German Experimental Institute for Aviation. Acquitted.

20) Doctor Konrad Schaefer. Staff of Institute Aviation Medicine Berlin. Acquitted.

21) Luftwaffe Generaloberst Oskar Schroeder. Chief of Staff of the Inspectorate of the Medical Service of the Luftwaffe. Life in prison, commuted to 15 years.

22) SS Standartenfuhrer Wolfram Sievers. Reich Manager of the Ahnenerbe Society and Director of its Institute for Military Scientific Research. Death Sentence.

23) Luftwaffe Oberfeld Georg August Weltz. Medical Service Luftwaffe. Acquitted.

On December 4th. 1947 the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 3, The Justice Trial concludes. Ten defendants, officials in the Reich Ministry of Justice and Judges of the People's and Special Courts are convicted. Four are acquitted, one declared unfit for trial, one died before the verdict was given.

1) Josef Altstoetter sentenced to 5 years,

2) Wilhelm von Ammon sentenced to 10 years,

3) Paul Barnickel acquitted,

4) Hermann Cuhorst acquitted,

5) Karl Engert due to ill health acquitted,

6) Gunther Joel sentenced to 10 years,

7) Herbert Klemm sentenced to life commuted to 20 years, 8) Ernst Lautz sentenced to 10 years,

9) Wolfgang Mettgenberg sentenced to 10 years,

10) Gunther Nebelung acquitted,

11) Rudolf Oeschey sentenced to life commuted to 20 years,

12) Hans Petersen acquitted,

13) Oswald Rothaug sentenced to life commuted to 20 years,

14) Curt Rothenberger sentenced to 7 years,

15) Franz Schlegelberger sentenced to life, served 2 years, and

16) Carl Westphal committed suicide prior to trial.

December 8th. 1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 10, The Krupp Case, begins. Alfred Krupp and Eleven other defendants, all members of the Krupp Industrial Group, are charged with Human enslavement and other war crimes. They are also charged in connection with the plundering of public and private property.

1) Friedrich von Blow sentenced to 12 years,

2) Karl Adolf Ferdinand Eberhardt sentenced to 9 years,

3) Eduard Houdremont sentenced to 10 years,

4) Max Otto Ihn sentenced to 9 years,

5) Friedrich Wilhelm Janssen sentenced to 10 years,

6) Heinrich Leo Korschan sentenced to 6 years,

7) Alfred Krupp sentenced to 12 years, served 3 years,

8) Hans Albert Gustav Kupke sentenced to 34 months,

9) Werner Wilhelm Heinrich Lehmann sentenced to 6 years,

10) Ewald Oskar Ludwig Loser sentenced to 7 years,

11) Erich Muller sentenced to 12 years, and

12) Karl Heinrich Pfirsch found not guilty and acquitted.

On December 22nd. 1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 5 ends. Three defendants, including Flick, are convicted and sentenced to varying terms of imprisonment. Three are acquitted.

1) Odilo Burkart acquitted,

2) Friedrich Flick sentenced to 7 years,

3) Konrad Kaletsch acquitted,

4) Otto Steinbrinck sentenced to 5 years,

5) Hermann Terberger acquitted, and

6) Bernhard Weiss sentenced to 30 months.

On December 2nd. 1959 SS Untersturmfuhrer Kurt Hubert Franz, former Treblinka Camp Kommandant is arrested.

On December 15th. 1961 a verdict of Guilty is passed on Adolf Eichmann and he is sentenced to hang!

On December 20th. 1963 The Auschwitz Trial opens in Frankfurt.

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HolocaustPosted by P.A. Draigh Tue, November 22, 2016 22:01:44

November within The Holocaust.

There are 6,000,000 Murdered Jews who have had their raised voices quashed and their call for Justice quelled. They have been Slaughtered and obliterated with little thought to their human integrity. For us in History it becomes a human duty to raise our own voices 6,000,000 times on their behalf so that History hears the plaintive cry of our own shock, our horror for their despair. I am merely seeking to add to the narrative of consolation over the indifferent and intolerable approach we lent to The Holocaust. I offer up dates here which pointedly bear out the tragedy unfolding as the governments of nations heard the woeful cries of a Jewish World being inexorably torn to shreds. The language I use has been one of accusation. I am from a generation where apology and forgiveness run hand in hand with the ethical standards from a bygone age.

But while I am not obliged to apologise for things I did not do, nor was I around to ensure I would not do them, I apologise on behalf of those representatives whose values fell short of those I have inherited. That being said, I have no right to seek forgiveness either from 6,000,000 Jewish People whose remit is to afford that forgiving gesture. As we are aware, these 6,000,000 Jews have been so brutally Murdered, their remains scattered to the winds, that there is no one who can ever deliver a forgiveness on their behalf. On November 7th. 1900 Rudolf Hoess, a name synonymous with the death and destruction of the Jews at Auschwitz and Birkenau, is born. On November 4th. 1921 'Storm Abteilungen,' the Storm trooper’s or SA is formed and the march toward Hitler’s Nazi militarization has begun.

We reach a particular milestone when we reach November 6th. 1932, as the Nazis secure a 33.1% share of the popular vote to win 196 seats. This is to be the final democratic election to be held in the Reichstag. However, all the signs are not ominous as the Nazi’s are down 34 seats, having lost over 2,000,000 votes and over 4% of their popular vote is wiped out. On November 12th. 1933 Nazi's secure 93% of votes in a rigged Reichstag Election which see only Nazi Party candidates are permitted to stand for election. Needless to say, opposition no longer exists in real terms. On November 24th. that same year, the passing of the German Law against 'Habitual and Dangerous Criminals,' will allow for the compulsory castration of 'hereditary' criminals. It is time for the Jews now to escape Hitler’s clutches, at least for those whose ability allows them to, and one of the greatest minds of all time, Albert Einstein, decides it is his time to leave Germany and settle in America. Albert Einstein is a Jew.

Three days later on November 27th. the Strength through Joy movement, 'der Kraft durch Freude' or KdF is established. This movement is established to ensure that all the leisure activities for the German people, 'der Truer Volk,' only exists to promote the aims of the Nazi Party. Also, a Transfer Company is established in Tel Aviv to facilitate the immigration of German Jews and the transfer of their property under extortionate and punitive rates. On November 1st. 1935 with the Reich Citizenship Law, which sees the additional disqualification of Jews from owning German citizenship, the Jews are further disenfranchised.

Friday November 8th. 1935 "..Like so many Nazi catchwords ..May Jewry perish ..was meant literally and will be literally brought to pass if ..fanatics have their way." The Times.

On November 14th. The First decree for the National Law of Citizenship is established and Jews are now denied voting rights and are forbidden to hold public office. Almost immediately, all Jewish civil service employees are discharged, including WWI veterans. Along with this, the definition of whole 'Jews' declares, for the first time, that anyone who has two Jewish grandparents and is a member of the Jewish religious community. Also, anyone with three or more Jewish grandparents is a Jew. The 'Mischlinge,' Jew or mixed race or part Jew is also designated as those with Jewish Blood. There are between 250,000 and 500,000 Germans who are categorised as Mischlinge and the First decree for the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour is established and sees that Marriage between Jews and non Jews is prohibited.

Hatred ensures too that Jewish children not allowed the facility's of their local playgrounds and Jewish Children are to be denied the use of aryan lockers in all establishments. The following day, November 15th. German Churches now supply Nazi's with their Baptismal details. This is a collaborative effort to identify the entire no Christian, Jewish Community. On November 25th. 1936 the Anti Comintern Pact is signed by Germany and Japan in order to forestall Russian interests. Two days later, on November 27th. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister, censors all Film Critique. The Nazi idea of Film will be one that has its remit from amongst those who advocate Nazi ideals. On November 29th. Walther Darre, the German Minister of Agriculture declares that Democracy and Liberalism are the inventions of the Jews.

The following year on November 5th. 1937, Hitler hosts Hossbach Conference, and this is seen as the first convening of a Hitler War Cabinet. The minutes were taken by Colonel Friedrich Hossbach, Hitler's Military Adjutant. In attendance were Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg, General Werner Freiherr von Fritzsche, Hermann Goering, Constantin Freiherr von Neurath and Admiral Erich Raeder. On November 8th. 'der Ewige Jude,' The Eternal Jew exhibition opens in Munich. What Hitler did not seem to acknowledge in this vilest of hate filled bilge is the persistence of Judaism and the durability of The Jewish People to remain eternal. Despite the conflict and the atrocity that greets them, the Jewish People will Survive long after Hitler is thought of in any other light than a monstrous one.

On November 10th. the Hossbach Memorandum, 'Hossbach Niederschrift,' confirms Hitler’s intentions as he informs his High Command of his plans to dominate Europe both Militarily and Racially. The beginning of the placating of Hitler sees, on November 17th. Britain appeasing Hitler with regard to the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia. On November 25th. a Military pact between Germany and Japan is signed and as we reach 1938, on November 2nd. Hitler awards his Hungarian and Italian allies parts of Czechoslovakia. This is in contravention to any acceptance of the sovereign statehood of a fellow nation and is in direct violation of the 'Munich Pact'. On November 6th. Hitler makes a speech to 100,000 Nazi’s and openly declares Churchill a 'warmonger'.

Hitler is now ramping up the pressure on the West and engaging with a diplomatic posture which will gain him newer ground in the threatening of consequential stakes. On November 7th. when Herschel Grynszpan shoots German Embassy official, Ernst vom Rath, over treatment of his Family’s removal to Zbaszyn, a Pogrom is unleashed which should leave no Western nation with any doubt other than that the Jewish People are under threat of all manner of a punitive resolve from Hitler. Then, on November 9th. when news reaches Hitler that vom Rath has died of his wounds, Hitler authorises Goering to deal with all Jewish political issues.

"..Outside ..synagogue is burning ..that also is a house of God." Bernhard Lichtenberg.

The Night of Broken Glass, 'Kristallnacht', is thereby orchestrated throughout Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland and some 267 Synagogues are ransacked, burned and destroyed. With 7,500 Jewish Shops looted, over 50,000 Jews are removed to the Concentration Camps at Dachau, Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen. On that Evening alone, more than 240 Jews are killed in savage attacks and their bodies are left were they fell. It is the following Evening, November 10th. at a rally in Nuremberg where the call to the faithful is greeted by more than 100,000 Germans who are all in unison, celebrating the success of 'Kristallnacht.' The key ally of Hitler, Italy now adopts its own system of anti-Semitic racial laws in a move to show solidarity with Hitler’s clear programme of Jewish excesses.

"..I was in Berlin at that time and saw some pretty revolting sights ..destruction of Jewish shops ..Jews being arrested and led away ..police standing by while ..gangs destroyed ..shops ..even groups of well dressed women cheering. Maybe those women had a hangover next morning they were intoxicated all right when this was taking place. I found it ..utterly revolting. In fact to a German journalist who saw me on that day and asked me what I was doing there ..I remember I just said very coldly ..I'm studying German culture." Hugh Greene. (Daily Telegraph)

Actions against the Jews are no longer restricted to within German borders and on November 11th. in Bratislava, Slovakian Jews are killed during a controlled and systematic pogrom. With Heydrich now presenting his report to Goering and lists those numbers who are in 'protective custody' after 'Kristallnacht', the lights are dimming on European Jewish existence. On November 12th. Goering convenes a Conference in which he discusses the 1,000,000,000 Reichsmarcs fine to be applied to German Jews for the cost of 'Kristallnacht'. As German Insurer's pay out a total of 10,000,000 Reichsmarcs to the Reich itself, the coffers of Hitler’s Reich grows exponentially. Goering now toys with the idea of removing Heydrich and the Gestapo from the plan for Jewish 'evacuation' cum 'emigration,' a programme designated the Madagaskar Plan.

"..badge is attached ..but has not touched our consciousness. ..we are not ashamed of our badges. Let those be ashamed who have hung them on us." Yitzhak Rudashevski.

Meanwhile, Heydrich proposes the compulsory wearing of the 'Jewish Badge.' However, Hitler does not wish to see Jews so marked just yet, as this will be a precursor to their being expelled from all of German society. Heydrich now proposes a German equivalent of Eichmann's Vienna model for the expulsion of Jews from Germany and admits that if Jews are to starve, they should be allowed to. Joseph Goebbels joins the frenzy as he urges that Jews are to be kept from public parks, are not allowed to attend concerts, cultural events or even movies.

"..We want only one thing loves ..Jews enough to rid us of them all." Joseph Goebbels.

On November 15th. all Jewish Children are expelled from all German Schools as a rush by many Jews clamouring for exit visas to Britain and America gathers momentum. Just three days later, on November 18th., Hitler declares that all Jewish Capital in Germany now belongs to the German people. In Britain, on November 21st., objections are raised by Britain's Parliament to the German 'Persecution of Minorities.'

??day November 21st. 1937 "..His Majesty's Government ..greatly impressed by ..urgency of ..problem." Neville Chamberlain.

The British Government is not it seems, impressed enough to signify that it is the Jewish People who are the ‘persecuted minority.’ Nor indeed does the British Government seek to allow any more Jews into the Country than has been deemed necessary. All the while the persecution of the Jewish People within Germany's borders has been significantly ramped up. Jews can now be Murdered arbitrarily, and are routinely incarcerated for no apparent reason. On November 28th. the 'Judenbann' adoption of curfews is placed upon all Jews and with Jewish freedom of movement and all travel more severely restricted. The following year, on November 30th. 1938, a decree disallowing all Jewish Lawyers any ability to practice law comes into force. Jewish Lawyers can now only act as Jewish Consultants. A year later, on November 7th. 1939 there is a mass resettlement of Jews from Western Poland.

Thursday November 7th. 1939 "..when ..Germans entered ..familiar tortures began ..robbery of Jewish property and goods. ..local population ..quick to help them in their robberies. When ..Russo ..German war broke out ..they shot Jews daily." Meir Shvimer.

These are the Jews of Gorlice for whom Meir Shvimer recognises the Jewish Community is placed under constant pressure and soon, the killings that occur daily will escalate toward a final annihilation. On November 11th., some 600 of Ostrow Mazowiecki’s Jews are murdered by units of the Wehrmacht. The following day, on November 12th. The Shield of David, the 'Mogen David,' is now to be worn by all of Lodz’s Jews and Heydrich orders the removal of all Jews from the Warthegau. On November 14th. it is the turn of Kalisz’s Jews to wear The Yellow Star. On November 15th., an Estate commission, 'die Fideikommissariat' is established to plunder Jewish business in Poland and the Nazi's commence the destruction of all Synagogues in Lodz. Accounts in Poland are frozen.

Saturday November 18th. 1939 "..all Jews will bear ..armbands with ..'Shield of David' as ..identification." Governor General Hans Frank.

On November 18th. Cracow Jews too are ordered to wear the 'Star of David' armband and all Jewish Bank Less than a week later, on November 23rd. all Jews in Frank’s General Government must wear the Jewish Badge. On November 24th. 70 Jews of Dorohoi are Murdered as the killing of Jews in Romania gathers momentum. On November 25th. all Jews in Poland must have their properties outwardly identifiable and on November 29th. Himmler orders the death penalty for any German Jews caught refusing deportation. On November 4th. 1940 Jewish Civil Servants are dismissed in Holland and a week later, on November 11th. the Warsaw Ghetto is officially recognised.

Then on November 15th. the Warsaw Ghetto is sealed off from the Polish community and by the following day, November 16th. the Warsaw Ghetto is completely sealed off and isolated from the rest of Poland. Two days later on November 18th. all Jewish Co-operatives are banned in Poland. On November 24th. Hungary, Romania and Slovakia join Hitler’s Axis powers. On November 1st. 1941 the Belzec Death Camp is now under construction and becomes part of the Aktion Reinhard Death Camp system. The Theresienstadt (Terezin) Ghetto is suggested as a showcase Ghetto.

"..God fearing representatives of ..Catholic Lithuanian nation liquidated four truckloads of Jews. ..All Saints Day. ..did not disturb ..executions." Kazimierz Sakowicz.

On November 3rd., some 1,535 Lazdijai, (Lazdiyai) (Lazdei) (Lazdey) Lithuanian Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are murdered. These are just some of the named, and there is no space to place 1,535 Names here are Remembered alongside the many we know of, and for those whose identity is as yet unknown. This representative sample of Jewish Lives are of Jews both born in the Town and others born elsewhere who moved to Lazdijai for varying reasons, are all part of a less that 4 % of all of those Jews Murdered here and with an age ranging from 6 years old to 67 years of age. This sample does not include the many Jewish Children who were much younger than 6 years old and the Adult Jews who would have been older that 67 years of age.

01) Eliezer Chorondziskis born 1890 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

02) Rachel Choronzicky born 1898 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

03) Pinkhas Arie Domovich born 1878 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

04) Arel Gorfinkel born 1928 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

05) Fayvel Gorfinkel born 1926 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

06) Moysha Gorfinkel born 1920 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

07) Beile Grodzin born 1924 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

08) Bercik Grodzin born 1876 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

09) Ester Grodzin born 1902 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

10) Jankel Grodzin born 1903 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

11) Leja Grodzin born 1929 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

12) Liebe Grodzin born 1874 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

13) Meise Grodzin born 1915 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

14) Rakhel Grodzin born 1926 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

15) Liba Khaia Groznik born 1888 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

16) Shmuel Groznik born 1880 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

17) Shimon Pesakh Jablonas born 1911 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

18) Neta Kabaker born 1897 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

19) Elza Kalvariski born 1905 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

20) Rakhel Kantorovski born 1897 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

21) Miriam Khaia Kantorovski born 1904 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

22) Hinda Kaufman born 1895 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

23) Bruria Levinson born 1908 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

24) Avraham Levkutz born 1878 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

25) Batia Levkutz born 1920 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

26) Eta Ester Levkutz born 1923 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

27) Isser Levkutz born 1912 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

28) Judit Levkutz born 1898 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

29) Leib Arie Levkutz born 1908 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

30) Mordekhai Levkutz born 1893 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

31) Tankhum Levkutz born 1900 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

32) Chana Batia Lishkov born 1900 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

33) Chana Luksniansky born 1935 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

34) Freida Luksniansky born 1934 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

35) Mordechai Luksniansky born 1910 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

36) Schana Luksniansky born 1933 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

37) Merl Miriam Opachinski born 1880 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

38) Yehuda Opachinski born 1915 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

39) Yosef Opachinski born 1877 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

40) Aida Paulan born 1903 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

41) Etul Paulan born 1932 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

42) Fruma Paulan born 1928 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

43) Sara Paulan born 1930 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

44) Yoel Piniewski born 1932 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

45) Kopel Radzunski born 1904 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

46) Kuna Shilibolski born 1881 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

47) Avraham Sider born 1884 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

48) Hasa Khana Sider born 1890 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

49) Lea Sider born 1917 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

50) Leib Arie Sider born 1880 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

51) Rakhel Sider born 1883 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania, and

52) Shmuel Sider born 1910 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania.

On November 4th., the deportations to the Lodz Ghetto are completed with over 20,000 German Jews already deported there. On November 6th. 15,000 Kovno Jewish Men, Women and Their Children as well as 1,341 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are All murdered. Heydrich now reminds the Wehrmacht Quartermaster General Wagner of his role in Jewish Question and this is an acknowledgement that 'The Final Solution' is to be resolved.

"..I have been entrusted for years with ..task of preparing solution of ..Jewish Question." Reinhard Heydrich.

On November 7th. 20,000 of Bobruisk’s Jews are murdered and 13,000 Jews from Minsk are taken into the Tuchinka Forest and are murdered there. The deportation of Dorohoi's Jews to Transnistria begins. On November 8th. over 17,000 of Rovno’s Jews are murdered in the Sosenki Forest over a 2 day period. Meanwhile the Chelmno Death Camp (Kulmhof) is established by Christian Wirth, the Inspector of Death Camps. Dr. Irmfried Eberl, is Chelmno's first Kommandant. Chelmno lies in close proximity to Lodz in the Warthegau. On November 9th. 5,000 of Dvinsk’s Jews are murdered in the Pogulanka Forest in 3 day operation. Elsewhere, 1,500 of Mir’s Ghetto Jews are murdered.

Friday November 14th. 1941. "..None has suffered more cruelly than ..Jew ..unspeakable evils wrought on ..bodies and spirits of men by Hitler and his vile regime." Winston Churchill.

On November 14th. 9,000 of Slonim’s Jews are murdered at Czepielow as all of the Protectorate Jews who are now arriving in Riga and Minsk are shot immediately. On November 15th. 115 of Wilkowiski’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are murdered. Two days later, on November 17th., the deportation of the Jews from Bessarabia, Bucovina and Dorohoi district to Transnistria has been completed with some 142,000 Jews having been deported there. On November 18th. Alfred Rosenberg notifies the German Press of the ongoing 'final solution' and that its resolve could only be accomplished by the 'biological extermination of all the Jews of Europe.' The following day, November 19th. 171 of Vilna’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are murdered.

On November 20th. 7,000 of Minsk’s Jews are murdered in the Tuchinka Forest as Dr. Friedrich Mennecke conducts his experiments on 850 Women at Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp. On November 23rd. over 29,000 of Odessa’s Jews are murdered as are 1,500 of Poltova’s Jews. The following day, November 24th., the first transport of Jews are sent to Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia. Theresiendstadt, or Terezin (its German name) is to be established as the model ghetto. Two days later on November 25th. 2,934 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children of Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt are murdered at Kovno's IX Fort. 64 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are also murdered while all Jewish assets are to be seized upon deportation.

Wednesday November 26th. 1941 "..Brunius Klemans ..Deputy Chairman ..Lithuanian Nationalist Party ..Ignas Vilius-Velavitchius ..Commander of ..Kovno prison ..who carried out ..murders at ..IX Fort ..recalled that many Jews were brought to ..IX Fort from Germany. Others say from Czechoslovakia. Some of them were already shot. ..Germans want to turn Lithuania into ..Jewish cemetery of Europe." Zenonas Blynas. (General Secretary National Lithuanian Party)

November 27th. Over 10,000 Riga Jews are murdered in the Rumbuli Forest and many of these are from 19 transports of German Jews.

"..sole German objective in ..region will be to liquidate all Jews who live in Arab countries under ..patronage of Great Britain." Adolf Hitler.

November 28th. Hitler meets Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini and appraised him on 'The Final Solution’. Hitler is offered Arab support. The first main 'Aktionen' in Riga Ghetto commences.

Saturday November 29th. 1941 "..Jews who have just been shot by ..1st. Battalion came from Czechoslovakia. There are many Brazilians and Argentineans with visas. They are told that they are being placed in quarantine. ..they forgo their citizenship ..they disappear on ..way. 1st. Battalion put them in order." Zenonas Blynas. (General Secretary National Lithuanian Party)

On November 29th. 3,500 of Borislav’s Jews are murdered while 2,000 Jewish Men, Women and Children of Vienna and Breslau are murdered alongside 18 of Kovno’s own Jewish Men and Women, all murdered at Kovno's IX Fort. Meanwhile, the Wannsee Conference date set and as SS Standartenfuhrer Karl Jaeger signed off on a document we know today as the Jaeger Report in which he and his Einsatzkommando 3 murdered a Total of 137,346 Lithuanians, mostly Jews, Wannsee will set the seal on the Reich’s administrative and collaborative effort in the fullest detail of The Holocaust.

On November 30th. 1941 as the Riga Ghetto is being liquidated, the so called 'large aktion' sees 30,000 Riga Jews removed and murdered in the Rumbuli Forest. Amongst these Jews of the 'largeaktion' are German Jews recently arrived. The Chelmno Death Camp opens for the murders of local Jews in the 'gassing vans.' Elsewhere, 5,000 of Novogrudok’s Jews are murdered as are over 19,000 of Odessa’s Jews who were murdered in the various Camps and killing sites throughout Transnistria. These Camps and Sites are at Atmicetka, where some 5,000 Jews will be murdered, the killing site at Bogdanovka, where some 48,000 Jews will be murdered, at Dumanovka, where some 18,000 Jews will be murdered and at Vertugen, where some 23,000 Jews will be murdered. Closer to Belzec, the Lvov Ghetto is being established.

On November 1st. 1942 the first deportation from Bialystok District to Treblinka begins and the commencement of the deportation of Plonsk's Jews to Auschwitz also starts. On November 2nd. over 100,000 Jews in the Bialystok Region, held in the Camps at: Bogusze, Keilbasin, Volkovysk and, Zambrow are eventually deported to Auschwitz and Treblinka. 6,000 of Siemiatycze’s Jews are deported as are 4,300 of Bilgoraj Jews who are murdered at Belzec alongside 2,500 of Zolochev’s Jews. 2,000 of Ostryna’s Jews are murdered in Birkenau and a further action against 2,000 Jews of Izbica Lubelska takes place. Barely a handful of its Jews remain as Izbica Lubelska is declared 'Judenrien'. On

November 3rd. 7,000 of Tomaszow Mazowiecki’s Jews and 4,000 of Radoszyce’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. The following day, November 4th. 1,000 of Brzezany’s Jews are murdered at Belzec.

On November 5th. 3,000 of Skarzysko-Kamienne’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka while 400 of its Elderly and Children are murdered before ‘resettlement’. 745 Elderly Jews from Paris are murdered in Birkenau. On November 6th., over 170,000 Jews are murdered in a 6 day period at the 3 Death Camps Belzec, Birkenau and Treblinka. On

November 7th. 4,500 of Konskie’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. Elsewhere 3,000 of Lukow’s Jews are murdered while 1,500 of Miedzyrzec’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. 1,000 Jews detained in Drancy are sent to Auschwitz for ‘resettlement’. On November 8th. 1,000 of Zbaraz’s Jews are murdered at Belzec. The following day, November 9th. 4,000 of Piaski’s Jews are murdered at Majdanek as 1,100 of Skalat’s Jews are murdered at Belzec.

On November 10th. 6,300 of Mlawa’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka as 4 New Ghetto's were established at Radomsko, Sandomierz, Szydlowiec and Vjazd. On November 11th. 5,000 of Slutsk’s Jews are murdered while 1,060 Greek Jews are rounded up in Paris and are deported to Auschwitz. Also, 1,000 of Leczna’s Jews are murdered at Majdanek. On November 13th. 2,500 of Wlodzimierz Wolynski’s Jews are murdered after Resisting. The following day, November 14th. 500 of Makow’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. On November 15th. 4,000 of Zamosc’s Jews are murdered at Belzec as Zamosc is also declared 'Judenrein' with more than 12,500 of Zamosc’s Jews having been murdered. Elsewhere, 3,000 of Tarnow’s Jews are murdered and on November 18th., a further 5,000 of Lvov’s Jews, alongside 4,000 of Przemysl’s Jews are murdered at Belzec. Meanwhile, the Lvov Ghetto itself becomes a Labour Camp and on November 19th. 2,700 of Wyszogrod’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka.

Thursday, 19th. November 1942 "..I get frightened when I think of close friends who have now been delivered into ..hands of ..cruellest brutes that walk ..all because they are Jews." Anne Frank.

On November 20th. 120 of Wisznice’s Jews are murdered as Himmler conveys the order to Gestapo Muller for the eradication of der Einsatzgruppe's evidence of Mass Murder. This ‘aktion’, coded '1005' is set to obliterate all traces of the crimes Hitler has committed against the Jews of Eastern Europe. The truth that lies beneath will not be shielded from discovery as we unearth ever more evidence of this atrocity. On November 21st. 4,000 of Suchedniow’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka while elsewhere, 1,500 of Szczekociny’s Jews are also murdered. On November 22nd. 2,500 of Zolkiew’s Jews murdered at Belzec. Here, as we recall that the Judenrat at Zolkiew had been Chaired by one Leon Feldhandler, we recognise him as a leader of the future Uprising at Sobibor. Also, 200 of Serokomia’s Jews are murdered. On November 23rd. 10,000 of Szydlowiec’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka as the Palestine Hebrew papers are acknowledging the destructive fate of European Jewry. Also, a correspondence from Warsaw to the Vatican, which reported on the Jewish plight was taken up by Harold Tittman, the US representative to the Vatican. The Report which clearly shows what was known and by whom it was certainly clear:

"..Mass execution of Jews continues. ..Lublin ..Lvov ..Przemysl ..Przeworsk ..Tarnow ..Vilna ..Warsaw ..Jews killed ..numbered ..10’s of 1,000’s in ..each of ..towns in question ..without mentioning all ..others. ..killed by poison gas in chambers especially prepared for that purpose ..and by machine gun fire." Harold Tittman.

It might prove cynical to suggest that these ‘chambers especially prepared for that purpose’ where within the Death Camps we have come to know through History. We know for a fact that der Einsatzgruppe transmissions had been intercepted all the way back to the launch of Barbarossa, June 22nd. 1941, but at the time, we were supposedly ill informed about the Death Camps? Here though, when there was that supposedly scant information of places such as Auschwitz/Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor or even Treblinka, History has been enabled to suggest to us today that there was no knowledge of such places for informed decisions to be exacted against them. The mind reels from the proposition that much more was known which was shelved in defiance of all the more and ethical probity guiding humanity always to ensure always to act always in favour of humanitarianism.

On November 24th. Rabbi Wise releases the Riegner Report at Press Conference which provides confirmation that Europe's Jews are being slaughtered by the Nazi's. On Christmas Day, November 25th. Jews are still being deported, this time from Bergen to Auschwitz. The New York Times acknowledges that Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka, as killing centres of Jews, has been assessed as having Murdered some 2,000,000 of European Jews already.

Wednesday November 25th. 1942 "..Polish Jews are being exterminated together with Jews from other occupied countries. ..transported on Polish territory." Stanislaw Mikolajczyk.

On November 27th. 2,500 of Buczacz’s Jews are murdered at Belzec, with more than 250 Murdered in the Ghetto and at the same time, 2,000 of Tlumacz’s Jews are also murdered at Belzec. On November 28th. 2,500 of Mosciska’s Jews are murdered at Belzec and two days later on November 30th. there are over 50,000 Polish Jews recognised as having been murdered at Belzec, Majdanek and Treblinka in 3 week period. On November 1st. 1943 Rudolf Hoess leaves Auschwitz temporarily as the Moscow Declaration between Britain, US and Russia was issued. It drew upon the governing principles by which Nazi War Criminals would be prosecuted and those in the least implicated in these crimes against humanity would see Justice served? The Allied statement suggests they will act judicially, and without vengeance and in pursuance of ALL Axis War Criminals:-

" ..uttermost ends of"

On November 3rd. with Operation Harvest Festival, 'Erntefest,' sees the beginnings of the Majdanek Death Camp liquidation which has been sanctioned. All told some 18,400 Jews are murdered in Majdanek under the auspices of 'Erntefest' while Lublin's Lipowa Street Ghetto Camp is also liquidated with 2,500 Jews being murdered. SS Unterscharfuhrer Erich Muhsfeldt now describes the process of elimination of those final 18,400 Jews of Lublin. While these Jews are confined to Field V of the Majdanek Death Camp, they are Murdered by a Sonderkommando of the SS. Operation Erntfest involving a wide expanse of Camps is at its height.

"..They had to lie down ..SS from Sonderkommando of ..ditch ..machine gunned them. ..batches along ..bottom of ..ditch ..had to lie down on ..corpses of those already shot. Men ..executed ..separate from women. Action lasted without ..break till 17:00. ..SS men shooting changed ..left for meals ..but ..executions continued incessantly." SS Unterscharfuhrer Erich Muhsfeldt.

On November 4th. the Trawniki Camp is liquidated and 8,000 Jews are murdered in this 'Erntefest' operation. Over 2,800 Jews from Szebnie Labour Camp are resettled to Auschwitz and on November 5th. the Poniatowa Camp is liquidated as part of this same operation ‘Erntefest' with 14,000 Jews who are murdered here. Unlike Babi Yar, which denotes the single most concentrated action against Jews in a single geographical area, 'Erntefest' specified a single action which amounted to a colossal account of more than 42,500 Jews murdered under a single banner action, but spread over a wider geographical area. Elsewhere, some 1,500 Jews from the Krychow Labour Camp are also murdered.

On November 6th. 500 Jews from the Szebnie Labour Camp are also murdered and on November 11th. 300 Theresienstadt Jews die during roll call from the overall effects of privation, starvation and cold, all of which are quite telling. On November 15th. there are over 1,100 Dutch Jews who deported to Auschwitz for ‘special treatment’ and the following day, November 16th. over 990 Dutch Jews are also sent to Auschwitz. The euphemism for mass murder has many terms, but they all consign the Jewish People toward a destructive end! On November 17th. Jewish partisans liberate the Jews in Borshchev. On November 19th. the Janowska Camp at Lvov has an Uprising but not before some 80,000 Jews were murdered here. On November 27th. 1943 the Birkenau Crematorium is blown up.

On November 2nd. 1944 the last gassings at Auschwitz Camp Birkenau Death Camp take place as the deportations from Budapest resume. There are 50,000 more Budapest Jews who are to be evacuated, but these are now headed toward Vienna. On November 3rd. the Russian forces occupy two thirds of Hungary and they are nearing Budapest. By now, it is November 8th. and Eichmann has deported 50,000 Jews from Budapest to the Concentration Camps at Buchenwald, Ravensbrueck and many more are those who had been removed toward Vienna, Austria. 10,000 of these Jews are murdered en-route. On November 13th., with the Budapest Ghetto in Hungary becoming established, some 70,000 Jews are Enclosed. This is the last Nazi Ghetto for the Jews of Europe to be created.

On November 25th. 1944 Birkenau ceases its operations and the following day, on November 26th. Himmler orders the total destruction of all the Birkenau Krematoria in unison with the wish to conceal further the evidence of Hitler’s atrocity. Practically a year later, on November 20th. 1945 The Nuremberg Trials of Major War Criminals, begins at 10:00a.m. in Nuremberg, Germany. The following day, November 21st. 1945 the defendants enter their pleas of ‘Not Guilty’ to the most heinous set of crimes ever amassed by a civilised people against an innocent Jewish Peo[ple and others. Goering tries to make a statement, but is prevented by the Court from doing so. Justice Robert Jackson delivers his opening statement for the prosecution. On November 29th. 1945 the prosecution introduces a film shot by Allied photographers in liberated areas. The graphic footage of Nazi horrors causes weeping in the courtroom and some defendants appeared shocked by what they see, while others appear apathetic or even seem bored.

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November in Treblinka.

HolocaustPosted by P.A. Draigh Thu, November 17, 2016 23:52:49
"..assistant commandant of ..deputy to Stengel [Franz Stangl] ..biggest murderer in Kurt Franz was known for having published January 1943 ..that a million Jews had been killed in Treblinka ..a report which had procured for him a promotion." Samuel Rajzman.

The Aktion Reinhard Death Camp Treblinka was in operation from July 22nd. 1942 until August 2nd. 1943 a period of some 13 months. In the context of what Treblinka represents, in terms of its destructive capacity to murder from 900,000 to over 1,000,000 Jewish People, this November represents a tiny fraction of that overall cost to the Jewish People and to our own humanity. While we are talking here about the single span of a month within that time frame, the atrocity is clear to evaluate.

"..I estimate ..number of Jews gassed at Sobibor ..about 350,000. In ..canteen at Sobibor I once overheard a conversation between Frenzel ..Stangl ..Wagner. ..discussing ..number of victims in ..extermination camps of Belzec ..Treblinka ..Sobibor and expressed ..regret ..Sobibor ‘came last’ in ..competition." SS Oberscharfuhrer Hermann Erich Bauer.

For the German administrators of Hitler’s Death Camp system, it was obviously open to interpretation as to what manner of contest they drew from such an obscenity. Can we simply relate here that the competitive nature of a driven German supposed elite was the direct Slaughter of 6,000,000 Human Beings. Within the entire period of operations at Treblinka however, which exacted a colossal destruction of the Jewish People, we are unable to come to terms with how exact these assessments can be. On every single day during that period of operations, Jews from all over Europe were destroyed and the research necessary to complete the catalogue of murderous achievement is an on going study.

"..teachings ..about ..people ..ethics ..I had to learn myself in ..hell of concentration camps ..without my Mother who was put to death in ..Gas Chambers in Majdanek Father ..put to death and burnt in ..crematorium in Treblinka Brother Sister in law young ..but cared for me like my Mother ..tormented and burnt in Auschwitz." Halina Birenbaum.

While we look back upon terms which appear to evaluate the destruction in many 1,000,000’s, too much has been lost to us to make sense of these figures. We will Never know the true extent to The Holocaust, but our endeavour is essential so that we at least leave a marker for History stating we at least tried. On November 1st. 1942 this day saw the first deportation from the Bialystok District to the Death Camp that was Treblinka. The following day, November 2nd. over 100,000 Jews in the Bialystok Region, already held in the Camps at Bogusze, Keilbasin, Volkovysk and Zambrow are eventually deported to Treblinka and Murdered there. Many also of these Jews are resettled to Auschwitz. In the terms of Hitler’s wish to destroy all the Jews of Europe, ‘resettlement’ must be seen as a euphemism for the Slaughter he had orchestrated.

"..I cannot say how many Jews ..gassed in Treblinka. ..average each day ..large train arrived ..sometimes ..two. ..not so common. In Treblinka I was commander of ..Ukrainian guard unit as I had been in Belzec. In Treblinka as in Belzec ..unit consisted of 60 ..80 men. ..Ukrainian's main task man ..guard posts around perimeter. After ..prisoners' uprising ..August 1943 ..ran more or less single ..handedly for ..month more gassings ..undertaken. ..during this time that ..original camp was demolished ..everything ..levelled off ..lupins ..planted. A farm was supposed to be built on of Against Wirth's will I put any material ..still usable at ..disposal of ..reserve hospital in Ostrow ..14km ..15km away from Treblinka." SS Untersturmfuhrer Kurt Franz.

Kurt Franz lays down a piece of the puzzle which deniers use to essentially add to their spacious hatred to simply attempt to distort the truth to what Hitler had planned, executed and then sought to have camouflaged in The Holocaust. On November 3rd. with 7,000 of Tomaszow Mazowiecki Jews murdered at Treblinka, this was accomplished alongside the murders of 4,000 of Radoszyce’s Jews also murdered there. That is 2 distinct groups of Jewish Citizenry from two very distinct Communites, Radoszyce and Tomaszow Mazowiecki destroyed in a single day of annihilatory operations here at Treblinka.

"..When we arrived in Treblinka and ..Germans opened ..freight cars we beheld a horrible sight. was full of corpses. ..bodies were partly decomposed by chlorine. ..stench in made those still alive choke. ..Germans ordered everyone to get out ..those still able to do so were half dead. Waiting SS and Ukrainians beat us and shot at us. ..On ..way to ..gas chambers Germans with dogs stood along ..fence on both sides. ..dogs had been trained to attack people ..they bit's genitals and ..women's breasts ..ripping off pieces of flesh. ..Germans hit ..people with whips and iron bars to spur them on so that they pressed forward into ..'showers' as quickly as possible. ..screams of ..women could be heard far away ..even in ..other parts of ..Germans drove ..running victims on with shouts of ..'Faster ..faster ..water will get cold ..others still have to go under ..showers!' To escape from ..blows ..victims ran to ..gas chambers as quickly as they could ..stronger ones pushing ..weaker aside. At ..entrance to ..gas chambers stood ..2 Ukrainians ..Ivan Demaniuk and Nikolai of them armed with an iron bar ..other ..a sword. They drove ..people inside with blows. ..As soon as ..gas chambers were full ..Ukrainians closed ..doors and started ..engine. Some 20 25 minutes later an SS man or a Ukrainian looked through a window in ..door. When ..everyone had been asphyxiated ..Jewish prisoners had to open ..doors ..remove ..corpses. Since ..chambers were overcrowded and ..victims held on to one another ..all stood upright one single block of flesh." Abraham Goldfarb.

On November 5th. 3,000 of Skarzysko-Kamienne’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka while 400 of their Elderly and Their Children are murdered prior to resettlement. The mistreatment of the Elderly, the Infirm and the Children has been a painful reminder to each of us as we navigate the atrocity’s we see as unparalleled and unprecedented in all of History. The following day on November 6th. it has been recognised that over 170,000 Jews were murdered over a six day period at the Death Camps Treblinka, Belzec and Birkenau. On November 7th. 4,500 of Konskie’s Jews along with 1,500 of Miedzyrzec’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. On November 10th. 6,300 of Mlawa’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. On November 14th. 500 of Makow’s Jews are also murdered at Treblinka. On November 19th. 2,700 of Wyszogrod’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. This catalogue of obscenity repeats itself all too often.

Thursday November 19th. 1942 "..I get frightened when I think of close friends who have now been delivered into ..hands of ..cruelest brutes that walk ..all because they are Jews." Anne Frank.

It is essential that while we acknowledge that Anne knew pretty much what was happening to her People, from British broadcats especially, she might not be able to link that acknowledged supposition to places like Treblinka, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor or even Auschwitz and Birkenau? With increasing veracity however, the truth of what was known about the encroaching Holocaust for the Jews of Europe can no longer remain secreted behind Government protocol or secrecy. On November 21st. 4,000 of Suchedniow’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. On November 23rd. 10,000 of Szydlowiec Jews are also murdered at Treblinka.

"..I concluded Operation Reinhard which I had conducted in ..General Goverment and have liquidated all camps. A few SS men and Ukrainians remained in ..extermination camps. In Treblinka even a group of Jewish prisoners was left behind in order to dismantle ..huts ..fences ..and other camp installations. After completion of this work ..November 17th. 1943 ..last group of Jewish prisoners was shot in Treblinka." SS Gruppenfuhrer Odilo Globocnik.

Before we become desanitised by the facts and figures of this devasatation, it is worth pausing to acknowledge what Simon Wiesenthal has already recorded and that these are People, not merely the statistic of Hitler’s intentional resolve, his Final Solution. On November 25th. Jews are deported from Bergen to Auschwitz and the New York Times acknowledges that Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor are recognised as killing centres for the Jews sent to them. The Jewish People are all clearly assessed as having been Murdered within these Death Camps establishments and the assessment is that some 2,000,000 Murdered Jews make up a tally of annihilation few should countenance nor ignore the veracity of its implementation.

Wednesday November 25th. 1942 "..Polish Jews are being exterminated together with Jews from other occupied countries. ..transported on Polish territory." Stanislaw Mikolajczyk.

On November 30th. 1942 there are over 50,000 Polish Jews murdered at Treblinka, Belzec and Majdanek in a 3 week period. The scale of the atrocity is increasingly measured in the 10’s of 1,000’s and the credibility of the knowledge that we have to this day, does not bear out the human dimension we seek to comprehend here. In all the 20 years since I have been on this odyssey, I cannot fathom the essential component in any human beings mind that would allow them to act in such a brutal

"..Here is ..silence of ..grave. ..Rumbuli ..Riga ..Bikernieki ..Salaspils ..Klooga ..Ponary ..Babi Yar ..Majdanek ..Treblinka ..Auschwitz. Thousands and thousands of cities and towns stained with blood. I rise from among you silent martyrs ..old men ..babies ..fathers ..mothers ..husbands ..wives ..brothers ..sisters ..brides ..grooms ..children ..youths. ..slaughtered by ..millions ordered me to tell of what happened. I hear your cries ..screams ..thousands strong thunder of your feet running to ..grave ..your last word .."Remember". I swear by ..memory of you your blood which slaked cruel spaces your ashes scattered over ..smoke of your bodies rising from ..crematoriums ..I swear to you ..I will tell them ..everything that I saw ..who killed you ..who betrayed you. I will not permit anyone to slander you or say it was someone else. I was with you at ..executioner's block till ..last minute. Your blood flows in my veins ..your ashes throb in my heart. I swear to tell ..Truth ..nothing but ..Truth." Frida Michelson.

Treblinka still had a further 7 months to accomplish what Hitler had so demanded from his loyal executioners.In a remarkable rampage through Jewish existence, Hitler and his minnions managed to accomplish the stated Destruction of 43,500 Jews from varying Community’s, and a third of all of those Jews up that point who were the acknowledged victims from the information that 50,000 Jews, 170,000 Jews and or 2,000,000 Jews, based upon differing interpreatations had been Slaughtered up till now. We leave the final assessment to Hitler’s expert on statistical analyisis as he knew it and at the end of the year Hoefle, who was the link between Globocnik, as Aktion Reinhard Commander and Himmler and straight onto Hitler’s desk, sends in his detailed report with an assessment of 1,274,166 Jews who had already been Murdered. These accounts were detailed into each of these Death Camps that have been mentioned and were under Globocnik’s jurisdiction.

"..Lublin [read Majdanek] 24,733 ..Belzec 434,508 ..Sobibor ..101,370 ..Treblinka ..713,555." SS Sturmbannfuhrer Hermann Hoefle.

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Mothers to the Slaughter

HolocaustPosted by P.A. Draigh Sun, May 01, 2016 00:01:55

It is always that time of year when we reflect on what matters to us and on what has happened in the passing of those years. Then it is down to all of us as to what we all choose to Remember. It never gets any easier and for me, there are 6,000,000 strong reasons why it should never rest easy with any of us! Our own Mother’s would not want any of us to sit back and forget that so many souls were deprived of the validity of their being, their very existence and have been extinguished from time. That responsibility, if nothing else, is a gift which our Mother’s of today can deliver from that dark past. Their light can best exemplify the tortured present and motion us toward a better and more understanding future. History must always expect that we should remember that need for truthful memory and it would fully expect us only ever to honour that memory.

I do!

I remember with pertinence the loss of Mother’s everywhere, and from within The Holocaust term, the number’s of Mother’s taken from a World in need of all their shared support. There are times I suspect when there is this need to say so much more than I do, which is all the more relevant because of those who did not Survive and require the voice that we do deliver on their behalf. We remember so little of their past because of the absence of so much and it is all from those who have been taken from us. The writing was clearly on the walls as Hitler came to power and the utter contempt in his expression was not alarming enough for a World which stood aside. As Hitler drove a wedge between us all and humanity, the very lives of the Jews of Europe were plundered from existence. No one today deserves to know better than the Jewish People how the World feels about the grave wrong we allowed to happen.

At a cost to all of humanity of 6,000,000 Jewish lives we too are perhaps aware what this must mean to the Jews of today. But then, what it means to humanity is difficult to gauge when we are presented with a lack of prevailing Justice over such a Catastrophe. The Holocaust resonates so purposefully today, and in order to remember and to never forget I spend my time working toward that remembrance. The effect for all who seek an understanding of what was done and achieved, in a comprehension we may never reach, is also an accusation for what was allowed and what could have been prevented. It is clear that The Holocaust has not cleansed the soul nor marked humanity any better than to have shown we have yet to learn. The stain for each of us, discoloured with an uncivilised hatred that has perpetually branded us, persists.

There is a fact of how impressed all those around Hitler were with that same hatred and how engaged they became with that very same hatred. Without Hitler we are assured, and we can be certain, that 6,000,000 Jews of Europe would not have been murdered. The fact that European Jewry was so systematically and brutally sought out for the slaughter is clear. That these Jews were inflicted with a loss so unbearable, death came and took that event that torture away from them. For me, Mother’s are born as marvellous Women who have the propensity to be wonderful Mother’s, role model’s and the perpetuators of human existence. Take that away and the entire bridge which delivers us from the dark ages falls into an abyss. That abyss has been crowded with the abominable hatreds of our past and has been stacked with the Blood and Bodies of 6,000,000 Jews whose road to disaster was devised by one man, Adolf Hitler.

While there should be only good to say about any people, we know it is irreverent to speak without contempt for Hitler. Today though, that singular disdain has infected many so much that that some will not allow any human concern or condolence to be said of these Jewish People. These like Hitler minded hate filled miscreants, cannot be allowed to devour the memory of those whose lives have already been consumed. There are many other’s just like Kurt Gerstein who thought that it was morally wrong to behave in such a callous way toward the Jews. Hatred is the province of those who see no provenance in humanity’s diversity. There is a labouring over details which subvert any charitable empathy and sympathy for our fellow man, and woman. The specific detail of The Holocaust is quite clearly gender definitive as the fundamental face of intolerance seeks to ensure Jewish proliferation.

In assessing the 6,000,000 Jews of The Holocaust there is simply not enough detail to fix securely nor with any accuracy into the numbers of Women, Girls, Females and the Mother’s amongst them murdered to deliver the overall catastrophe. The bias, bigotry and racism of the slaughter took no account of the gender specific and the Female of our species was treated if no more harshly, then equally as violently, maliciously and deadly. It was all horrible for both sexes but I imagine the bond which delivered the Mother and Child to the door of the Gas Chamber and the protective arm which did not want the Child to know what was coming would be crushing to any Parent, a Mother, even more so. Any selection process within the Death Camp eventually segregated the sexes and all Children were assigned to destruction with the Mother.

This is not to say that the anguish was any less for the Father, who was witness to the total annihilation of all that they had known and loved. But who could know the level of grief that was to be delivered in advance of the destructive process. It is imperative that we clearly recognise that Mother’s are the Daughter’s, Grandmother’s, Sister’s, Wives, Aunts and Nieces to us all. That does not alter because Hitler sought to disguise the truth of his final solution! While much has been given over to the numerical account of The Holocaust, any gender specific detail of those Females in the Holocaust is heavily lacking. What we can state, as we are aware that of the 6,000,000 Jews of Europe murdered in The Holocaust, as many as 3,000,000 of these were Females. That is not to say that Hitler targeted these Females because of their Gender.

Hitler devised The Final Solution only because of his hatred for the Jews and as Jews, Females were likewise sought out for the Slaughter. So while we contemplate the psychological trauma that each and every Female surely faced, it must be remembered that even the Racial theory espoused by Hitler’s failed ideology was negated. Women, Girls, Females in general were the victims of wide spread physical and sexual abuse. The resulting rapes of so many Jewish Females, virtually before the door of the Gas Chamber or the Killing site must beg the question, what has History done to claim any sort of Justice for their violation. We simply cannot gloss over the role of men of the SS, Wehrmacht, Reserve Police and the full cadre of German collaborators in this most specious of crimes. Can their be an emotional closure for those who must suspect the deviant nature of those who returned from what they perpetrated in The Holocaust.

It is an essential need that people read the words of Ruth Bondy, Lucy Dawidowicz, Charlotte Delbo, Anne Frank, Etty Hillesum, Deborah Lipstadt, Wendy Lower, Rochelle Seidl, Nechama Tec and Susan Zuccotti amongst so many, just to gain and understand from a Female perspective what was relevant to the actions Hitler took against the Jews. The procreation of the species Homo Sapien cannot exist without the Mothering, careful nurturing and bonding which Women present to all of Humanity. We have to see to the humanistic dimensions of our study, which Women writers deliver to our appreciation of this grave wrong. Titles in works reflect what it must have meant for women to persist in the first place, endure in the next phase and then only to succumb in the final phase of their lives. There is of course a grave choice and in the Children We Remember that choice is either To Forgive, But Not Forget.

The odds were stacked against the persistence of any Jew and so much so that many of them made A Jump for Life, stumbled from a resettlement transport only to be confronted again by an inevitable decree which sought them for extinction. When we take that leap ourselves and move our carefully manicured lives to a place Beyond Imagination, we enter a hell which placed innocent people into the jaws of destruction. With the refrain in history acknowledging for them that while I Am a Star, this was the cry which delivered ordinary, innocent people toward the furnace because of their Jewish antecedence. Can we as writers add any less to this delivery of gifting and affording all of us an emotional attachment to a conflagration which wholly devoured a Jewish People. As Men deliver the terms of The Holocaust in historical terms, with a data analysed assessment of the Catastrophe, we have to be chastened by the emotional depths we are grasped with and are plunged into such a depressive realisation we have difficulty with its terms.

Do not get me wrong, Dawidowicz delivers some of the most accurate accounts of Hitler's undertaking so it would be wrong to assume that male writers cannot deliver the truth on an emotional level, just as women can do. Levi and Wiesel are so adept at delivery, we are clearly swept along on an emotional roller coaster. I think, as I seek to add depth to the despair that emanates from the midst of the pain and terror, it is the Woman, Female, Mother whose instincts have been heightened by an intense fear which will balance out the Human dimension of the devastation. We know too from a writer that indeed, Hope Is The Last to Die, all of which clearly adds to everything we can attempt to comprehend. There are of course these Flares of Memory, an elaborate trail of hopes and fears all laid to waste, 6,000,000 times. Truly that is all we have left in this study which seeks to replace with memory those 6,000,000 Jewish souls who have perished.

That they were taken beyond all recognition by an evil sprung from the errant make up of a man called Adolf Hitler, is as apparent as it is shocking. The level of appreciation given over to what was deliberately a War Against the Jews sees the consignment of Children of the Flames toward an eternity no one had any right to impose upon them. But here we are, finding a sensitivity so deeply emotional, it is a Mother, a Female who can deliver the message with clarity, detail and with a sentiment that reveals our own humanity. These words presented here are delivered as an emotional account with a connection to the memory of those whose moving turmoil was brought to its deepest and most anxious state. It is very much a Triumph of Hope that is brought toward us from these depths and they afford the presence of humanity a hope, should we acknowledge the need to grasp it. From The Diary of a Young Girl we gain an insight into what must be hidden in order to protect all from what awaited.

That picture of An Interrupted Life has been so well written, it leaves an indelible mark on all of those who wish to see the picture which emerges. The framework of this revealing account all adds to an interpretation of horror which we must gain, and After Such Knowledge, we have to be enabled to deal with the complexities of what happened in order to get humanity back on a civilising track. As with any effort to come to terms with The Holocaust, it is considered by me from outside and is All But My Life which paints the Landscapes of Memory into a broader understanding we have yet to avail of. For us, it is important to Inherit the Truth so that we can lend to history an appreciation of an atrocious episode in civilisation that can deliver for the future The Enduring Spirit of tolerant understanding.

We know that in that single moment When Light Pierced the Darkness, things could alter, people could move toward extraordinary levels of compassion. With a level of Resilience and Courage these tolerant people would stand taller than most in national governments had indeed managed. Do we simply then exonerate ourselves, allow posterity to deliver a posthumous record of this hatred, offer Memorial Candles and leave it to others to bring humanity back to where it is again recognisable. I have chosen a track that has now delivered me to the gates of Auschwitz and Birkenau and I have stood on the desecrated soil of such devastation, it is a well churned cemetery of an even greater horror than our imagination could ever envisage. I have entered the realm of Belzec, Majdanek and Sobibor and I am amazed at the ease with which society could witness these spaces, and in such close proximity, that there are so many who had chosen to either ignore what they witnessed or decided to benefit from what they were aware of.

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HolocaustPosted by P.A. Draigh Mon, February 01, 2016 21:09:08

The Holocaust Resource.

Any School, College, University or Educational facility which allows for - or teaches - bias, racism or bigotry is not Educating and therefore cannot be classified as Schooling in its proper sense! Any agenda which is set that has an Intolerant and therefore subversive element, should not be considered of any merit, whatsoever! It is difficult to see how any Educator can deliver to the Student body other than what is the Truth. I have spoken to many Academics, Students, Professors on The Holocaust, all supporting the role of Educating the next generation. However, I have been alarmed by some who see no wrong in allowing for a dissenting voice. That articulation, which is an intolerably denier-based distortion of Fact and Truth, gains a foothold in many establishments with a license to Instruct, Tutor, Inform, Teach and Educate.

If but a morsel of that instruction is tainted or tarnished by any bias whatsoever, there can be no reason to doubt the oppression of the truth is being applied. I write on the subject of The Holocaust out of a conviction that the Murders of 6,000,000 Jewish People is inherently wrong from any angle one would proceed to suggest. That they were Jews is no argument for their Destruction. That they were Religious is no reason to suspend their existence. That they were Human Beings is every motivation to feel the guilt and that sense of remorse belonging to the humanity we are all supposed to be engaged in. For that reason I have put together a compiling resource on what matters in the search for the answers necessary for us, for History and for the Jewish People who might just wonder why we so abandoned them. I include my own Auschwitz Blog here in the hope that there are 6,000,000 reasons to suggest I am not alone in damning those who committed these crimes and condemning those who did little to prevent The Holocaust from happening!

1) Anti-Defamation League.

There is a public resource for anyone who wishes to serve notice upon those who would use all manner of antisemitism, bigotry and race hatred against our fellow human beings.

2) Auschwitz

The Official Auschwitz and Birkenau State Museum was created by an act of Parliament of Poland on July 2nd. 1947. It includes the sites of both parts of the Auschwitz I Concentration Camp and Auschwitz II, which is the Birkenau Death Camp. Visitors will be escorted if necessary, by well considered and articulate guides. From the Camp of Auschwitz you will be delivered through the very gates of Birkenau as a Witness to what transpired there.

3) Auschwitz Blog.

As an Author, it is imperative that one strikes the right balance between informing and promoting, and as such, I am mindful of the atrocity I have become witness to. On the subject of The Holocaust, there is a perpetual need Always to Remember, Never to Forget! With that principle established it is my continuing aim to ensure that The Holocaust of 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust is not disparaged or denigrated without the Truth and my reason for responding being placed before the audience of History.

4) Art Gallery of Ontario.

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) developed a digital archive of over 4,000 images from the Henryk Ross Collection of Lodz Ghetto Photographs. This was augmented in partnership with the Facing History and Ourselves facility and the Sarah Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre. The launch of the digital archive marked the 70th anniversary of Mr. Ross's unearthing of the original Negatives.

5) Belzec, The Museum Memorial Site in

The Site of The Death Camp Belzec is in need of a recognition for its fulfillment of a duty it has to History. The Memorial Site itself is an experience way beyond what Human imagination can even begin to fathom. Belzec was under construction on November 1st. 1941 and became operational on March 17th. 1942. It delivered its resolve to Murder as many Jews, and others, as it could, until it was dismantled that November 1942. The terrible tragedy, instituted here within the space of 8 months is that it consumed some 600,000 individual Jewish souls, and many others. In terms of its murderous enterprise it ranks higher than both Auschwitz-Birkenau and Treblinka in qualification of its kill ratio. As to the Museum’s Exhibition itself:

"..The historical exhibition presented in the Museum Memorial Site in Belzec has an interactive character. It shows the history of The Death Camp against the Nazi policy of Exterminating European Jews." Belzec Booklet.

4) Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre

Beth Shalom (House of Peace) is a dedicated Holocaust Memorial and Education Centre. It provides a peaceful setting where visitors from all backgrounds and persuasions can explore and reflect upon the history and implications of The Holocaust. Conference, library, seminar and research facilities are available for use by students, teachers and lay people of all ages and at all levels.

5) Books.

Firmly established as a life-long resource, the selected Bibliography I present to you here is from my own Library. It contains only those Books which I consider worthy of aiding my own need for comprehension. This selection does not include all those other outstanding Books which will deliver a resonance as to what The Holocaust means for History, for Humanity and for us all.

Abells, Chana Byers The Children We Remember. Abramowitch, Maja To Forgive, But Not Forget. Adelsberger, Lucie Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Story. Adelson, Alan Lodz Ghetto. The Diary of. Ager, Eleanor H. In the Ghettoes. Altbeker, Ruth A Jump for Life. Altman, Linda Jacobs The Holocaust Ghettoes. Aly, Goetz; Heim, S. Architects of Annihilation. Ancona-Vincent, Victoria Beyond Imagination. Apenszlak, Jacob Black Book of Polish Jewry. Appelfeld, Aharon The Story of A Life. Appelman Jurman, Alicia Alicia, My Story. Arad, Yitzhak. Pictorial History of Holocaust. Documents on the Holocaust. Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka. Ghetto in Flames. Arendt, Hannah Eichmann in Jerusalem. Eichmann and the Holocaust. Association of Jewish Refugees We Remember. Auerbacher, Inge I Am a Star. Auschwitz State Museum. Auschwitz 1940 -1945. 5 Volumes.

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Wachsman, Nikolaus KL. Wardi, Dina Memorial Candles. Warren, Andrew Survivng Hitler. Wasserstein, Bernard. Britain & the Jews. Webster, Paul Petain’s Crime. Weinberg, Felix Boy 30529. Weiss, Helga Helga’s Diary. Wells, Leon Weliczer The Janowska Road. Wetzler, Alfred Escape from Hell. Wienberg, Jeshajahu USHHM. Wiener, Alter From a Name to a Number. Wiesel, Elie. Night. A Jew Today. All River’s Run to The Sea. Wiesenthal, Simon. The Murderers Among Us. Wighton, Charles Eichmann, His Career. Wilkomirski, Binjamin Fragments. Willenberg, Samuel, Survivng Treblinka. Wisniewska, Anna. Majdanek. Wistrich, Robert Solomon. Hitler and the Holocaust. Wyman, David S. The Abandonment of the Jews.

Yahil, Leni. Holocaust: Fate of European Jewry.

Zapruder, Alexander Salvaged Pages. Ziemian, Joseph Cigarette Sellers 3 Crosses Square. Zsolt, Bela Nine Suitcases. Zuccotti, Susan The Holocaust of French Jews. The Italians & The Holocaust. The Vatican & The Holocaust. Zullo, Alan Survivors. Zusak, Marcus The Book Thief. Zylberberg, Michael A Warsaw Diary.

6) Buchenwald

Part of the Memorial Foundation of Buchenwald and Mittelbau Dora, these Concentration Camps are jointly managed by the German Federal Government and by the State of Thuringia. The Buchenwald Memorial is dedicated to preserving the memory of those interned in the Nazi concentration camp and the former Soviet camp.

7) Bundes Archive.

A German Government Resource for all those whose Families were German Jews, deported and killed during The Holocaust. Of course the range of the search is not Limited to Holocaust victims, but that is the area in which I research. There are comprehensive Lists of the Deportations undertaken within Germany and by the German Occupying powers as they established the mechanism of ‘resettlement’ from within Belgium, France and Holland.

8) Holocaust Educational Trust (HET)

The HET raises public awareness of the Holocaust and related issues both nationally and internationally. It conducts and supports research on The Holocaust and provides teaching resources for secondary schools.

9) Holocaust Memorial Day.

This very particular anniversary date recognises not simply the Liberation of Auschwitz and Birkenau on January 27th. 1945, by the forces of Russia, but adds to a Worldwide educational requirement to inform as to what 6,000,000 Jews of Europe were forced to endure. This British Government site is the official resource for all information pertaining to HET. All Educational material and links to other resources continually adding to an appreciation and understanding of what this Genocide implies.

10) Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum's Holocaust Exhibition uses historical material to tell the story of the Nazis' persecution of the Jews and other groups before and during the Second World War.

11) Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation.

The official information website for the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation against Swiss Banks and other Swiss Entities with a proposed US $1.25 billion Settlement. This litigation is a class action lawsuit against private Swiss Banks and other Swiss Entities for their alleged corrupt conduct and money laundering enterprise related to the Second World War and The Holocaust.

12) Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute.

The Roosevelt Institute brings together thousands of thinkers and doers from emerging leaders in every state to Nobel laureate economists. We reimagine the rules that guide our social and economic realities.

13) Ghetto Fighters' House.

The Ghetto Fighters' House was established in Israel shortly after the founding of the State of Israel. Set up in 1949 by former Ghetto Fighters, Survivors and Partisans from The Holocaust era, it brings to the attention of History, the very long and penetrating struggle Jews of Europe put up against the Nazi regime, for all the years of Jewish Struggle. There is also attached, The Centre for Humanistic Education, which not only acknowledges the sanctity and sanctification of all human life, but emphasises the universal and the underlying ramifications for all of us of what The Holocaust enshrines.

14) Holocaust Art Restitution Project.

This is an official site and deals within the Art World to offer details of the history of works stolen, with a list of artwork, information on case histories and legal histories as well as sponsor information, grant requests and related resources.

15) Holocaust History Project

The Holocaust History Project is a regularly updated archive of documents, photographs, recordings and essays about the Holocaust, with evidence that directly refutes the arguments of Holocaust deniers.

16) Human Rights, The Centre for the Universal Declaration of

The Centre for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which seeks to secure a world wide acknowledgement of the human rights of All Peoples everywhere in this world.

17) International Organisation for Migration.

The IOM will process claims for payment relating to slave labour, forced labour, personal injury or death of a child lodged in a home for children of slave or forced labourers. Gives details of the German Forced Labour Compensation Programme with contacts world wide.

18) Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This site has the full Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel, as approved by the Jewish People's Council at the Tel Aviv Museum on 14 May 1948.

19) Jewish Claims Conference.

This was established to ensure those Jews who Survived the rigours, torment and terror of The Holocaust receive restitution, in part, for any detail of those crimes perpetrated against them. It also handles the cases brought by others who were so treated by Hitler and his Nazis. Ostensibly assigned to claims against Germany and Austria, for the material wealth plundered from those Jews sent to their Deaths, this has seen a resolve to return what is rightfully Jewish-owned to either Survivors of The Holocaust, or those who live with the legacy of The Holocaust. For those Survivors and Children or Families of those who did not Survive, that legacy is delivered with honour. Great strides are being made to ensure the recipients of payments are made to those People, Jewish, who were Forced to Work for Hitler’s Reich as Slaves. This also applies to the many others of differing Faiths slavishly treated by Hitler.

20) Jewish Student Online Research Centre.

Hosted by the American Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, this web site offers a vast range of texts on every aspect of Ancient and Modern Jewish History.

21) London Jewish Cultural Centre

The London Jewish Cultural Centre Registered charity that has taught Jewish history, culture and Modern Hebrew for over 20 years. Academic programme, outreach programme, cultural and social activities.

22) Majdanek, A Historical Outline.

The Death Camp itself has been carefully preserved as it was when Liberated by the forces of Russia. Majdanek had remained operational from October 1st. 1941 and ceased operations July 22nd. 1944. A high estimate suggests of some 200,000 Jews were Murdered there.

"..Even before the Commission for Investigating the German Crimes had finished working, members suggested the creation of a Museum on the grounds of the former Camp." Majdanek Booklet.

23) Nizkor

The Nizkor site is dedicated to remembering the 6,000,000 Jews and nearly 6 million other civilians and prisoners of war killed by Adolf Hitler's regime. Their resolve is also in refuting and marginalising those who say that it never happened.


The aims of this organisation is to preserve the memory of The Holocaust through art, discussion, photos and poems.

25) Searchlight.

Set up by London-based Searchlight, the international antifascist magazine, the site contains news, back issues, an archive and extracts from editorials about many aspects of racism and fascism, contemporary and historical.

26) Sobibor, Death Camp in

The Death Camp at Sobibor was operational from May 1942 and ended its murderous effort in October 1943 having claimed the lives of some 250,000 Jews of Europe. Oblivion over all Jews who entered here but History would not be denied the Fact of the Truth of what Hitler sought here.

"..For many years after the War, the Extermination Site of tens of thousands of Jews had sunk into oblivion." Sobibor Booklet.

27) Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation.

This Stephen Spielberg initiated project, recording more than 50,000 unedited testimonies of survivors, liberators, rescuers, and other eyewitnesses of the Holocaust. The website gives details of the Shoah Foundation's multimedia Archive.

28) Tel Aviv University/Wiener Library.

A comprehensive collection of publications on Germany in the 20th century, with special emphasis on the Third Reich, Europe during and between the two World Wars, Jewish communities in Europe, The Holocaust, antisemitism and fascism.

29) United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

This Washington museum was set up to advance and disseminate knowledge about The Holocaust, to preserve the memory of those who suffered, and to encourage visitors to reflect upon moral questions raised by the tragedy. Includes a vast online archive exhibiting a Holocaust focus.

30) Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerence

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is an international Jewish human rights organization that aims to preserve the memory of The Holocaust by fostering tolerance and understanding through community involvement, educational outreach and social action. The Center's headquarters are in Los Angeles and there are offices in New York, Toronto, Miami, Jerusalem, Paris and Buenos Aires. The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles specialises in the history of The Holocaust and is a reliable guide to the subject.

31) Yad Vashem - The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority.

The Israeli Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem. Includes research, resources, eyewitness accounts and information about commemoration events.

Yad Vashem's principal missions are commemoration and documentation of the events of The Holocaust, collection, examination, and publication of testimonies to The Holocaust, the collection and memorialisation of the names of Holocaust victims, and research and education.

32) Yahad In Unum

There are far too many graves, pits and ravines, these Killing Sites where the Jews of The Holocaust have been assigned to for eternity. Far too few of these have been uncovered to add to in an attempt to further understand the Testimony for those Jews who were sought out for eradication. Teams of researchers have established a network of excavations where a more defined Jewish presence is sought and is not to be forgotten in History. The unrelenting search has yielded ever more Evidence of what der Einsaztgruppe achieved in terms of the Destruction of the Jews of Eastern Europe, Russia and the Ukraine. The Archaeological exhumation of sites, Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka has yielded little of its evidence. The thorough nature of what Hitler resolved would be The Final Solution, has been irretrievably solved. What Science can now achieve however, as with Ancient Egypt’s unlocked secrets, is the concrete underbelly of the industrialised structures which continually, mechanically and with unrelenting zeal, drove 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, that is Men, Women and Their Children toward destruction.

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Disguising the Truth of the Catastrophe.

HolocaustPosted by Patrick Dempsey Tue, September 29, 2015 20:24:54
Disguising the Truth of the Catastrophe.

"..You must ..guarantee that ..bodies of these ..Jews will either be burned or buried in every location ..that nowhere can anything else of any kind happen with these bodies." Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler.

There is a picture displayed of a mechanised Bone Grinder. The Death Camps employed this device to mill the very bone fragments of what remained of those Jews who had been Murdered within them. There is also the sight of a huge excavator shovelling the debris of wasted lives, as a further insult to what Humanity represents. But this is how the ideology of Hitler's 1,000 Year Reich ranks in inhuman terms as it sank into a morass of ignominy that has been unparalleled in all of our History. Even after these 1,000,000's of Murdered Jews had been devastated, crushed, gassed and cremated or when their Bodies had been interred for a number of months or years, the detailed excavation of Hitler's crimes still remained. With this shocking treatment of Humanity, the morality of a nation is exposed and we are made aware of how flimsy our hold upon civilisation becomes.

"..Up to 3,000 bodies were burned at a time. About 70,000 corpses were dug up. ..gas vans brought more corpses." Senya Borisovich Berland.

With the brutal enactment of such an onslaught upon the integrity of The Jewish People, Humanity was plunged deeper into a disgraceful episode known to History as The Holocaust. With an almost accomplished certainty, Hitler studied the vista of a monumental crime and knew his failure would be marked by a Genocide so callous and degenerate, a race against the tide of defeat commenced. Aktion 1005 was implemented. This effort would seek to ensure that the spectre of Hitler's rancid nature could be concealed. So all consuming, chilling, horrific and inhumane was Hitler, this 'aktionen' is a testimony to a thwarted endeavour which was almost fully accomplished. But here in history, where there still remains a need for the further concealment of Hitler's criminal intent, Jews are once more placed at the forefront of Hitler's supposed ideology. All of which clearly suggests that there was still way too much Evidence, which Hitler wished to rid himself of.

"..from June 1941 to January 1942 ..I was ..Commander of Sonderkommando 4 A. ..June 1942 ..entrusted by Gruppenfuhrer Mueller with ..task ..obliterating ..traces ..executions carried out by ..Einsatzgruppe ..East. ..orders in person to ..commanders of ..Security Police ..SD ..pass on Mueller's orders verbally ..supervise ..implementation. ..order secret ..there was to be no correspondence in connection with ..task. ..September 1942 ..reported to Dr. Thomas ..Kiev ..passed ..order him. ..May ..June 1943 ..made additional trips to Kiev ..after conversations with Dr. Thomas and ..SS Police Leader Hennecke ..order was carried out. During ..visit ..August ..observed ..burning of bodies in ..mass grave near Kiev. ..grave was about 55 metres long ..3 metres wide and 2.5 metres deep. ..removed ..bodies ..covered with inflammable material ..ignited. ..about two days until ..grave burned ..bottom. ..grave was filled in ..traces ..practically obliterated. Owing to ..moving up of ..front ..not possible to destroy ..mass graves further south and east which had resulted from executions by ..Einsatzgruppe. orders ..should have extended ..duties over ..entire area occupied by ..Einsatzgruppe ..owing to ..retreat from Russia ..could not carry out my orders completely." SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel.

That undisguised Slaughter of The Jews of Europe, which had been organised and executed in such detail was now coming back to haunt Hitler. As his regime began to totter amidst the pledges of Allied support, superiority and concerted effort, Hitler's experts in Murder turned their hands to the camouflaging effects of ridding Death Camps and Murder sites of the very Evidence concealed. What had commanded The Final Solution of The Jewish Question was both a monstrous act and Crime Against Humanity. It was certainly without precedent in any of civilised History, or otherwise. There was not a shred of human decency which emerged from the conduct enunciated by those very tenets of what Hitler had professed. Nor was his deed a masterful race which placed an acculturated Germany in the midst of a Genocide so steeped in the blood of The Jewish People and so many others. Of course, this has made us so very aware that Hitler, having failed to win a victory over Russia in Russia, has now set his murderers upon a mad scramble to disinter, exhume, disgorge and obliterate the very Evidence History recognises now is The Holocaust.

"..We sawed wooden planks of a length of 8 metres ..and they commanded us to make a square pyre ..and afterwards we had to take out ..remains of people ..remains of ..bodies of people ..and place them on this pyre." Avraham Karasik.

This 'aktionen' now begins and a foremost murderer of der Einsatzgruppe, SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel sets about his task with vigour. While this very narrative is an ongoing research on that very aspect of concealment, which was conducted under the tenets of an ordinance for SonderKommando 1005, it is not in any way a complete nor finished work. Amid suggestions that newer Evidence might yet become realised, it is imperative that digs, research and unseen archives have been accessed to more complete the detail of the picture we have already gained. I will attend to this ongoing search at varying stages, and throughout my tenure as a Blogger on Auschwitz and Birkenau, I hope to enlarge upon the very Evidence that might have gained a newer provenance. So be aware, there might be slight errors which are neither intentional, nor are they representative of what matters to me in my search. Within the very context of any remembrance of those 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust, it is what has emerged so far, as to what happened to them, and what was allowed to befall an innocent Jewish People that occupies much research and effort in History!

"..September 1942 I reported to Dr. Thomas in Kiev." Paul Blobel.

Before the industrialised and mechanised scale of Murder commenced, as we were about to witness it at Auschwitz and Birkenau, der Einsatzgruppe had plundered the very existence of more than 1,250,000 Jews in the East and casually dumped them into ravines and death pits. Then there was the burgeoning realisation that the conduct of Murder could be better served in static camps so that the Jews who entered Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor and Treblinka would be treated and resettled for eternity. These Jews were first gassed and then buried in pits and trenches without thought to any future disguise of the fact. Perhaps the conceit of Hitler took longer to be unravelled than might have been expected. However, the eventuality of a German defeat had not occurred to Hitler or even his Race Specialists, so the Murdered Jews, and all those other victims of a vastly inflated ideology, would have to be fully exhumed and burned.

"..We used to uncover all ..graves where there were people who had been killed during ..past 3 years ..take out ..bodies ..pile them up in tiers and burn these bodies ..grind ..bones ..take out all ..valuables in ..ashes such as gold teeth ..rings and so on ..separate them. After grinding ..bones we used to throw ..ashes up in the air so that they would disappear ..replace on ..graves and plant seeds that nobody could recognize that there ever was a grave there. In addition to this they used to bring new people victims ..they were shot there ..undressed beforehand ..we had to burn these new bodies too." Leon Weliczker Wells.

As the 1,000 Year Reich began to crumble, alongside the expertise gained from Blobel's SonderKommando '1005' and the use of adapted machinery, The Final Solution would become a resolving exercise in further concealment. The obliteration of the Crime though cannot be achieved wholly and at Killing Sites like Babi Yar, Bikerniki, Borki and Ponary, Blobel had to double his effort to achieve more of what he was required to accomplish! That too is before the Evidence from The Death Camps is brought into the equation. Even for Auschwitz/Birkenau, open cremation pits were a regular feature of that very effort to dispose of the Evidence. So for explicable reasons, we all agree and accept that we do not have a written directive from Hitler to first conduct the murderous enterprise, nor does it seem we have the written narrative of his demand to execute the concealment plan. We do however know, and all too well, that Hitler would not allow anyone else to command, over what was his most fundamental and most expressed directive.

"..November 20th. 1942 ..Himmler ordered SS Gruppenfuhrer Mueller ..Chief of Department IV ..RSHA writing ..'You must give me a guarantee that ..bodies of these deceased Jews will either be burned or buried in every location ..and that nowhere can anything else of any kind happen with these bodies'." Alfred Streim.

While issuing forth a melee of directives and orders, dispatching all arms of the Reich into an unbridled assault upon The Jewish People, a World War was contemplated. Legions of miscreants, die hard Nazis and some who were directed toward a vision of Hitler's 'Weltanschauung', found themselves in the midst of a 'killing spree against Jews everywhere!' That this world view was an illusion, which would supposedly place a captive world under a German Nazi jackboot, it still amassed a veritable stranglehold upon much of Europe, and for more than 5 years. But within that worldview, where the Jews were to be scourged, purged, 'resettled' in those captive Eastern lands and then eradicated, there was a huge endorsement from those willing to participate. What emerged was an apocalyptic achievement of immense terror, horror and destruction of People. For all of History therefore, it is without any doubt that Hitler, der Fuhrer of a proposed 1,000 year Reich, orchestrated and conducted every aspect of the assault upon the integrity of The Jewish People.

"..Out of number of ..persons designated for ..execution ..fifteen men were led in each case to ..brink of ..mass grave where they had to kneel down ..their faces turned towards ..grave. When were ready for ..execution one of my leaders who was in charge of this execution squad gave ..order to shoot. Since they were kneeling on ..brink of ..mass grave ..victims fell a rule once into ..mass grave. I have always used rather large execution squads, since I declined to use men who were specialists for shots in ..neck 'Genickschussspezialisten'. Each squad shot for about one hour and was then replaced. ..persons who still had to be shot were assembled near of ..execution ..guarded by members of those squads ..which at ..moment did not take part in ..executions." SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel.

While many of Hitler's hacks, like Himmler, Heydrich and Eichmann controlled the day to day operations from within The Final Solution, the baton of Hitler was framing every movement. I have been involved in the subject of The Holocaust for so many years and I have noticed that tendency which seeks to extricate Hitler from the midst of this most awful crime. For the life of me I cannot understand why a world would want to see a perverted man, who denounced his own German people, as other than a despot gloating upon an atrocity of monumental proportions. What Hitler achieved with the destruction of so many millions of different peoples, from every nation, which he then sought to subjugate, his ire was surely fixed on a similar role for the remainder of the World. The extreme hatred which Hitler held for the world, and it was with a latent contempt he felt for that world and its Peoples, we are rid of a criminal more degenerate than History has ever recorded. The very capacity to deal destructively with that world we reside in should ensure the rightful abhorrence of the man.

"..In May and June 1943 I made additional trips to Kiev in this matter and ..after conversations with Dr. Thomas and SSPF Hennecke ..order was carried out." SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel.

What Hitler stood for would have ensured all but an exclusive band of blonde, blue eyed 'aryans' dined at the top table of a repugnant era. Those like Goebbels, Goering and their ilk? Where though, you might ask, does this infatuation with Hitler come from for those who would wish to exonerate him from the legacy of The Holocaust? What befell the pride of Germany, troops who religiously fought for both God and Fatherland, and who were left vanquished along the length and breadth of Europe, from Leningrad to Crimea, from Berlin to Kharkov, that needs to be spelled out. Those Soldiers unfortunate enough to have been wounded in their fight for an honour they particularly held, might well have succumbed to an administered poison, due to their wounds. As much there were many who did indeed succumb to the bullet wound received in the heat of battle, how many others fell foul of Hitler's estranged idea of a racist utopia. Such then was Hitler's pernicious hold on race superiority, wounded soldiers could be as easily dispatched as the Jews Hitler so wished to Destroy.

"..first day we exhumed about 1,700 ..for ..Germans gave us orders to count each body ..and if ..body was decomposed ..they ordered us to count ..skulls." Avraham Karasik.

I would suggest that so much allegiance with what filled Hitler was short sighted. It is a further tragedy that the many who had proposed to depose him, did not manage to achieve this ahead of the onslaught which consumed 6,000,000 Jews of Europe. Hitler was filled with so much hate, with an irrational anti-Semitism stretching back over 2,000 years, it is incredible that the 1,000 Year Reich lasted as long as it did. So here are some of the fraudulent aspects, of that form of revised history which some now seek to adorn our genuine study with, cannot fail to realise Hitler's capacity to Hate and endorse mass murder. We acknowledge within the subjective review of a statistical analysis, that 6,000,000 Jews of Europe were Murdered with Hitlerite hatred and are no more! We require within this the ability to see the truth and while much adverse light shines on those who would doubt the veracity of this Truth, it reflects a corporate psychosis for the denier that promotes an abundance of self promoting and propagating drivel filled with hatred.

"..Then began ..general exhumation and burning of corpses may have taken from November 1942 to March 1943. ..incinerations went on day and night ..without interruption ..initially at one ..then at two sites. At one of ..sites it was possible to incinerate about 2,000 corpses within 24 hours." SS Scharfuhrer Heinrich Gley.

The deniers tend to blend mathematical theorum, with conjecture, in order to add a form of substance to a lack of true and competent study. Within the Camp system itself there are many ways to prove how divergent the analysis can be so I will attempt to counter what some reckon has been suggested. Operational from May 20th. 1940, the Auschwitz camp was established to shield the world from a view of what was yet to come for all of Hitler's enemies. By September 3rd. 1941, Zyklon 'B' was being used at the Auschwitz facility, as well as at Majdanek. There are still estimates that 2,500,000 Jews were Murdered here at the Auschwitz/Birkenau complex. But that was my own earlier estimation and assessment based upon Auschwitz/Birkenau's own capacity to deliver the systematic Slaughter sought out for it. The analysis for Auschwitz/Birkenau, as it has been for all The Death Camps and The Killing Sites is based upon all the available information which up to know has been suggesting this could be so.

"..We had to beat ..residue of ..pyre that remained with ..iron beaters ..until no bone was left. We had to pass it through a sieve. Naturally ..teeth as well as rings ..chains and so forth remained ..Germans ordered us to give these to them." Avraham Karasik.

The Death Factory at Birkenau itself, as an entity of destruction out on its own, was operational from October 1941. I stress here that all reliable estimates, as to the destruction that was conducted here, amounts to some 1,200,000 to 1,600,000 Jews murdered alongside many other people of Europe. That those Jewish murdered however, then presented Hitler with a very serious concern emerges as the Campaign in Russia is certain to assail all German forces and their 'Axis' collaborators back toward Berlin and defeat. Once Hitler fully realised that the world would have the evidence of the Jewish Destruction, and what had been accomplished in this genocide of the Jewish People of Europe, the task of concealment was undertaken. After twelve months of Murderous operations, which had ranged against the Jews of the East, former Architect SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel was called upon, with Sonderkommando 1005, to establish a centre for the concealment of evidence, was stationed at Lodz. Blobel then set about eradicating all the evidence of all that the Einsatzgruppe, Death Camps and other Murder facilities had achieved.

"..After ..main massacre was converted into a more permanent camp to which thousands of victims from other parts of ..Ukraine could be sent for extermination. ..Syrets camp. ..Several hundred selected prisoners ..quartered there serve ..needs of ..SS ..and ..Ukrainian guards. ..usually killed within a few weeks ..replaced by others who continued their duties. In charge of ..administration and ultimate killing was Paul von Radomski ..who seemed to crave a reputation for outdoing his sadist colleagues in other camps." Abram L. Sachar.

Some 1,500,000 Jews had been shot to death during der Einsatzgruppe's foray East and the lifeless bodies of Jewish Men, Women and Their Children were thrown unceremoniously into and buried in pits, ravines and anti-tank ditches. Places the like of Babi Yar, Berdichev, Borki, Drobitski, Kamanets-Podolski, Kovno, Ponary, Bikernieki, Tuchinka and Uman had to be disposed of. Following along with this clean up operation, Blobel had moved his expertise into those Death Camps, including Auschwitz/Birkenau where the bodies of the murdered, who had been buried in mass graves, were dis-interred and burnt. What argument now emerges from a denial of the evidence has been a miscalculation of the logistical endeavour Blobel clearly was well prepared for. The ability of those, like Blobel, excelled themselves when Hitler required their complete dedication.

"..I was under ..control of Department IV ..under ..former Gruppenfuehrer Mueller. In ..autumn I received instructions ..person charged by Mueller travel to ..Eastern Occupied Territories ,,to cover up ..traces of ..mass graves from ..time that executions had been carried out by ..Operations Units." SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel.

We can assess this dedicated undertaking by acknowledging that the remains of a burned body amounts to some 0.004245 cubic metres of ash. The bone fragments of 1,000,000's of Jews had been simply ground to an ash all too easily dispersed. So if we accept this as the average of what remains after an individual corpse has been raised, then there are three assessments to be made based upon the agreed analytical account concerning all Murders in The Death Camps.

"..There were about 70,000 bodies dug up and burned." Isak Moisejevich Brodskij.


We commence that analysis at Auschwitz/Birkenau. As to that particular atrocity, the account may never be assessed correctly as statistics are prone to err and betray an even graver crime. This assessment is the total which is to be presented at Figure 1) for evaluating Auschwitz/Birkenau. Also, if we are to reckon with the deniers' miscalculation of the certain ability to dispose of Jewish Bodies, we need to look at a human dimension of the overall crime. To assess the ability of these Death Camps to deal with such enormous numbers of Jews paraded through their gates and toward oblivion, the testimony of Perpetrator, Witness and Survivor is presented.

".. they put up a heap like a pyramid ..sometimes up to 2,000 bodies. had to watch out so that didn't go out. He was in charge of this fire." Leon Weliczker Wells.

On average a human body has an overall volume of some 0.1910 cubic metres, depending upon stature, condition and health. Along with this estimate, which will be made at the Figure 2) for evaluating Auschwitz/Birkenau, it must be considered that while said and stated these are my own evaluations for the hypothesis:-

1) a)1,200,000, b) 1,600,000 or c) 2,500,000 Jews murdered at Auschwitz/Birkenau, cremated or burned would realise the volume of ash of this magnitude: 5,094 cubic metres, 6,792 cubic metres or 10,612 cubic metres respectively. This would occupy a space with dimensions roughly of:-

a) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 566 Metres long,

b) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 755 Metres long, and

c) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 1,179 Metres long respectively.

2) a)1,200,000, b) 1,600,000 or c) 2,500,000 Jews murdered at Auschwitz/Birkenau and buried would require a space that would amount to 229,200 cubic metres, 305,600 cubic metres and 477,500 cubic metres respectively. This would occupy a space with dimensions roughly of:-

a) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 25,470 Metres long,

b) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 33,956 Metres long, and

c) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 53,056 Metres long respectively.

Remember too, that Blobel was describing a:-

"..grave was about 55 meters long ..3 meters wide and 2.5 meters deep." SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel.

and that would form a Murder pit of some 412.5 Cubic Metres containing up to:

a) 2,200 Bodies or,

b) more than 97,000 Cremated bodies.

So it proved essential to Burn the Bodies to place less stress upon the surrounding Countryside.

while Hermann Graebe witnessed a Killing site with:-

"..3 large pits ..each about 30 metres long ..3 metres deep." Hermann Graebe.

and assuming these were 3 metres wide they would form Murder pits of some 270 Cubic Metres combined and containing up to:

a) 1,413 Bodies or,

b) more than 63,000 Cremated bodies.

So it proved essential to Cremate the Bodies so as to place less stress upon the surrounding Countryside and inform more of the populace than already knew.

"..First burned ..bones and some of of ..body were burned to ashes. These went to ..ash column and ..ash column sifted through what was remaining in ..sieves. ..sieves were like sieves we use for flour sift flour. And what was left in these sieves was put into ..grinding machine and ..grinding machine ground them and again got out what was left over or platinum was in it." Leon Weliczker Wells.


In operation from October 1941 the Majdanek Death Camp, where there are estimates of 200,000 to 360,000 Jews Murdered, has been undergoing varying attempts to clarify that assessment. A burned body amounts to 0.004245 cubic metres of ash, the Figure at 3) for evaluating Majdanek. On average a human body has an overall dimension of 0.1910 cubic metres and this estimate will be made at the Figure 4) for evaluating Majdanek. These are my evaluations of the hypothesis:-

3) a) 200,000 or b) 360,000 Jews murdered at Majdanek, cremated or burned would realise the volume of ash of this magnitude 849 cubic metres or 1,528.2 cubic metres respectively. This would occupy a space with dimensions roughly of:-

a) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 95 Metres long, and

b) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 170 Metres long respectively.

4) 200,000 or 360,000 Jews murdered at Majdanek and buried would require a space that would amount to 38,200 cubic metres and 68,760 cubic metres respectively. This would occupy a space with dimensions roughly of:-

a) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 4,245 Metres long, and

b) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 7,640 Metres long respectively.

"..Approximately four weeks ..after ..start of ..incineration operation ..second site was set up. ..on an average ..a total of 300,000 corpses were burnt at one site within about five months ..and 240,000 at ..second one during c. 4 months. These are obviously estimates of averages. It would probably be correct to put ..sum total at 500,000 corpses." SS Scharfuhrer Heinrich Gley.


In operation from November 1st. 1941 the 'Aktion Reinhard' Camp at Belzec has varying estimates ranging from 500,000 to 680,000 and all the way up to 1,250,000 Jews having been Murdered there. A burned body amounts to 0.004245 cubic metres of ash, the Figure at 5) for evaluating Belzec. On average a human body has an overall dimension of 0.1910 cubic metres and this estimate will be made at the Figure 6) for evaluating Belzec. These are my evaluations of the hypothesis:-

5) a) 500,000, b) 680,000 or c) 1,250,000 Jews murdered at Belzec, cremated or burned would realise the volume of ash of this magnitude 2,122.5 cubic metres, 2,886.6 cubic metres or 5,306.25 cubic metres respectively. This would occupy a space with dimensions roughly of:-

a) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 236 Metres long,

b) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 321 Metres long, and

c) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 590 Metres long respectively.

6) a) 500,000, b) 680,000 or c) 1,250,000 Jews murdered at Belzec and buried would require a space that would amount to 95,500 cubic metres, 129,880 cubic metres and 238,750 cubic metres respectively. This would occupy a space with dimensions roughly of:-

a) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 10,566 Metres long,

b) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 14,423 Metres long, and

c) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 26,528 Metres long respectively.

"..witnessed ..burning of corpses ..mass grave near Kiev. ..approximately fifty five metres long ..three metres wide two and half metres deep. After ..cover ..removed ..corpses ..covered with inflammable materials ..set on fire. ..two days passed before ..burned ..bottom of ..trench. Afterwards ..grave ..filled in ..all traces ..obliterated." SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel.


In operation from December 8th. 1941 Chelmno has estimates 150,000 and up to 400,000 Jews Murdered. A burned body amounts to 0.004245 cubic metres of ash, the Figure at 7) for evaluating Chelmno. On average a human body has an overall dimension of 0.1910 cubic metres and this estimate will be made at the Figure 8) for evaluating Chelmno. These are my evaluations of the hypothesis:-

7) a) 150,000 or b) 400,000 Jews murdered at Chelmno, cremated or burned would realise the volume of ash of this magnitude 636.76 cubic metres or 1,698 cubic metres cubic metres respectively. This would occupy a space with dimensions roughly of:-

a) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 70.8 Metres long,

b) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 189 Metres long respectively.

8) a) 150,000 or b) 400,000 Jews murdered at Chelmno and buried would require a space that would amount to 28,650 cubic metres and 76,400 cubic metres respectively. This would occupy a space with dimensions roughly of:-

a) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 3,184 Metres long, and

b) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 8,489 Metres long respectively.

"..They had to lie down ..SS from Sonderkommando of ..ditch ..machine gunned them. ..batches along ..bottom of ..ditch ..had to lie down on ..corpses of those already shot. Men ..executed ..separate from women. Action lasted without ..break till 17:00. ..SS men shooting changed ..left for meals ..but ..executions continued incessantly." Erich Muhsfeldt.


On March 1st. 1942 the 'Aktion Reinhard' Camp Sobibor came on stream and has estimates of 225,000 to 300,000 Jews Murdered. A burned body amounts to 0.004245 cubic metres of ash, the Figure at 9) for evaluating Sobibor. On average a human body has an overall dimension of 0.1910 cubic metres and this estimate will be made at the Figure 10) for evaluating Sobibor. These are my evaluations of the hypothesis:-

9) a) 225,000 or b) 300,000 Jews murdered at Sobibor, cremated or burned would realise the volume of ash of this magnitude 955.125 cubic metres or 1,273.5 cubic metres respectively. This would occupy a space with dimensions roughly of:-

a) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 107 Metres long, and

b) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 141.5 Metres long respectively.

10) a) 225,000 or b) 300,000 Jews murdered at Sobibor and buried would require a space that would amount to 42,975 cubic metres and 57,300 cubic metres respectively. This would occupy a space with dimensions roughly of:-

a) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 4,775 Metres long, and

b) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 6,367 Metres long respectively.

"..SS Oberscharfuhrer ..Floss arrived at this time ..who ..must previously have been in another camp. He then had ..installation built for burning ..corpses. ..incineration was carried out by placing railroad rails on blocks of concrete. ..corpses were then piled up on these rails. Brush wood was placed under ..rails. ..wood was drenched with gasoline. Not only ..newly obtained corpses were burnt in this way ..but also those exhumed from ..ditches." SS Oberscharfuhrer Heinrich Matthes.


On June 1st. 1942 the 'Aktion Reinhard' Camp Treblinka became operational and has estimates 700,000, 900,000 and up to 1,200,000 Jews Murdered. A burned body amounts to 0.004245 cubic metres of ash, the Figure at 11) for evaluating Treblinka. On average a human body has an overall dimension of 0.1910 cubic metres and this estimate will be made at the Figure 12) for evaluating Treblinka. These are my evaluations of the hypothesis:-

11) a) 700,000, b) 900,000 or c) 1,200,000 Jews murdered at Treblinka, cremated or burned would realise the volume of ash of this magnitude 2,971.5 cubic metres, 3,820.5 cubic metres or 5,094 cubic metres respectively. This would occupy a space with dimensions roughly of:-

a) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 330 Metres long,

b) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 424.5 Metres long, and

c) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 566 Metres long respectively.

12) a) 700,000, b) 900,000 or c) 1,200,000 Jews murdered at Treblinka and buried would require a space that would amount to 133,700 cubic metres, 171,900 cubic metres and 229,200 cubic metres respectively. This would occupy a space with dimensions roughly of:-

a) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 14,856 Metres long,

b) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 19,100 Metres long, and

c) 3 Metres deep, 3 Metres wide and 25,467 Metres long respectively.

The question of the amount of combustible material needed is exhaustive, and I do not have the time, at this moment, to enter into that assessment. Needles to say, when the deniers attribute an amount of timber, coal oil, gasoline etc., to the cremation of a body, that figure does not compute to a far larger total of bodies, as each body is a combustible and will ignite and maintain the necessary heat to burn other than itself. Human fat has a value which the deniers seem to dismiss! In amongst all of this, have we ever wondered why there is this accusation in History as to Hitler's Murder of the soldiers of the Reich. Those, who having fought and were wounded were dispatched because they too were unworthy mouths to feed? There was a hatred and rabid conformity to so called 'aryanism' which Hitler utilised to sentence so many wounded German soldiers to death. They were not Jews! These were not Gypsies! These were the Men, and Women who drove a relentless swathe through Europe and the East and were discarded if they had a wound, or were otherwise considered expendable!

"..On ..October 5th. 1942 ..I visited ..building office at Dubno foreman told me that in ..vicinity of Jews from Dubno ..had been shot in 3 large pits ..each about 30 metres long ..3 metres deep. About 1,500 persons ..killed daily. All be liquidated. As ..shootings had taken place in his presence he was still very upset. Moennikes and I went straight to .. pits. Nobody prevented us. I heard a quick succession of shots from behind one of ..mounds of earth. ..people off .. lorries ..women ..children ..all ages ..undress upon ..order of ..SS man ..who carried ..whip. They had to put their clothes on separate piles clothing ..underclothing. I saw ..heap of shoes ..800 to 1,000 pairs ..great piles of clothes and undergarments. Without screaming or weeping these people undressed ..stood in family groups ..kissed each other ..said their farewells ..waited for a sign from another SS man ..who stood near ..pit ..also with ..whip in ..hand. During ..15 minutes that I stood near ..pit ..I did not hear anyone complain or beg for mercy. I watched a family of about 8 ..woman ..both about 50 ..with their children ..aged about 1 ..8 ..10 ..and 2 grown up daughters ..about 20 to 24. An old woman with snow white hair was holding ..1 year old child in her arms ..singing something to it ..tickling it. ..child was crowing with delight. and wife were looking on with tears in their eyes. ..father was holding ..hand of a boy about 10 ..speaking to him softly. ..boy was fighting back his tears. ..father pointed to ..stroked ..boy's head and seemed to explain something to him. At that moment ..SS man at ..pit shouted something to his comrade ..who separated off about 20 persons and ordered them to go behind ..mound of earth. Among them .. family I have mentioned. I still clearly remember a dark haired ..slim girl who pointed to herself as she passed close to me and said ..'23' I walked to ..other side of ..mound and found myself standing before an enormous grave. ..people lay so closely packed on top of ..other ..only their heads ..visible. Nearly all had blood running over their shoulders from their heads. Some ..still moving. Some lifted an arm and turned a head to show that they were still alive. ..pit was already two-thirds full. I estimated that it already contained about 1,000 people. I looked round for who had shot them. He was ..SS man ..sitting on ..edge of ..pit ..legs dangling into it. He had a sub machine gun ..smoking a cigarette. ..people ..completely naked ..went down ..steps ..cut in .. clay wall of ..pit ..climbed over ..heads of those already lying there indicated by ..SS man. They laid down in front of ..dead or injured people. Some of them caressed those who were still alive and spoke to them softly. Then I heard a series of shots. I looked into ..pit and saw ..bodies were twitching or ..heads lay motionless on top of ..bodies which lay before them. Blood was pouring from their necks. I was surprised I was not ordered away ..but saw there were also 2 or 3 uniformed policemen standing nearby. batch was already approaching. They climbed into ..pit lined up against ..previous victims and were shot. When I walked back round ..mound I noticed another lorry load of people ..had just arrived. included sick ..infirm people. A very thin old woman ..with terribly thin legs ..was undressed by others who were already naked ..while 2 people supported her. ..woman appeared to be paralysed. ..naked people carried ..woman around ..mound. I left with Moennikes ..drove back to Dubno. ..morning of day ..I visited ..saw about 30 naked people lying near ..pit ..about 30 to 50 metres ..from it. Some ..still alive ..looked straight in front of them with a fixed stare ..seemed not to notice ..chillness nor ..workers of my firm who stood around. A girl of about 20 spoke to me and asked me to give her clothes and help her escape. At that moment we heard a fast car approach and I noticed it was an SS detail. I moved away to my site. 10 minutes later we heard shots from ..vicinity of ..pit. Those Jews who were still alive had been ordered to throw ..corpses into ..pit then they themselves had to lie down in ..pit to be shot in ..neck." Hermann Graebe.

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